How EFT tapping can help your business with Susan Cowe

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If one can take care of their physical health, then one must work on their mental health too. Developing anxiety and depression from troubles and worries must no longer be a taboo topic. We want you to know that there is a way to heal for the pain you are feeling, and you are never alone in this journey.

Joining us is a strong woman named Susan Cowe. She is a Lifestyle Prescriptions Health Coach. She runs a successful therapy business that specializes in stress, anxiety, and emotional trauma. She will share with us today her technique, useful for dealing with emotional pain.


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Here are so follow up questions I got to ask!

How/why did you start your business? 
I had a crucial life-changing emotional trauma which led me into Emotional Healing. I wrote 'Survive and Thrive after Trauma' 8 years later. I am not unique in this regard. Many are affected by emotional upset. I chose to share and talk about it. Death, divorce, alcoholism all at once and under particularly emotional circumstances. You may want to ask me this on air. My husband and I had not had sex in 6 months. He was due to leave the family home in 4 days; we were divorcing. We had sex, he had a heart attack and died. My children basically knew all this fairly instantly due to the ambulance and my having to repeat it to the ambulance men. etc.
What makes your business unique? 
I have lived the story. I wrote it down. I needed to do that to start to clear the blocks to my future happiness and opportunities. I have lived the story so I feel unique in that I can empathize and believe I offer the healing space to facilitate a client's journey to make positive change.
What impact do you want to have in the world or change you want to see or make happen? 
I facilitate positive change in a stressed and anxious client. With intuitive understanding, I want people touched by emotional trauma to fully believe that better is waiting just around the corner. They are ready to do the work to evaporate the negative energy so that space fills with better.
Are You Happy with your business, What makes you happy, And What Would You Change? 
I am happy with my business although I am trying to niche down and run a Membership where I can offer guidance and support, and strong effective direction to work closely with my Community.
Did You Experience Failures? If So, What Did You Learn From Them 
I have not experienced failures. However, I work in a very sensitive area. Some people hold on to their emotional pain for a considerable while. I believe that they would be surprised at quite how much gentle and little releasing opportunities can offer; a whole new world of emotional freedom. I have learned of course that we all take our own time. My clients have been ready to do the work and that makes my work extremely rewarding.
How Did You Handle Adversity And Doubt? 
I use my resources and I self-treat with EFT Tapping. As a quick fix, there is nothing better than EFT as far as I am concerned. I am constantly amazed at how fast negative feelings, frustrations, and anger can melt. My clients say the same. And for deep-rooted longer-term work, again, EFT and Matrix ReImprinting are excellent tools.
Do You Plan On Growing Your Business? How? 
Watch this space. I have plans as said earlier regarding a Membership of like-minded Women 50+, working through stress and anxiety, ready to live plans and dreams made for this next phase of their life. Achieving flow, balance, and harmony.
Do you think self-love and trust are important in running a successful business? Why? 
I think self-love, trust, and kindness are the keys to my running of a successful and growing business.
What advice would you give someone who is interested in starting their own business? 
If you are prepared to keep learning, be full of natural enthusiasm, and be focussed in your goal, the world is your oyster


If you would rather read the interview, feel free to check out the full transcription below!
Trusting your intuition will lead you to create a passionate and joy-filled life. Are you ready to get turned on to a new way of thinking? Are you ready to meet people who have conversations that speak to the things that truly light you up? What if you had access to a podcast that featured women, just like you, who shared stories that empowered you to let go of a lifetime,
to others' expectations and to start living in the now with passion and joy, I'm Jacqueline Rodriguez, founder of your intuitive light coaching owner of enlightened styles, holistic salon, and your host of the intuitive light podcast for the enlightened entrepreneur. My goal is to help women recognize how tightly they are tied to negative thoughts and other people's expectations so that they can fully embrace and become the untethered CEO.
They've always wanted it to be. You're about to meet some amazing women who will inspire you to untether yourself from any fears, the negativity that you carry, and become the untethered CEO of your life. This podcast is for you woman champion, warrior, entrepreneur, mother phenomenon. Hello, and welcome to the intuitive light podcast and show. I am your host, Jacqueline Rodriguez.
And I am so happy to have you here today. I have a very special guest and her name is Susan Miller. She is an EFT practitioner and a lifestyle prescription coach, and she is a world of knowledge. And what I, what I love is the things that she stands for and what she does in her business can help so many people. So I want to get right to our interview and I'm very excited about this.
And before we go over, just remember that this episode is sponsored by the untethered CEO community. So without further to welcome Susan. Hi. Hello. Thank you so much for being here. Delighted to be here. Thank you very much for last year. Yes. So we got to know each other through our good friend Stu McLaren, the right tribe. And that's how we got to know each other.
So I got to know quite a bit about your business and all of the amazing things that you're doing. So I would love for you to tell our viewers who you are and what you do. I am Susan CLO Miller, and I've been working with EFT tapping, uh, for about 10 years and the EFT matrix, reimprinting. And to say,
I get into this, I'm interested in stress and anxiety and how people manage stress and anxiety, or if they know how to manage their stress and anxiety. Fundamentally, the reason I'm a teacher of 30 years, and then, uh, my life changed a ton. Did I speak about that in a moment? But I realized that watching with the stress and anxiety and the tapping that stress has to play a part in our physical body,
that's hence the health coaching with lifestyle prescriptions. And I love the work it's it's I enjoy doing the work, but I get into this because of life circumstances. Shall I just continue a little bit more Jacqueline? Or do you want to ask some questions? Yeah. Um, well, I first, like I said, in the beginning, I think that what you're doing is incredibly important because there are so many people who,
I mean, we all deal with stress or trauma, um, anxieties. And I know that I'm a huge believer in working with different types of tools. And, you know, a lot of people who have those stress and anxieties could be here in this community are more entrepreneurs. So it as any perineurial, you have a whole lot of different things going on,
especially you're a mom, or if, you know, you're a mother or different roles that we play, there are so many different ways to handle stress and anxiety, but having something like tapping in your toolbox has been a huge game-changer for me, especially. So I think it's just really important what you do. Yeah. It is a game-changer.
EFT is a remarkable, easy tool, which works at two levels. So I said necessarily a quick fix, but equally deeply transformational level, you know, too, to, to make the change that when one realizes that something's needing change needing watch with Yes. And for those of us that maybe don't know what EFT tapping is, would you tell us a little bit about what it is?
Sure. Well, EFT stands for emotional freedom technique tapping, and we worked with also another name for it could be psychological acupuncture because we work with tapping on various. I'm just doing it very briefly, just know various channels of the body. Like acupunctures use needles. We use our fingers and gently tap the Meridian, the energy areas of the body. And lo and behold one has to experience it.
An energy shift can be, can happen within minutes. You can go from feeling stressed and anxious and angry, or any of the negative words or feelings that we have helplessness hopelessness lacking in confidence, low self-esteem, or self-belief say, right. Okay. I best do five or 10 minutes because I've got to get on with my work. I've got to meet.
So and so, et cetera. And we, we can sit down and change the energy so that we have a sense of a real sense of being empowered. And, and the anger is dissipated. It's, it's the negative emotions have, have quietened, but able to go on with whatever that task is and who we have to meet. For example,
It's incredibly powerful because it is so quick and very easy. Cause I know that you know, I've been in situations where, you know, I explode I'm angry or whatever the case may be, or I'm just really stressed and having that tool because I very much believe in meditation and I love having that, but it's not always readily available to be able to be quiet and go enter.
Um, so EFT tapping has helped to me even like if I'm around a lot of people, I have learned how to use very small places to tap where it's not, It can be really done discreetly, nobody, you can, there, there are points in the body that you could just be manipulating gently. I would also think of fingertip points as well,
but you can do, I did a table. Nobody knows it's not as you do it. You're not presenting as doing a whole-body routine. You can learn to use it to suit. I thought that was very powerful. And I brought it up because my children who are 15, almost 15 and 12, I told them to use it at school.
And my son's like, I'm not going to sit there and tap on them, you know? And for anybody just listening, you can go back and look at the video, but you'll see where we're tapping on your, um, on your body. But I showed him different places to tap where it is very discrete and nobody will even see it or,
or notice. So the point being is that it really can be used in so many different circumstances. Yep, absolutely. Yeah. So what, like, you know, now that we, what EFT is, what got you into that? Uh, um, um, monstrously big and once just would make emotional, uh, life change. I was married originally my first marriage,
I was married for 27 years and we had two children, two boards the last five years or so my husband, uh, sadly became an alcoholic and life was tough. And eventually, I realized that I didn't have the magic wand to do something about it. And that was going down the divorce route. I was extremely resistant because it was such a surprise to me,
the mess that we'd got ourselves. Yes, the mess we got ourselves into, including myself theater, I'm stopping myself, seeing the mace he goes into because it was messy. And, um, so I went down the divorce route and actually I started the divorce and then I stopped it within two days. And then about a month later, I started it again.
So I was obviously highly resistant to doing this, not wanting to, but low and behold, um, five days before Gordon is his name was due to leave home. He died of a heart attack under the craziest, crazy circumstances that you really only see in films, but there you go. That was one of these things. Oh my goodness.
So that was very traumatic and Horribly traumatic. It was such a shock, absolute shock. And it was extremely these emotional traumas, big emotional trauma. So there was alcohol divorce and death is I wrote a book about it called survive and thrive after trauma. Eventually, I wrote a book about it. Um, the circumstances, and the children being. So, you know,
it was, it was difficult. It was, it was tricky. I don't know how much you would want me to see or not about that. Well, I think whatever you feel comfortable with or, or just knowing that that's why you got into it. What brought you to finding EFT After 2003, my husband died and about 2007 ish, I started all the process of becoming a counselor.
I just didn't take my final exam. And to be honest, I'm pleased that I didn't finish the counseling because I love working with the energy and someone, all of a sudden fascination, I had this word Reiki and eventually I trained to be a Reiki practitioner, each level of Reiki, but equally, when I was training to work and have clients with Reiki,
someone said, do I like Wiki? I started with Reiki, but I discovered something called EFT. And it was in a very brief conversation, but it literally just sparked something. I thought this and I did all that training and emotional freedom technique started working with clients' streets. Uh, we, uh, because I must have, I was, uh,
I never worked with my intuitive part of my, my self before this. And I just realized that this was, this is where I wanted to head and see what it took me. And it's, it's, that's been since 2009, 2010, I've been working with that, but it was a big life trauma that, that said to me, my,
my professional career from being a primary school teacher into being emotional healing, uh, and, and specialist in how the body responds to stress, wonderful lady, I enjoy it. It's very interesting. And it's very impactful. Even being a teacher before you got into this, you're out there helping people. And this is just such a beautiful thing that you get to do now because you do it on a different level and help a different group of people.
Yes, yes. I sometimes think that those who I originally wanted to help, I'm not sure how, let me see how this will come across, but I made it, I mean, it seriously, there are a lot of people who have suffered big emotional trauma and don't understand that they can help themselves or find ways to help themselves. Uh, so therefore I find,
I find having clients quite difficult at the beginning. I mean, I had no idea if you'd ask me in 2003 about this world, uh, I wouldn't have had any time for that. I wouldn't have thought I had any need for it. So it's a, it's very interesting, but there are easy techniques as easy tools for the base level to start feeling better.
But of course, everybody deals with stress and trauma and anxiety and overwhelm and their very own way. So forever their beliefs out on their under resistance is that's a little harder to get over because we can all feel better regardless of the deep emotional distress I was in. I always knew I deserved better. And I say that I say that. So almost ungraciously I knew I deserved better the way it happened was mindbogglingly crazy.
But so we all deserve, we all deserve to feel better when things have been tough. Yes. And I, I completely believe that. And I think one of the hardest things as women mostly is we were always worried about trying to take care of somebody else that we forget that we deserve to be able to take care of ourselves too. Right. And I know when we have those limiting beliefs that maybe we've got to take care of other people that we don't have time,
or we don't deserve to take the time to work on ourselves. EFT tapping is one of those beautiful things that you can do it so easily. Um, and just to have it in your back pocket to help you get through those times as a mom, not, you know, not yelling at your kids or, you know, sometimes I have to remind myself at the moment,
like pace up. We, I have tools, let me open my toolbox and use them and really put those into place. But it is all coming from a belief system, whether you deserve it or not to take the time for you and whether it can be fixed. Yeah, yeah. Yes. Um, we deserve to be kinder when I'm chatting with,
uh, with a client, some of the stuff that stops us from being aware that things can improve or the belief system, the basic, when we can get knuckle it down, it's not, not deserving subconsciously I don't deserve, I'm not worthy. I'm not good enough. And those are very debilitating, deep core, negative beliefs that people can,
can have. Um, one thing that you mentioned about women, women looking after children, looking after elderly parents, there's that is, we must try our very best to be weird, as you just said, to be aware that he I'm important, I'm important. And, um, there's other, there are other things I could see about that actually,
Jacqueline I, some of the work that I do, this may sound difficult for some people who are givers but having come through a big trauma, I notice 17 years ago, it's ridiculous, but Aye, Tell people I suggest to people, I've got you to remember to do it myself. It does not natural to put myself a little step ahead of those I'm serving family,
whoever it might be. I'm not, I'm a very giving person. I'm probably being a bit harder myself, and I'm seeing that. But I think we should all put yourself that one step ahead rather than keep gift-giving. We've got to, we've got to address ourselves Well. And that's one of the things that we all struggle with. Um, I know that even myself,
I have all these tools, but in the heat of the moment in, in the always giving, whether it is to my family or to my clients or to my community, like whatever it is that I'm in the middle of, um, our emotions can kind of run high at times. But when you're in the midst of it, we forget that we need to take a step and a step forward for ourselves.
And it's always like, we, we talk a lot about self-care in this podcast because it is that key step of it's not selfish. Um, it's not one of those things that's, Oh, it's just a pampering. I'm going to do self-care. No, no. This is so critical to becoming who you want to be in that perfect mother too,
you know, imperfect in quotations. Because as you know, we, we can't be perfect, but in our own minds of that perfect mom that we want to be, or that perfect business owner, and, you know, just all of the titles that we want to have had those are so important to 'em to care and to take that time so that you can be aligned with what you want the most out of this.
And the more you do that, the more you can actually help everyone else. Absolutely. Because when I'm just trying to think of, you're the key thing that, that checkered something, um, when you, when you're trying to be if you're trying to be the understanding person here, the negotiator there, the helpful person, the
perfect person that I want my children to look up to me, et cetera, or whatever you're trying to do that is putting a lot of pressure on your own shoulders. And that's when overwhelm kicks in, we are only capable of doing so much, or the body just says here, I'm going to stop you in your tracks with whatever we get stopped in our tracks with,
because we can only take so much pushing, stressing ourselves, being anxious that I haven't done this. When am I going to do that? It's all alarming. And when we can catch ourselves falling into those traps, then that's, that's, that's really good stuff. And that's actually the key to it. All right. It's just being able to catch us because I think when I got into all of the energy work and the mindset and the brain,
um, work that I do with my clients, I very much got into this, um, this new subconscious thought that I didn't know was coming out was okay. So now I have all the tools. I, I should be easy. Like I should be so peaceful and I shouldn't have any issues come up. Right. And actually not only myself,
but I had other people telling me, Oh, you're just always so happy and you're always so positive. Like you must never get mad. Well, putting that type of unrealistic expectation on myself. Cause I'm my hardest critic. I started to look at things and say, you know, well, I should be all of these things all the time because I've put in the work and I have the tools,
but it's not realistic. The only time that actually helps me is taking that time out on a regular basis to use my tools, meditate, tapping my brain. Um, the neuro uh, goodness, we'll add a loss for words, the neuro coaching, you know, really working on myself and taking good care of myself is the part that helps us be that to everyone.
Absolutely. Yup, yup. Yup. That's it. And when we're talking about tapping, cause we, you know, we can get down the self-care aisle, you know, and really start getting into that. But the tapping, could you give us some examples, you know, for people who are just learning about what it is and for others who need ideas of how do we actually implement this?
Certainly, shall I do a brief, basic routine? Just, I would love it. And for anyone who's listening, you can just listen and then come back to the blog, watch the video so that you can actually see the routine that I'm, Susan's going to go through. Thank I'm going to start with doing a very basic sort of, but the noises,
maybe in the background, I'm going to do a pointer at the tapping points. We use our fingertips. No,<inaudible> I think we'll just, I'm going to say talk at the top of your head. Just talk. I'm not going to do a fridge, just know. And then we go to, the eye socket. Now the eye socket is quite large.
It was three points there, which sort of tap in here at the corner of the eye, beside the news, better gently. We're going to do that two or three times. Then we move to the outside of the eye socket. That's the tipping point ever so gently. You don't want to bruise yourself. And then underneath the eye, the base of the eye socket,
that's the tipping point. There are about maybe eight or nine points. And if you were alluding to doing this, then it's absolutely fine. If you're sitting on a train and do it once you do it, then that's where you use your finger points, but I'm not actually going to do the finger points. It would probably take too long. The next point is underneath the nose,
above the top lip, just gently. Jacqueline might notice I do it perhaps slightly different. I'm from the Yuki, with the steps. And there are certain little techniques that we do then the next point is the crease of the chin underneath the bottom lip. And then a point that I like very much is on the collarbone. And we would just be, I'm just trying to that you see,
so the collarbone, you can feel the cardboard and don't worry about it. Don't worry about getting it perfect. You can chop and change what st you tap on and you can chop and change what hands you use. There's also near there, which I'm not going to use because of the video, particularly I think, uh, perhaps I'll miss it, but this is an excellent one.
It's called the brass stroppy area for women simple, right? Yeah. Yeah. But I'm not going to do this with particular just because of the video. So please go with me and I'm going to ask you to tap on the karate point of your hand. Now I'm also going to, in a moment, ask you to repeat what I see, but I want you to explain a couple of things throughout this little practice I'll ask you,
perhaps you can give it a number of whatever feeling you have. You can perhaps give it a number out of, and if it's very high awareness, it's 10. If it's just they're bubbling away, it could be a one or two and charitably you'll know, don't worry about anything. There's no right or wrong answer. Right? Absolutely. So I will ask you what number it is.
And I might ask you if we hear you feel it in your body and you'll either think, Ooh, Oh, I have a funny feeling in my tummy or my throat or my head or my ears or my eyes, whichever it is, is perfect. And I may even ask you if it's got a color or a sheep now don't whatever that I'll ask you,
NEB. We, we, we ask these questions because the more precise you can be with, uh, with, uh, with a sensation of a negative feeling like anger or reach, for example, the big, strong, horrible ones, uh, the better. So we're going to stop. And I'm going to ask you to repeat after me,
this freeze, and we were going to be doing a routine purchase, might appear pretty negative to you because we start with the negative and then we go into the positive and perhaps you'll feel a change. You may yawn, who knows Jacqueline, how many minutes do you want me to give this five or what? Yeah. Um, no, I think we'll do just a short,
condensed that way. Yep. And if you're just listening on the podcast, just repeat, don't worry about if you're tapping and you can't see it, you can just keep with the simple, um, tapping on your hand. It's the side of your hand and tap with one side. And then if you want to come to the video and see the actual routine,
but don't feel like you can't follow along and just repeat to yourself. So I'm going to repeat, but only in my head so that they don't hear the, um, the repeating. So we're just going to let you do it. Right? So repeat after me, please, even though I can feel very stressed at times, I love and accept myself as best I can to do,
even though I can feel overwhelmed with all they have to do attains. I'm learning to like myself more and more each day. And the third time is even though I'm feeling stressed and anxious and I don't like this, however, I'm learning to like myself more and more each day, there'll be certain things you're comfortable seeing. It's got to be comfortable for you.
That's why I said love for the first one. Unlike sometimes we don't like ourselves. Top of the head pageant, gently feeling stressed Corner of the eye, besides the news, feeling stressed side of the eye towards the year, feeling stressed and anxious. And I don't like it Underneath the eye. I have this feeling of stress. And it's a number.
What number might your stress be when you're thinking of something that causes you a little bit of anxiety, we don't want the biggest just little ones? What thing gets you well, cheesed off and annoyed, and important number. Might it be you just know underneath the nose feeling stressed and it is our number<inaudible> It makes me feel so overwhelmed? Collarbone, Feeling stressed and overwhelmed top of the head Like stressed and anxious.
And I feel this. Where in your body do you feel you're holding your anxiety Corner of the eye, all the stress I'm feeling in my body. What part of your body, all this overwhelm there's so much to do. Can I do it? It's a number. What number is it underneath the eye feeling stressed and anxious. Next point. I'm just going to move through the points now,
feeling stressed and anxious. And I don't like this. It holds me back so much, So much to offer. I feel so stressed. I'm going to choose from. I'm going to choose to release a little of the stress. Gosh, That's good. Releasing some of this stress and anxiety, letting it float away from me, releasing this overwhelm. What a moment,
think what number you might be at to know. You may find that it's gone down because you've chosen to release. Not don't need to hold onto this. I choose to release some of this stress. I can release some more of this stress. I can choose to release as much as I want because I've got to get on with my day. And I think I'm feeling better already clearing this anxiety out of my system so that I can get on with my D serve those who I need to serve,
do what I need to do. And then go back to the karate point and take a few breaths and then dive quite deeply. And I hope that this very brief little routine can give you an idea that we can hang on to the bad stuff. Or we can say, I've got to take some time to work for this. Some moments minutes, a short period of time to release this.
And I know that tapping will allow me to do it because I can choose to do some tapping and see, right. I've had enough of holding onto this choosing to let it go. It's a choice. The bottom line is it's a choice. I hope that will give people a lovely little tester Jacqueline. Yes, definitely. Thank you so much for that.
And I love that you said it is a choice because we really are outside circumstances. I think a lot of the times we allow it to Structure Our thoughts and how we're feeling. And I know that I've been a hundred percent guilty of this. Something happens. I react. And then I have a feeling, a thought and whatever, and it really structures the rest of my day.
But having this tool allows you to work through it and get rid of it. And I think everybody who was just, you know, take the time to come back on. If you don't know the different points, make sure you come to the video and take a look at the different points. Because like you said, it's all, um, acupuncture.
So tapping on those specific points helps release it. Uh, I do have a question cause I know the answer, but I want the audience to know when you're going through the tapping. You said that you start with the negative. Could you explain to us may be why we start with the negative, um, and how we transition to the positive? We start with a negative because we try and explain it as best I can with chicken moments to try to sort yourselves out.
We recognize that we're stressed. So we're recognizing that we're stressed and we're holding our homing in on the problem, recognizing that what a way to fit. And then it's difficult. You perhaps want me to make a different point. I'm not quite sure, but when we realized that we can, we can stay in this state of mind or we can move and the energy channels it's working with the energy channels of the body and we're,
we're working actually with the brain. It's a whole-body experience releasing this energy. And especially when you see the first time I realized that I could choose when I was learning this, I can choose to let it go. I'll never forget. I've talked about it. Every talk I do. I kinda looked at the person and I was thinking, I could choose to do something about this.
And when you choose to say, I'm going to choose to release this energy. You know, some people might think is a big step to release it the whole lot. We can choose to release little bits. We can choose to release big of bits, but it's a choice that we can choose to say, I do it need to be like this.
And it's remarkable. I don't know whether that is just needed repeating myself Jacqueline or what? No, no, you completely hit the nail on the head. I just want people, cause I know in, in a lot of talks, you know, or people talk about mindset and when you're changing thoughts that you should not focus on the negative, but in EFT tapping,
it's not necessarily that you're focusing on it, but you are just realizing that this is you're honoring the state that you're in and then you're making a conscious to change that state. And I think that that's just kind of what I wanted people to see is not that you know, when you're going through the first round of negative thoughts, you're not dwelling on them.
You're not going to hyper-focus and make it worse. You're actually just honoring where you are. Cause I don't think as, um, you know, as humans, we don't honor where we are. We see, okay, I want to be here and we just try to hurry up and get there. If that makes sense. Yes. Or we, or we try to present ourselves as who we're supposed to be in that situation,
a situation which may have caused us some anxiety or stress for whatever reason, we'll all have our own reason. But when we, when we try to pretend to be someone we're not, we're actually compounding. So recognizing, recognizing stuff, that's making us feel uncomfortable and working to change it is, is something that this tool, this technique allows us to do.
The change in energy is palpable. It's it really is. It's, it's an amazing thing. I mean, if I could give 30 seconds of a brief story, I was getting annoyed with my nose, my nose, second husband, and, um, who was extremely helpful tonight for Jacqueline and me. But I was, I was annoyed with them.
You know, I haven't entered the other room, so I'm going to have to go into that because I'm really, you've really sorted me out. So I will enter the other room and did some tapping. But within two or three minutes, I know what I'm doing. You know, so I was doing it, um, efficiently. Let's see.
But within two or three minutes, I burst out laughing because it clicked. And we get, when we're aware of what's going on, we can sense things. And I realized I was being an idiot. I burst out laughing and I thought Luth fool, stop the unknown. Since that's the effect it can have on you. It's I love that story because we were in the heat of the moment.
And I know that I've been guilty of this too. I have two teenage kids, um, multiple businesses. My husband, we've been together for 20 some odd years. So like there's a whole lot of things. And especially with the people you love, you tend to maybe have less patience with them. And sometimes it's just things that are not even really important,
but the important part of what your story is is like taking that moment to honor where you're at, where you're feeling recognize, and then make the choice to change it and release some of it. It might not take care of everything because maybe you do have a valid point of being upset. Cause especially right now in the world, we have a lot of things that are valid reasons to worry,
to stress and to have anxiety about, uh, we honor that. We recognize that but we also know that the more we focus on the stress, the more we are, we stay in our anxiety and the sadness and the overwhelm. It actually doesn't help us at all. So making that choice to, to release some of it is so powerful.
It really is. Yeah. And I think you so much for showing us because it's been one of my tools in my toolbox for a long time. And sometimes I forget that it's there because again, I'm human. I try to be superwoman, but it doesn't work Exactly what we know, what we're agreeing with each other. Absolutely. We try to be superwomen.
Why? I mean, it's just nonsense, but um, and then we catch ourselves and then we'd do something about it. But it's, it's a great tool to have. Yeah. And no matter where we're at, even when we are having, you know, things go right for us, we're going to have things that come up no matter what,
and keeping in this tool, in your toolbox for those moments that are stressful or you're sad about, or that you need, you, you recognize it, I think is so important. And I really want our viewers to go and follow you and learn more. Um, so could you tell us where they can follow you easily? They can go to my website,
which is Hampshire EFT. Shall I give the WW? Well, actually I'm going to make it super easy for everyone. If you head over to the blog, uh, just like I do in every episode, all of your links are going to be there. Yes. So all your social media, your website, all those links will be there for them to find it easy.
But you know, I've got a website called Hamshire EFT and I'm actually, I've got a website now called live the life you want a club for, for women 50 plus, that's one of my, one of my areas. But, uh, I have various Jacqueline seeing, I have Facebook pages and LinkedIn and I have many, many YouTube videos for tapping routines because I've been working with divorced people,
et cetera. Uh, but helplessness, hopelessness, just a mixed, a complete mixture pregnancy. You name it. So if you're interested, there's, there's the stuff that you can find about me. Thank you better. Yes, of course. And I highly recommend that you follow her, go to YouTube, see how you are able to implement this because the more you use it,
the more it's going to be a very easy tool for you to lean on and it has profound changes in your life. It really can. So, um, I think you so much for coming on today for showing us all what an important tool this is and for telling us all about your story. Thank you. Thank you for inviting me. Thank you.
Ma'am It was so much fun and to all of our viewers, thank you so much for being here. I really hope that you've gained value from this. Um, please like to share anybody who you think that this would be valuable for share the page. Cause that is what we're here for. We are truly here to just help and serve and build a strong community of amazing entrepreneurial women.
So thank you so much for being on the show and for listening, then make sure you catch us next week for another great episode of the podcast. Thank you. Thank you so much for listening today. Please make sure that you go over to the blog and follow all the links for our guests and get the downloads that we talked about. I would also really love and appreciate it if you would share this podcast with your friends and family.
And if you wouldn't mind taking just a minute to leave a review, that would mean the world to me. Thank you again so much from the bottom of my heart for listening and staying tuned. Can't wait to see you next week on the shelf.