How to find your inner wise goddess with Shelly Scudder

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Loving yourself is certainly the first step to loving everyone else,
it is the first step to leading that happy life and it is the first step toward the journey of your spiritual growth. We may achieve this in different ways, but at the end of the day, it is the most important part that we give to ourselves. Find that inner wise Goddess in you! and everything else will follow.

Joining us is Shelley an energetic healer who helps women embrace their 40's and up, to reconnect with their Divine Magical Spark, to rewrite their story, and to find strength in the community while using many metaphysical tools. She has been divinely led throughout her life. After studying metaphysics for years, she has gained the ability to delete belief systems through Empowered Energetics.

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Here are so follow up questions I got to ask! 

How/why did you start your business? 
As I learned more about healing myself, I just had to share it with others.
What makes your business unique? 
I am a soulful healer and will use whatever modality necessary to help my clients thrive.
What impact do you want to have in the world or change you want to see or make happen? 
I want to help people awaken the divinity within them and be kind to themselves and others.
Are You Happy with your business, What makes you happy, And What Would You Change? 
Yes, I am happy with my business! When I get to work with these amazing clients and they are fierce about getting results, they do! Then we all do a happy dance. Then we say "What's next?'
Did You Experience Failures? If So, What Did You Learn From Them 
I don't consider them failures. I have connected with a few people who are not a good fit for my healing program, so I referred them to other healers.
How Did You Handle Adversity And Doubt? 
I pray and remember who I am. I trust the divinity within me.
Do You Plan On Growing Your Business? How? 
Absolutely yes! The next step is a speaker series.
Do you think self-love and trust are important in running a successful business? Why? 
Self-love and trust come from doing the emotional, spiritual, and mental work that it takes to continue healing. As a healer, I must do my own work first before I can offer it to others.
What advice would you give someone who is interested in starting their own business? 
Be patient, connect to the people you wish to serve, and get passionate about it!
If you would rather read the interview, feel free to check out the full transcription below!
Okay. Hello everyone. And welcome back to the intuitive light podcast. Thank you so much for being here. I am super excited. Like I am every week, I just get to, you know, interview such amazing women. And today I've got Shelly and she's an energy healer who helps women embrace their forties and up to reconnect with their divine magical spark to rewrite their stories and to find the strength within a community while using different types of metaphysical tools.
I have gotten a chance to know Shelly and me, I just adore her. I think I love having conversations with her. So this is going to be a great podcast. Stay tuned. And here is Shelly. Hi, welcome. Welcome. And thank you so much for today. Thank you for having me. I'm thrilled to be here. I just love training,
correct? Yes. Yes. They see goodies Akashic records. Yes. Yeah. We, I know we, like, we do have a few different things that we're in together with Emily's so it just seems like so much time has gone by, um, that we've known each other for so much longer, but it really has only just been over a year,
right? Yeah. It was just last summer that we took the course. Yes. Yeah. Well, I absolutely loved it and, you know, shout out to Tracy cause we loved the class I would really love and our viewers would love to know a little bit more about you and how you got into all of this. I was,<inaudible> Very,
very curious all the time. And when I hit my early twenties, I kind of just felt like I landed, in my body. And I was like, I know that there's more to this than just walking the earth, getting a job, doing your due diligence and leaving when you're done. So I started going to Reiki circles and fell in love with Reiki.
And in my early twenties, I became a, well, I took Reiki one and I loved it. And I would Reiki myself every day and I would give Reiki to people and, and I truly, truly loved it. And um, and then I was being metaphysical was kind of in the closet. You know, for example, if you were walking with like a Brian Weiss book,
I'd put another book over top of it. So people wouldn't think that you know, I was one of those people. Um, and because teaching in the public education system, I felt like I had to be really quiet about this part of my life because you know, we're not supposed to have any real true strong beliefs because that would mean that we believe one thing and the people we're teaching don't believe the same thing.
And then we could be influential, which is not what the system wanted. No, No, no, no, not at all. I'm sorry. Give me one second. The door knocked or somebody knocked at the door and my dog is freaking out and I've been trying to calm her.<inaudible><inaudible> What You've got that on film now. I do.
I totally have that on phone now forever. Hmm. Yeah. I'll just keep it small. I can blackmail you later. Okay. So now that the mailman has come and interrupted everything and I was totally trying to pay attention to you. And then the dog's like growling It's okay. Sorry. She's actually been helping me too. She helped, um,
touch up my roots today, literally because I was trying to throw it on the back and I couldn't get it. So she did a beautiful job and she helps me around here. But what I think we'll probably do is I'll pull you back out. We'll just start over so that we, yeah, well, I'll keep recording. We'll just edit this out and then we'll just start over.
So hopefully no more mailman coach the day I swear. I tell them always like just, I don't have to sign for the packages, leave them there. I'm right here. Cause if I want to call like I can't stop, but I get it. It's okay, baby. I'm not going to lie. I kind of want to see that.
So I'll show you later. Cause I want to see it too. I had my AirPods in, so I heard you laughing. I'm like what happened? I figured it was taken over my entire scene. Today is energy. Are you going to talk? Hello? She's so funny. So we're gonna start again. Go ahead and um, keep Perkin upstairs.
Cause her nails are terrible on the okay. I'm going to cover tomorrow. Okay. I am really worried about how it's okay. It was mommy's fault because I had to go outside. You wouldn't have found on my lap if I were here really sweet. It was okay guys. I'll go ahead and go back upstairs. Did you record honey or did you have it?
Okay, well you got some new roll footage for sure. Okay. Well, it sure is. It is life with kids and when they're at home all the time and then the dogs and you know, but you just roll with it. What else am I supposed to do? Do you know? I mean that's amazing. Yes. Yeah. They'd have been super helpful.
Um, and I'm really like, I really feel like it's my job to show them entrepreneurship and show them that there are so many different things that you can do and find things that they like to get interested in. So like, you know, with Leo recording and doing all of that, he's been doing a really great job and Naima loves makeup and loves that whole,
you know, she's never really been into the hair part as much, but she'll go upstairs and put on a full, make a Facebook makeup, come downstairs, show me, go upstairs, take it off and put a different one on like she just loves. Yeah. And we're actually gonna, um, start a Towards the fall towards the end of this year,
we're going to do a subscription box for a teenage girl, natural nontoxic makeup from my makeup line at the salon. So she's designing the whole thing coming up with everything and I'm just going to help her put it all together. Amazing. And your business coaching is new, right? Because you used to help other beauticians and no, no.
It was always other women entrepreneurs. I just happened since I have a salon, I happen to have like some, you know, Clients that were beauticians like that do that, but I really decided that I didn't want to go just that route. I want it to help draw creativity. So whether that hair or if you do facials or if you do,
um, if you make your own soap or your own makeup or Amy type of business, that you do have to use more of that creative. Because for me, I know as a creative, as I got into it because I loved hair, the business part you had to learn. And I'm very fortunate that my brain works both ways. So I really wanted to help other creative people learn the business side of it too.
But yeah. Yeah. So different. It is. And it's, it's a different way of looking at it. Um, because there are so many coaches, but a lot of them go very technical and you're the step by step or step. This is how you do it. And I go more into, well, what is your purpose? What do you really want to do?
Do you love like the membership that I'm launching is all about love? You've got to learn how to love yourself, trust your intuition so that you can actually start making decisions to create this business that you watch. Like, I really want them to start loving and trusting their own. And a lot of people just don't even know how to tap into that,
what that is, or they just don't love themselves. So Right there, they're looking from the outside in instead of inside out, which, which is what we're taught. So I get that, but yes, but I just have to say, I really was like, I have the worst coven hair and of all I do and my girl went and got,
um, she eloped. So she's like, I can see you in July maybe. And I'm like, there, I'm going to have black and gray. So yeah, I just had to say it. No. So many people have, I mean, all the recordings, I started this all during Kobe. So everybody's hair looked like that. I mean,
yeah, yesterday I had this much root, but I'm trying to record all my audio, like my videos today. So I'm like, they're going to be passed COVID I would maybe want like, you know, for, for the, um, the launch of whatever. So, but I had let it go just cause I don't have time. And then,
I mean, I had to get my 12-year-old daughter to help touch up the back. Cause we don't have time at the salon cause now we're really busy. I bet. I bet. Yeah, I get it. Okay. Now I'm getting you off. Oh, it's okay. It was totally all crazy. Ran the doorbell and then started knocking.
He was going to leave without my package without leaving it. So I'm glad I grabbed him. I don't understand that, but yeah. Oh, well we'll just refocus and recenter, but that's what I love about this it's recorded. That's the other thing like I can record a few of these in a day and if something happens like this, I just stop.
I really don't do any other editing except for putting an intro and an outro. I'm not worried about being perfect, but if something like this happens, like nobody wants to sit and wait, you know, a few minutes while I come back, You wouldn't have enjoyed your daughter. Yes, yes. I did not know that part. Alright so, and I'm just gonna bring you back out and we'll start all over.<inaudible> Hello and welcome back to the intuitive light podcast.
Thank you so much for being here today. I am so excited to have my friend Shelley here. She is an energetic healer who helps women embrace their forties and up to reconnect with their divine magical spark, to rewrite their stories, and to find strength in communities while using a few different metaphysical tools. I am so excited to have her here today. She is just a wonderful person and we get to find out so much about her.
Let me bring her own welcome, Shelley. Hey Jacqueline. Thanks for having me. Thank you so much for being here. I'm so excited to have you on because we've got a chance to know each other over the last year. It's been a year since we took training together with Tracy goodie and I cannot wait for everyone to hear what you've been up to.
And who are you? What did, how did you get started in all of this? Well, thank you for the opportunity to talk about what's been going on. Um, I've always known since I was little, that, that there was a lot more to the world than meets SEI. And um, I started in my early twenties, I took Reiki wan and fell in love with it and actually fell a little bit in love with myself,
which was not easy to do at that age, but it, it really taught me a lot about honoring myself. Um, and then I went through my own, my own growing up and um, finding a husband and deciding to get married. And so I did all of that and I still had the Reiki one in my back pocket. I loved it,
used it, and, um, started trying to get pregnant and couldn't do it. Couldn't do it and went to a lot of doctors. And um, I was getting Reiki done on a regular basis and my Reiki master was saying, Oh, just a month or two, you'll be pregnant for sure. Do you know? And so I so believed, I mean,
I believe with my heart and soul and then when it didn't happen, I was devastated and it took me a long time to see like I, we stopped trying to have a baby. And when we decided to adopt was less than two months before we had our baby daughter in our home, it was that fast. And it was like, oh, I'm understanding now.
You know, it wasn't that, um, Reiki doesn't work. It wasn't that there aren't powers. There's not something that's taking care of me. It's just not everything is going to happen according to my plan. And that was one of my biggest lessons in life was when she came into my life and my husband's life, like out of the blue that morning,
I just finished painting the nursery. My husband was like, you are crazy. He's like, it's going to be a year and a half to two years. Did you not hear them? When we went to the lawyer and that afternoon, we got the call that she had been born that morning and that we could go meet her and take her home.
So it was, it was such a blessing and my faith in myself and my faith in that power higher than me and in the love. And then the Reiki, it just was reignited because I understood that, you know, when you manifest you don't, it does not always come to you in the package that you're looking for. It comes to you in other ways.
And, and so I, my vision went from the tunnel vision that this is what I want to, you know, what's for my best and highest good, and please deliver it in the best way possible. So That point that you bring up is so critical because I think that was my turning point. Not obviously in the same way, but just knowing that there's a divine timing to everything and that it doesn't come when with things we wanted when we think we need it.
Um, and it definitely doesn't come the way we think, like that's so critical just knowing that piece and for you to, to be able to like reignite your faith in yourself and with, um, you know, your higher self and with the powers around us and in your intuition and Reiki, the beautiful energy that is just, it does such wonders is such a great thing.
I'm so glad that, um, I just, I liked that full circle, seeing that. And I want our viewers to see and know that that one key can help them through so many things in our lives. If we can just start trusting that That is key. I, I totally agree, Jacqueline. And it really is. How are you looking at what's going on in your life?
Because if you're looking for the treasure, if you're looking for the gift, the message, you can find it. And many situations that people from the outside are like, Oh, what a horrible thing to go through? And it's like, it's really not. You know, I, I think about my mom, who's had dementia for five years. And when I go to see her,
she has these little windows of clarity where she'll be like, you know, she'll make a snarky remark or she'll, you know, she will reference something that is only something that we would have talked about. And it's like, you know, I go home with those in my heart. I'm like, you know, I felt I got to see her.
I got to see the pieces of her. And I understand, you know, that everybody goes through their different processes in life for whatever reason. And you know, I could walk around like you or, and go, no, here we go again. Or I could walk around and I could say, you know, I'm not exactly ticker, you know,
I'm not bouncing all over the place, but I want to see the magic. I want to see love. I want to see the gifts. And there are so many, um, so I started playing around in the universe and I went ahead and I took Reiki too. And I loved that. Um, and I did that like in my late thirties,
as I was being a mom and still teaching. And, um, I loved Reiki too. And then I discovered numerology and that I taught math for many years. So the new neurology just lit me up and I was able to share that with so many people. And I loved that. And it has been like going into this like huge emporiums of the universe and saying,
okay, what tool can I learn next? What can I find? And I found empowered energetics to help get rid of belief systems that don't work for me. I'm going into the Akashic records was so sacred and divine and brought me so much closer to my higher self. Um, that was, that was a huge step two in the process. That's a journey we took together.
Yes. And so wonderful. It is. And that's, that's what I see. I see these people come into my life and, and I had, um, I had a woman walk up to me who was my boss, who didn't know me for very long. And she's like, I want you to be my energy mentor. And I'm like,
Oh, sure. I've got that. So, you know, because after teaching for so many years, you're always like, I got this, no problem, but I mean, I created a curriculum. I created, it gave me the opportunity to put everything together that I've learned and to really use it. And then all a sudden I was like,
wow, We, as women have been taught to make ourselves a little less shiny or a little less, or a little less opinionated or a little less controversial, you know? And, and I thought, wow, I am really sick and tired of this. And I'm seeing my divine self show up my higher self showing up for other women and their higher selves and how unbelievable they are,
how amazing and magical they are. And I'm like, we've got ignite these people. We have to let them find their divine plane and burn it because we have it. I, and there's not enough of us out there. We, um, I mean, this is just like you said, this, that we've been taught to not support one another to always put everybody else in front of us.
That self-care is selfish that, you know, we have to do, do for everyone else. And then, and then when we have a chance and when we have a break, then we can think for ourselves and we can really find what we want, but I, I hundred percent think that it's the opposite way around. And when we ignite other women to start seeing that,
to see that spark inside themselves and to, to step into their power, it's such a beautiful and, um, powerful thing. That's why I love talking to you. And we were just so aligned on everything that we do that it's cannot be said enough, and there cannot be enough women out there who are doing this for other women to really come together as a community and start changing the way we think of ourselves,
our own love and our own trust. And stepping into this, this higher self that we keep talking about. Exactly. And just, um, I was reading a book about raking. It was talking about our divine flame and how we're all born with that flame. And then as we grow up and people teach us, society teaches us different ways to be.
It's like we put a little lampshade over it and then maybe a little spar over the lampshade, and then maybe something blocking the light, you know, because we don't want to bother people or we don't want to cause any problems. And so in reality, my work for myself as, and then for my clients is let's remove those things. Let's, let's go back to ground zero.
Let's go back to the divinity that we are, and really, really, truly celebrate that. And, and, um, I talked to, I go live in my group, walking with grace on Facebook, and we always talk about receiving, because we talk about the guy who goes to the gym and he, all he does is upper bodywork.
So he's got these hex and these biceps and triceps, and he's all that. And then he's got these little chicken legs who never work out his legs. And I, and I do, I talk about we're like that women get like that. Like we give and give and give, Oh my God, you know, like we have a giving down to an art.
We know how to give before they even ask we're figuring out what is it that they could need before they even open their mouth. But the receiving the little legs, the muscle of receiving is not getting any practice, any, any building. No, and we, we feel bad. What is that? You know that is crazy, But it's the way society has kind of,
and just in general, how our makeup is of always wondering, if you think about how, you know, you know, a mother and having to raise, you have to think of your child first is what we're taught. And we have to think about our husbands. First. We have to think of everybody else. It really makes it that it's,
we're so out of touch with what we would even want that we can't ask for help, we can't receive because we, Oh, no, no. I'm a superwoman. I used to be like, I mean, I love super well but don't get me wrong. I still want to be a superwoman, but it used to be more like I have to be a superwoman.
I have to take care of everybody. Do you know, do everything for everyone else. And then I'll save myself last, you know, I'll do what I have to, for me at the very end, which never came because I was so exhausted from taking the care to everybody else. So we're trained just, and it's generational. It goes, you know,
whether we know it or not energetically, we carry those things with us. So sometimes it's not even our own stuff that we're carrying around. And that's why it's so incredibly powerful Jacqueline. It's like you think about when your grandmother was pregnant with your mother At five months, your mother had the eggs inside of her. That is, where you. Yeah.
So think about that. Then, you have been in existence and hearing this and experiencing this and being not only inside of your mom's skin but your grandmother's skin and yeah. This all affects you. And so, you know, I know it sounds trivial, but it's like when you walk in and somebody says, I love your shirt, I say,
Oh, thanks. I got it on sale. Or, Oh, this, I just had it, my closet, you know, whatever things. But it's like, even receiving a compliment Can be so hard for us. Yeah. Because we put so much meaning behind it. We put so many other things attached to the perception of what that meant,
instead of just saying, Oh, thank you. I'm walking off. Like, that's it. Exactly. And it feels very awkward to just say, thank you, but you, but learning how to do that. And you know, learning how to receive, um, you know, I remember when I was a teacher and you know, the parents would be like,
you know, what do you need for the class? And what do you need? And I'd be like, no, I'm fine. I've got this. Thank you. Do you know? And it, and I wouldn't even think, I wouldn't even go through my head, you know, I would go out and spend my own money and make sure that we had everything for everything
because that's the way I work. But, but what I didn't realize is that when I didn't allow people to give to me, I'm robbing them of the, of giving. Yeah. Which, which is not good either. No, because it feels good to give. That's why we do it so much. It helps our energy to give, to be able to give.
And when we blocked that off, not only we do, we steal that from them, but we also block so much more, even though we think it's trivial, Oh, your glasses, beautiful. You know that, and we can't accept that. We're actually blocking so much more than that one compliment because we send all of that energy out into the universe.
And it's like, it's like a shield around us that says, Nope, we don't want any of the good stuff. Well, we'll just battle it out. We'll take all the hard stuff because that's the energy that we send out. And it's so powerful to see me, those little tweaks that we can make to open up, um, so many things into our lives that we can receive and accept those things into existence.
Exactly. And the thing is, is the universe has its ears on there. It's listening to us all the time. So when you do make that one little tweak, that one little change, the universe will show up for you. And it's just waiting for you to realize that you were meant to live a divine life. You were meant to be happy,
be prosperous, be abundant, be, you know, just enjoy everything that is here on this earth. That's why we're here. It is. And so I have a great coach who I love and she's like, she's like, I tell the universe all the time. I would love this. And I will take any upgrades that you, you see are in my highest good.
And, and I was like, so I tried it right, because I was like, eh, okay, let's see, because there's still that doubting Thomas going on at times. So I said, I will take this business that I'm doing and any upgrades. And that day I had a new client. And so she had never met me. And she happened to be coming to my healing place.
And she went ahead and paid me and tip me before she met me, which was really unusual. You know, usually, if somebody meets me, then they'll tip me or, or not. But it was like, I got my upgrade. Thank you very much. You know, and Miracles are amazing when we see that it can happen because I've had so many like that where I can literally remember saying,
okay, this is what I want or better. I usually say, or better. I like the upgrade. I'm totally going to have to steal that. I will receive that. But adding that on, it's amazing. The things that start like clicking into place. And I think that's where a lot of people get stuck. If they don't know a lot about energy,
like how we hold onto it. Um, the things that we need to break, the little things that we can do to tweak, and then the expansive amount of energy that we create when we're ready to be open and receive, It really is amazing. And because we're, so I'm used to not receiving and getting a lot of, there's a lot of support out there from Joe public when you don't receive like,
you know, what a great mother she is, what a great wife and she never needs anything and all this. But so as we start to receive, we have to build the muscles and really, really allow that abundance in. And, and to know that it's okay and that we're not taking from anybody else, that there is more than enough. That lesson took me so long to learn that that scarcity thinking of,
Oh, there won't be another one. I'm never going to have this. All of that. You know, The universe is so vast that literally everyone, everyone on this planet is meant to walk their path and be abundant and live happily, but we have to learn how to do that. And we just, because I'm happy, does not mean I take from your happiness doesn't mean we take from the next person's happiness.
There isn't enough to go around multiple times and the scarcity mindset can be a very hard one to break. How did you break it? Um, it really didn't stage. Honestly, it was, you know, I, This scarcity for me really was around money a lot. And I had, um, I had worked as a teacher for 30 years and I was really,
truly afraid to step away from that, that, that steady income, that guarantee hours in money out. Like I never even touched the money. Never saw it. Like, it just was like in the air somewhere. And, um, when I retired two years ago, um, like the first six months I was in a panic, I was like,
how am I going to do this? How am I going to contribute to my family? So we can still live the lifestyle we want to use my time. Well, build my healing business and be happy and retired, you know? And so it really has been in stages. And, and my relationship with money continues to get better. I do a lot of mindset work.
I do. I read like a fiend. Um, I listen to people who have really beautiful money stories that they've created. And, um, and I actually, I have an app on my phone to money and it's like the, um, from the book, the secret, you see it, it's like the red and it's secret to money.
And every day they have an affirmation every day, they have you, what are you earning? What are you buying? You have a, an amount of balance that you can spend. And it really helps me to be sharp because for me to totally let go of this mindset, it's, it's something that doesn't happen overnight. Hasn't happened overnight for me.
So I keep working at it. I mean, think about it. You built what your money story was for how many years that didn't happen overnight either. So when we go to break some of these things, and that's what I tell my clients, as some of these, you know, new ways of living and things, we really do have to do it in stages.
We've gotta be consistent. It's the consistency that will start to really make the difference. And when we start with coming consistent, it's amazing because then it starts just happening and it would go on that autopilot, but it can't overnight. We didn't make us happen overnight. We're not going to be able to break it overnight. Um, I think that that's such an important thing to remind ourselves because I know I'm guilty of it.
Like I learned this thing, why is it not happening? It should be done. Like I went to the class, we're done Finish line. I got my certificate. What is it? You know, I don't understand why it's not here, But I love, I love the word consistency because I avoided that. Like the plague, I thought consistency equals boring.
And I thought I'm way too creative to be consistent. And I truly believe that. I mean, I was like, okay, I'll do this. And then I'll just back off and I'll do this. And then I'll just back off. And, you know, you get a lot of methane when you do that. You, you get these really big highs you do because when I'm focused and I'm on it,
I can, I can create amazing things. But then when I back off, it's all gone. So that consistency has been the key. And to make friends with the idea of consistency that that is loving, you know, it's like being a parent. You don't get to wake up one day and say, I'm not going to be a parent today.
Do you know? Um, and it's the same way. Like we've got to show up for ourselves consistently. Not just when it feels good, not just When it's actually harder through the harder parts, the more we can show up consistently. That's where the true, true change starts to take place. And you stop having as many of the hard days and as many of the stressful while it was,
um, because the consistency starts stacking up. It's like the, um, compound effect Each and every little tiny day that you've done it or each and every thought that you've been able to stay consistent on, you know, we have them, like, it's not going to go away that you have negative thoughts around money or anything in life, but the more and the faster we can get out of that,
it's that compound effect. And it just will triple, you know, continue to grow for you.<inaudible> It is it really it's, it's like tending a garden and you can't, you can't leave it. You can't, um, just say, you know, I'm really bored. I'm not gonna water you for two weeks, but I'll be back. And,
you know, and I'll do something really I'll get to the best soil ever. I'll get, you know, the most amazing seeds ever. But if you don't take care of it, then it's done. And, and the universe watches that, you know, and it, and if we are consistent and caring for ourselves and in showing up and, and being the best version of ourselves that we can be,
then, then the universe is like, look, we've got teams of angels, we've got your guides, we've got your ancestors. We have your spiritual team. That's up there, who didn't come down to earth but promise to support you. And, and they all want to help. And, and so really we're not in this alone. It's just a matter of being able to see more than the IC.
Yep. Change our perspective, change the stories and start seeing from, I mean, you said it before with even, you know, you can walk around in ER, all day and a lot of people do, and I'll be honest. I did a 0.2 and that's where I was, ER, there was a rain cloud over me and I finally woke up one day and I was like,
I can't do this anymore. I cannot live like this anymore. And once you have that light turn on, that's where you can really start taking charge and you can start researching and looking outside of yourself to see what do you need to do to change it. And I feel like the more light we can turn on for people and start seeing,
showing them that you don't have to walk around with that cloud over you, it's not necessary. And it doesn't matter what's going on in your life. It doesn't, you know, our thoughts create our reality, but when our thoughts are always down and you know what I mean? Yeah. I was in that position. I mean, I couldn't get through a date without crying for a long period of time.
And you just have to turn on that light and say, okay, I'm done with this. And it's okay to stand up for yourself and it's okay to want more. It does not take from anybody else. And it doesn't honestly, it does the opposite. Then, you can give yourself the self-care you give. The more you allow that that cloud to come out,
the more sun and love abundance is for literally everyone, everyone around you, Absolutely 100%. And what happens. And I've seen this happen with people. Who's gone through my rise above, which is a month-long program? And we do a lot of mindset work, a lot of looking at what is your cosmic blueprint? Why are you here? And we start removing the blocks.
We get them in touch with their higher selves. We get some questions answered from the Akashic records. We get some healing in the Akashic records. And then all a sudden the person who felt so defeated has raised her energy to a level where she's in the can do. I can do this. And I'm excited to do this and look at what comes up next.
I love nothing more than to hear or see my clients thrive. And when they do, I am like, it's, it's like the cherry on top. It's the whole thing really for me. But it's like when you see that when you see the light turn on when you see them go, Oh, I don't have to walk with this 10-ton brick thing on my shoulders.
I can, I can float a bulk a little bit. I can see what it's like to have choices. And it doesn't matter what your situation is. It honestly doesn't matter. I mean, if you, if you look at me right now, I've got my mother five years in dementia. My father's got cancer. I love them. I've had so much healing with my relationship with both of them.
I am in such gratitude. And this just like, this is a beautiful time for myself with my parents, because I'm sorry that they're suffering. And I would not wish that on anyone, but I've gotten so many gifts and so many opportunities to say what I need to say to be the kind of daughter I want to be. Do you know? And,
and I said goodbye to my mother-in-law this year, too. And, but I got to be present. I got to get the gold. I got to say, Peggy, I don't know-how could have made it through the first two years of parenting without you. And I don't know how I'm going to make it through the rest of the years without you either.
But like, but I got to say that because I'm awake, I'm present and I'm cleaning it up as I go because I don't want to create piles of stuff that I have regrets. I don't want regrets. Yeah. So yeah, We want to look back and see all the opportunities that we said yes to, and that we took the stance and that light turned on for us.
And we were able to enjoy life. And, you know, I know, especially right now, a lot is happening in the world and a lot of people are suffering and, you know, we respect that and honor, because some people are really going through things, but we also, I think it's a time right now for us to really take a look inwards and,
and look at what is going on in our lives and what can we do to change it? And what do we really want? What do we want out of life right now? And how are we going to be able to make an impact and stand up for ourselves and for the others around us, um, and really start changing the world? And it doesn't have to be this grand gesture either truthfully just deciding for you to be happy and stay in a higher vibration,
change the vibration of the world. So just that one simple choice of one team to be happy, get rid of them. The dark cloud over you, it's bringing in more sunshine can make an impact on the entire world, around you. It's all of that compound effect. You know, that one little thing. And if everyone can just add one little thing,
then the whole planet is raising up in the vibrations and it, it changes that for everyone. Um, and I think it's just so important to know that it doesn't have to be huge. It really can be small. It's so true. And, and I mean, you look at, um, I was trying to describe to my mother, what's going on in this world right now.
And she has, you know, not a clue she has because we've never been in a time like this. Like we have been in the last few months and you know, so much fear, so much anger, so much isolation, so much judgment. So, you know, people acting out in ways that are outrageous and, and treating other human beings in ways that we wouldn't,
we wouldn't accept. I mean, it is just really kind of, it's just, um, Austra, but I'm not in a, not in a great way. You know, it's like, w how did we get here? But the thing is, is if you go within and you clean up your own backyard, you do what you can, and you know who you are,
you know, what you stand for, you know, that you were 100% present here and you're going to do what you can to raise the energy in this, in this time. And, and really that's, that's our power. That's what we have. And, and so, you know, it's not about from the outside in, like there, there's no solution that I've seen for any of this from the outside end,
but from the inside out, I think that there are solutions more than one. I agree. I agree. There are so many, and I believe in life, just not even talking about what's happening now, but in life in general, the more we get in touch with who we are, and we start loving ourselves, we can project more love on others.
And I truly believe with every ounce of my heart, that if we all just love more, stop the judgment, stop the anger and the hatred on everything and the scared, like stuck and scared, right? You don't know something, learn more, learn and start judging or start, um, walking more, and acting more with love.
And the only way that can be done is by loving yourself, you cannot love others. If you can't even love, love yourself, who you are. And if we look, we can start to see who that is and start loving ourselves and connecting so much more with who we need to be others and how we can help the world heal and it together and,
and have justice and peace and love surrounding everyone. I think it's like, I'm really passionate about love because I truly don't see how, if you don't have it, love who you are, how you can love another. Mmm. Yeah. But, but then, you know, the really amazing thing about what we're talking about is it's a choice.
Yeah. It truly is a choice. It isn't, you know, will the magic fairy coming wave her wand over me and I'll be one of the chosen and I'll just wake up loving myself. No, I'm so sorry. I believe in fairies, I believe in magic. I'm never going to say, I don't believe in that, but we have a choice as to what we see and how we treat ourselves.
And, um, so it does come back to us. And, and the thing is, is, you know, one of the most beautiful quotes that I love is be the change you wish to see in the world. And you can, you can do that. You have that you and that's, that can really help. And at this point in this world,
it's going to take a lot of little miracles to make a big one. So Each and every change and each, and every choice that we make goes back to the consistency, staying consistent with your choices consistently choose to love yourself, consistently choose to love others. And too, I love that quote, I mean, be the change you want to see. I am willing to stand for what I believe in and to stand with others and to be the change that I know is like,
we're capable of doing, we just have to go about it a different way. Things have got to change. I mean, for lack of a better word, they do what they have to change from within. And then it spreads out through everybody. I totally agree. And one of my favorite questions and I try to ask it every day is what,
what am I not seeing? Show me what I'm not seeing. What are the possibilities that I'm not considering, you know, show me because, um, a lot of times when we're getting into a groove, we can kind of fall back into ego where we're problem-solving with what we know and what we've done? And we're not seeing the plethora of choices that we have for helping or dealing or,
or just being, so, yeah. Yeah, it is important. Well, I absolutely, I really could just talk to you all day. We try to keep it on the sun's down a little bit so that, you know, that's the good thing is you can always listen to a part and they'll come back. Um, and then we can always have you back on the show too.
I am so just blessed that we're able to be here. I really think it's an important thing that you're doing and that, um, we continue to just support one another and get our messages out there and get it out in front of more people so that we can start turning on lights for so many women and, and everybody. But we really just,
we want to start turning on those lights and get people thinking about there are other ways and open up those blinders and help them see something different. I agree. And I really appreciate the opportunity to connect with you. And, and I know that our visions were so similar when we took our class a year ago, and it's awesome that our visions have kind of grown together,
which is amazing. And so I appreciate having the time with you and am very blessed to spend time and to share with you. And, um, yeah, and I'm excited. I mean, I say, let's do it, let's do it. Let's just, you know, let's just help people find that inner flame and let them flex fan it.
Let's get them rolling because life is good. It is very good. It is. And I am right there with you. I'm going to turn on as many lights as I can. And everyone listening, if you need help turning on your light, or if you are there and your light is on reach out to me, I mean, I will help you.
Shelly will help you if your light is on and you want to reach more people also reach out to me because if we work together if we're so much more powerful and that's why I'm so glad that we were on the show today, and you've got to let us know where we can find you. Yes, I am. I have my website at shelling<inaudible> dot com.
So Shelly I, And, um, I am also in my Facebook group, which is walking with grace and I go live Monday through Friday at 6:00 PM Eastern. I do some numerology readings and some card polls and we laugh and we have a great time. So join me. That's a free Facebook group. And, um, I'm also on Instagram showing grace.
And, um, just, just look for me because I'm there and I'm so excited to help. If you would like to talk further, you can message me absolutely through my website. There's a place that contacts me and, um, you know, if you're ready to get rolling, I'm rolling and I'm happy to help you out. Um, so yes,
so that's where I am And I'll make it super easy for everyone because we're going to just put everything in their notes. So you're going to be able to find her website and Facebook and everything there. So you don't have to go searching. I'll just make it easy. And, um, again, thank you so much. Thank you to all of our viewers for blockchain listening.
However, you're watching this and I'm taking it in. Thank you from the bottom of both of our hearts, we really appreciate you being here and we cannot wait for the next show. Um, and thank you so much, Shelly. And we will see you on the next pot Be well and keep shining.