Dealing with stress through self care with Rebekah Funes

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What's in? Looking good and feeling great, that's what's in! We're now entering the era of taking self-care and self-love to the next level. We want to make sure that whatever we put in our mind and body is free from all toxicity. We want to maintain a happy, stress-free life, and how do we do that? Having a "Zen" time of course!

Rebekah Funes is an Esthetician, Reiki Master, and owner of Pure Zen Esthetics. She's an all-in-one woman! She is passionate about helping you find your balance through self-care and self-love. She provides organic facials using her own natural skincare line, Reiki healing sessions, and waxing services from head to toe!

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Here are so follow up questions I got to ask!

How and why did you start your business? 
I left my spa job after 11 years in 2015 due to burnout. I had always wanted to have my own business from home for many years. I officially got my business license in 2017 and it was the best decision for me and my family.
What makes your business unique?
My business is a beautiful blend of mind, body, and soul balance. When someone feels, looks, and thinks well of themselves they can do anything! Combing facials, waxing, and energy work provides it all. My Reiki Crystal facial is one service that definitely stands out the most and one of the most popular.
What impact do you want to have in the word or change you want to see or make happen?
I want people to have easy and affordable access to natural skincare products. It is our largest organ on the body and makes such an impact on our health. My products are free of toxins, chemicals, and preservatives and will never change. I also want to see Reiki become the new norm in healthcare. Energy work is finally getting more credit and appreciation in the health field which makes me so pleased but we still have a ways to go.
Are you happy with your business, what makes you happy and what would you change?
I am extremely happy with my business and new space. I love the energy and the space that I can provide. I look forward to getting back to the spa and growing my clientele. 
Did you experience failures? If so, what did you learn from them?
After 20yrs of experience and starting my business I thought it would be easier to start and take off. Working from home was a blessing but also limited my growth. I also realize that my priority was not necessarily the money but the time and flexibility with my family. 
How did you handle adversity and doubt?
I remember when I was first creating the business doubting myself because I kept thinking about how many other people are doing the same thing. How am I going to be able to compete with everyone else? Until it hit me that the same answer is what pushed me to know anything is possible. If you want it bad enough you have to try. My husband has always had that mentality if they can do it why not me. Having family and friends supporting you is huge too!
Do you plan on growing your business?
Absolutely! This year I will also be teaching Reiki. I know where I am now was my stepping stone from moving my business from home but it is not the final destination.
Do you think self-love and trust are important in running a successful business? Why?
Definitely, I believe this! At the end of the day, your belief in yourself, your abilities, and following YOUR dreams is what is going to make the difference and make everything possible!
What advice would you give someone interested in starting their own business?
My advice is that it is normal to feel scared or overwhelmed but the fire and drive are what is going to make you move forward. Start with a business coach for mental and emotional support and accountability! This will save you a lot of time and money in the future.
If you would rather read the interview, feel free to check out the full transcription below!

Jacquelyn (00:04):

Trusting your intuition will lead you to create a passionate joy-filled life. Welcome to my show. My name's Jacquelyn Rodriguez, the founder of your intuitive life coaching and the host of the intuitive light podcast for the enlightened entrepreneur. My goal is to help women recognize how tightly they are tied to negative thoughts and other people's expectations so that they can fully embrace and become an untethered entrepreneur. You're about to meet this amazing woman, Rebecca, who will inspire you to take care of your way of yourself in a whole new way. I'm so excited to have her on the show and I can't wait for you to hear her story and find out more about Rebecca. So without further ado, here is Rebecca. Welcome.

Rebekah (00:49):
Hello Jacquelyn. How are you?

Jacquelyn (00:51):

I am fabulous. Thank you so much for being on the show and just being in my life. We've known each other for quite a few years now and I don't, I always lose track of how many years, but um, you have a great story and how we met through networking probably what, six years ago maybe?

Rebekah (01:15):
Something like that. Yeah, it's the years just fly by. So yeah, something like that I think.

Jacquelyn (01:20):

Yeah. But you are an aesthetician and you have a whole new approach to how you do business. So I would love for you to introduce yourself and tell us about your business and what you do and why you do it.

Rebekah (01:35):

Absolutely. And thank you for having me. Um, yes, I am Rebecca's Funez, esthetician, Reiki Master, and owner of piers anesthetics. So, uh, my journey started three years ago. Well, actually further in 2015 when I left the spa job that I had been with, uh, for 11 years. And honestly, when I left as an aesthetician, um, I was just burnt out. I had a family, I have a family, three kids, all different ages, a little one at the time and was just feeling so torn, um, about how many hours I was away and just really just feeling depleted and thinned out. So I made the decision to leave and I was grateful for the support from my husband and my family to say, yeah, you know, be home, be, be, do what you want to do. So I was able to take the time off.

Rebekah (02:25):

And then in 2017 is when I got my business license and started working from home. Um, and this was always a goal and a dream, but it's like all the homes that we had, it was just never like seemed like the right time, the right time. But, um, I realized that even in that phrase of being in the right time, the time comes when, when it, when it's meant to be, that that's what happens. So even though I didn't have that extra room, I was able to take over my whole basement and create my Zen Oasis that I wanted. So, uh, it worked out great. So I had that opportunity to have time and continue doing what I love to do. So the last two years, that's what I've been doing and it's been amazing. But also on that journey, I realized how everything worked out great.

Rebekah (03:12):

But then I was wanting more in craving. And it was time for me to Uplevel shift to set boundaries. And that was a little rough patch for me and realizing what I wanted because I wanted to be home to be with the family and continue doing what I wanted to do. But I realized that it was not, um, it wasn't balanced, but that was something that I had to set the boundaries for and, and create and shift something new. And then I, I had never, well, I didn't see myself at that time leaving the house. That's what I wanted to do. That's where I wanted to be. But then all of a sudden things shifted, things changed, and I wanted more. And I realized that working from home was great, but at the same time, it was limiting me to a certain degree to which I was fine with for a couple of years.

Rebekah (04:01):

But now I realized I wanted more. So now I've been able to move into a new space out of home and it feels amazing, but I was also ready for it. It was something that I wanted. And I think, uh, with any entrepreneur, you know, when you're going through your journey, we all start somewhere and some of us might stay there longer or we might burst and go through, but it's really what, what's right for us. So being home with my little ones and now I have a senior, now I have a third-grader, I'm in a completely different place. So it felt easier and better for me to move forward and you know, the timing just worked out great. So that is where I'm at now.

Jacquelyn (04:43):

And with your, I love what you said about, you know, there's certain times that we step into things because I do feel like we all have a, uh, a line of progression that we're supposed to go in and we are not, we're not supposed to look at what other people are doing and what's working for them. It really has to be what is actually working for you and being very aligned with that. And I know, yeah, when we, when we started working together, I know that you were, it was kind of a challenge. You had fears around that. But being able to take those fears and like really lean into it cause you're a very intuitive person and you have the meditation and that type of knowledge to really start looking inward, you were able to look inward. How would you say that you, like you, took that fear and you were able to look at it a different way and see what that next step was for you? How did that feel? So that our viewers can, like if they're going through the same thing and maybe they're not sure what it is, what

Rebekah (05:58):

did that feel like to you? If you can put it into words? Yeah, I think, um, sometimes I think being honest with yourself is one of the hardest things. It's like because honestly, we know with intuition only you know what is best for you. Only you know what it is that you want, but you have to be ready to say, okay, what is it that I really want, and can I, can I acknowledge that and can I own it? And I know at that time for me where that shift was, you know, having, I have three kids, two at home, but I was also helping with my grandbaby and as much of a joy that I was able to do that and help and assist, I also realized that was also the biggest weight on me. And that was hard for me to admit that as much as I wanted to do that it wasn't helping me business-wise and my own goals and dreams.

Rebekah (06:54):

So when I, um, I actually had a breakthrough session with, um, Christina Ammerman and I remember that day, the first day that I had signed up for it and know that I wanted to, I couldn't because emotionally that week was just, it was a rough week. And I said you know what? I'm going to go back to it next week. And that's what I did. And everything worked out. And when we talked, I broke down, I

broke down and I cried and I realized how strong I was trying to be for everybody and everything and trying to keep everybody else afloat. But you know, when I really had that breakthrough session, I realized that I was neglecting myself. So if I look back at 2015 when I was burnout, because I wasn't there for my family. Now fast forward, here I am, burned out because I'm doing too much for the family.

Rebekah (07:46):

And that was the, you know, that was the catch. But I had to acknowledge that I had to say that. And I remember before I was going on with the session, I was doing the deeper questions. Why, why, why? And I had to admit that, that, you know what, um, I can't keep doing that and continue with my own growth in my business that I really, really wanted. So once I was able to unleash that cry, let it out, and she, you know, she was there for me and she said, yeah, you know, it can, it can hurt and it can feel overwhelming. But once you acknowledge it, right, and you label it and you name it, okay, so, but can you change it? What can you do now? Okay. So now if I know that the heaviest thing, yes, I need to set boundaries, I need to say I can't do three days, I can do one day and you know what, everything just aligned for that anyway because I was time I was ready to admit it and take ownership in what I was going to do to make the shifts too.

Rebekah (08:48):

So that was the biggest thing is, is really being honest with yourself and saying what is working is not working. And if you know you want more than what, what has to change? What has to shift? Because at the end of it we have to own our, our power. Cause a lot of times I think we realize, we feel like at the moment that we don't have control, but the truth is we do. And so once you can actually be honest, you can say, okay, I'm letting everybody else allowing, Oh yes, I would love to watch him for 12 hours. And yes, I would love to take you over here and take you. Okay. I'm the mom, I'm the mom. Yes, I'm the TT. But I have to set my own boundaries. And until I was able to do that, then I wasn't able to move forward.

Rebekah (09:36):

So, but also, you know, business coaches, life coaches are so important in people's lives and friends are one great thing. Family is great to have that support system. But I think, and that's when I realized with Christina and then starting with you, is that you know, you need that business mind. You need that support because then you've already been through it. You've been juggling the family, the business and up-leveling, and all of this stuff. And so you get it. So you can say, okay, that's great. Now you know, how are you going to go to the next step? So, um, that was a huge shift in my life and that's really where

Jacquelyn (10:16): that whole

Rebekah (10:17):
the desire of what I really wanted to be changed and shifted for me. So,

Jacquelyn (10:23):

and I think that's so powerful because how many of, you know, our viewers are entrepreneurs, mothers, wives, sisters, you know, all of these things to everyone else because that's the role of nurtures that we take on, right? We try to be everything to everyone and we don't always put any thought into what we

even want. So taking that time to really dive in deep and be honest with yourself and what is it that you want just very, that's like a low level on, we should all be able to instantly say what we want but, but because as women entrepreneurs and mothers and we're taking care of everybody else, we think about what, how it's going to affect everyone else around you. And I remember our conversation of like, well where's she going to find daycare for him? Like how, how is she going to work that out? But what do you need? And it's more taking ownership of the things that you really want in your life and just even simply being able to say them is a very powerful move. As you said, that helps and someone to support you and you and help you along the journey that may be already been on a coach.

to, we're going to keep hitting walls cause it's very hard for you to do that deep work on Right?

Rebekah (11:59):

You need, you need your hand Um, and you know, the other thing too is as yes, we are we're We want to help support. We want to be there for which is and that's what gives us our strength. And a man can never be a woman and a woman can never be a man. That's okay in that sense. Right? But what was really eyeopening is that once I was able, to be honest with what the weight was, and then start saying, okay, what needs to change? You know, and I think many women probably have been through this or just know that once you take the initiative to say, this is what I need, it's amazing how everything else just around you just start falling into place. When I said, you know what, I can't watch him three days a week.

Rebekah (12:49):

I want my business to grow more. I need that time and energy for that. It was like, Oh, you know what we've been thinking about, um, you know, putting him in daycare, you know, the same thing at home. When I finally decided to say, you know what? I don't want to work from home anymore. That was a big shift. But you know what? You get so much string and you start growing and growing and you realize that they're watching you and following your lead. But if you're leading them to keep you, you know, at a certain place, then that's where you're going to stay. So until you can own what it is that you want and what you need and vocalize it, nobody's really gonna. They're going to let you stay there doing, doing and giving and giving until you're like, okay, this is what I can give and this is what I can do and this is also what I can't do and don't want to do. So I think that's the bigger thing is like using our voice and doing it. Cause no one else is going to do it for you. A hundred percent no one's going to do it and only you know what you need and what you want. So that's the better, the better point there.

Jacquelyn (13:49):

One of my coaches, Jim Porton always said that we teach people how to treat us. That can be good and that can be bad. We teach them what we want and if we don't even know what we want, then we're teaching them something completely different or we don't know what we're teaching them. We're just simply doing and we're not even thinking. And I love how you touched on the fact that once you made up your decision, you were honest with yourself, you made a decision, then puzzle pieces came together for you with ease, right? Yeah. Just like that. Just nice and easy without forcing. Right? And I've had a few of my podcasts like it. There's a theme. There is a theme. When you love yourself and you trust yourself, start honest with yourself. You make decisions, you make a decision, all of the puzzle pieces start coming together because you've finally put that decision out into the universe and the universe too because you're teaching the universe what you want to, whether you know it or not. If you're always in the same mentality, and this is just an easy, like, I don't have enough money. I don't have
















enough money. I don't have enough money. You're in that mentality. That's what you're putting out into the universe. That's what you get back, right? If you make a decision and say, this is not working for me, I want this, the universe, Oh, okay. Easy enough. And starts putting it all together in line ended up for you. We get super clear.

Jacquelyn (15:33):

I absolutely love that because I was able to watch it happen for you, which I was so blessed to be a part of that. And just to see the difference. Um, it's amazing. So now that you have changed your location, you're watching, you're still there for your family, right? None of that shit

Rebekah (15:59):

so different. Yeah. I'm still there. But it is, it is, you know, I think we all, we, it brought so much joy to all of us because they knew that's what I was wanting and needing. And I remember when I told my son who is 17 and I said, you know what? I think I'm going to, um, get this space over here. And he's like, mom, I've been telling you, I've been telling you you need to do that. And I'm like, you know, so it's like, again, just the support as you're shifting and changing too. And then what happens to space at home? It got transitioned into, uh, you know, he's like a man cave, the pool table and everything set up. So again, everything just shifted the way it needed to do. And um, and again, once you start leading everybody to show them where you're trying to go and what it is that you need, the support is normally nine out of 10 times it's gonna be right behind you. But you have to show them that because this is important to me and this is what I want. So very grateful for them.

Jacquelyn (16:54):

I agree a hundred percent because I know that it happened in my own world. When I shift it and I change it and I made up my mind of what I wanted my family because they do love me and we love our family and we have a lot of support. There may be a lot of women out there who don't have the support, but in that case, that's where you reach out to people like me to Rebecca, you reach out to people who've been through this and you go into those communities. But in our case, we had a family who truly loved and supported us, but they were just the ones with whatever they thought because we were showing them that's what we wanted. They thought we wanted that, so they're like, Oh, we're just going to keep going with us until she changes

Rebekah (17:43):

and with I think with the women and the people who don't necessarily have that support maybe from their family, you know because they don't have a spouse or anything like that. The important thing is to know that like, you know, whatever industry that they're in is reaching out to those people. You know, if it's a hairdresser, if it's a makeup artist if it's a bakery, you know, reaching out and making those connections, you know, we all started somewhere. It didn't happen overnight for anybody. So if you don't have that support system that you know in your reach, then looking for it and saying, Hey, you know, Hey Jacquelyn, so you know, how did you start? And just getting, getting out there and then realizing, Oh, business coaches, like a lot of people don't realize like, Oh, Oh is that where you should start? So many of us have done that later down the road where it would have saved us so much time, energy, and money in the long run if we had started like that.

Rebekah (18:41):

And I think another thing I can admit from my side, many of us start our business because we're passionate about what we do, but we don't have a business background. And that was probably one of the biggest challenges for me too, is that I was grateful to have a friend to help me with the website and this and that, which again, it negative. I don't, not my thing, I just want to love on you. I just wanted to do my facials and create and you know, like make this post and that I'm like, like that that was not my thing. But also, um, you know, realizing that you can find assistance in those kinds of things that are not your strengths like we have to learn. But even in that, we don't have to wear every hat either. You know, there, some people specialize in that and there's a reason for that and there are other people who are gung ho and want to learn and do all that for their own business, which is great.

Rebekah (19:34):

But again, like baby steps, what is it like, who do you admire? Who do you look up to reach out to them? You know, we're, we're all grateful, I think to help and support other people. And if you've gotten to that point, we know the struggle is real. We know those days that were like, what are we doing? Like, do I really want to continue doing this? You know, and, and that's the truth. But that's the reality. But if you, if you surround yourself ultimately with likeminded people who are going through the same thing, they're always going to lift you and support you and be there. And I think that's the biggest key is that we're never alone. And we have that network and look for it and networking and those kinds of things are important and you know, trying them out and checking it out.

Rebekah (20:17):

But really, ideally, who do you look up to? Admire it, reach out to them and ask them and you'd be amazed, Oh, I would love to sit with you or have a one-on-one or whatever and go from there and move forward and not have the fear hold you back from anything. Because that's the thing. Fear of faith. That's what we're talking about. Do you have the faith enough that this is, that you see yourself doing it? It's different than a want, but how does that feel? Right? The ultimate goal. If you have that all the way through, that's what carries you through. But it's very easy to stay in fear too. Like I, and I could admit when I was first starting, as excited as I was, I remember that moment when I was like, are you, are you sure you're going to make this work?

Rebekah (20:59):

I mean, how many other people are doing the same thing as you? How are you going to do this? You have so much competition. But I realized in that same sentence, that's right, how many other people are doing this and are successful and I'm unique. No one is me. Yes, there are a thousand estheticians out there, but they're not me. And what the connection that I have with my clients and what I know I can bring is completely different. So at the end of the day, never let that hold you back. Just like they will. They'll say, go, go to the bread aisle and you and you're going to see how many, how many love the birds. Do you see it? How many brands do you see? And it's the same thing with makeup and everything. So never, never be afraid to step into that. So that's a big thing too, because we all, what we bring is unique and different no matter how you think. So

Jacquelyn (21:53):

and that's beautiful. That is the thing that we all, and that comes from with that whole self-love and trust, being able to step into that power and realize that literally, I mean I couldn't have said it better. There are so many brands of bread, there's, but none of them struggle. They just are different. You like a

certain brand and type of bread. I like a certain, we all buy bread. I buy three different kinds because of everybody in my house like three different.

Rebekah (22:29):

And that's the thing. And what we're bringing is we have to understand too, what, what it is that we're bringing to the table. Um, and I know for me in my business as an esthetician for over 20 years, being in the spa, working with the skincare products that I was given to use, um, I've worked with many fabulous ones, but I knew that when I started my own business, I wanted it to be a natural holistic skincare line. That was the most important thing to me. And even now working in my space, um, that's all that I do is focused on holistic skincare. So I provide organic facials, I do Reiki services, uh, Reiki, crystal facial with something newer that I had created, which I absolutely love. Yes, waxing services. But the funny thing is I have, I worked with another esthetician who's in my space and you know, that might sound crazy to some people, like, why would you bring another aesthetician into your space with you?

Rebekah (23:28):

But I already knew what we do is completely different. And what she does is the stuff that I no longer want to do, but people need it and people want it. So I just, you know, pass it on to her. Um, and I think once you can let go to have, even though you can all of it, what is it that really, really sparks joy for you? And I think that's what makes your business unique and is going to make you thrive because we're not here for everybody. We can't be. But you're what you're, um, what's the word? What your clientele, your ideal clientele is going to look different for everybody. There might be similarities, but really what you're honing in on and who you're there for is still going to be limited. And that's great because that's where you want to be. You're there for them, not for everybody.

Rebekah (24:16):

Everybody who has skin, I'm here for, you know, you know, it's the people who really care about the holistic side of it and understand that the skin is the largest organ and that they want to only use that kind of product and get those services. So that's important too. But sometimes that can feel a little daunting. Like how do you hone in? But that's where business coaches step in and have you, okay, but what else? What else, what else? And I, that's what I'm so appreciative of, you know, when I started with you, like what is it that you want to do and the ideas and how everything just came about. Like with the Reiki crystal facial Reiki was a whole, uh, like I said, huge pivot in my business. Um, and it was just something that I was going to get to ultimately. But again, the timing of everything. Um, but now like that is my number one. So yes, I'm an esthetician, but I can already feel becoming a Reiki master and work doing Reiki, doing distance healing now is truly like my number one passion right now. So, and it's okay for your business to shift like that too?

Jacquelyn (25:19):

Oh, most definitely. And I love what she said with not wearing all the hats in business, being the entrepreneur, we tend to wear all the hats and sometimes it's necessary. We got to know what's going on. But being able to find those specialists who, what they do is, that's what they love. That's what lights them up. Doing websites. You can find somebody who can sit for hours and feel like they don't even work an hour in their day. Right? The same with what we bring on. Like if you don't enjoy doing it and you have services. Yes, I do hair. I am a business coach. I could literally teach any business out there, but my story, my background, and what sparks joy for me is what's going to attract the clients to me and it's

going to be something different. And don't be afraid to try something new or shift in a different direction because what you're doing is so beautiful.

Jacquelyn (26:21):

You're working with a whole nother esthetician who does technically the same thing that you could do, but because you've really been honest with yourself about what you don't want to do anymore, you're able to share clients, give them business, lift other entrepreneurs up and still be, still have plenty of clients, and then you're radiating this amazing energy that is love and care and your clients feel it. The people around you feel it. So it really shifts your entire vibration, for everyone around you, your family, your clients, yourself, and you can live a more honest, joyful, amazing life and business.

Rebekah (27:14):

Absolutely. And I think, um, once you realized you, I mean, and I remember we had talked about, yes, you have to have that self-care and self-love for yourself. And once you really have that and you feel that and you realize there's no competition with anybody by yourself to do better, to grow that, that yes, that lifts you up and that lights you up and you carry that everywhere and that's what grows. And that's what, um, why Reiki? Well, number one in the business, it's more about really always encouraging self-care. If we don't have self-care and we don't have self-love for ourselves, we're missing out on a lot. And sometimes, as I said, people just, it's easy to forget how much power we have to lift ourselves and getting that boost. So when I'm doing facials, I'm doing waxing or I'm doing Reiki it.

Rebekah (28:10):

I'm really trying to touch on that whole mind, body, and soul to aesthetically you feel better mentally, you feel better, you feel at peace. That's what it's about. So that's what self-care is for me is always encouraging. Like when's the last time you took time out for yourself? And it's not necessarily like, come see me, come see me. No. Like what did you do for yourself? And especially now in the state that we're in right now, like again, what are you doing for yourself? You know, I encourage you, make your mass, make a homemade mass. Do that with your daughters. You know, it doesn't matter how little they are, you can do that. Either incorporate it as family time or show them, Oh, what mommy? What are you doing? You know, again, teaching them, they're watching you. What are you doing for yourself? Again, nutrition. What are you drinking all the time? What are you doing? Oh, mommy's taking a bath. Mommy's reading. Mommy's going for a walk. Mommy. So we always have to remember, we have eyes on us at all times, good or bad. So we are teaching them and it's a member not what, what, what's the, what's the phrase

Jacquelyn (29:12): I say? Not as I do.

Rebekah (29:15):

Yeah. So, but it's so important and that sounds like if I'm here saying like, you know, take care of yourself and take care of your skin and always cleanse your skin. And my, and I have a little daughter, she's eight, you know, she's never, she knows mommy. Oh, mommy is washing her face now. Oh, I'm maybe doing a mass. Like she already knows what mommy does. So we have to take ownership of that too. Not only does that help us feel better, but it encourages everybody else. Like, Oh, and everybody, what joy for you is going to be different for the next person. And that's okay. But making the time to say,

Hey, no, block that time out for yourself and make that important for you. So that's what I'm here for, even with my clients now, once they leave, um, continuing, what is it?

Rebekah (29:58):

What is it? You know, I always want to know what makes you, what, what do you like to do in your free time? What makes you happy, what makes you feel great? Whether it's that bath, that time to read the time to walk. Like, okay, make sure that you, you know, you keep doing that. Like I want to hear the book that you're reading next month or whatever. So again, as women, we really, really need that strong sisterhood to lift each other no matter where we are. You know, giving compliments, just simple smile, um, compliments. Yeah, there's a huge thing, just a little thing to lift each other. So, um, I know I'm surrounded by beautiful, supportive women and that's what we all need and that's what we can all be. So

Jacquelyn (30:45):

we can, and it all starts with us reaching out to like, one thing that fills my cup is I think about people all the time. And like if they pop into my head, I'm like, okay, I gotta send a quick text just to say hi. I literally will just send a text message and be like, Hey, was thinking about you just because it helps people think, you know, and feel that love and it lives. It lifts me just because I love being there. I mean this is, this is why I do the coaching and as the hair, you're there to help people transform and to feel supported. I love doing that and it's so important right now because we're going through this entirely different state of life. It's the cobot 19 lockdown pandemic and we've had to relearn how we do life and it's a perfect time to start shifting and pivoting what you're doing in your business. What are you getting honest within your own life? What do you truly need to change and be honest with yourself about and how do you start taking care of yourself because the more you take care of yourself, I also do meditation every day. That's one way I take care of myself because I get centered with what I need and that's my time to be able, to be honest. Right?

Jacquelyn (32:13):

Taking that time, I know that you are doing so many beautiful things with your daughter and with your family and incorporating them. What is one or two things that, I know you mentioned math and reading, but what are one or two things that you actually are doing every day to take care of yourself?

Rebekah (32:34):

Being consistent? Number one, the first thing I do when I wake up is always ground myself. So I ground extremely important for me and that, that helps me just start my day on the right foot. Um, start starting from a place of gratitude, always just grateful for the prayer I ground myself and then I go to my meditation. Um, and that's something that I know that I need for myself. That's what lifts me. That's what starts me off. Right. Um, and outdoor time, you know, before all of this happened, I was really craving more time outside. I have to take the dogs out and walk them and things like that. But if it's nice out, I spend so much time outside with my daughter and I can, you know, you can, you feel like a little kid again, like, you know you're playing, you're playing outside under the sun, you're hearing the birds, like just all the little things that we can take for granted.

Rebekah (33:24):

Um, and I think everybody is probably can name a couple of things that have shifted in their lives now that they like really appreciate that they actually have the time to do so. Yes, cleaning and organizing is

another thing that needed to happen, which is, which I've been doing. I painted this, I painted, I was, I was going crazy in the first couple of weeks, but no, really, um, I know what's lifted. My, my spirit is spending so much time outside and those memories with the kids, um, even around meals and things like that. So, um, whatever it is that you know, makes you happy, then try to make that time, carve that time out for yourself every day. So, but yeah, nature is extremely important to me. It was, but now I've really made the time for it daily. So,

Jacquelyn (34:13):

and that lifts your vibration. And when we all are lifting our vibration and we're reaching out to each other, I know that as a planet, as a whole, the more most of us stand in our power and our joy and connect with ourselves, then we can start lifting the vibration of the entire world. Especially in these times because we see so many negative things out there. But it's our job, especially as healers and as um, very intuitive people to help lift others and lift ourselves and stay. Now that doesn't mean that we can be happy and joyful all the time. We all have our time to, you know, this has not been easy on everyone, but it's a matter of perspective. How are we looking at the situation and when I do feel down or sad from all the things that are happening to like people losing their lives and people not in great households, like that does affect me. But I, I feel that, and then I try to just use love to be able to balance it out because I can't do anything more. So keeping my vibration up, but not pushing down the feelings when I do feel fear or stress, we have to acknowledge

Rebekah (35:38):

but then be able to move perspective from it. Is there anything that you've been able to do, to shift that? Yeah, I mean, and I think that's true. I mean, I can, I can say I've been in a pretty good state through all of this and that's not to say that, um, every day has been, you know, peachy and whatnot. I've had my moments where I know my daughter was and me, I was on the phone with the older one and her baby was a button. I was like, I'm going to lose it. Like I'm going to lose it. And then we just started cracking up and you know, you just, you know, you realize at that moment like, okay, it's okay and it's okay too, to feel that, take a break, take time out. It's OK. Um, if you want to be alone in your room, there are some days where like, you know what, that just feels great to me.

Rebekah (36:25):

I know we're all here together, but I, I want my time and I need my time. So I think so many families are feeling that struggle. Like you, many of us had patterns where, you know, I know everybody left at a certain time now. Everyone's here all the time. But again, just making that time like, okay, I'm going to my room, locking the door, doing whatever you need to do to say like, Hey, I need a, I need a break or I'm going outside. But I know, um, I think again, once you're teaching everybody to respect your space, just like your kids going gonna are going to need their time alone to your husband still couple time, things like that. It's just kind of stating, this is what I need. I need a break, I need a nap. I'm pleased, you know, don't, don't bother me right now.

Rebekah (37:10):

I need, I just need, um, quiet time. So I think just acknowledging your feelings when you're feeling it and just saying what it is. You know what, I'm feeling really frustrated right now. I don't know why. Or maybe you see your kid acting up and you're like, okay, let's talk about it. And it's normal and it's okay. So I think the bigger thing is, like you said, not stuffing it, that's denying it, owning it and just going through it and nine out of 10 times I think we can all end up laughing about it ultimately that, yeah, you know, I

mean it's rough. Or reaching out to friends. You know, if your kids are having, you know they're missing their friends, have them call them, have them talk the same thing as adults, checking in on the family. I think even though a lot of us feel alone to a certain degree, the communication I think has really gotten stronger for so many people because you have the time now reach out and call them, text them.

Rebekah (38:01):

How many people are zooming now and families and still networking and all of this is still going on? And that's an important thing is staying in communication with everybody to make them feel still important and still loved. And again, lifting that love and light for everybody, even if people are not in a good place, sending them that. Just saying like, you know what? I'm sending them love and light. I know they're having a really hard time right now and if all of us are doing that as you said collectively it is definitely shifting and uplifting everybody. So very important and it's a beautiful thing. We can do that.

Jacquelyn (38:36):

And for any of our viewers, that's not feeling like they can move forward or that they are feeling stressed out and you need that community. I know I might say it on every podcast, I don't know, but I'm here for you. This is why I started this whole thing. And I know all of the beautiful women who I have on my podcast have the same heart and they are there for you and they have their own communities. So I encourage you to really reach out, reach out to a community and I think you mentioned this earlier, test them out. Just get that support wherever you can because it's important, to be honest with yourself, to really step into your power and know when you need help when you feel like you need someone to support you, take that step. Because there are people out there and if you get shut down a few times, just look at other places.

Jacquelyn (39:32):

Cause the one thing that we ever all realizing is we're all home and we all, most of us, not everybody obviously, but most of us have internet in our own zooms and in Facebook groups where to find the one that feels right to you, who that you feel the love and support from and dive in. Dive into that and you know, find that support and just every single day, see, feel it, feel the feelings, feel them, honor them. And then see how you can change your perspective and start with your self-care. Take care of yourself first so that you can get through every day.

Rebekah (40:17):

Yeah, I think, um, in anything that you're struggling with, whether it's emotional, whether it's physical, you know, saying, Hey, I like that you need that accountability. If you need an accountability buddy, whether it's for nutrition or like, Hey, did you get outside today? Or you know, have you rested? What have you done for yourself lately? And whether it's a new person that you need or like right now we have so much time to go through all these groups and there are amazing groups out there, but you can't do everything and you can't do every challenge and you can't be everywhere at the same time. But I think honing in on like what, what really, you know, feels right and feels good to you and maybe doing a different challenge every couple of days. Like right now I started, uh, the 21 days of abundance. So I joined that group, started my own group and you know, that's something that is holding me accountable in one way and I'm loving it.

Rebekah (41:14):

And some people need that, okay, this is my task for the day, or this is what I'm listening to and it's so beautiful. And once you open that up to people and invite people to things like that, either it's something new that you want to try or it's something that like, yes, that's what I've been wanting to do. So, um, you know, yeah, putting them out for what is it that you're trying to learn and gain and master during this time, um, and just reaching out. So, yeah, absolutely. And I'm here to, um, I love to lift and support whether you need, um, you know, texts a lot of times after the Reiki sessions, I'm always checking in the next day. But you know, when you're dealing with anxiety or depression or anything like that, you're going to need, um, you're going to drop low. And I'm there and I always say, you know, Hey, send me an emoji that, that lets me know that you need a, you know, a self-loving mantra, whatever it is that you need, I'm going to send it to you, but I'm going to give you that little boost of support. Um, and just finding people that you know, like that, that you can lean on, reach out to, makes a world of difference. So we are not alone.

Jacquelyn (42:20):

No, we're not alone. None of us are alone. And any support that you need. Rebecca's here. I'm here and I just appreciate you so much for being in my life and for coming on the podcast and sharing your vision and all your knowledge with our viewers. Um, I, I just love having you around. You're always such a positive light to be with even through zoom. I feel that energy.

Rebekah (42:49):
I miss you too and I, I appreciate you so much too, Jacquelyn. You know that so much. Thank you.

Jacquelyn (42:55):

But we're going gonna wrap it up cause I mean, I could sit here and talk for another 45 minutes with you. Is there anything that you want to share? I do have all of the show notes. We'll be in below and in the blog you're going to be able to find Rebecca super easy. I have all of her links and, um, everything that we talked about. Is there anything else that you wanna say before? We get ready to,

Rebekah (43:26):

no, just here for anybody who has questions, if you are in the beauty industry and have any questions about that. But also just talk about, um, Reiki distance healing too as something that, because we can't leave our homes right now because we can't physically see each other. This is something that if you don't know anything about to just go to the website, look it up, Google it, and if it's something that you're interested in that definitely reach out to me, we can talk about it more because it's something that definitely helps balance us and calm ourselves, which is really important, especially during this time. So that's what I want to,

Jacquelyn (43:59):
Rebecca has some little bird if you can.

Rebekah (44:03):
She's happy. She's happy.

Jacquelyn (44:09):

Um, so, well I think, yes, the Reiki, it was a little distracting. I don't know if you want to say that again. I'm sure we could.

Rebekah (44:28):

Um, something that that can help with balancing emotions and stress and kind of releasing and healing. All of that is distance Reiki. So for anybody who knows what Reiki is, is normally done in person, but just Reiki is just as um, Oh, what's the word? Um,

Rebekah (45:00):

Oh my gosh, it's just as effective. Um, so if you're needing to, and this is for completely healthy people. This is good for babies, for adults, for the elderly, for sick. Um, but it's, it's really about finding the balance in our bodies mentally and emotionally. So if it's something that you're curious about, you can definitely go to the website, read more about Google it, but reach out to me if it's something that you're curious about or have always been wanting to try. I do have special bowling on, it's $30 for 30 minutes right now during this whole covered everything. So, uh, there are different options out there. Yeah.

Jacquelyn (45:36):

Like I said, every note will be on there so you can find Rebecca super easy and take advantage of this special. But again, thank you so much for being here, for sharing your knowledge, and for just being light.

Rebekah (45:51):
Thank you. Thank you, Jacquelyn.

Jacquelyn (45:53):
All right. Well, thank you all so much for being here and showing up and listening to the podcast. I hope

you enjoyed this and we'll ee in the next one.

Rebekah (46:04): Take care.