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Free training tools to help you build your dream business.

Akashic Record Session

I can guide you through untethering those limiting beliefs and energy blocks. There is no more guessing if you are on the right path. By getting in to your Akashic Records you can have clarity, confidence, more clients, and all the abundance you need

VIP Coaching

Are you ready to go deep with your business? Break free from all the energy blocks that are holding you back from truly loving your business? I can help heal all the blocks and give you a stratigic plan to crush all your goals. Let me show you everything I have learned from a decade of running a successful business.

Schedule a discovery call and see if 1-2-1 coaching would be a right match for you.

Attract Your Heart-centered Clients

You + your dream client = A perfect match

I'm here to help you pinpoint your niche, find your dream clients plus the best part I will open your heart chakra to your dream client and let them find you with ease! ⁠ ⁠

Enlightened Styles

Enlightened Styles is a happy, healthy, and holistic salon. Our mission is to change the way people think about beauty salons. We use green chemistry and non-toxic products because we believe in detoxing our bodies from aggressive and toxic chemical substances by choosing products that are rich in organic, biodynamic ingredients. We are an eco-friendly salon! We recycle and use products that are biodegradable so that we can take care of our Earth.

Ammoura Cosmetics

Ammoura Cosmetics, a non-toxic, plant- and mineral-based, customizable makeup line.

Ammoura Cosmetics is proud to be a safe and healthy brand that promotes a toxin-free lifestyle.

Live Happy, Healthy, and Holistic


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