Taking the Leap with Jenny Brereton

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Being healthy inside and out is a form of self-love that we could highly give to ourselves. One of the ways that we start being healthy with ourselves is by becoming aware. Aware of the products we are using, aware of what we are taking in our body, and aware of what we are giving to the world. As much as possible we want our lives to be toxic and stress-free, may this be through the things we use or the people we surround us with.

Meet Jenny Brereton, a good friend of mine who made the decision to share her advocacy on natural beauty and helping women remove toxins from their daily life. Jenny has always had a passion for her health, the environment, and caring for animals. She loves working with women in helping them feel beautiful and confident. After learning about the dangers we put on our bodies through our beauty products, it became her mission to educate other women on recognizing the toxins in their products.

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Here are so follow up questions I got to ask Jenny!

How/why did you start your business? 
I wanted to make an impact on the health of others and the environment. I wanted to teach women why we need to be our own advocates and why it's up to us to take a stand for our health.
What makes your business unique? 
I have been in the beauty business for over 14 years and have eaten pretty healthily for a while and didn't even think for a while the impact of what I put on my body is just as strong as what I put in it. I help women transition to clean non-toxic beauty products.
What impact do you want to have in the world or change you want to see or make happen? 
I want to help people understand that they support where they put their money. I hope more people will strive to support sustainable companies and demand transparency behind the products purchased. I want to help make a change in our beauty industry. The standards need to be updated since it's been since 1938.
Are You Happy with your business, What makes you happy And What Would You Change? 
I am very happy. I would love to be able to connect with more women.
Did You Experience Failures? If So, What Did You Learn From Them 
My biggest failure was myself. I was standing in my own way. I learned that if you want something you need to jump.
How Did You Handle Adversity And Doubt? 
I meditate and reach out to a friend.
Do You Plan On Growing Your Business? How? 
Yes, I plan on increasing visibility and connecting with more women. My business is still a baby right now and has a lot of life ahead of it.
Do you think self-love and trust are important in running a successful business? Why? 
100% without a doubt.
What advice would you give someone interested in starting their own business? 
Write down what your dream is and go for it. Doubt will come up, but you won't achieve greatness without a little risk.
If you would rather read the interview, feel free to check out the full transcription below!
Jacquelyn : (00:00)
Hi everyone. Welcome to the intuitive light podcast and show. Thank you so much for being here. My name is Jacqueline Rodriguez and I am your intuitive healing business coach and I'm also the owner of enlightened styles, your holistic hair, and makeup salon. I am so passionate about having this podcast to really highlight some really amazing women that I know who are entrepreneurs and are doing amazing things in this world. And I am passionate about helping you step out of fears, step out of those stories that have been holding you back from really co-creating a life and a business that you deserve and that you want. So it is my pleasure today to invite Jenny on and we have known each other for a few years. We got to know each other, um, through a coaching program that we both had gone in. And I am just so happy to have her on. She is all about a holistic, natural lifestyle. And without further ado, here is Jenny.

Jenny: (01:08)
Hi. Hello.

Jacquelyn : (01:10)
Welcome. Thank you so much for being here.

Jenny: (01:13)
Thanks for having me.

Jacquelyn : (01:15)
Yeah. So tell me, let's get to know more about you and all of the things that you have been up to.

Jenny: (01:23)
Okay. Um, so my name is Jenny. I am a hairstylist as well as a clean beauty coach. I help women transition to non-toxic, non-harmful beauty products. That way they have the confidence and knowing that what they put on their body is, healthy for them, their family, the environment, and not harmful to animals. So I kind of take this as like we all try to be healthy but also kind of noticing what we put on our body is just as important as what we put in our body. So that's how I kind of got into the side of things cause I've always had a passion for my health, the health of others. I like being a resource for people and with being a hairstylist, I love the beauty industry.

Jacquelyn : (02:06)
I and you know that for people who don't know like that is who I am too. That's why I have the holistic hair salon because it's so important for us, for our guests that are coming in. That's where I've started. Like, just to educate them and make them, you know, an educated consumer realizing that this doesn't really have to be hard. Cause I know it takes time for us to start learning how to remove the toxins out of our lives and to really kind of reset how we think about our products. Right. And that's where we connected instantly because we both had the same passion, the same thoughts on, you know, educating people and be in that resource. And I love, I love everything that you've been doing cause you are an amazing hairstylist. And then this whole coaching is incredible because we need more people like you in this world.

Jenny: (03:09)
Yeah. I've been enjoying it and I will say I am a research nerd so I love researching all the different ingredients and finding the different products out there. So it has been fun for me that can be time-consuming for someone else.

Jacquelyn : (03:22)
Yeah. So tell me, what do you do? Like how did you get started, um, with your business? Why did you go into business for it?

Jenny: (03:32)
Um, so I've been a hairstylist for about 14 years now and I knew there was something that was missing, something else I wanted to do. I wanted to be able to reach more people cause I love absolutely love my clients. I sit in my chair, but then I'm limited to only being able to reach that person in my chair so I could get the message out there. Speaking to other women on, you know, you can feel confident, you can feel beautiful, you can be healthy. Like we have to be our own advocate. And so with that I kind of dabbled in a few different ideas and really stumbled upon clean beauty as a strong passion of mine because of it kind of fit everything that I'm passionate about in one. So I knew it was another way to be able to like connect with more people and to get that message out there more.

Jacquelyn : (04:17)
Yeah, I love that because that is my story too because we have been able to be so close to people and help them. And I personally loved seeing the transformation, not only of the hair that I was doing or the makeup that I was doing but seeing people realize that there are other ways to go about the beauty industry. Cause I know there's, I mean the beauty industry is like so huge and they're not really concerned with the health of what we're putting on our bodies or you know, that was one of my passions and why I felt the need to go further and start you know, coaching and everything because more people need to know about this. So what things have you learned and that you want to share with us? Oh,

Jenny: (05:07)
I kind of dove down this hole of like the toxic ingredients and finding how many toxic ingredients are in the products that we put on every day. Not even realizing. And even ones that have like a clean or like a green label on them and finding that that doesn't really hold any backing behind it because there's no, it's so sad. There's not really much regulation behind our products. And to me, that was like a huge eye-opener. Like, if no one else is looking out for us, then it's our job now to look up for us. And by doing that, it's supporting the companies that are also holding the same values as us. So to me, it became like this huge like, Oh my gosh, we need to put our money where our values are.

Jacquelyn : (05:54)
I, you know me, I love, love that because it's brainwashed us for so long that clean because it says organic on the bottle, it doesn't necessarily mean that it's actually organic and yeah. Yes. And I mean that can be a whole topic and we can go down that rabbit hole. Um, but when, when you have started your business because you know, I knew you right before you started the coaching, or as you were getting that started, I'd love to hear your journey on what that process looked like for you. And maybe like were there fears? What, what were you able to realize about yourself in starting this journey?

Jenny: (06:46)
Okay, so I probably started this. Oh, I think we are. We've been in a few programs together and I feel like I started this, what we probably started like two at least two years ago and I, I always had all these ideas that kept coming up like I'm going to do like a hairstyling membership or I'm going to do this program. And I've constantly been waiting for that outside validation to be like yup that's your program. Yup. That's what you have to do. And what I, and you know this because I've come to you for money sessions, like just tell me this is what it is. It's that fear of messing up. It's that fear of putting yourself out there and then it's, it's not even that you're going to mess up. Cause I don't really believe in failure. Like people ask a few failed and I'm like I haven't failed.

Jenny: (07:31)
And I just think it's because you don't fail. It's an expectation that you put upon yourself. So it was kind of, I was waiting for someone else to tell me that this was going to take off cause I kept looking at everyone else's businesses and being like, but look how far they've come. And it was that comparison mode. And so getting over that constant comparison of realizing like everybody starts somewhere and everyone starts at ground zero and just to finally start finding what my passions were and what my direct message I wanted it to be and taking that leap and finally just jumping in and being like, you know what? I'm in like this is what it is. I'm going to do it. And then not to say that I don't second guess myself and still have that like, Oh I don't know, maybe I, I'm missing something. I should do something else. And that's when I get that fear. I know that it's myself trying to hold back and so I just jump again.

Jacquelyn : (08:23)
Well, I have got full-body chills right now because I have been watching you on that journey and looking for that outside validation. We all do it. But I love what you said about looking at other people's businesses and comparing yours as an entrepreneur. That is the absolute worst thing we can do, right? Because we don't know what everybody else's journey has been because some people like its people who see my salon now and see me starting the coaching and that I'm starting this podcast. They're like, Oh my gosh, you just like, you did everything so fast. I had been in this business for 20 years. None of this has been fast, but we don't see that. Like we don't see the journey everybody else has been on. We only look at where they're at right now and even if maybe I started something faster, right? The routine and this podcast have come on a little bit faster than my journey to the salon. But that's because of my entire journey helped me get to that point. So we have to keep, you know, our eyes open when we're thinking about that. Right. And we don't want to compare because of what you have been through, even though we both do hair, we both love nontoxic. We both, you know, are doing some sort of coaching. It doesn't mean that we can compare because we have such different backgrounds and when we're able to

Jacquelyn : (10:05)
not look for that outside validation and chess. Leap, the leap of faith because you started a few different things and I know through watching your journey being able to shift and pivot, tell us a little bit about that. Like I know that you were looking for outside validation, but how did you go about just shifting, and was it easy to do or did you hit any walls with that?

Jenny: (10:34)
Yeah, so my biggest struggle when it came to starting the different things is always figuring out like how but how can I do this? And so then I started, you know, wanting to do the hairstyle, the membership first and then I don't even know all my journeys and then I was going to do like competence on camera and you know, it finally kind of fit into everything that I wanted to do. Kind of molts into one because you don't have to. My biggest thing that I've broken through recently is like not having to fit in a box. You don't have to fit in a box just because I teach clean beauty and I coach went on that. It goes beyond just that it goes to your mindset and it goes to self-care and self-love and it goes to treating your body right, nourishing your body because it all is your inner beauty and outer beauty.

Jenny: (11:26)
So through every journey of every business idea I had, they still kind of fit into the same one because it's still teaching women how to feel confident. And I still always touch base on the hair. So I'm still teaching the hairstyling tutorials and then still talking about your confidence and how to treat your body and how to care for your body and how to meditate. My biggest fear is I always wanted to teach meditation and I finally have like done two videos of meditation. So it just kind of, it's almost like getting over, you know, like to be like, Oh my gosh, I can just do this. And some people will love it and some people will hate it. And that's okay because it has to feel right in my heart.

Jacquelyn : (12:06)
Oh yes, yes it does. You do have to get over yourself and it's not getting over only yourself, but that ego, that ego pops up because it tries to keep us safe. Right? It keeps us in that box when that box should be a fluid moving energy around us. Right? Always moving and shifting. I can't even tell you how many businesses I've started journeys that I've gone on where I'm like, yes, if I get halfway down and I'm like, no, Nope, Nope. Not exactly what I'm, what am I do shift and pivot, but be okay to do that. Accepting that that does not mean failure. None of it means failure. I learned something from it and it helped me on that long journey to where I am now

Jenny: (13:04)
because I'm of it is. It's a never-ending journey and so at least if you can look at the point you're at right now and then look back to where you were. Like when I first started, I was not, there was no tech. There was no like building a website and building all these funnels, you know, and all these different things and trying to get your message and you're like, those are all things that like I have overcome. And a lot of them were stories that I put upon myself as things that I'm not that person, I can't do that. And the reason I couldn't do it cause I never tried, I just always assumed I couldn't. And so I almost felt like when I started putting myself in a box that was my box with my ego.

Jacquelyn : (13:43)
[inaudible] and when you break through that box and you tell your ego to just take a back seat, I've got this right. And I do have a meditation, I'm on my website. That's all about getting to know your intuition, creating that relationship, but also telling your ego and your inner critic to take a hike to get outta there because we don't need them. It clouds our vision. And when we just start listening to that intuition, it makes such a big difference. And I don't know about you, but I feel free finally.

Jenny: (14:21)
Yeah. And when you know, when you're not listening to the ego is when you get so excited.

Jacquelyn : (14:26)
Yes. And also when things start clicking together. Yes. When you stopped trying to live in that box and listened to your ego, did your journey start clicking together for you and things just sort of happening?

Jenny: (14:44)
Yeah, it did. And like when I finally was like, okay, this is what I'm doing. And then when I realized I was putting myself a box, it's a good thing. And like, okay, what is it that I'm excited about? What do I want to do? And then when you start allowing that in, ideas just started coming to me and people would give me suggestions on things and anything that I'd be like, Oh, this is a struggle. All of a sudden there'd be a resource out of nowhere. They are for me you. So it's almost like things did start kind of aligning when you put it out there that like for one thing too like you're not going to fail. You're not going to lose and just be okay with where you're at and then they should start kind of like it does just kind of come together and then more ideas form and you can, you can start seeing the journey build upon itself, which is so exciting.

Jacquelyn : (15:28)
It is. I again have full chills because when we had one of our sessions it was all about taking that leap. It's just trusting that the net was going to catch you right and true when you take that leap and you just trust all the resources, all the solutions, all the ideas start just showing up at your door because you have committed and you've just decided that you're going to make this move, you've made a decision and now you've left it up to the universe to help you to put all the pieces together. Because when I talk about co-creating, I don't mean you working like crazy to make all of these things happen. I actually mean just make a decision and trust that your energy, your intuition, and the universe are going to help provide all of the things that you need. And sometimes it is, Hey, we need to shift and pivot. Like this isn't exactly what we need, but we learned this lesson and now we're going to shift and pivot into something that makes our hearts sing and makes us feel.

Jenny: (16:44)
Yes. And I think one of the most pivotal moments in this process was our session where it took the leap and I literally visioned like we were at like I was on an iceberg and they just had to jump in the water. And from that then I had a coach tell me like, you need to just launch your program, just launch it. And I was like, well, it's a new baby idea. I need to do some research and develop that. She's like, no, you're going to launch it. I was like, okay. And so I had someone also, they're like kind of pushing me like you're leaping and you're still going. And I did it and I put myself out there and it gave this newfound confidence like just do it. And it's like what's, what's the worst that's going to happen? Someone doesn't sign up but you still got your message out there and you can still keep adding things to it and put it out there again. Like there's the possibility is endless. Like there's, you have nothing to lose.

Jacquelyn : (17:38)
Ah yes, we don't have anything to lose because every single time now I've, I put programs out there, nobody bought anything. And then I'm like, okay so maybe we need to adjust the, maybe I didn't give it enough time or you always learn something and you're able to adjust from that. And I've also put programs out, there was only one person signed up, but you better believe that that one person made such a huge difference. Cause then I got to see, well I like doing this part but I didn't really enjoy this part. So next time I just don't do that part and do the thing that I love each. And every time you put your program out there, you will get more confidence. You're gonna mold it to something where you, in the end, you're going to feel like it's the absolute best thing you could ever do. Like, and it's okay to do it a few times before that comes because it doesn't just happen overnight. Right?

Jenny: (18:37)
No. Yeah, it's all, I mean, like you kept saying before, it's all a journey. So it's, Oh, it's almost like those tiny little steps you keep talking until you reach the top.

Jacquelyn : (18:46)
Yeah. So now that you have launched and you're full-on in there because you've leaped, what new things are you going to start trying now or you know, how has your program's going?

Jenny: (19:01)
Yeah, so I actually am launching again at the end of this month, so in two weeks and then, um, it's a five-week program. So by the end of that, then my, my clients have, you know, like this whole plan mapped out for them on how to continue their clean beauty journey. And from there I've decided I'm going to add a membership. So in the summer, I'm going to add on because I've, I, something about a membership really just gets me, I love them. And so it's going to be a membership and it just continues onto like your clean beauty, but then it goes into more, it's like a magazine. Like you get your food, you get your wellness, you get your health, you get the few, you know, all of that. So it just kind of, I've kind of seen it as going from like one journey and then they continue. So that's where I'm saying as I can finally start seeing the continued path. It's almost like I'm looking at my customer's eyes instead of just looking at what I have to do.

Jacquelyn : (19:58)
Yes. And the other thing that just, I thought of was you don't have to know the end. And as you go along your journey, not only are you learning like what works and doesn't work, but you yourself are learning more about killing beauty, more about different products. And that journey will never end. You'll always keep. So membership is a wonderful thing because then when you learn, you can teach your clients and continue to move forward because there are always new products coming out. There are always new things popping up. Oh, I love that. I'm excited about your membership. All the information once you do go live with the membership, but when you're, I will put everything in the show notes, um, and keep up with Jenny so that, we know all her wonderful things that are coming up.

Jenny: (20:55)
Awesome. Thank you. See, that's the one thing I love about being a hairstylist and probably you too. It's like it's ever-changing. Like everything's always changing, like new year, new, trend a new color suit. Like it's such fun and that's why anything that comes to beat actually anything in life is always continuing to evolve and change. So that's why just being in this kind of atmosphere is just so exciting.

Jacquelyn : (21:18)
Yeah. Yeah. And it does go for everything in life. Like it's not just beauty, it's not just business. Everything. If you are committed to growing, then you never actually, for me, I see myself hitting that. That finish line, that finish line is always moving. And that doesn't mean that I'm, you know, being hard on myself or always wanting more. It's just that there's always more to learn and they can grow as a person. And that means that I get a chance to be who I'm supposed to be. And this type of business is in the hair business and the coaching allows that and you just get that extra support. I feel like cause we have an amazing community for hairstylists cause we're in, um, you know, we have a community there and then for coaching we have so many different people and I do recommend anyone who's going through this type of journey that you're kind of at that crossroads. You're trying to go forward, find a community. And that's why one of the reasons I started the podcast because I want to help with that community and help put people in touch with the people who are going to help, you know, move them forward. They're going to connect with and that their stories, um, that are being heard here actually help someone take that leap.

Jenny: (22:48)
Yeah. Cause I could not imagine starting all of this and continuing on it just on my own and having to piece together. I think I probably would've at that point just quit. Like it would've been too much to try to like, you know like you need, you need that like almost like that tribe. Like you need to have those people that are an expert in this area, an expert in this area that you can collaborate.

Jacquelyn : (23:12)
Yeah and support one another. And it doesn't always mean, cause I know a lot of people look at support like within our families, our friends that can't actually always work. They can support you because they love you and want to see you do well but you can't like I cannot talk to my husband about this, this like he just glazes over, and causes I'm okay, just do it. Why aren't you doing anything yet? And you're like that's not how it works. They must hair too. Like

Jenny: (23:46)
well, why don't you just go into that? You're like that's not how it works.

Jacquelyn : (23:50)
Finding that tribe, finding the community, and the resources. Like where Jenny and I are both here to help you and support you, but we also have such wonderful networks that we can, we can create this tribe. We can have people who are going to be there to support you no matter what your journey is. Right. So tell me, um, is there anything else that you want to tell us about your membership or not the membership yet, but the course that's coming out?

Jenny: (24:22)
Oh, well it is launching on the 24th. And so like I said, it's five weeks. Um, you will learn all about what clean beauty actually is. Um, why it's important to you and why you need to make the step in your journey. Like we kind of talked before about having to be your own advocate. It's up to you to make a change. Um, and so I'll walk you through everything that you put on your body, every category from body care, hair care, skincare, makeup, nails, and then I gave extra bonuses and I have some amazing bonuses from other ladies too, to put in there. But by the end of it, you'll learn how to read the labels on your packaging and you'll learn what ingredients you want to avoid. You'll learn when it is a toxic product, like what can you do with it. Maybe throw it in a landfill is not environmentally friendly so you'll learn the proper way to dispose of it and then you'll have a mapped-out system as to like when I'm out of my foundation, which when am I going to replace it with? So you have everything laid out so the guesswork has gone no more like wandering down the aisle or searching online trying to figure out like what am I supposed to do? So

Jacquelyn : (25:27)
no more going through those Google rabbit holes that [inaudible] all over the place and we don't know what to believe in.

Jenny: (25:34)
Yeah, no more of that. That rabbit hole is closed up. Yeah. And so we'll get private coaching and group coaching and I'm just so excited to work with more women and kind of get that message out there that it is up to us.

Jacquelyn : (25:50)
I fully support that. I know that you know, I have gone down that journey of trying to find, but again I am a hundred percent certain that even though I've done my own research and I know certain things that taking your course would help me find an expand my knowledge. So even if you don't do know about clean beauty and you know a few things, I highly encourage just keep learning, follow someone really passionate about it because you live life. Yeah. Yeah, totally. You're in 100% and that right there makes such a huge difference. And it also shows that this doesn't have to be hard, right? It has to be hard. Like it's too expensive or it's too much research. Jenny's making it easy for you. Yeah, and I'm not

Jenny: (26:44)
the person that likes to like super expensive. I'm like the more affordable living and I feel like too, the hardest part is with anything, any change. It's just like the name of the episode, like leaping. Like you just have to leap to get started. It's once you get started, it's not so hard. It's just a new change. It's something new and they new to learn.

Jacquelyn : (27:06)
Well, I am so excited. I totally appreciate you being on the show. I want all of our viewers to go to her website, which will be in the show notes, download her harmful ingredients list, keep an eye out for her. Um, new launch, the course to launch, learn all about it. Start your beauty, your, your healthy, nontoxic beauty journey now. And if you're already on it touching with Jenny and help her, like let her help you go further. Expand your knowledge. I, I've just have loved talking to you. We always have so much, you know, to talk about and like all of my episodes, I could go on for hours. So we will start wrapping it up. But any final words, anything that you want to say?

Jenny: (28:02)
You know, I just say that if you have a passion for something and there's something that you're excited about, take the step. The hardest thing is just taking that first step and to realize that every step results in something huge that you can make a huge impact with any small movement that you make. And I'm here to help. I know that you're here to help anybody on their journey, and I'm always available if someone just has a question, even on clean beauty or hair or you know, whatever it may be. As I said, I just like to be a resource, so.

Jacquelyn : (28:34)
Well, thank you so much and that reminds me that I will put in the show notes, the intuition meditation so that you can start tapping into your intuition and tell your inner critic edge your ego to take a hike so that you can take that leap of faith. Oh, yes. Yes. Well, thank you again to any of you back on the show. Thank you. All right. Thank you everyone for watching. I appreciate you being here and just from my heart. I love everything that I'm doing here on the show, and I really hope that it helps you and just supports you on your journey. Reach out if you have any questions, leave comments. I'm here to support you.