Finding Your Way By Flushing It Out: Building Your Business When Your Vision Isn't Clear with Samantha Spittle

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Losing your passion when you hit a roadblock is not something new. A lot of people experience it. A lot of people feel sad or depressed when this happens to them. But we must never forget that with a little self-care and self-reflection we can move past this roadblock and once again find a new passion in life, find what gets you up in the mornings, and find what lights up your soul. We must always remember that feeling is lost is never permanent, and is always temporary.

Samantha Spittle is the host of the podcast and video series Flushing It Out. Her passion for storytelling and making people laugh, often at her own expense, reinforced the deep need all people have to connect on a deeper, more authentic, and vulnerable level. We live in a world that is so fast-paced where people are busier than ever yet also lonelier than ever. Through Samantha's podcast, her hope is that people can take time to slow down and listen to an engaging conversation to gain some new insight and be inspired. Connection is key and it starts by talking to people! Join Samantha as she flushes it out!

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Here are so follow up questions I got to ask!

How/why did you start your business? 
Creative energy inside but didn't know what that actually would look like so the podcast seemed like the best next step!
What makes your business unique? 
My business is unique in that it continues to evolve and I have been able to start growing without having all of the answers. I am able to lean into opportunities that align with my passions and priorities.
What impact do you want to have in the world or change you want to see or make happen? 
My passion is for people to feel connected and seen, lifting the veil of shame so that people can live their life in the freedom that comes from living in the light.
Are You Happy with your business, What makes you happy, And What Would You Change? 
I am excited to see how my business is continuing to grow and evolve. What started as a passion project has been evolving into a business where I am able to use my gifts and talents to help people connect, whether through a podcast, video features, and other fun projects in the works! I have often struggled with finding a niche and as I lean more into my passion, I am finding that the niche is finding me.
Did You Experience Failures? If So, What Did You Learn From Them 
Fear of failure held me back from putting myself out there and starting my business for a long time. After reading Daring Greatly by Brene Brown, I felt convicted that preventing failure was not the key to success but rather rebounding from it. The only way to get over something is to go through it. I am working hard every day to continue walking through anything that comes my way, even if I am not always happy about it!
How Did You Handle Adversity And Doubt? 
see above
Do You Plan On Growing Your Business? How? 
Yes! One way I am growing my business is saying YES to opportunities that align with my passions and priorities.
Do you think self-love and trust is important in running a successful business? Why? 
Yes! Trusting your intuition is important when you are faced with making so many decisions. This last year has shown me that I can trust my intuition.
What advice would you give someone who is interested in starting their own business? 
Find mentors, listen to their wisdom, then jump right in!



If you would rather read the interview, feel free to check out the full transcription below!
Trusting your intuition will lead you to create a passionate and joy-filled life. Are you ready to get turned on to a new way of thinking? Are you ready to meet people who have conversations that speak to the things that truly light you up? What if you had access to a podcast that featured women, just like you, who shared stories that empowered you to let go of a lifetime,
to others' expectations and to start living in the now with passion and joy, I'm Jacqueline Rodriguez, founder of your intuitive light coaching owner of enlightened styles, holistic salon, and your host of the intuitive light podcast for the enlightened entrepreneur. My goal is to help women recognize how tightly they are tied to negative thoughts and other people's expectations so that they can fully embrace and become the untethered CEO.
They've always wanted it to be. You're about to meet some amazing women who will inspire you to untether yourself from any fears, negativity that you carry and become the untethered CEO of your life. This podcast is for you woman champion, warrior, entrepreneur, mother, phenomenal, Hello, and welcome to the intuitive light podcast and show. I am your host,
Jacqueline Rodriguez. And I am here today with Samantha spittle and she is the host of the podcast and video series, flushing it out. She is the introverts extroverts. She talks to people so that you don't have to at least for now, and then she helps you bring together or she helps you bring people together and help them connect. And I am so excited to have her on the show because we have been friends for quite a while.
So welcome Samantha. Thank you, Jacqueline. So happy to be here with you on your podcast. Thank you for being here cause I have had the pleasure of being on your podcast. And I know, I know it's always been so exciting, but we've known each other for quite a while and I can't wait for people to get to know your story and who you are and how you became to have this wonderful podcast.
And now expanding on the idea. Um, it's just been such an amazing journey to be able to be a part of that and see everything that you're doing. So tell us a little bit about yourself. Well, thank you for that. Um, I'm excited to be here for many reasons. And I think, um, one of the biggest is that this just is so full circle and exciting to be on a podcast because you and I first met For coffee.
I remember we were just going back and forth with like all these ideas and you are the one who introduced me to like recording a conversation. And you said, let me record this because I want to go back later. And that blew my mind. And I think honestly, that probably planted the seed for this idea that I love talking to people. I love connecting and that I would always walk away from those kinds of coffees,
you know, together these meetings, I don't even call them meetings. I call them coffees cause it just it's like so dynamic. Um, and um, I would walk away and be like, tell the next was like, Oh my gosh, I had coffee with Jacqueline. And she told me this and this blew my mind and you need to know this because,
and I was like, it would just be easier if all these conversations were recorded and then people could just listen to him and low and behold, this whole podcast world already existed. And so it seemed like the next logical thing to jump in and start a podcast to start. Um, I kind of called it the golden nuggets, you know, that everyone has gleaning the wisdom from others.
And so it really started as a passion project. And so, you know, I call myself the introverts extroverts. So I talk to people so you don't have to for now, because my goal is really that through all these conversations and connections that, you know, they're really sparking that feeling of that. You're not alone. There's other people out there and kind of just to see where this is going to leave.
So it started without a clear plan. And that's what I wanted to kind of touch on today is that you can start designing your life, building your business, you know, whether personal or professional without having a clear plan, because so often we hear you have to have that. So I'm so happy that you brought that up because it is one of the key points in life is,
and I try to bring my students through all of this and also connect with my friends and my family on the same point of if it brings you joy. And it's something that you are passionate about. Don't wait until all of the pieces are together and everything's perfect because we know nothing's perfect. But through this journey, it has changed a lot for you.
But the one key point is that you've had fun doing it and it's brought you joy and it's opened your eyes up to the things that you want to do and the things that you don't want to do. So allowing it to just flow is such a beautiful thing. And it's so important for people to hear that from you to hear that you don't have it all planned out and you don't have it.
Definitely. And I kinda my personality, um, I feel like, and we're all this way. We're not one thing. Even though I call myself an extra for like an extrovert, I still like alone time, um, and analytical thinker and whatnot. And so I have all these different parts of my brain, which we all do, but I definitely can get stuck in analysis paralysis.
And I joke that I'm a closet perfectionist because I don't outwardly look like one, but that's a coping mechanism. Cause I'm like, Oh, if I can't be perfect, I'll just be a mess type of thing. But at my core, I want it to be perfect. And I want to be a people pleaser and these are all things I'm working to overcome.
And so that's why your conversation, our conversation, our, my time with you is so valuable and why people who are in your space are very blessed. Um, and now you're sharing it with the world is like, you just really drove home. That fact for me that you don't have to overthink it and you don't have to wait, just do it.
And then you'll see and you'll have more information. And it's just, it was like, I sat there and I was like, wow, you are really speaking to my core, which is, I'm just procrastinating out of fear and you just gotta take the leap. The thing is, is we all, we all are like that. I've had my moments and there are certain things that I am a little more perfectionist on that I do allow fear to kind of gel,
you know, I'll have imposter syndrome and all of these things. But the one thing that has done me so well throughout my whole life is I just say kinda like Nike, just do it. I can do it because I can always change it. We can always adjust and change the things that we like or we don't like, but I have always lived in fear of if I don't do it,
I'm going to regret it later if I do it, go ahead. Oh no, just that I read it. I have a quote somewhere where it's, you know, that at the end you'll regret the things you didn't do versus the things you did. So Yes. And that's really been, one of my fears is like, if I don't do it,
I'll never know, like, was I going to be really great at this? Could this be something amazing? And I've been okay with the things that haven't turned out the way I planned it because I just turn and there's something else amazing and really aligned with what I'm supposed to do because I allow the things to just manifest in their own ways. So I think,
you know, just getting out there and starting something, starting it small and just enjoying the process is so, so, um, important, but also it's freeing For sure. It's um, because things aren't always going to look the way we think they're going to look, you know, you think, Oh, I want, you know, my life to look like this or something.
It might not look anything like that, but it's like, that's why I love the idea. And you talk a lot about manifesting and putting out into the world what you want. And I am a big believer in, you know, doing that and it, but not putting out the details. And that's kind of why my message is, um, which is the same,
you know, it's not, I'm not saying it's different, but this whole idea of not having the clear vision, because it's more, I don't know the clear vision, so I can't put that out there, but I can put things like, I want my family to be emotionally healthy. You know, I want us to be happy but healthy, you know?
Um, I want to talk about the hard things, things like that, so that I don't know how that's gonna end up unfolding. And so with my business, you know, I want my business to be fulfilling. You know, for me, for my family, I want it to be a blessing for my family. I wanted to be a blessing for other people.
Um, so what's that going to end up looking like, I'm not quite sure, you know, if that's about telling TMI stories that might embarrass me a little bit. Like if it helps people and protect my children, hopefully they don't get too embarrassed of me, but don't always be embarrassed since I know no matter what I do. So yeah, Nothing wrong.
We say something wrong, but we are all gonna be embarrassed by us. So that's okay. So true. So true. But when you're talking, Talking about manifesting and you are talking about not having a clear vision, that's exactly how I manifest too. It is. And that's the best way to manifest because we can't force things to happen. And when I,
so many years ago manifest it, that I wanted to have a successful business back then before I started, like, it's been almost 11 years now, you couldn't have told me that any of this was happening. I would have said you were crazy because I couldn't vision. Like I couldn't have that vision of what it looked like because it wasn't in my conscious mind yet it wasn't presented yet.
And just allowing yourself to say that this is my end goal, you know, like you want your family to be happy and healthy. So whatever has to happen to make that happen. That's what you manifest and same, like with a successful business or I'm manifesting a new home. I'm not putting the pieces together. I'm just saying that this is how it's going to make me feel what it's going to do for my life,
how, um, how I want the vision to come together, but not the details. I leave that up to think universe, two other forces happening so that I can focus on what makes me happy and just stay in that high vibration, um, energy. And that's where all of the magic starts to happen. And when you're in that high vibration energy,
you get to see how you can progress your business in the way that fulfills you. And that's what you've done so well, Trion, thank you. Yeah, Definitely. Go ahead. Nope. I was going to say, tell us more about like that process for you and how you kind of manifest it to where it is right now. Yeah. Um,
so I was thinking about everything you just said about leaning into the things that make you happy and fulfill you. And for a long time, um, I heard people talk about, you know, what are you passionate about? Are you passionate about? And I always came up with the same answer, like talking to people. It's really all I got.
And I kept waiting for there to be like a magic thing that suddenly I discovered I was passionate about, you know, suddenly I'm going to be passionate about hair doing hair. You know, I'm going to be passionate about something. And it's like finally, after a long time, it was like, okay, I need to lean into this whole talking to people.
What's that gonna look like? And, um, you know, as I said earlier, kind of the podcast is it kind of unfolded. And I started thinking that through this year of podcasting through this year of interviewing people, it was really neat to see what others were probably seen in me when I would walk away from a conversation with someone like you.
And I would say, Oh my gosh, you blew my mind. And you know, I was in my element talking about our conversation. And so when I would interview people, it would be funny because they might come in to talk about one thing. You know, we talk about some wisdom that they acquired from something or something about their life. But sometimes the energy felt,
and you have better words for this than me maybe, but like their energy felt kind of math, we'll say. And then we ended up talking about a random topic and their eyes get big and they sit up straight and they're like real expressive. And I would think, why haven't we been talking about this the whole time? Like that is your jam.
And I'm like, is so to see that it's like, okay, we can't always do a job or build a business and maybe that exact thing, but there's ways we can influence it or have it be a part of our life. And it's like, if something, if there's not something that sets you up on fire, if there's not something that like gets you going,
then I feel like are the success is not going to come or it might come, but it won't fulfill us the same way if we don't attach it to our passion. And so kind of my first tip when I was thinking through some things is, you know, figuring out, you know, finding your passion, what lights you up. And so,
um, that's a great thing that asks other people to like a tip is when you talk to me, what have you, when do you see me light up? Because I notice it in others. And I'm realizing that when you're doing it, you don't always notice it. Cause you're just excited, but it's something that other people can notice. And then learning to recognize what that passion feels like.
So once you have people pointed out to you, then you start thinking, you're able to say, okay, this is what it feels like. And then you can start finding areas in your life where that feeling is replicated. So it might not look the same way, but, um, but it's there. So, But that's a wonderful point that you bring out is we do tend to the things that come easiest to us and the things that we can just talk and talk about.
We end up not giving it as much, um, emphasis as we should. And actually this literally just happened to me in one of my courses, because I was talking about my, um, membership and you know, my courses and everything, and what I'm doing with those are so important. But then I had shifted a little bit on bringing that,
but then also adding this other element, which for me, is nontoxic living and your energy. And also like really standing up for all of those things, to be more in our businesses and in our lives. So bringing the eco-friendly protecting our own energy, our client's energy and our world are our earth. Right. And everybody in the room was like,
why aren't you like, you need to add that. Why aren't you saying that more? And it wasn't a total light bulb moment, especially cause I I'm pretty passionate about what I'm doing anyway, but adding that other element in made it so much more, I felt so much more connected to it. So even if you're in something already that you love,
listen for those cues, because the little things that you can talk about for hours and hours that you don't even recognize, those are the things that you can add in to that hole. And a lot of things you'd be surprised at what businesses you can actually create, even on things that you don't think could be a business. I mean, for you like talking to people,
uh, that's an amazing business, but a lot of people would brush that off as, Oh, I'm just, I like to chit chat. No you, and it's something so much more to give. Well, thank you. Um, and it's funny because here we are a year later and that's why once again, this feels very full circle because we,
um, you know, we did our first interview on my podcast over, at this point over a year ago. And it's funny. Cause at the time it was like, okay, I'm, I'm just going to walk into this. I like talking to people. I called it a passion project and I'm getting better at now shifting that. Cause that's my way of like keeping it safe,
where there's no expectations, but now this business, um, that I'm creating, it's funny because now a year later I have some ideas I'm knocking around. So I don't know if I should share them or not, or like keep it close to the best. But, um, this is just actually yesterday, I had this idea, which is throughout the podcast when I hear people,
um, you know, when, when people share their, one of the things I like doing and kind of one of the, excuse me, the point of the podcast is finding the universal truths and stories. So no matter what their story is, whether it's personal professional, it's almost like just grab a cup of coffee and you'll walk away with something.
And one of the things I like doing is hearing a story from someone and pulling out those universal truths. And so I realized, man, if someone needs to find a story for a training session, a speech, they're giving something, but they're having a hard time finding an example from their life that they could use to illustrate this point. I was like,
that's one of my skills. Like I can book an appointment, people can book a time with me and then novel concept. They can pay me because since this is an entrepreneurial women's podcast, I will share. One of my struggles is novel concept being paid, you know? Um, and so just like in the last 24 hours, but had I not gone on this journey a year ago and started this,
I wouldn't even have this thought because it's, it took the experience of this last year to get to the point. And so if I worried a year ago and that's why it all comes back to you, it's that I couldn't have figured all that out. Then I had to start making the steps to get to where we are and then who knows what it'll end up growing into?
Well, first I think that's brilliant and I would pay for services like that because we are in our own heads here. And some of the most valuable things that we say is, it's almost like it doesn't even register in our, cause it comes from our subconscious, it doesn't register in our frontal cortex of this is something that makes sense and that we love.
So having somebody actually go through and really listen and take those out, they just quit, just do it. I think it's amazing. And I, I really think that it would be very valuable because you could help. So many people pull that out without the struggle and like them constantly banging their head up against the wall. We've all done that. So yeah,
I love that idea. Well, and that is thanks to another powerful woman that you've had on the podcast, Nicole Ratner, because she gave me the idea or we talked before about the idea of if people sign up for, you know, my subscriber list to kind of give them a little something. And so we talked about this idea of giving them a worksheet to help them flush out something.
And so I was working on that yesterday and the site, you know, I picked that idea up again and started working on it. And that's when that this new idea of well people can do a worksheet and that's a great starter, but the real magic happens when I can listen to them. And I have some friends, you know, I have a friend Emily,
she's amazing. She's an amazing, she has that same gift because it was actually when she did it for me with a story that the light bulb went off. When I thought, Oh, you need someone else. Like you said, Jacqueline, who's not in your head. Who's out there. And that's my business coaches. I'm also realizing this is why you need a business coach because you need someone who's outside of your head.
That can say, what I hear you saying is because I do that for people. So I thought, well, I don't need anyone to help me with that. Cause I do that for other people. And once again, this lesson over and over again, you cannot do it in your own head. You need another person. So thank you for all you do.
Oh, well thank you. And I, you know, that is why I'm here. And that's why I started business coaching. And me being a business coach. I love helping women go through those processes and start getting out of their own way and really dream that bigger dream allow themselves to step into their own power that they don't even know they have.
I love that, but I can't do my own. And as much training as I have had, I have multiple coaches of my own because I know the value and I know how much they've helped me overcome things. And just those little pieces of really breaking through has been, I mean, literally changed my entire life. And that's why I got into coaching is because I want to change other people's lives.
And it's, I know the power it has and being able to do that. And you have such a gift to be able to like step into that. I think it's a beautiful journey. Thank you so much. Thank you. Um, another tip is saying that thank you, because that leads to my other thing, which is saying yes to opportunities,
um, and that kind of ties into not waiting for things to be perfect. And I led, um, I'm sorry. I read a book by Mel Robbins and um, she's the one who came up, I think, you know, with this one five second rule, which is when you have an inclination to do something, you have to take action to do it within five seconds because that's when your brain starts to come up with all the reasons why you shouldn't do it.
And so I, for me, what I, I read this book in the beginning of quarantine and I'd heard about the five second rule and whatnot, but the book I read, it just talked about all the excuses. And for me, I am a woman of faith, but I also appreciate science and I also appreciate energy. And I think it's all connected.
And you know, she talks about your brain and how your brain job is to keep you safe. And when it feels uncomfortable, that is a signal that it is not safe and that you should not do it. That's, you know, how we stay alive. But as we also know, growth, doesn't happen without discomfort. And you know, we can't build a business without getting uncomfortable,
so we have to trick our brain. And so for me, it's like, you know, the classic life hacks that we hear all the time, this whole five-second thing. So now if I feel, cause it, she talks about it in more detail, but it's that if you, if you've actually thought through your goals, if you've thought through your values,
all that kind of stuff, then it's not the same thing as making a rash decision because it's an, you, you talk about intuition all the time, it's following your intuition. So, you know, you know, if you've, if you've laid out, like I said, your values, your morals, your ethics, um, you know, your plans for your life.
If you have that feeling of, I mean, it's as simple as I need to call this person, but then what are they going to say? You know, your brain goes into survival mode. And so you just, the it's the five, four, three, two, one before you get to one, even if it's just literally getting up to go get a piece of paper to write down something is just taking an action within five seconds.
That for me over the last four months has been huge. So yeah, No, that's a wonderful thing because it is it's your ego, whether it's, you know, the way it tricks us into staying safe, the whole fight or flight thing. And when we were cave men and you literally stepping outside of your cave could mean life or death. It was very instinctual to not leave your comfort zone,
right? But we no longer are dying from stepping out of our comfort zone. We're actually growing and we know this, but the first thought that that soft little voice that comes in that says, you should do this. This is a great idea. That's your intuition, that's the soft, it's always softer. And then all of a sudden here comes your ego or,
you know, whatever you want to call it, it comes in and goes, Oh no, no, no, no, no, you're not good enough for this. Why would you want to do this? And we've got to learn. It's also our subconscious that comes out. Those things that we don't even know we're thinking about ourselves. And when we can kind of rewrite those stories and really start writing down the,
um, the pros and the cons, but also taking what I've learned from my other coach is taking those things. Those beliefs that we have, that we can't do this, or we shouldn't do that, or people are gonna judge us and then flip the script and look at is as if you were saying it to your daughter or to a loved one,
and really about like, are you really going to die? If you pick up that phone call and, you know, pick up that phone to call someone like, what if they say no? And you walk through all the steps of being able to see that that fight or flight is just coming in real quick and it's not really true. And that's super powerful in that sense of being able to like flip the script on your,
You're definitely a big thing that helped me with that too, is the whole fear thing. So fear is at the driving is the driving force of so much, so many of our decisions. And, and I think that's related to the ego and all that stuff that you just talked about. And so for me, being able to pause and say, am I not like just the idea I told you about,
like, I purposely shared it with you because I do think it's a good idea, but I am nervous about it. And so I knew like, okay, if I say this, I'm like putting it out there. I have to do it because if I keep this inside for too long, I could just ignore it. And I could justify all the reasons that I can't do it.
And so I think when you live in a space of, I mean, I could call it an honest vulnerable space, something, but where you're you really try to say, is this fear talking, you know, is this my ego talking? Is this fear talking? Um, or is this legitimate? And I think nine times out of 10, it probably comes down to fear talking and our ego.
So Because that's the loudest thing that starts coming up. And when we take that moment to just dissect it a little bit, whether it is, you know, just seeing, is this something that we need to put out there and just writing down the opposite? Like if I say, Oh, I don't know, you know, nobody would pay me to do that.
Well, take that statement and write down, is that true? And give yourself a minute because you'll start coming up with no, this person thinks it's valuable. Somebody else said that they would pay me. So you start seeing that there is more to that and you can start rewriting all those subconscious thoughts so that we get to the point where we're actually not going to come up with no,
I'm not worthy as much because in our brain it takes like it's subconscious and it takes so much time like over so many years that we've said, no, I'm not worthy to do this. Or nobody would pay me. Nobody believes in me, all of those we can rewrite. And then those subconscious thoughts up, yes, someone would want to hear this.
And I have value to give, we can switch and, um, really start rewriting the stories. And that's what I've done for myself, because no matter who you are, we all have stories. I don't care how successful you are. We all have stories. And it's being able to find those stories and really hold that space and be vulnerable. Like you just did where it puts it out into the universe and allows that to manifest for you.
Yeah. And that's a great, um, when you were saying all that, it actually made me feel like helps me with like, yes, that, that has been the goal of my podcast is, you know, wanting to encourage people to verbally process appropriately to the right people, you know? Cause you have to protect your stories as well, but getting it out.
I think that what I've seen is that, you know, when people take stuff, um, I've, I've said it as simply as, you know, there's that thing you think you need to take to the grave, if there's that, that secret, that is oftentimes the thing that needs to be shared to set you free. And, um, that can be with really heavy stuff.
And then kind of getting back into the entrepreneurial world. It's the stuff that we don't want to say. The stuff that we're afraid of that we think, Oh, I need to protect myself as the successful person. But what I've learned is that if I don't tell you, and especially you specifically Jacquelyn being the person you are. Cause I, I,
I feel like God has given me good intuition with people. Um, so I do share a lot, but I share it because I want you to call me out. Like if I say, I don't know if I should do, you know, I'm I want you to make it to fix basically what's going on up here in my brain. And so I've tried to tell people like,
man, if you keep all those insecurities inside and your fears, I think sometimes we think, Oh, I'm not going to give voice to those fears. I'm going to push that away and only focus on the positive. But I think if you put it out, like if you put out there that this is a struggle, you allow people to speak into you and to flip the script.
And, and then for you as a person, which is amazing, you not only just say, Oh, don't think that you actually give us the tools to change it, which is amazing. Thank you. And so just really wanting to encourage people to kind of get that stuff out there so you can see what's true and what's not. Cause if it's in your head by yourself,
you're going to come to the conclusion that it's true because that's your brain's job. But when you put it out there, we work together to sift through it. So, And that's a perfect point is your brain's job. It's your brain's job. Cause we, we have something of like 60,000 thoughts, a second. We can't process all of that. So the ones that are on repetitive that hamster wheel,
I always call it the hamster wheel of thoughts like that hamster wheel. It just automatically goes like you don't have to put a whole lot of energy into it. It just comes as fast as it can to our brain. And that's what we believe is true. And when you allow yourself to open up and speak to others, you break that cycle just a little bit and you allow for,
um, people to really come in and like you said, call you out on it. Cause I wanted to have the same thing. That's why I, you know, I was talking to my coach and they called me out on, Hey, you're saying you want to do this, but you're not bringing in the one thing that you seem to be so,
so passionate about. I'm like, Oh, I opener because I wasn't seeing it. And we, we can't see our own crap. We just, can't so true. And that's, what's so valuable about what you're doing. You're helping people open up. Like we were talking before, you know, be it in kind of nervous to go on a podcast and start talking and allowing yourself to just not put too much into it and have a conversation.
Well, and, and for sure, it's funny because I was surprised that I was feeling nervous because I talked to people. That's what I love doing. But when I peel back the layers, it really came down to the fear of worthiness. Like, am I going to be worthy of the time and the content and will I let you down? You know,
it comes back to all that stuff. Um, but it kind of takes some peeling back the layers and some people sometimes to guide you through that, because you could easily say, Oh, I just don't have the topic. I just don't know what the topic is. But, um, or I'm just nervous. You know, I don't have time And we push things off because we're more nervous about what that judgment is going to be.
Where as for me, you being on the podcast, like I asked people on my podcast because I believe in them and I absolutely love their stories. You have so much value, but we all have that. You know, that those little voices that come up and you were able to fight through it. And even I love that you shared with me that that was like,
you know, a little bit nerve wracking because it is for everyone. I've been on shows before too. And I think my first one with you, it was nerve wracking because what am I even going to talk about? And you know, just having a conversation like I can rattle on for hours and Layla, literally nothing come out, Don't underestimate yourself,
it's there, but that's what extroverts we need to talk to get to our point. That's why, you know, that's the difference. Sometimes we're verbal processors more so, Oh my gosh, I talk about everything. My husband's so finally happy that I don't go and have to talk to everything about him or write to him. Cause I have so many other people who can talk to me.
Yeah. Yes. And then they could just listen to it. So you can be like, Oh, this is I process this. So just listen to this podcast episode and then you'll hear my thought process with that. Yeah. But, but it's incredibly valuable for people. And when I was creating my podcast, it, it really was about having natural conversations.
The questions that I asked you in the beginning is just to get some thought out and to have that. So there's always questions on all of my guests and you can go to the blog and read all about them. But here, I know that if I just put it out into the universe, that whatever my guests needs to hear, that's what ends up coming out.
And that's the true magic of it all is that it always ends up being exactly what we need to hear, what we need to do At that moment. Exactly. And I think it's funny because my last point that I brought up, that's a great segue is that, you know, with any action you take it's positive forward motion. Cause I think sometimes we get stuck in that place of,
you know, is the topic that I'm going to talk about on our show, the right thing. And is this that where as we both know doing this is that you could plan to do one thing and it goes in a totally different direction, but believing that that's what needed to be talked about and that the people listening and, and that, for me,
it's like if just one person gets a nugget out of it, it's worth it because I always get something. And then so hopefully if one other person does great, but Hey, if not, I did so. Um, but no matter what, not having to overthink it because continuing forward and I mean, you talk a lot about this too, is like you either move closer to your goal or that movement action that you took showed you that that's not the right direction to go.
And now you have more information that like now it's this direction. And so I think for someone, if you're a, an analysis paralysis person, an overthinker kind of just having that confidence that, you know, what, no matter what I do. And, and for me with, with the way I think too, with faith too, with mine is like,
everything can be used for good, you know, like everything will come together. And um, so even if it's not right, or even if something not great happens, something good can be made from it. So that keeps me sane. It is it's always forward movement. And I love that is long as you're aligned with happy. You're joyful. Like if you're dragging your feet and you're hating every movement,
then whether you're going to a goal that you supposedly want, because we think we want things. And most of the times we, it's not even what we really want. It's that whole, um, genie, you know, you, you wish for something and then the genie gives it to you. And then all of a sudden you're like, Whoa,
that's not what I want it. Wait, wait, wait back up. Because you're trudging along through everything. And if feels heavy, it feels weighted down. Then that's when we need to shift. That's where we need to just let go of the junk, the baggage, and really just focus on what brings you joy. And that is that forward movement that no matter what,
whether it's positive or negative, it gives us more information. We're able to analyze it, change it, and then redirect. But it's always one step further, two steps further than where we were to begin with. And I, I really think that whole genie thing has man. We wish for some things that really isn't what we want and the like,
and in the final end. So be very careful about what you're wishing for, make sure that you're staying in that joy vibration and it will always be forward positive movement for you. I love what you said about if you're aligned. Cause that's the cap caveat, caveat that I didn't add in there. And I'm so glad you did. Um, this is why I love conversation because exactly that's it.
And I think when you are aligned and as I said, you've thought through, what's important to you, you know, you might make a decision. Um, but if it feels right, you know, kind of at the time, like you've, you've thought through those things, you've done that. Then you move forward. And as I said, if it doesn't work,
you know, but like I said, you're not fighting against yourself. You know, you're not running in all these different directions. And as you said, it feels heavy and whatnot. So I'm really glad you brought up that point about being aligned because I think that's so important. And I think that's where my entire business and life changed when I decided that I was going to be aligned for who I am to be what everybody else said I should be or not what everybody else,
you know, saw my potential. Who did I want to be? And if I stay true to who I want to be, literally anything I'm doing is successful. It may be a lesson where I'm like, okay, so I thought I wanted this, but I really don't. So I'm going to switch over here, but I never look at it as like,
Oh, I'm such a failure or this didn't work out. I just redirect. But that is, it wasn't like that until I started to make sure that I was aligned with who I wanted to be. And that's the key that I teach my students is who is it that you want to be? And let's, let's connect yourself with your higher power,
your higher self. And then every movement forward feels good. Feels freeing. Everybody wants to be free, right. That freedom comes from knowing who you are. Yeah. And the thing is, if you know that that's the way it should feel when it doesn't feel that way, you can recognize it because I've had people in conversation with people where having something be hard feels right to them.
Like what's, it's like nothing comes easy that isn't worth fighting for some quote like that. And I think that some that didn't get skewed because there's a difference between fighting for it as far as working hard and being focused and things like that. But by eating, like I just, I mean, yeah, I suffering can be a part of life. I think that going through hard things is,
um, inevitable because it's part of life there's going to be good and bad. And, and one of the kind of aha moment I had is that there's only there's lessons that can only be taught through living your life. Cause I thought through the podcast that I would be learning all these lessons from people gleaning all this wisdom and that the secret would be that I would avoid making mistakes,
having heartache, yada, yada. And what this last year has taught me is that it's not going to happen. The storms are going to come and I've, as I used to say, it's not if it's when with pretty much anything in life. And so it goes back to that cliche is it's not like what happens to you? It's how you react to it.
So all of this mind work and positive and all this stuff we're doing, it's not to avoid the bad things. It's that when they come, how do we handle it? How do we push through it? And, um, I just realized like for me, my whole life, it was all this stuff was preparing me. So it wasn't, you know,
I didn't get out of jail free. I still have, um, hopefully a lot of life left to live. It doesn't mean that, Oh, my hard stuff is done. Now it's gonna come up again. But all this stuff that I'm learning is helping me being able to keep building and kind of leaning into that freedom, like you said of,
Oh, okay. I can't ignore this hard thing, but I can walk through it with that sense of freedom because I felt it before and I can do it again. What I love and what comes up for me is when we are going through these storms. Cause we all do. I mean, we literally are in one, right? And yes we are in one because it's still during the pandemic.
Um, when we're going through this pandemic, yes, everybody's suffering. There's nothing that we can take away from that. It, there are things and people that are suffering and it is hard and it's tragic and it's, you know, it's heart wrenching, but I can only see what I can do in this and how I perceive what's going on. So literally everything in life,
the only thing that's real about it is your point<inaudible>. So if you perceive it to be hard, bad, bring you down, you can't get through it. Think that's what it is. But if you perceive it to be a, a lesson, if you perceive it to be a eye opening experience for you to change something, that's not working for you.
And that's how you go through it. So really think about the hard things. If you're going through those hard things, do you want to perceive it as being hard and that it's going to drag you down? Or do you want to perceive it as a lesson that you can document change and try not to have that one again? Yeah. Yeah. My husband and I are new.
Our phrase we've been using this year is thank you God, for the opportunity. Because when the, I could call them, you know, you know what storms, when those, you know, what storms come through, as you said, it's all about your perception. And so it's like, well, we can either get focused on the negative or we can say,
yup, this happens. But there's an opportunity here. There's an opportunity for growth. There's an opportunity for healing. I actually just read a quote to this morning that made me think it said healing. Doesn't look like how you think it's going to look. It's, it's painful. It's hard. It's things like that. And I thought, man, that's good because when you're in it and that's kind of like being in a storm,
you think, Oh, things must not be going well. But once again, it's that perception. And so if you, it becomes, Oh, this is hard, but this is an opportunity. This is an opportunity for growth. Then it's amazing how quickly you can shift that and the things that you can make happen. And so, as you said,
this pandemic, you know, for you as a, um, working in the industry, you're in not literally being able to work that could have either been completely shut down physically and emotionally, or it can be, well, I have this opportunity now to spend time doing something that I normally wouldn't be able to do and seeing you and cause we, you were on my podcast during the beginning of the pandemic.
And I remember thinking like, people need to hear this because it's easy for when someone everything's going right. For them to be like, think positive, do this it's. But when someone is at a place where I could really be in a bad place right now, but this is how I'm choosing to flip the script. I think that's really powerful for you to put that out there.
And it is, it is a powerful thing to be able to see that and recognize that. And that doesn't mean, I mean, I'm, I'm very much like aligned with who I am. I have my storms too, not just outside, but like storms in my own head of like, this is really hard. And um, my way that I deal with these types of things is I feel it.
I don't want to ignore it. I'm not shoving positive. Like I'm not positive all the time. Ask my kids, ask my husband. I am not positive all the time. I try it. The thing is, is I'm able to take those moments. And I feel my feelings. I allow myself to sit in it for a little bit because if I,
I think we said something earlier, you said like, if you just keep pushing it down, it's only going to fester. I'm not trying to have all this fester. I'm trying to allow myself the grace to feel it, have my little crying moments or tantrums because yes, I'm a grown woman. And sometimes I have tantrums, I drop a lot of F bombs,
but I'm not feeling that's how I know I'm not doing great. And that's when I, I got to get it out and then I can re center myself And there's nothing wrong with that. And a lot of people look at, um, other people who are very positive. I am a very positive person, but they don't think that I go through those hard times or I just shove,
you know, it's not all rainbows. I'm not, you know, shoving rainbows at everything. I literally sit and feel it. And then I don't allow myself to, you know, pity party for too long. I then take action, very strategic action of how am I going to change this and how I'm going to perceive it. Now that I've gotten over the feeling like I've been able to push that to the side and start taking action so that I can see the good in it.
And that would be one of the things that I say, like, just have grace with yourself. You can't be super woman. And that was a hard thing for me to learn because I want to be so like, that was me. I want it to be super woman. I want it to be good all the time. Never have a bad day.
Everything be perfect and help everyone. It's not realistic. And I remember that from our, like, I think our first conversation, because I remember feeling, Oh my gosh, you're so positive. Um, kind of, but like what happens when the storm hits and you, everything you just said, we talked about when we met and I think, I thought,
man, that's what makes you such a gem? Um, hidden gem. See what I did there, um, is that it's, I think that people need to see that because, and know, and that's why I love how you walk people through the how part of stuff, because it is important to be positive. I mean, I think of myself as also a positive person,
but I think that it, if we don't address the reality, that's going on in our heads and hearts and whatnot, then it gives that false sense that, Oh, everything just comes easy or this and that where it's like, no, that's not the case, you know, you, but you need the tools to overcome that. So I appreciate your nuggets of wisdom that you share,
because I think that that's part of the universality of life. You know, we have these struggles, it's how we Get up and move on. So, and that's what you're bringing with your podcast and all of the things too, like the value that you're bringing to people, to be able to talk about the things that other people don't and be able to weather those storms,
um, and really see the positive in all of the things that you talk about is so valuable. And that's why I wanted to have you on the show. And I've had such an amazing time being able to bring this all out for people, um, because you have so much value to put out there and help people through these conversations that are not always easy.
Thank you. Thank you. It's um, it's my pleasure to be with you. I always enjoy our talk and I'm glad you're sharing your gifts with the world because, um, I think it is needed and I know I've benefited from them. And so I appreciate, um, getting to chat more with you so well we're in it together. That's what this whole podcast is about.
Being able to support each other and really share everyone's knowledge. Cause we all come from different backgrounds. We've got different stories, but we all have so much to share. And I have just been so blessed to have such amazing women around me that I couldn't hold it back, not sharing them anymore. So I'm so happy that you were here to share your beautiful story.
And then I want you to tell everyone where can they find you and continue to learn all of your golden nuggets and wisdom. If you want to flush it out with me, then you can, um, join me over at my website, which is just Samantha And you can subscribe to be heard of the flushing family. And of course I'm on Facebook and YouTube flushing it out and you can find it there by searching.
Um, so yeah, come join me and flush it out. And our adventures as we explore and uncover hidden gems both internally and out in the world. Yes. And I am going to make it super easy for everyone to find you because back on the blog with all your questions that you have there, um, I am going to keep all your links and make sure that they can find you super easy.
And if you have any questions, you know, thank you for watching all of our viewers. If you have any questions for Samantha or for me, make sure you write us, message us, we're here for you. That's what we do. So yes, type it out. Call us whatever slide in our DMS. Yes. And we are here for you.
So thank you so much for watching to all of our viewers. Thank you for being on the show and I cannot wait for our next one. Me too. Thank you Jacqueline. Bye everyone. Thank you. Thank you. You so much for listening today. Please make sure that you go over to the blog and follow all the links for guests and get the downloads that we talked about.
I also really love and appreciate if you would share this podcast with your friends and family. And if you wouldn't mind taking just a minute to leave a review, that would mean the world to me. Thank you again so much from the bottom of my heart for listening and staying too. Can't wait to see you next week on the shelf.