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Stepping into your power

That is what I stand for. Trusting your intuition will lead you to create a passionate, joy filled life.

It’s how we change the way we think about ourselves and how society see us.

Self love and trust is how we lift each other up and build community’s of successful women CEO’s that love the impact they have in the world.

It’s how we become the leaders for our children and others all around us.

We each have the abilities and life experiences that make us unique...

But we also seem to have one thing in common and that is the experience of having self-doubts and fears.

Social norms have created a standard that we can not live up to.

We are expected to to the perfect mom, parter, loving friend and the foundation for our family plus have a successful career.

We can end the suffering of always second guessing ourselves and looking for

outside validation by recognizing how tightly we are tied to negative thoughts and other peoples expectations.

Once I stoped letting my fears guide my life choices and started fully trusting the wisdom of my intuition, I was free to live my true purpose.

My name is Jacquelyn
Rodriguez, Founder of Your Intuitive Light Coaching and Host of the Intuitive Light Podcast

And this is what I stand for. My mission is to help you step out of your fears and into your power. I want to rally behind you, help you shine and run your business with purpose and become that untethered CEO.

We will do that by breaking through those limiting beliefs, learning to let go and trust our intuition and by creating new strategies for your purpose driven business.

SO if you want to stop being that fearful entrepreneur and learn more about living your passionate life as an Untethered CEO!

I invite you join us on the Intuitive Light Podcast for the Enlightened Entrepreneur.

This Show is for You. Woman. Champion. Warrior. Entrepreneur. Mother. Phenomenon