Getting Past Fear with Rebecca Baybayan

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There are so many things that we couldn't do because of the word fear. We let our dreams, our imaginations, our big ideas fly away because of this. But when are we gonna break from those chains and start living our life the way we want it to be? Guaranteed it is not easy, starting is always the hardest, but when we try to take that little step, we can see that it gets easier along the way. So let's start, start taking those small steps today for a brighter future.

Rebecca is a visionary implementer. A wife, mother, and health nut whose day career is helping leaders become more successful and whose day passion is turning big dreams into reality. Rebecca will be telling us about her story of how five years of dreaming turned into a span of 12 minutes of clarity. Not only did she let the fears go to the side? But the biggest thing she did was to make a decision. She decided to take one little tiny step forward and just like that things started falling into place.

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Here are so follow up questions I got to ask Rebecca!

How/why did you start your business? 
I don't have a formal business tied to my book, but the dream started after attending the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. My children were you and we're looking for ways to encourage the children to eat their greens. We coined the words "Broccoli Makes You Pretty" which was the catalyst for the book. And to this day both girls love their broccoli!
What makes your business unique? 
Writing this book has given me the space to integrate what I love (wellbeing, nutrition, and family) into something tangible. It has given me the ability to lean into my creativity and taught me that I can accomplish what I set my mind to.
What impact do you want to have in the world or change you want to see or make happen? 
While this book was mostly written for me, as a personal goal, I want people to know that if we get out of our heads if we move out of our own way and stop telling ourselves stories such as "I can't, I'm no good, etc. etc" we can accomplish our dreams!
Are You Happy with your business, What makes you happy, And What Would You Change? 
I am proud of it. Proud to have finally accomplished becoming a self-published author, and the only thing I would have changed would have gotten out of my way sooner.
Did You Experience Failures? If So, What Did You Learn From Them 
Absolutely! The fear of failure paralyzed me for 5 years until I unexpectedly encountered a business coach during a work function. By sharing our stories with others, by having an accountability partner other than ourselves, and by asking for help - those are the most powerful lessons I learned. This particular coach asked me about 4 questions over the span of 12 minutes, which in turn help me unlock my fear and move forward.
How Did You Handle Adversity And Doubt? 
Tenacity, perseverance. There was something in me that wouldn't let me give up. I didn't want to let myself down but was so fearful of failure. If you have never read the book Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert, I would highly recommend it. She has a saying about adversity and doubt, that if an idea comes to you and you don't do anything with it, it will eventually fly away and find someone else who will pay attention to it. That was also another turning point in my question to self-publish. I couldn't let my idea end up with someone else and have regrets.
Do You Plan On Growing Your Business? How? 
I do, I have the concept for two more books ruminating right now. One will be about water, which I have asked my mom to illustrate with watercolors. I am also slowly promoting my book through social media.
Do you think self-love and trust are important in running a successful business? Why? 
Absolutely. If you don't love yourself, if you don't trust yourself, you are not giving your whole self to your idea, to your business.
What advice would you give someone interested in starting their own business? 
Don't feel you need to have all of the answers. Find someone to help. Find an accountability partner. But take the time to plan in the beginning.


If you would rather read the interview, feel free to check out the full transcription below!

Jacquelyn: (00:02)
Hi everyone. Thank you so much for tuning in and you are on the [inaudible]. No, I'm sorry, the intuitive light podcast and show for the enlightened entrepreneur and I am so grateful to have you here. My name is Jacqueline Rodriguez. I'm the owner of enlightened styles, your holistic hair and makeup salon in Warrenton, Virginia. And I'm also your intuitive healing business coach. And I am here today because my passion is really to help all my clients and each one of you, women entrepreneurs to step outside of your fear. Start loving and trusting yourself so that you can co-create a life and a business that you've always wanted and that you deserve. And I want it to come easy. I want to highlight who I know and I'm so lucky to know so many amazing women entrepreneurs who have just done wonderful things in their world and they've been able to get over fears.

Jacquelyn: (01:08)
They've been able to, you know, start co-creating the life that they love and I want them to talk to you and just show how they've been able to go through things and been able to make a change in their lives for the better. So I have Rebecca on today and I am so excited to have her on. I've known her for a few years now, I think. And she is amazing, well she has, um, a book and I'm going to let her tell you all about that. But without further ado, here is Rebecca. Hi Jacquelyn. Thank you. Thank you so much for being on the show. I'm really excited to have you here.

Rebecca: (01:53)
Thank you. I'm excited as well. A little bit nervous, but uh, again, that comes and goes with the territory.

Jacquelyn: (01:59)
It really does. And I mean, you see, I want this to be very real. I mess up and it's okay because this is how it is. Like we don't, I personally don't want to edit it. I want this to be shown as it, even if we have those fears and we were nervous about things or that we mess up, it's okay because it doesn't hold us back from doing what we truly are meant to do and what we're here to do. Right. Because you have a story about how you wrote your first book, right?

Rebecca: (02:33)
I do. Yeah. I really do. It's, um, it still boggles my mind that, uh, just a couple of months ago I realized a dream of being able to be a self-published author. And it took so long to get here because there was so much fear wrapped around not being good enough, not telling my story, holding onto something for all of these different reasons around fear. That's, I just finally had to get to that place where I had to let go and just let whatever happen. And um, this is a little bit of the background. It was back in 2013, um, I decided to go back to school for integrative nutrition. So I got a degree as a health coach and it was a right around the time where our daughters were still pretty small and we wanted to instill in them some very healthy eating habits and healthy living habits.

Rebecca: (03:28)
And that was the whole emphasis to go back to school and learn really about holistic nutrition. And along the way, uh, my husband and I coined this term called why not broccoli? Because we wanted our girls to eat their greens and get good nutrition. And all of a sudden I had this idea of, Oh my gosh, that would be such a cool book. And immediately I had this vision of what the main character would look like and I started thinking of all of these really cool ideas that could be brought together to create a children's book. And I had this Brown leather journal that I kept with me day in and day out when I was on the road traveling for work. It went with me. It was always on my nightstand and it had so little information in it because I had this absolute fear of something. And it took about five years to finally unlock that fear and realize what was holding me back. Um, but once that fear was unlocked, all of a sudden, it was just like the waterfall started to fall over the dam. And within several months, um, I had complete self-published, and uh, I'm now happy to call myself an author, which feels really good.

Jacquelyn: (04:45)
That is amazing. I, I know so many people who have that same type of story where we, we hold ourselves back from doing something that we want and that we so badly want to accomplish, but the fear sets in. Tell me what, what was the fear that was holding you back for all this time?

Rebecca: (05:10)
Yeah, it's, it's a good question, Jacqueline. There was, there was a lot of fear. You know, there was the fear of not being good enough. There was the fear of, I'm not a natural-born writer. How good can this book possibly be? There was the fear of feeling like I had to know how to do everything myself, how to use the publishing platform, how to find an illustrator. And I, I knew none of this. I just, I had this concept in me that I was so excited about and I could see this book come to life, but this fear was paralyzing enough to not even let me get these words down on paper that existed up here. I could see the storyline, I could see the character, I could see how I wanted this book to materialize, but I just couldn't get it out. And it was interesting because last April I was traveling for a business trip and was out at my company's headquarters out in Idaho and I was participating in a train the trainer and I was learning, excuse me, learning how to facilitate, um, a new class that was going to be rolled out to our leaders.

Rebecca: (06:20)
And during this train the trainer, we had an opportunity to practice one of the, um, one of the interventions we were going to be doing in the workshop. And it was all around, um, the grow model and using coaching. And, um, we were all tired. This was about day four of the train the trainer and somebody raised their hand in this workshop and said to the facilitator, you know, we're all pretty darn tired right now, instead of all of us practicing this activity, could you, could we just see somebody demonstrate it? And the facilitator looked at me and said, well, Rebecca says that was your idea and why don't you come on up to the front of the classroom and you can demonstrate this for us? Then thinking, Oh my gosh, what did I get myself into? And so I walked up to the front of the room and there was another gentleman that was there, um, that was a facilitator as well.

Rebecca: (07:13)
And he's like, you know what, Rebecca is like, I've got a little bit of background in coaching. How about I come up to the front of the room and we can practice together? And I said that would be great. So he pulls up his chair and I pull up my chair and we're sitting in the front of the room and he looks at me and he says Rebecca, what would you like to be coached on today? And I just sat there for a minute thinking, Oh my gosh, I, I don't know. And then I thought, you know what, here's a perfect opportunity. I don't know where this is going to go. And I said, you know, I said, I do have this thing that I'd like to talk about and get your perspective on. And I said I've had this idea for this children's book for five years now.

Rebecca: (07:56)
And no matter what I do, I can't get it down on paper. And what was really interesting, Jacqueline, is he, over the course of 12 minutes, and I know it was 12 minutes because we were timing all of this. He asked me four questions. What are you afraid of? What's the worst thing that could happen? What's the best thing that can happen? And if you were to take one small step today and do something different, what would it be? And over the course of those 12 minutes, something just unlocked. And I felt inspired. I felt excited because I'd had all of this stuff rattling around for so long and I'd never once ventured out and asked for help. You know, I have always, you know, talked to my family about, Oh, this great idea, here's what I, but it never went anywhere. And uh, after that workshop, a friend came up to me and said, you know, um, I know somebody who has self-published a children's book.

Rebecca: (09:00)
Let me put you in touch with her. And all of a sudden all of these doors opened. And that same friend said, Oh, by the way, have you ever heard of this app called fiber? Did you know that you can hire an illustrator? And I'm like, I had no idea. And so all of these things just started landing in my lap. But it was because I got over that fear of being able to articulate to somebody, it doesn't matter if I'm not good enough, it doesn't matter if I don't know what to do. It matters because this was my idea and I wanted to do something with it. And I finally had the courage to say to somebody, I don't know where to go from here and I don't know what to do. And between that day and December, which was just a couple of months later, um, I am now a published author and was able to kind of open the door and let people in who had something to offer instead of thinking I had to do it all myself. And I think that was one of the biggest things that were holding me back is again, that fear of not being good enough and the fear of not knowing what to do instead of relying on all of these amazing people in my network that even if they hadn't published a book before, they probably knew somebody who could give me a tip or a piece of advice that helped me move along in my trajectory.

Jacquelyn: (10:29)
Oh my goodness. I absolutely, that story is so wonderful. And what I love about it is five years turned into a span of 12 minutes. Not only did you let the fears go to the side? But you know what the biggest thing you did, she made a decision. You decided to take one little tiny step forward and just ask what would you do? Do you know? And you got four questions that helped unlock all of that because the fear doesn't just go away. It doesn't disappear like that. No. But when you make the decision, and it's funny because I have another podcast with Jenny and we were just talking about taking that leap of faith. And it all starts with that one decision of just asking questions, like asking one question outside of just telling your friends and family about it, but how all the puzzle pieces start coming together.

Jacquelyn: (11:36)
Because once you make that decision, you have not only let yourself know that this is something you really want to do, but you've also set that energy out into the world and you have let this universe, all the energies around, you know, Hey, this is something really want. So the beauty of it is you start co-creating. That's what I teach is all co-creating your life. And it all starts with that one decision. You'll have fears down the road. I mean, we all do. Like even me starting this podcast, I'm like thinking about, okay, well I can interview these and there are so many people doing it. You get fears and then all of a sudden I'm like, no, I love talking to people. And then nobody listens. Nobody listens. I mean, it really is just for me because I absolutely know that this is where I'm supposed to be. And you knew that you had this in you. It's such a beautiful story and creating that tribe and if like you had people that we're able to help you along the way, and for the people who are listening, if you don't, there are so many places out there, there are so many resources, right?

Rebecca: (12:51)
It's unbelievable how many resources are out there.

Jacquelyn: (12:54)
Yeah. And just making that decision and just being on the podcast today and listening to the episodes, you've decided to move past that. And that is why I've created the app. I mean, the podcast is because I want to be a part of those tribes for people. And I want to bring on amazing people like you, that you're able to move past that and start making those decisions. So now that you, you've done your first one. How's it feel?

Rebecca: (13:25)
I, I still feel like I'm floating on a cloud. I still feel like I can't believe I did this. Um, I have friends that continually check-in, you know, just to see how are you doing and what are you doing, to promote this? Are you thinking about your next book? And sometimes I have to remind myself that, Oh my gosh, that's right. I, I did do this and I have this ability now and I've got two other ideas that have been percolating, you know, for the past couple of months that I've started working on. But it's, it's energizing. But for me personally, that's what I needed. Jacqueline is I needed that coach to step in at that right moment. And I don't know if you've ever read, um, big magic by Elizabeth Gilbert, but, uh,

Jacquelyn: (14:12)
I have, it's been a while. But yeah,

Rebecca: (14:15)
she has an amazing quote and I'm going to butcher the quote. I guarantee that. But the premise of it is when you have these ideas, the universe is sending you these ideas. It's incumbent upon you to grasp ahold of these ideas and do something with it. And if you don't, it's going to say a lot into the universe that's going to find somebody who's going to do it. And that also became a real push because that quote started swirling around in my head, you know after I realized that I can do this. And I didn't want somebody to take my idea because it meant so much to me. And it was a personal connection back to my family as well. And the more I think about just really how easy it is, once we overcome that fear, we have so much potential that we're able to do and to engage in. But we have to sometimes just simply ask for help and say, I don't know, but have that passion and that desire to know that when I get to that other side, I've got something really concrete right there that nobody can ever take away from me because I put my heart, my blood, my sweat, and my tears into it. And while it took a heck of a long time to come to fruition, it did. And there's nothing that can stop me now. And it's a really empowering feeling to be able to say, I did it.

Jacquelyn: (15:45)
And it all started because when you said that about the universe, um, I fully believe that the ideas that we get, especially the ones that won't leave you alone, cause we, I mean, me personally, I get a ton of ideas and sometimes like a few days later I'm like, eh, that didn't really feel, it doesn't feel like from my intuition it doesn't feel right. But some won't leave me alone. Like this podcast, for instance, there are several things I could have done, but this one kept circling back up. And a lot of people like start podcasts when their business has really like they have tens of thousands of people listening. I don't, but this idea wouldn't leave me and me 100% I believe to my core that the ideas we get are themes that we are like destined to do and it only takes that one first step.

Jacquelyn: (16:46)
Taking that one first step to it and the universe is like, Oh we've already had this lined up for you. Like here you go this step, this step, this step. Like it just, it works together because you're meant to do it. And once you take that very first step and it's one foot in front of the other and then all of a sudden a fierce dissipate a little bit and you're able to really come up and, and find the tribe and the help that you need it. And that is for me, makes such a huge difference because it means that we, every single one of us, nothing can hold us back because the second the idea happens in our brains, it's already meant to be laid out and the universe is there to help you put it together. Right. You're not doing it on your own. Yep. So I think that that's a beautiful story.

Rebecca: (17:41)
Yeah. It's just, it's amazing that when you do open up and let things then, you know, I got so stuck and hung up, you know, even just, Oh my gosh, what size of a book am I going to do? And I know nothing about, you know, pixelation and DPIs and all of this other terminology that I had to be able to convey through an app to an illustrator in Bangladesh of all places. Yeah. Cause that's, that was the perfect person for me, you know, to be able to do these illustrations. But all of a sudden when I said, you know what, I'm just gonna go for it. Next thing you know, I'm scrolling around on YouTube one day and what drops into my lap is a lady over in Europe who had done, who had done about a 12 and a half minute YouTube tutorial on how to self publish in the exact size of the book that I wanted to do, but not only how was it, how did you self publish electronically, but how did you self publish so you could have the print version. And I just sat there and I stared at this YouTube video thinking how was this even possible? This just fell on my lap and it's absolutely everything I needed. And I think that's been one of the big eyeopening moments though, is when you let things in and when you let yourself just be, and when you say, I'm willing to take in people's advice and let whatever comes my way happens, it's going to happen. And it's, it's, it's fulfilling.

Jacquelyn: (19:17)
It's that letting go of control. Yes, we all do. We all do. And it's, it's been several years that I have worked on letting go of control and that's why I have a team now. I have people helping me put all of the moving pieces of my businesses together is because I'm able to let go of control. But the biggest thing is not only letting go of control but trusting that each step is meant for you to either learn something or push forward. Right. Every one of those steps. I just trust wholeheartedly that that's where I'm supposed to be at that moment. Even if I can't see the very end result. Absolutely I am. I still can't believe you had this idea for five years and within a matter of 12 minutes, you decide it. And then within a matter of months, and what's funny about this is a lot of people look at you and be like, Oh my gosh, you just became like an author in months and you're like, no, this has been five years in the making. We don't see that part of it. So that story right there helps our viewers and our listeners to see that even if it's something you've been thinking of for 10 years, doesn't mean it's too late. It can happen within a matter of 12 minutes. People that's just so amazing.

Rebecca: (20:51)
It is. Yeah, it absolutely is. There's just, there's just so much, so much that we have exposure to and so many thoughts that we have every single day. And when you find that thing that really matters to you, you know, my, my advice to people is when you find something that matters, hold onto it and do something with it. And sometimes it's not gonna happen overnight and that's not going to happen within the week or within the month or the heck with even in five years. But again, when you're passionate about something and you believe in something, you know, do your due diligence, you know, you, you need to do your research and figure out how is this going to work out and what do I need to think about and what are all of these, what-if scenarios but don't give up on it. And sometimes if for me example I got too caught up in my own head and that was my biggest problem is I didn't step out and simply ask for help.

Rebecca: (21:46)
And had I asked for help five years earlier, I could have been a self-published author five years earlier. But the way I look at it now is I wouldn't have this story to tell. Um, I wouldn't have something that now really matters as much as it does to me. Um, because I feel so much more proud of my accomplishment because it did take so long to get here because there were a lot of lessons learned all along the way that hopefully the next time I do this, um, it's not, I'm not having to put in the, how do I say this, right? Then, the unnecessary energy that withheld me the last time. But it allows the creativity to flow easier this time because I now know a little bit more than what I did before

Jacquelyn: (22:35)
and that is exactly why we do these things. Our stories are what make us who we are. Right? Five years ago you wouldn't have had this story, but I also feel like there is a divine timing for everything. And the lessons that you learned along the way helped you step into the power that you now have of knowing the things you can do. Exactly. 12 minutes. It's wonderful though and that is powerful knowing that you can do that, knowing that no matter what, now you have that piece of the puzzle that if you can do it in 12 minutes and actually self-publish and put a whole book out in a few months, imagine how quickly you can the next one and any other projects or things that come to you are going to be a piece of cake after five years of, you know, percolating with this idea. And I think that we all have so much to learn from your story because it allows us to have that little bit of glimmer and that little bit of hope that even if it has been a long time doesn't mean it's, that's the end of our story. We, it never is too late.

Rebecca: (24:03)
Exactly. It's never too late and doesn't beat yourself up over it either. You know, I was thinking the other day and I was kind of wallowing and in the circumstance that we're all under, you know, with the stay at home orders right now and you know, just thinking of all of these, Oh, I wish I was doing this or I wish I was doing that. But then I caught myself and me, I'm thinking, okay, I still have my work, my family's at home with me right now and now look at all of this time I have sitting right in front of me as well that I could now be putting that towards developing my next story. And so I'm really trying hard these days to stop the fear, to stop the negative thoughts about the situation that we're in, and instead look at the opportunity that sits in front of me right now.

Rebecca: (24:55)
And my dad, when I was growing up, he, he nicknamed me the worry wards, uh, because I'm worried about everything. You know, I was fearful of everything, and I, and I do have to catch myself quite a bit, not worrying and not being fearful and really trying to flip this situation. That's right in front of us right now around to looking at the opportunity. And so looking at the positive to say, what can I be doing? What can I do differently and how can I have this silver lining? You know, when we step out of this current situation,

Jacquelyn: (25:30)
it's all about taking what's in front of you because I, I've done a lot of training on this. Um, and I have a few mentors. Uh, Jim Forton is one where he always said your outside circumstances do not define who you are. So right now at the time of this recording, we are in the COVID19 pandemic. Yeah, it's crazy out there things, it can be scary and there's a lot of things that we need to process through and not being able to leave our homes has really shifted how we do things. But I look at it as such a blessing because we, before we're running around so busy, we don't even have time to even think straight. I mean taking care of yourself and just getting enough sleep. Now we have time and we've got to be gentle with ourselves. Cause I know, especially right now, like my first thought was, Oh my gosh, I have to get this done and that done and I have, I was time now.

Jacquelyn: (26:28)
And then I was like, wait, wait, wait. We've got to reel it back in. Start from the inside and start taking care of ourselves, allowing ourselves to feel because there is so much going and things are scary. Not just having to stay home and business, but uh, for humanity, for people. And you know, a lot is going on. But if we reel it back in and we really start focusing on what's important, that's when we can start letting that spark come up and focus on things like writing another book. When you feel creative and you feel inspired to do so because you've allowed yourself that time to process and to think and to meditate on it and to really tap into what is the most important because we could do a million things for the home. Right? Right. I mean, I've already painted bathrooms and like I've done a bunch of stuff, but when we really focus on what's important, that's where the podcast came from. I mean, I had already had the idea for a long time, but I didn't have time. I've been gifted this time now and it felt very, very apparent that this is what was needed and this is what I was supposed to do. So be gentle with yourself. We don't all have to be creative every second of the day just cause we're home all day, but also allowing yourself to see what's next. And I think that that's a wonderful gift that we've been given right now.

Rebecca: (28:12)
It is. Yeah. There's a, there's a saying that's been going around within my tribe too, and it's, you know, we're, we're very, we can be very hard on ourselves during these times about thinking that we need to be, you know, the perfect parent, the perfect homeschooler you know, all of this stuff just stacks up. And what does that do? It, it starts to create fear in us and that fear of not being good enough. And that fear of not being able to deliver, and somebody said to me the other day, something that really resonates and I keep trying to tell everybody I can give yourself some grace. Just give yourself some grace because we're in a place now that is ripe with fear. We don't know what's going to happen. We don't. There's just so much uncertainty right now. How am I going to effectively homeschool my kids?

Rebecca: (29:04)
How am I going to manage work? How am I going to put my thoughts into this new book that I want to write? And again, that fear starts creeping in. But if we just pause and if we take that breath and we just give ourselves a little grace to say, you know what? We're all in a very different place right now that we haven't been in, but just as you said, Jacqueline, we've been gifted time right now. We've been gifted the opportunity to be able to show up differently and think differently and make a decision. Do I want to move forward with this project regardless of what it is? Do I want to move the business forward with this venture?

Jacquelyn: (29:42)

Rebecca: (29:42)
we have some time now to be able to sit back and think, is this really what I want to do? And if it is, what's stopping me? What's preventing me from taking that next step? Like, give yourself a little bit of grace.

Jacquelyn: (29:57)
I 100% agree with you. I mean grace, we, we've been given a gift at time but we also have been gifted the, if you're open to it and you can let go some other fear, we've been gifted this idea of perception around our normal day to day lives. We don't have to continue on the way we were. We can't, we physically can't. So how do we change that for the better and what my hope is for everyone that you've been able to change your perception of how you can do things, what things you want to do, what really lights you up that you can do? And then when we do go back to normal, whether it's a new normal or help, not the same normal, I hope that people can go forward with that and start changing their lives. Not just this time that we've been given at home, but really focusing on what does make you feel more joyful, happier, what lifts your vibration so that you can help and change other people's lives.

Jacquelyn: (31:15)
Your story changes people's lives. And what we do with that is so important right now to help lift all the other people in our tribe and help them go to their very next step and show them love and support and, and our kids like I am by no means meant to be a school teacher. And I've been graceful with myself. Look, I'm not gonna sit here and you know, make sure that my kids are learning something every two seconds. You want to sleep in a little later, that's fine. You've got to take certain steps, you know, certain things. And then the rest of the time enjoy. Because they're stressed out too. They don't, they're uncertain. So being grateful, not only with yourself but with your family and with your clients and with people around you because everybody's feeling it and taking it differently.

Rebecca: (32:13)
You, you mentioned something that just sparked another thought too is, you know, when we talk about uncertainty and change, you know, most, most people we can handle change, change happens. But where that fear starts to set in is with that uncertainty and you know, whether we're giving ourself grace, our children's grace by letting them sleep him, by not being on top of them with schoolwork every day, I have to continually remind that this is a huge change for them. Yeah. They're so used to being in school every day in gymnastics, 20 hours a week and competitions and volleyball, and all of a sudden all of that is gone and their normal is gone. And so there's going to be fear creeping in for them too. And uncertainty. And I think that's one of the best things that I can do as a parent right now too, is again, to give them a little bit of grace and saying, you know what? If, if you want to sleep in today, it's okay. If you don't really feel like tackling, you know, triggering on trigonometry or chemistry today, it's, it's okay, you're going to be fine. Um, but still also finding that happy balance where there can be a little bit of structure in their life so they are doing something that keeps them active and engaged and their minds aren't wandering everywhere as well. Um, but it's just, it is an opportunity that sits in front of us to be able to do things differently.

Jacquelyn: (33:38)
I, I actually have decided, well with the kids, we, we haven't really gotten to school yet. Yeah. There's still for Fauquier. Um, they haven't put it all out yet, but I think it comes out this Friday. So anyway, I was sitting there and I'm like, okay, you can't just sleep in or like you can't sleep all day. There needs to be some structure, but I'm allowing them to have some freedom to do things that they don't normally do. I download it, Adobe Photoshop, and a bunch of other stuff and got my son classes for Adobe and he sat there for eight hours. photoshop learning how to do Photoshop, learning how to do something that you may not learn that right away in school and it's not trigonometry or history. The thing a, they're gaining valuable skills. Absolutely. And that that's a life-changing thing for them because they can open up all those new doors that all of a sudden they can have different hobbies and different, even for his business, he's 14 he could easily start a business of, you know, crappy and pictures. For me, I told him, I'm like, I will hire you in a second because I need somebody to crop my pictures, upload my things. Like there's just so much opportunity that we don't need to stifle not only ourselves but our children. And it's a, it's such an amazing gift that we've been given. If we step out of that fear and control.

Rebecca: (35:16)
That's exactly it. And my, my youngest, so I've got two daughters, a 13-year-old and an 11-year-old and my 11-year-old, when, when this all started, when school was counseled for the year, we sat down and we have Ty as we've never had before. And I said, what would you like to do? And she was like, I don't know, maybe let's drawing. And that's not something she and I had ever done before. And so we created a, a shopping list at Michael's and we got the pickup and exactly the curbside pickups and we have all the oils, the pains, the pencils, the pads of paper. And every night that's what we do. We spend about an hour and a half, sometimes even two hours we'll find tutorials on YouTube. We come up with themes of the day. So we ate know taco Tuesday and Sundays on Saturday and we'll find pictures on, on YouTube and tutorials that we can do together.

Rebecca: (36:13)
And every day we've been drawing. And not only has that become, a mental breakaway, but it's also become a way for us to bond even more closely. And we now have this hobby together, which is pretty amazing. But again, it took, stepping out of that, I have to have something structured all the time for them into you've got this incredible ability right now to find a new hobby and explore things that you haven't done before. My oldest, excuse me, my oldest, you know, is gung ho about learning Spanish. So what did we do? We downloaded all of these apps and products for her and that's become her thing right now is just improving her language skills. But it's, it is an opportunity.

Jacquelyn: (36:59)
It's beautiful. It's so, and you stepping into that role and it's that power of allowing them to not be so structured that shows them so much. It's enriching their lives. Like we would never even think. And then we never had the time to do before. So I think it's beautiful. I told my daughter, I got her skillshare is I'm not an affiliate or anything, but they're amazing cause they've got classes that you can take and I think you can get like two months for free right now or something. And they were taking iPhone, take your iPhone, learn how I can't, which way, but learn how to take photos and edit them, become a photographer with no extra stuff. Need it. But that's the kind of thing that our kids are going to, it's going to enrich their lives and I'm in awe of how much and how fast they can catch on and they enjoy it.

Jacquelyn: (38:12)
Yeah. Well, I think that this is definitely an unprecedented time that we, none of us have ever been through this, but if we support each other and we reach out, um, and show one another support, love and caring and our, kids we can come out of this so much better than the crazy hustle bustle life that we had before. Yeah. And I'm just so happy to have you on the show, sharing your beautiful story and encouraging others to get past the fear. Get past it on the other side, whether you know what's there or not, it's going to be okay.

Rebecca: (38:58)
Absolutely. And sometimes that simplest thing that we can do to get past it is to find somebody, whether it's a confidant, whether it's a peer, whether it's a spouse, whether it's somebody who is a party, your tribe and says, you know what, I'm stuck and I don't know how to get past it. And having that vulnerability to say I've got this fear and I don't know what to do next. And that's where to me, that's where the beauty happened is I just had to finally fess up and say, I don't know and I'm afraid. And it happened

Jacquelyn: (39:32)
and you decided to put it out there. So take that time, make a decision, find a confident, a friend, or someone or even a coach. I mean there are so many coaches out there, depending on what you need, find somebody who inspires you, who has done what you've done, and ask for help. There is somebody out there willing to help you, willing to show you the ropes and care for you. And that is where we come together as a community. And I've, I've just been so blessed to have so many amazing, amazing people in my life. And that's why to like for you, I want you to be on the show cause I want your story to be told to all the other people that I have for the interviews because we all have a very unique, amazing story that even if it only touches one person, it's one more person who can start changing their perspective. I'm stepping out of fear.

Rebecca: (40:33)
So true. So very true.

Jacquelyn: (40:36)
Well, do you have any last things that you would like to tell your listeners? Cause I want them to be able to find you and follow you and get your book.

Rebecca: (40:45)
So I, I guess I'll, I'm always nervous doing a little bit of self-promotion, but you can find me on Facebook. It is my personal page on Facebook, but I also have an Instagram account and that is a, I believe a Rebecca, the buy-in as well. Um, I'm on LinkedIn and my book is currently for sale on Amazon, both ebook and paperback. And again, it's titled, why not broccoli and just why not broccoli? It's such a great thing. Yes, I, I love broccoli.

Jacquelyn: (41:17)
I really do actually. Um, all of your links, everything is going to be in the show notes. So I'm going to make it super easy for people to be able to find you. Get your book on Amazon, follow all your pages, and support you. Anybody who has questions, I know that I'm always here, that you can message me. I'm here to support you. I'm sure Rebecca is too. We would love to hear from you. Um, and just thank you. Thank you for being here. Thank you for being amazing. Um, and thank you to all the listeners watching and I hope you all have a really amazing day and I cannot wait to see you at the next one. Absolutely. Thank you so much, Jekyll and this was, this was wonderful. It was my pleasure. Thank you. Thank you. Right, bye guys.