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For the Enlightened Entrepreneur

Are you ready to get turned on to a new way of thinking? Are you ready to meet people who have conversations that speak to the things that really light you up?

What if you had access to a podcast that featured women JUST LIKE YOU who shared stories that empowered you to let go of a life tied to others’ expectations, and start living in the now with passion and joy?

Welcome to the Jacquelyn Rodriguez Intuitive Light Podcast for the Enlightened Entrepreneur. You’re about to meet amazing women who will inspire you to untether yourself from any fears or negativity you carry so that you can become the Untethered CEO of your life.


This is for You

Woman, Champion,  Warrior, Entrepreneur, Mother, Phenomenon

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Do you have an amazing story to tell? Maybe you have something you would like to share with everyone so you can help them on their journey.
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