Removing Mental Roadblock to align your mind-body connection to build a confident and successful life with Rashmi Patel

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One of our goals in life is to achieve success. We work hard to attain that no matter what. We sacrifice, persevere, and stay committed until we claim the prize. But before we become successful with our goals, we must never forget where we must first be successful with, ourselves. To do this, we must achieve a great mental and physical for our purpose to reach what we could ever imagine.

Rashmi is a woman who has conquered it all. She has survived struggles more than we could ever imagine, for that she is a true warrior. Her purpose in life is to support achievers who are overly stressed and need support in making their health challenges a higher priority. According to her, more than time management, they need a high level of mind-body function. We know we all experience this once in a while, so join us in the podcast as we talk about this interesting topic.


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Here are so follow up questions I got to ask!

How/why did you start your business? 
To support professionals struggling with overcoming stress, anxiety, depression, pain, leaky gut, and weight loss.
What makes your business unique? 
I focus on the high achievers that are overly stressed and need support in making their health challenges a higher priority. More than time management, they need a high level of mind-body function.
What impact do you want to have in the world or change you want to see or make happen? 
Awareness of proper eating, removing toxicity from daily life, and bringing clarity to themselves. Total body transformation.
Are You Happy with your business, What makes you happy, And What Would You Change? 
Yes definitely, the feeling of 'born-again' when I help my clients is the biggest reward imaginable.
Did You Experience Failures? If So, What Did You Learn From Them 
Is it a failure or lessons learned? I learn every day in ways I can be a better person and channeling my mind in a positive direction.
How Did You Handle Adversity And Doubt? 
Strong will power, it has to come from within, you have it, just need to be shown. I was blessed enough to survive much trauma and it's due to my will to fight on.
Do You Plan On Growing Your Business? How? 
Yes, continue working with 1:1 coaching, group coaching, speaking to various industries to motivate their inner channels.
Do you think self-love and trust are important in running a successful business? Why? 
It is one of the key components. You must love and trust yourself to bring it to your business. Others will automatically resonate with your 'true' self.
What advice would you give someone interested in starting their own business? 
Go with your gut feeling, your passion that has been telling you subconsciously. You just have to listen to yourself.


If you would rather read the interview, feel free to check out the full transcription below! 
Trusting your intuition will lead you to create a passionate and joy-filled life. Are you ready to get turned on to a new way of thinking? Are you ready to meet people who have conversations that speak to the things that truly light you up? What if you had access to a podcast that featured women, just like you, who shared stories that empowered you to let go of a lifetime,
to others' expectations and to start living in the now with passion and joy, I'm Jacqueline Rodriguez, founder of your intuitive light coaching owner of enlightened styles, holistic salon, and your host of the intuitive light podcast for the enlightened entrepreneur. My goal is to help women recognize how tightly they are tied to negative thoughts and other people's expectations so that they can fully embrace and become the untethered CEO.
They've always wanted to be. You're about to meet some amazing women who will inspire you to untether yourself from any fears, the negativity that you carry, and become the untethered CEO of your life. This podcast is for you woman champion, warrior, entrepreneur, mother phenomenon. Hello, and thank you for being on the intuitive light podcast and show. I appreciate you being here today.
I am very happy to have a wonderful guest today. Russia, me, and I can't wait to hear all about her story and everything that she is doing because she's making huge movements in today's world. I absolutely love what she's doing. Rashmi is an integrative nutrition, health life coach that focuses on working with high-performing leaders that are overstressed. She helps them align their mind,
body connection to live with success and joy. She's a motivational speaker that inspires others to remove mental roadblocks, to focus on their goals. I am so excited to hear more about her. Thank you again for being here. And just as a reminder, this podcast today is sponsored by the unleashing or untethered CEO membership. And I want to introduce Rashmi. Welcome.
Hi, thank you for having me here. Appreciate it for being here. I am really, I loved speaking to you the other day. We had such a great conversation and I cannot wait for everyone to hear your story. So please tell us about you and how you got into all of this because you are fascinating. Thank you. Let's see what first of all,
hi, beautiful folks. I am so happy to be talking to you and be in front of my podcast show and having beautiful lady hosting today. It's a break Metformin there. Talk about the journey. You have to understand are my blocks or limitations and were one constant. When we in the situation, I'm stepping on mindset, your mindset is used loosely, but in ours,<inaudible> just going with the,
what you thinking and while your entire body responds. So not usually stems from your past childhood reactions to you tragic event and in this situation, that's how my life, well fun fact from you is when it comes to all that you have about 12,000 to 60,000 men running today, we have about 80% that are negative non 5%. So think about it. If you are having these negative thoughts,
thoughts of negativity, I am trying to focus on making 1 cent. If we tried to, let's say, I don't know if you want, you want a bike, or if you want to become the next CEO of the company, honestly, for looting your escalations, if you are on those negative started when I was, I would say around, Oh,
I have quite an attachment. So I will fast forward to some of the main points, which are understanding what hang points for one time. I remember I was about eight to 10 years old and all of a sudden I started having pain in my stomach and my knees and stemming from, and having the first generation from India. Plus, they're not going to understand what's going on with them.
I do know how to speak to them because it's a huge cultural difference in terms of what we're supposed to tell you versus what you are exploring. So I cleaned up, broke away with these paintings. Now I'll get to the pain and it will make sense towards the later part of the show. So while I'm going through these tragic, clean and stomach,
uh, pain and then so forth, but it shouldn't. I was met with a tragic accident in my senior year, and this was my turning point. During my high school, I lived with basically what my parents told me to do that, to be a talk straight, a student had to basically comply with whatever decisions were made for me to do as I should,
based upon what merit telling me. And obviously, I'm not trying to bash my conduct. This is not a session for that. I love my parents made me understand that there is a huge cultural difference growing up. I'm not going to be in sync with a lot of words, situations, most of our parents or parents, of course. So Jacqueline, what happened was one day was I was going through the thoughts of,
you know, because my, my, I, I never good enough when they're on how many days I got or how much the child I was. It was just, it was burdening and just couldn't be yourself. He couldn't leave him on top of your lungs. I would want to beat this way, or I want to follow these dreams and aspirations senior year,
I met with a horrible accent, and I remember this very clearly. I worked, we were just a boring library and I was come up with classmates and, you know, the car had, it was wet that day and it just completely blacked out. Had no idea. I was told that the whole topic, and I just remember a jacket that I woke up, and I can just coaching on and white,
white, white, and I fully realize, okay, this is what's going on. And then finally, you're conscious of it. I understand. You're paralyzed. You're not even in that situation. That's not actually dead or alive in nausea, understanding that she has in mind. Yeah. So, um, my senior year songs through Miami, No, we'll keep that a secret I'm young.
So it was, it was a, I didn't know how to overcome because the doctors had mentioned I'll never walk again, never bear anything. I would pretty much eat. The vegetable was just a waste of the fall. I would never be able to walk. I was going to paralyzed for the rest of my life. So obviously, as you can see,
I'm able to move talk. You're probably wondering how does that, yeah. I mean, that's a Scary scenario to be faced with so young, and I can't imagine what was going through your head, but not only going through your head, but the actual roadblocks of, I mean, especially when a doctor gives you such a heavy diagnosis, a lot of the times people take that on as truth and facts,
and then that can stifle how you recover from things. So I think that this is amazing how well you're doing now and the things that you had to be telling yourself to be able to mentally overcome all of that. Absolutely correct. And what other things that really, two elements really overcome a lot of these challenges, mental pain from suffering from,
uh, I had, I was lucky enough to have two sons at that time. Um, our high school days within go form setting may not have been, as I would have liked, or I felt like, you know, dropped down a self-rating, really relied on my son's diet. And that, that was a blessing I could easily, you know,
bomb through depression and insecurities. When I couldn't bond through drugs, smoking fights, you name it because you build so much anger and frustration that you just want to let it out. And I'm not saying that I do have anger, but having, you know, social splash and I had in high school really taught me Jacqueline because they would kind of show me the way and supported me and gave me this slot in my life that,
you know, I was not, and there was something good about my kind of helped me to go over some of these years. And then, um, when I met with my tragic accident, the same group of friends every day, offer help with exams, um, the, uh, applications for this, uh, the college. And I'm telling you that you had a tribe of school,
that's going to help you to become that confidence and build that inner confidence that you need to overcome certain struggles and hurdles. Yeah, my accident, if it wasn't for them, that became everything to see how I was doing in a simple question, how's your pain today. I helped to write it even for your child goes a long way, a long way.
Well, And that's, I mean, that's a super powerful statement because of where you were and how you were able to get through that. And it's really what I teach. You know, everybody, all my students now is that community and, you know, entrepreneurship is not that type of struggle, but we all have our struggles in our lives. And if you Around yourself with people that truly care and want to support and lift you that right there can save you from all of the depression and anxieties and,
um, stress that comes along with struggles in life. Right? Absolutely. And one of the things that I do teach or coach is, um, being true to yourself, being true to yourself, and you have a sense of gratitude and you, I just think the word is a diploma. You know, if you believe you want someone to love you,
or if you want someone to care for you, you have to really generally. And that's honestly what I try to teach on how to love someone and how to generally and Jacqueline. Honestly, when I was a young girl, I started realizing that that moment that because of the influence I had around me and how we're that kind of uplift, it's not them.
I wouldn't even be here to tell you my life story on what gratitude means, what affection is, and how to love one another. As you said, she elements social structure to move to the next level. Whether you're starting your own business, wherever you are no take to working with the kids, you need to have that sense of law. You need to have a sense of being openhearted and follow that truth.
Whether you're teaching your kids something, whether it be the next entrepreneur, you want to feel it. Once you showed up, this is who you are. And honestly, that's when you're going to be a successful one. Yeah. And that's what I coached to lead your life through your heart. And it really affects every single aspect of your life. And when you start to learn,
cause you can't give love until you start to learn to love yourself. And that's where all of that comes from. So when you can start to learn to love yourself and trust yourself like you were talking, then all of a sudden you can add that to every aspect of your life and your life becomes so much richer and you become successful in your vision of success because we all have something different,
but that is such a powerful and key point of opening up and being able to lead from your heart in everything that you do. Absolutely. Jacqueline Take a spin on what you said, being open. Uh, recently I lost my entire house. Um, I was homeless, I guess you can say my entire family was, uh, came back from a conference and Vegas came back and my total was flooded,
not split second. And you know what you're so that's the idea was to reach out to my friends the next day, just to get that comfort. And, you know, just to make sure that I was not a gang going through this traumatic shock because now it's not just me. It's my kids and my husband. And how do I handle this situation with them?
How do I work with the pain points? That's when it's not that I needed something from my social support, it's more of an empowering you to move forward in this world. And these friends recently, I couldn't have done it. I, they were there to help me while into our house. He constructed. They were there just to go there to take care of my kids and my dog.
I mean, it was a blessing. And that honestly, if you are honest to them and loving them and open that's what happens is when you say I love you and I care for you and I want you to be happy and I want you to be successful. That is reciprocated back to you. Of course. Well, it's all energetic. We have all this energy around us and we choose what we want our energy to be.
And when we are giving loving energy and caring energy, that's, what's put out into the universe and we do get that a hundred times fold. So when we need it, we're there. But that's, what's so important about remembering what your energetic footprint is, Right? I'm very conscious about it and want to support and love on others. No matter what,
Like we've got to In like right now, we're going through a lot of things in this world. If we could all just focus on coming from the heart and bringing more love into our energy, lots of things, It could change a lot. Wonderful things could come from this. Yes. And, um, going back to the mental health aspect of the solution for you.
So the reason I find social support hot topic is because when you have that Stripe, it leases a lot of mental illnesses, such as, you know, the depression, the loneliness, the suicidal thoughts, the alcohol abuse, or even the cardiovascular diseases that people go through the home pressure. And you're just overall all twin, do your brain function to sync with what you need to do.
That is all linked to social support, you can't. And the fact that you can just have so many health dances for social support. I highly advise that when you're done with this tall, the people who want to reach out to who you want to feel, you want to message that one simple app, it's going to change your perception of who you want in your wife and what you want A hundred percent.
And I think that it's, it is sad that I I've asked this question in like groups and stuff before. And, um, I've asked, you know, who, who here feels like they have a little tribe and a support team that they could rely on. And I was shocked by the number of people who do not have that. So one of my goals with this podcast,
for instance, and with my communities is I want to be that I want to create that. And I want to show stories of beautiful, inspiring, wonderful women who also want that because we can all come together and create these safe, supportive, wonderful communities where we're lifting each other. And that doesn't mean that you know, you reach out and you talk to everybody every single day.
Like I get it. I'm a busy, full time, you know, crazy entrepreneur, mother, wife, you name it. I got stuff going on. But the fact is is that when we put a little bit more time and love into these relationships, even if it is just thinking of someone and sending a quick Facebook, Hey, I was just thinking about you,
Sorry, how are you done? You know, quick and easy, but it made me so sad to see that not enough people have this type of support. And this is one of my goals that this is so important. And you see from your story, how much it can actually change. Absolutely. And you you're so on point because if you just reach out even one person a day in your busy schedule
because I am really, everyone's busy, but think about it in that busy schedule, if you can just reach out and someone pays back gratitude, thank you for thinking about me. Yeah. Fulfill you. It will make you still feel so important. So good that she was there before. Yeah. And the thing is, is if you take, cause it'll just be a,
a sporadic like, Oh, I wonder how she's doing. And I just, instead of letting it go by, no, sometimes it happens. Like I can't message right away, but I try really hard that if I if somebody pops into my head, even if I haven't talked to them in a while, I just send a quick message. And almost always what ends up happening is I have sent out energy to someone who at the time,
I didn't know this, but they needed it. They needed a friendly, hello. They needed support. And I've gotten messages back like, Oh my gosh, like I totally just needed that. Hello. And it's made such a big difference and I don't even know what's going on in their lives, you know, that closely. But being able to just reach out,
then I can support them further. And sometimes they need a little more support. And other times they're just like, thank you so much for saying hi, I miss you too. Yeah. And the story, and honestly, it's an end of your loneliness. Yeah. Affection towards someone has killed that loneliness. We are going through at this moment, as you said,
there's just so many people. I mean, the amount of folks that I speak to, the number one concern is that solving that has been known and you're all depressed and they don't know how to overcome this and bringing the entire help. And some of who are still frustrated with their situation, that lots of bits, you know, I don't want anything else to happen to them.
That's where she said, just text them. You mean by it? Or unfortunately, a cup of coffee, you know? Yeah. I'll have a glass of wine. I'm not my wine. Don't have, you know, five minutes is all you need. That's not going to take much of your time, whether it's carbon in your daily schedule down on your calendar and say,
no, this is my time to speak to whichever friends who we met that day. That's what I do. I honestly, I have blocked X amount of time for myself, have blocked and applied for me to go and reach out to friends, people that I want in life that I wanted them to be part of my tribe. And I have blocked them,
never schedule where I reached out to people that I even, I want to get to know, there's nothing wrong with it. You will see that it's, it's no longer feel alone because I have that of anxiety or panic attack. At least it's all going to disappear. Yeah. And the thing is, is once we do that and the energetic shifts and vibrations that you put out,
it actually helps lift the vibration of the entire world. When each one of us just takes that tiny little bit of time to do that. So it's massively impactful in the world in other people's lives and yours. And it is a very simple thing that we can do. But just from your story, seeing how you were able to overcome these huge struggles,
these things that, yeah. I mean, the doctor said you would never walk again and look at how amazing, and it all started with this amazing tribe and the support. Yeah. And going through the accident. Actually, I know we spent a lot of time talking to me about social support and it was quite important. It is about visualization. And that's honestly what helped me to come back and walk again.
And I'll, I'll go over that a little bit in terms of why that's important and how you can apply that in your daily life at a young age was senior year. When I was paralyzed, I had, there were, of course, thoughts in me like, you know what, this is it I'm done. I'm good. My life is over and there's nothing to live for.
Of course, you have these thoughts. Right. Um, and the other conflicting thought was, I'm too young. I just started living. I just want to enjoy it, I want to have kids. I want to enjoy the life that God's given me. I want to be there and meet more people and see who I'm all about. So these conflicts, the inner conflict we go through.
Eventually, you have to understand how to overcome and the positive inner talks you give yourself. It has to eventually be done. And that's what happened to me. And I'm going to take a few minutes to talk about how I did that while I was in bed. Uh, pretty much only have the ability to move from my neck and neck up actually. And now,
um, what I did was I kept giving myself a positive self clock and Rashmi. It's not a river it's you are going to be good. You are going to live. You are going to be a happy person. You are going to enjoy the life that you've been given. So this positive self-talk, I kept giving, I kept getting pushed my avoidance, and do you know what I was doing?
I was strengthening. My mom Was because I was doing my mind with a positive aspirational and positive belief in me. Remember what I mentioned is that, you know, 80% are all negative thoughts. So when you're turning that into positive thoughts, you are eventually going to believe you're going to eventually be doing good. And that's what, as a young girl, I started thinking,
so from my image, I kind of got on the wheelchair and from the wheelchair, I thought onto the crutches. And the reason for that wheelchair crutches was because I kept visualizing my 42 dens. Again, I'm very proud of anything. I enjoy it, turn that music on and I'm there. I can tell lessons that the power of music could be the energy,
you know, just being herself and your body's feeling. And I, I, I really think one should try that. You know, just not the music, not the beat, and just think about the beat and enjoy it. And that's what helped me is that power of me wanting to dance. Again, I didn't care about as much as I wanted to dance, and every day in the morning after the night,
I just, because I have nothing there to do, obviously. So I would just think about and visualize how I wanted. Now, I'm going to give you that little bit of tips tricks, go ahead, and just close your eyes and think for a moment. What's something you are wanting. Some things you want to think about the way it looks. You see the colors,
you can touch it. You can even taste it. Yes. This tall, amazing excuse to have that in your life, smell the beauty of it closely. How you smiling, having what in your life. Now slowly opening up seconds. We had the power to smile upon how to get that matching. You did that every day for longer periods of time.
And what's that gonna do for you is the power of visualizing your skills. Once you want to overcome something, visualize that target really honestly because I'm assuming it would be the best time where you're all along and you can visualize this thought. And that's exactly what I did. And now before you name it and I have two beautiful kids, it's the power of motivating yourself to achieve what should be not.
It's so powerful. And when, when you were talking about the thoughts and the beliefs like you said, I think we have anywhere from like 60,000 thoughts a second, we don't compute them. We can't, but the automatic ones are the ones that are on a loop. And when we have those negative loops, then that's what we're manifesting.
That's what we believe. It's a belief system. It goes from thought to emotion, to a belief. And when we believe you've believed that you would dance again, you could have had other beliefs. You could have believed that you were never gonna walk again or whatever. I mean, when we have those, but the power of actually taking a thought,
emotion, and turning it into a belief. And I think it takes something like 67 times to repeat, have that loop going until it becomes a belief. And when we have the beliefs, we're unstoppable, You are unstoppable. Yes, I am so glad to be speaking with you. You can get it. Most people, I have had people when I give these talks say rush me.
But that was when you were young, you have a powerful mind. You're strong. And you know, you don't have all these filters such as jobs and insecurities of kids and, uh, financial distress or, you know, but I'm asking you, someone who's older than you is having the same thought about you while you're at this age. Think about someone who's younger and so forth.
That's that cycle of negativity, that belief that you are holding onto, it's the banking you from thinking and overcoming The power of realizing those negative beliefs and being able to change the story because here's the thing. We all have been through something. Okay. So when you were younger, you went through that. Okay. I had a younger mind. Okay.
So you were older when you lost your house. We were all older. When we went through a pandemic, when you're all older, when we've lost jobs or, or whatever, the stress, you know, got out of a relationship, got divorced, had kids like all of these things. We have those automatic beliefs and thoughts, but when we have that power and literally everyone has this power,
there's no, well, I'm this. Or I can't do that. Yes, you can. We all can. But Changing the belief that you can. Right. Great. Yes. And, I think everyone is capable of doing it. Everyone is, uh, for example, when I'll take my personal experience with my own, my own kids,
when it comes to the belief system of because, you know, being kids, they don't want to listen to their mom where honestly, if I can just win that over, Oh my God, there is this medication just to call things down. And it's a daily practice I do just to think more positively. And once my, one of my younger ones,
the younger child, he said, mom, what are you doing? And I am, I can sleep. I can this. So I said, you know what? I know, honey, you don't think these are skills that you want to apply in your life, but just try to make your mom happy. Or he did the first time he slept,
he did it the second time. He's like, mom, I want to try that again. Whenever you did get the second day, he was like, mom, I'm actually smoking. Or now your belief stops that negative flow. And you know, if kids here are to be, let me tell you, they can be teenagers. We can talk on and on about teenagers,
but Oh yeah. Interject your thought. And they can be turned those thoughts into positive. You all can do it. Yeah. And it doesn't matter what walk of life you've come through. We, I mean, if you can get over and come out of a diagnosis that you will never walk or dance again, just through the supportive community through, um,
your belief system, visualizing it. I mean, imagine, imagine what we can all do. And it does all start. We we've talked about social support. We've talked about the vision and how powerful our minds are. And here's the thing. If you don't have somebody, you can rely on, if you don't have that tribe, we are here.
This is what we do and why we care so much because every single person should have that tribe. Right? Every single person should have someone that they can rely on. Exactly. Find your people. I agree with you. And one of the elements that I think one should consider that kind of ties things like give you the complete cycle on building that social structure and visualizing your balls is also how you handle yourself here.
Most of us are always, we're so busy. We just don't take the time to stop and think, Hey, how am I healing my body? What am I doing to it? Is it damaging? Is it actually helping me in the long run? What am I doing? It's so crucial. What self-care? A little bit about meditation and walking in,
reaching out, and so forth. Proper eating is extremely important. I can't stress that enough. Uh, and that's because you've got the mind, body connection. If you're not eating properly, honestly, Jacqueline, that's what you're doing. And you're damaging your brain. For example, you're feeding it junk food. Well, you're not going to have a healthy mindset.
There are so many statistics linked to the gut. And when I got the mindset and it's all related to your depression, anxiety on terms of what you were eating and what you've taken in your body, not my own that I like to share is on my stroke. I went through it. Yeah. Right. So that was a couple of years ago as it is,
I'm in the health industry. So, um, I knew that when I was going through what I was, what it was, even though my mind just didn't want to believe that I was, is holding when they just try to go out to some party. And then I'm talking on a phone and I just remember how I faint heavily on my left side.
And I just couldn't get my words out. And then I was holding the phone and my hands became light. And the phone just causes obviously, you know, I just could feel my hands. And before you know it, I fell to the ground because my entire body just couldn't support me. And I thought was scarier these in my accident because I was,
I was awake and I could see myself in my accident. Yeah. I ha I was locked down and you know, and I woke up and I was paralyzed. Okay, that's fine. This is when you actually seeing yourself paralyzed. You're seeing yourself not being able to move. And you're just 30 minutes before that. Why? Before I was talking to someone on the phone,
I was just thinking, Oh my guys at this threshold, why I, you know, I wanted to bring in financially. I, you know, my kids are not listening and you know, and I need to improve on this situation. You know, you're all of these negative thoughts start coming, right. That's what I was going through. That period of extremely high stress and needing the help environment.
You think I can coach myself, but you suggest those things, let it happen. Let it happen. The point I was doing this, come on, stop for one year. And what is the result? Was this, the important thing that I heard from that is when you said, I know all of this, but I can't coach myself through it.
That is imperative. When we have those social supports, that is imperative. When we hire coaches, because I have multiple coaches, I have people because we can't get out of our own way. We see things and we have those thoughts. You need to have somebody else to come in, who doesn't have the same thoughts that you do and see things from the outside to help you pull those thoughts and those beliefs out so that you can start changing them and not have all of those negative loops in our system,
because it will affect your entire body. And that's why self-care and getting coaching and having the right people around you are imperative to your health, your life, and your success. Right? I agree. I mean, mentors and guidance guide coaches, they're all so important. And I, I, after that, I started listening because luckily I call that a stroke of luck
because that was a rude awakening of saying, you better shape up. You need to go back to that life. You need it to make it strong. And to enjoy what you've seen thus far. And that's when I started realizing that one of the biggest concerns was my eating habits. I had worked on my mindset where I, you know,
my belief systems, my positivity, my meditation, my group, but I was not focused as much on my eating habits. And that that's where I lacked. So of course I started working through it. I started focusing on what she is telling me. I have my, I have celiac disease, and with escalate disease when you're younger. Yeah. You can tolerate things a lot better,
but what, the older you go, your body can't handle it and you can't tolerate some pain and support. Remember I was telling you when I was younger, I was going through all that stomach pain. I don't make sense now. Right? Because of all these years of eating junk through like Maccabees and grabbing girls. So that's what we lived, you know,
pizza. So when you are eating all that, not realizing it will have an everlasting impact on you. And that's what he did to me. So I removed the dairy out of me because, you know, I was lactose I, my eating habits of making sure it's all raw vegetables and fresh fruits and so forth. And I wasn't going too much detail on the
actual food because we talked to people back. But the main thing you want to take away from this is to listen to your bottle needs and nourish it because when you nourishing your body, or if you having pain is calling you, whatever you pleading it, it's not working for you. The move that toxins out of your body, you need to move that that's going lead to diseases and the material in your body.
And that's going to give you the men mental illness that, that stress I was having, that stroke that I had was all because I was. So I was just every way I would come home at 10:00 PM and just try to eat whatever I twit not or be so busy with my work that I just, whatever junk food I could get or pasta food I could order.
I just kept feeding myself. I was able to, because of the stroke, I gained like 35 pounds. Pretty big after that, that's not present. Size is not the issue. If you can, if that's the potty top for me, it was an issue because I couldn't move. I couldn't do anything. I was so lethargic. I had,
I went to fatigue every time I got up, I would just faint and cycle. And because when you are overweight and you can't move, you need to channel your thoughts and make sure you do something about it. Try focusing on just even five minutes. I had to walk because that's all I could do. And then five minutes to 30 minutes. Now I can walk five miles and jump around and lift weights.
It's an amazing feeling, but no, it wasn't easy. I was able to stop eating Bryce seven and focus on what I fed my body. I was able to focus on me, which is the self-care required before anyone else it was me first, then the spouse, then everybody else. Because if you don't take care of yourself, Jacqueline, there's no way you can take care of anyone else.
And I don't know how to stress that importance. It's the same thing on a plane. Like you're supposed to put your breathing mask on first so that you can help more. If you don't practice self-care, then you can't help your kids and you can't help your spouse and you can't help the people in your community, your friends, or your clients or anyone else.
Because the thing is, is that no matter how much we think, Oh, I'm helping them, helping them, helping them see what we're actually doing. And then that gets taught that it's okay. So especially with our children, right? And the thing is, is our bodies and the universe will show us. Signals will show us that, Hey,
we need to change this up. And if you don't listen, then it will stop you in your tracks by giving you a stroke or having a, you know, heart attacks or, or just simply you get sick. I know that the stress, and if I'm not listening, my body forces me to shut down by making me get sick. So it's all so imperative to start taking care of yourself,
especially if you want to be because we're here. We're entrepreneurs. Like if you want to be a successful entrepreneur, you've got to take care of yourself. You've got to have self-care. And trust me, I've been there too, where I was too busy. I didn't take care. And I was E I would come home late and I would just eat whatever I could.
And then you start with the cravings. And then you it's like this huge cycle that snowballs, and as it's falling, you just get worse and worse. If you don't cut it Right. And because the disgust causes overeating and emotional eating at the end of the day, you're just trying to put something in your mouth to saturate your thoughts of whether you're missing out on your affection or missing out on,
or you're trying to balance your, you know, your anxiety. So that's stress, you're having it alert you that you need to take care of your proper eating habits and then nutritional. Yeah. Your nutrition is out of sync and you need to focus on what you want to put in that body. Start with water first, are you drinking enough water a day?
So those are simple things you can change in your lungs. You know, just even the fats, what are the healthy fats you're taking avocado. Start with that First spot, avocado coconuts, you know, and you go to the farmer's market. What are the bonds? Even if you are not able to go on your Wednesday spot stays farmer's market, grocery stores.
And then of course, if you love your bread, Oh my gosh, I, there are times where I prayed and I try to avoid some bad carbs, but if you don't have a hundred percent, whole grain, so why not put the, what I'm telling you? There's a way to work on your stress on stop overeating and eating. One takeaway for you with nutrition is if you are one of those people,
which I am by the way, and good times works after I've eaten dinner, I still create something I want to snack. I want to watch TV. And I want to, what do you do? Because you don't want to like, feel that you just want to hold onto yourself and not feeling good. Insider quench. That is by taking snacks such as good mommy or pumpkin seeds,
for example, or almonds or flaxseeds, or, you know, those are good nuts, and seeds that you can have as a snacking. So I like carrots with hummus Or cucumbers. I mean, there's cause I like the crunch too, but also what I've learned is don't deprive yourself. So like my daughter loves To bake And I'm going through a detox now because I realized that I had not been really taking care.
So I'm detoxing my body. Cause I also have an autoimmune that Allego and I want, I want it to just get rid of stuff and see how my body reacted. But so I'm eating certain things and everything. But if my daughter bakes, I'll have a cupcake, it's not going to kill me, but two or three, and I'm not going to open a whole bag of chips.
Cause I love chips. I know I'm not gonna eat the whole bag. I grab a little bit. And you know, and the thing is too with your nutrition is if you don't know where to start, Reach out, get help, right? There are people out there there's so much free content and there's plenty of people who can help you like you,
where you could give them information and help create more of a sustained new habit versus just, Oh, I've got to do this crazy thing. And now I can't eat sweets for the rest of my life. Like that is not sustained. Absolutely. And because you and I have autoimmune deficiencies, one of the good things you that you made a good point is each person's body type is different.
So based upon what I'm going through, you're not an autoimmune, and what you're maybe completely two different situations. The nutritional cake is going to be different than you are not. I lose energy quite fast. So need something to keep me going. And whereas your situation, you can handle the energy level. You can cheat here and there. So we need to work on that.
We need to focus on that individual's lifestyle and their body type to work with their nutritional habits. And that's going back to, in terms of reading, you can read all day, all night, but that's not going to give you that extra level of guardians. And that's, what's right for you For your body type. You've got to figure that out first,
not read what everybody else is doing, Right? Because I tell you at a high-level day in, day out, but I'm listening, know what you're going through. It's going to be hard for me to let you know exactly what to do. For example, those who have ms or RA or someone who is diabetic, blood pressure, they're all different people and different walks of life.
And they're going to have different nutritional needs for their body. And that's what we need to understand that you got to take care of yourself and what's the right food in the system. Maybe it's okay, maybe you can do that. I can't. And so you need to understand just because you reading something that says dairy removed needs to be removed out of your life doesn't mean that it may be bad or good.
You maybe know this comfort food for you never know. So, um, you just have to understand the other thing that you made a good point. Um, not everything has to be level. I think you applied the 90 10 rule, you know, once in a while, but none of them can be grateful. It's just healthy, but it's how you make your food 10%.
Yeah. You won't even talk to you, but your daughter may. So when you want to go enjoy some movie nights, why not think not popcorn, as long as you are giving yourself overall, 90% of the care you need 10% just be a bad person cares. It's great for your mind. Wait to live it up once in a while. Yeah.
Well, and the stress that you caused by cutting everything out and not allowing yourself, it's just not sustainable and you create more stress than you're doing good. So it's kind of counterproductive, right? But each person is so different. That's why, um, we really got to reach out and find out what's the best solutions for us, whether it is,
you know, the people we're around finding a coach. If we need nutritional health if we need to learn, how do we even do self-care? And I do want to, you know, cause we're almost on a time. So I want to bring everything kind of back together. Cause we could talk and talk and talk and, and I love it.
But bringing everything kind of for full circle is, you know, for everyone listening, reach out, find that support. Where do you feel like you're lacking in your life, your business find someone who can help you guide you point you in the right direction. Find someone who would be able to help you through these things so that you can start making changes in your life and you can be successful on your own.
Right? And you can feel good and you know, the thoughts can be right and the emotions can be right. And we can start creating these beautiful beliefs that we can do. Anything We need to, To an all of our dreams, are right there. If we just change a few things around. Absolutely. And to study men, I like to say that,
first of all, thank you for having me here. It's been a beautiful journey with you. And I just wanted to say that, um, given that how amazed I am with myself, that the small changes I've made, which has allowed me to all these stress because I utilized the sleeping proper sleeping and reading exercise and eating habits on the positive self-talk because that's how I'm able to look myself.
And I overcame the obstacles by empowering myself, by listening to influential people around me, my social tribes. And ultimately I aligned myself in being happy and following my goals, I listening to my body to reach that successful life. And that's what I, my mission is to you. And I want you to have that is by, you know, overcoming this negativity.
I mean racing, you allowed that you are one and the goodness that's in you and that already exists in you, but you may not have seen before. I want you to embrace that. And while you are listening to this, talk about what's changed and I love you guys. Thank you for having you really Thank you so much for being on the show.
I absolutely love what you're doing. I support you and your community and um, to everyone on the show, listening today, thank you for being here. If this resonated with you, if you, you know if you were sitting around like probably like I was nodding and just enjoying the conversation, make sure that you head over to my blog, where we are going to have everything to be able to follow Rashmi.
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That is what this whole podcast is to be a community, to support and uplift women and show you that you are enough, you are worthy when we can all make an impact. And we can all start driving our goals closer and closer to that beautiful dream that we have. So let's vision a beautiful life together and put it to get social support.
Cause we're here for you and then the nutrition and the self-care, those pieces. So many people can help. We will be there to support and guide you. So thank you so much for being on the show. I absolutely loved it and I hope you all have a wonderful day and make sure you head over to the blog, like subscribe to the page and leave us a comment.
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