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Intuitive Healing Business Coach

I'm passionate about helping women untether themselves from limiting beliefs that hold them back in their business and ultimately from their life goals. I help you you achieve your goals by teaching you how to listen into your intuition and start creating strategic action plans. 

If you are not willing to learn, no one can help you. If you are determined to learn, no one can stop you.

~zig ziglar

    HI! I'm Jacquelyn

I am dedicated to guiding you to become the business owner and girl boss you want to be. Allow me to support you through the process of untethering yourself from the fears and blocks that are keeping you from unlocking your full potential. I have lost and learned, and ultimately found joy in it all to be successful. I take all my past experiences, classes, self-education, and the knowledge I have learned from talking to so many amazing women over the years and I guide you through it! In addition to my many lessons learned from my clients over the years, I have invested into my own education. I hold certifications in Reiki, Akaschic records, I am an OWAY product trainer, and have held my Cosmetology license for 19 years. Whether you own your business already, or are just getting started, I will provide you the tools, encouragement, support, and education you need to find the success you're seeking. Are you ready to transform your business and your soul?

Align Yourself with the Universe

You are not alone.  The universe is on your side and wants the best for you. You can start learning how to tune into your intuition and follow the path universe has started for you.

Gain Confidence

I believe you are here for a reason and you are capable of achieving anything you want in life.  You are ready to shine your light in the world and with the right support and tools I can help make it easier for you.

Gain Clarity In Your Business

I can help you work past your personal blocks that have been holding you back from moving towards our success. Change your work mindset and find your clarity. 

Free Resources

Free training tools to help you build your dream business.

Akashic Record Session

I can guide you through untethering those limiting beliefs and energy blocks. There is no more guessing if you are on the right path. By getting in to your Akashic Records you can have clarity, confidence, more clients, and all the abundance you need

VIP Coaching

Are you ready to go deep with your business? Break free from all the engery blocks that are holding you back from truly loving your business? I can help heal all the blocks and give you a stratigic plan to crush all your goals. Let me show you everything I have learned from a decade of running a successful business.

Schedule a discovery call and see if 1-2-1 coaching would be a right match for you.

"I was at a crossroads when I heard about Jacquelyn’s coaching workshop. Signing up for it was a no brainer for me. I needed direction and I didn’t have the means to find it on my own. Jacquelyn helped me work through that; participating in her coaching workshop helped give me vision—like a real, actual vision of the future I wanted. But where the value falls is in the way Jacquelyn was able to see and coach each of us (workshop participants) past our personal blocks from moving towards our success. She has helped changed the way I approach my entire life, the way I talk to myself, the way I think about my success in the future. She has the experience, the understanding, and knows what to say and what tools to give you to keep you in the mindset you need to be in for success. Jacquelyn helped me gain exactly what I needed. Her coaching workshop is so worth it! "


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