Starting a brick and mortar business in the covid-19 lockdown With Nina Gately

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With the pandemic happening we are easily worried and anxious. Change is being forced upon us and we are experiencing different things all at once. It is easy to get caught up with what is going on, but right now that we are facing difficult times this is where we must love and trust ourselves more. Remembering that will make a huge impact on our thinking and our daily lives. Instead of thinking negative thoughts, right now is the time to do what we couldn't when we were trapped in our busy lives. So what new thing should we do today?

Nina is a Certified Aromatherapist, essential oils educator, blogger, and workshop creator. She knows first-hand the power of plants for our health and wellness. Nina's mission is to use her experience and education in business and marketing as well as her passion to help people and make a positive difference in their lives.


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If you would rather read the interview, feel free to check out the full transcription below!

Hi, everyone. Welcome to your intuitive light podcast and show I'm your host Jacqueline Rodriguez. And I'm your intuitive healing business coach as well as the owner of enlightened styles, holistic hair and makeup salon in Warrenton, Virginia. And I am coming to you today because I have an amazing friend, Nina, who is, she works with essential oils, and she also is starting a CBD shop right now at the time of this recording.

And we're going through the COVID-19 pandemic and she had already started a brick and mortar business, and now she's having to shift and pivot and things are changing. And I just thought her story was amazing. And when it to bring that to you and have her come on and talk to us about how she is shifting and pivoting and, you know, just help you through the times that you're going through right now.

So again, Nina is going to be coming on right now. Hey, Hi, Jacquelyn thank you for having me here. Oh, thank you so much for being here. I absolutely love everything you do. And you've had such a great relationship over. I feel like it's been a year and a half. I think so. Yeah. Yeah. And we met through Coach Gately's leadership challenge,

the video challenge, and it was funny. We met online and we realized we live in the same town. Oh close. And then we went and had lunch at ghettos and it was a delicious lunch, but then we had such great, great conversation and we have just been connecting ever since. Yes, absolutely. Yeah. I definitely enjoyed your intuitive coaching.

That was life-changing. I have to admit it really enabled me to follow my gut and not doubt myself. Thank you. That means so much to me because that's truly what this whole show, what my whole business, even the salon, like everything, has been around self-love self-trust, and starting to step out of those fears. Right. And it makes such a huge difference to hear it that it's made a change in your life and it applies so much to what you've been going through right now.

Right? Absolutely. So we, I do have a blog as on certified or I'm a certified aromatherapist. I do have a blog and I started that maybe a year ago. It was just slowly growing. And then one of my friends, she actually owns a CBD store in Gainesville. And as she was opening, she asked me, Hey, Hey,

can you help me out? And maybe work a few hours just because of my background and knowledge and experience. I'm like, sure. So as I was working there, I realized I absolutely loved it. I felt accomplished. I just hearing people's stories and see how their lives are changing. And it just, I was, I felt, I loved that place being so fulfilled.

I just loved going there. And then the opportunity opened, or it was just an idea. I and my friend were talking well, you know, I think Warrenton would benefit from a store like this and we can do this. Right. And that was back in November. Well, even in October and in November we started looking for retail spaces and we founded in Warrenton center bride and we loved it.

It was such a cute little place right across Joanne's fabrics. And we, we were in love, but it took us two months, two or three months going and just back and forth with the landlord. And the entire process took a little bit longer than we expected. And finally, on March 9th, we got the keys and then retail space and we were so happy.

And then a week later, like, Oh, the world blew up. Yeah. Yeah. I don't like, why, why, why can't something just be easy. That's not how life works. We just, sometimes we have to, I always say adapt and overcome. And I was, I was like, okay, what do we do now? Right.

I just felt a little bit, I didn't feel discouraged, but I was just thinking I can do this. I can figure it out is because everything is figurable as Marie Forleo, Everything, all tribute to, yes, the book is wonderful. And she does say that all the time, everything is figurable and that helped you get through this time of trying to figure out how you were going to shift and pivot.

Right. Exactly. Exactly. And so we did, so what we decided to do is we can continue with the renovation. The opening date for our retail location is still May 1st. We might not have a grand opening. You know, we might not be able to have all the people come into the store, but we will also provide local delivery and curbside pickup.

So, and that's what, so I also decided to do an online store and I do have some experience in building a website. I did my blog, I built it myself. So that was extremely helpful, but I never built an online or e-commerce store before. So I was like, okay, I'll figure this out. And I was, I kinda like playing.

I spent like two weeks just building the store and it kind of, I did it faster than I expected. I did it through Shopify. And the good opportunity is Shopify is the way I see it, a really good option for brick and mortar stores to bring something, their business online and there as well, apps that you can integrate and offer people where they can choose shipping curbside pickup or local delivery.

So everything is online. Now we'll see with the store, how it goes, it's going to be open and we'll keep it open. But the majority of our business will be through an online store, add your CBD store, Warrington. And then, you know, eventually, hopefully once this silver, we can have our grand opening. Yes. I very much look forward to it.

And I plan on being there. But what would I really would love to know is, I mean, you, you started this journey and for anyone who's opened a brick and mortar, we know that this is not an easy journey and that there's always hiccups in something, you know, it doesn't go smoothly or as planned. So that's kind of normal,

but for you to get your keys. And then all of a sudden, literally the country is on lockdown and we're going through this crazy pandemic. You were able to stay out of fear, but what was that, that thought process of, okay, so now, like you're getting ready to open up brick and mortar, shifting your perspective. What did that look like?

Like what the, or going with the things that you were thinking and how did you get the courage to be like, okay, so I'm not going to just let this take over. We still have options because now we can't physically open and have people in, but we have this beautiful thing called the internet and being able to get all of this together, which means that you'd still be able to open your doors and continue to serve your clients.

Just walk me through like, kind of the thought process of how you decided to shift your perspective. Well, at first, honestly, I didn't, I didn't even know. Everything's just like this big fog. It Looks Like, Oh my gosh, no, literally then I was like, okay, we'll figure this out because everything is figurable. I just had to go through the process of really not doubting myself or just try to get rid of self-doubt.

Can I really do this? Yes, I can. You can. Absolutely. Absolutely. Don't think just because you don't know something, then you can't make it happen. I didn't know how to put this online store. Really. I kind of had somewhat of an idea and ask questions, go online, Google, Google. I think I had 10,

how two tabs open? And one of, I always have so many to ask. So I think, and then I, you know, there are things I was like, I'm not sure if this is going to work, there were days, but I was like, you know what? I don't have a choice. I have two options either I make this happen or I fail.

And failure was never an option when you have, and you know, if something is your passion and you have, you need that grit and determination and just not be afraid, don't ever be afraid to try something new or to do something new. I've never because you would be surprised. I was surprised with myself just because I let myself try. And even if it didn't work,

you know, you don't give up. If it doesn't work right away, you keep trying and keep trying because there is a solution to every problem. I really feel bad. And I just try to get out of our comfort zone. And as I said, not be afraid and just follow your gut, you know it, you know what you need to do.

Your God is telling you just intuition, right? You just follow and you just need to listen to it. And I think that what you said, there is no doubting yourself and don't be afraid to do something new. That's super powerful because right now everyone is in a new normal, we're not able to do the things that we have known to do.

Businesses are having to change. We've got to think of new, exciting ways to stay in business because the alternative truly is closing up doors. Right. And that's why I absolutely love your story because look at the passion and the determination, because you believe, you believe in yourself and that is true power because we can do anything that we want. Right.

I mean, some of them that I have done, like, I look back I'm like, how did I even pull that off? Yeah, yeah. But that's when you have that true, true trust in yourself. And that doesn't always come easy. That was something I had to learn and really lean into. And I continue because we still have things that come up and that,

that make us doubt. Like this could have been something that you started to doubt, but instead, you pulled in deep and you said, okay, I'm going to do something different and you're doing something amazing. And now you're going to have, instead of waiting a year down the road, after you opened the brick and mortar to have an online store. Yeah.

You're going to be able to have both of those in conjunction, going to further your business. Exactly, exactly. And it's, I didn't even know. As you said, the self-doubt it's happens it's you never stop doubting yourself completely, but you'll learn to get over it to say, I can do this and try. I'm going to let myself, even if it doesn't work right away,

I'm going to let myself self fail the first time, you know, it's okay. It's okay to fail and get up and keep going. Because you learned something in that so-called failure. You learn something. Oh, okay. I'm not going to do it like this because this didn't work. Let me shift and pivot. And then we'll try this. And it's constantly trying something new and stepping outside of your box.

And when you said they had all those tabs open, you're determined, but did you also have a support team of, I don't know, people that you can ask questions to or no, no, no. You've just, Well, it's just, I don't even hit it. I just did it. I was so as I was doing it for CBDs a little bit more difficult to get,

not all of the payment processing companies are going to work with a CBD store, even though it's hemp, it's not, you know, a controlled substance, right. Anything. So I did have contact and that we used, they did it for our brick and mortar. So I was like, Hey, do you guys also do CBD commerce? And he's like,

yes, but they're like, and he sent me this full list of requirements. What a website needs to, you know, like terms and conditions, shipping policy. And even when you tried to put a shipping policy together, I was okay, Oh my gosh, how are we going to ship? So what are we going to use? How we do this.

I kinda, I've never stripped products before. So, and eventually, but I kinda like put it all together. It works out. So it's, you know when you think you can do something, don't I heard that often I can do this. Whether you don't know if you can do it or you can unless you try it or at least try to do it,

It's always just taking that first step. And I truly believe, you know, I'm very much into our energy level and what we put out into the universe. And I wholeheartedly believe that once we make a decision that we are going to accomplish something, we send out this whole new energy into the universe and the universe is there to help us put the pieces together, and starts things start just popping up.

That is going to work for you. And that you need it right at the right time. It's like divine timing and a little bit of magic. I feel like sometimes all, we all need a little bit of magic. Yeah. And sometimes it is like this crazy, like how the heck did that workout? It's because we made a decision and we finally stepped into that,

that new place of power that just making the decision and taking that first step, I feel like can be the hardest thing, but then the rest of the pieces start coming together. And it always wows me how much we can do, especially once we've just made that hard decision of taking that first step, and the people who we need kind of start showing up for the things that we do.

Yeah. It's amazing. I did have, I created so many different contexts that, and then while I was working on all this and actually all these contacts are opening some new opportunities for me. So you would be, and we might talk about, I'll tell them more about it. I can't wait to hear, but it's amazing when you open and when you just go and you do and just be yourself and believe in yourself and it's not going to be easy,

but it's amazing how so many doors open to you. And there are so many other opportunities you wouldn't even consider. So, And that is something that we don't even think about. I know before I got really centered in being within myself, like being okay with who I was, I was always looking for outside validation and I was looking for what others thought I should be doing.

But once I took that step into being who I wanted to be, regardless of what other people thought opportunities have opened up to me that I would've never, ever thought possible. Yeah. Just like the coach asked me 10 years ago, I'm a hairstylist. I don't even know what you're talking about. Like that's not, no, I do hair.

And then that grew into entrepreneurship and I've been in hair for 22 years, long time, but I'm going in from something that you think you're going to be doing, stepping into a new space and seeing those doors open up to you, that actually fill you with even more joy than you could have thought possible. Absolutely. And that joy, that's what passion.

You have to have the joy and passion and love what you do. And I love helping people. I either just, I'm educating through my pure essential living blog or, you know, just creating this a CBD store. And, and one of the thanks was I wanted to do free workshops over there, but you know what, I'm just going to put them all online.

It's the same way I was. I would do them in person. I'm like, you know what? We'll just put them all online. Yeah. And what that actually does for you allow you a little bit more flexibility because a lot of people are learning how to do things new, online that they wouldn't have thought like a lot of brick and mortars have had to come up with new ways of their online presence and how they can serve their guests.

But actually, all of that helps them grow and expand in a new way that they would not have even considered doing or that it was even possible before. Absolutely, absolutely. Perfectly. Yeah, absolutely. I agree. A hundred percent. That's so true. So true because you wouldn't even think of all the other possibilities. You wouldn't even maybe know if you,

you know, didn't have to because we just left to do. What's familiar, I believe. And it's just whenever it's something, that's unknown. It's scary. It's scary for sure. It can be scary and doing the familiar, we tend to follow in the footsteps of others who have created businesses, especially brick and mortar. Like there are so many brick and mortar businesses that this is how I do business.

This is how I market. This is how I promote. This is how I sell to my clients. And they don't really think of new, different ways. And they get stuck in a rut. And then when something like this happens, I mean, how many people never even heard of zoom now I didn't have been thrown into zoom. I know we were actually playing family feud on zoom with friends.

I mean, the zoom is the best invention. Oh yeah. There are so many things that you can do or new platforms like I'm on a different platform. And there are so many things that we're starting to find out that can help us grow and expand. And I truly believe that if we take this time right now to get centered, clear out the junk, start thinking of unique ways that we can do business,

we're going to come out of this even better than we could have before. Absolutely. I agree. A hundred percent, a hundred percent. And that's really my hope for the podcast. And for everything else that I'm doing is to show everyone that we can step outside of that box. And I want to be that support. I want to bring people like your story is amazing.

And it's going to be so uplifting for someone who might be going through either the same thing or something similar. They can, you can give them hope that not all is lost and we can stick in this together and start lifting each other. And if you're not even sure where to start, find the person that you think might ask questions, Google,

Google it. You can ask Siri. We can ask Alexa like we have so many things and you can also go online and find support. This is something that was brought up earlier about Facebook, right? There are so many negative things on Facebook that we were seeing and people are actually wanting to leave Facebook because all they see is the negative. I encourage you.

Like, especially if you're going through a hard time or you're trying to figure out things and you need support, use Facebook, get rid of the junk block. Those people, there are three little buttons up top. You can hit that and hide them. So you don't see that, but start finding these groups. I know I have a Facebook group, you have a Facebook group.

There are these groups that are just simply positive and uplifting, and women are here to support you. You just have to ask. Yes. Don't be afraid to ask for help. That's done be afraid. I've seen it before. I, I had some friends tell me, Oh, well, you know, I, I just didn't. I thought he was a stupid question or there's no such thing as a stupid question.

None of us is born with the knowledge of everything. Just because I know more it's, let's say I can help. For example, you know, people are scared to ask just because sometimes we might not want to come across as, Oh, you know, silly, or that's a silly question, or they say, I didn't want to bother you.

Yes. Yeah. The thing is, is that I had to learn things through asking questions and we are all on a different journey. I may have done something that you need to know about, or you need support on and asking the simple question because I asked the same question. It might've been a year ago. It might've been 10 days ago.

You don't know like we don't know everything and reaching out to people who have that you admire that have been there. Trust me. They want to help. And if they shut you down, then just move on to the next person. They're not the right person for you to work with or ask questions. Exactly. Because there are going to be people who don't have time don't want to help.

Don't want to give away their secrets. But there are plenty of people like myself, like you who are here strictly to serve and to lift the entire community, being there to support each other. And no question is silly because every, every single one of us has asked that same question and we're all on. I guarantee you the same chats going,

Oh, thank God. They asked that question.<inaudible> groups or Facebook groups, or, you know, Oh my gosh. So many coaching programs that I've been in the hot seat. And I'm like, Oh, thank God. They asked that question. I did not want to have to be the one asking, but it helps everyone. It helps lift everyone and support.

And that's what we're all about. And everything that you have been going through, you are lifting so many people and I'm so excited for your shop. And I, I just am always amazed by the things that you're doing. And I love supporting you and seeing, you know, where you go with all of this and then we'll have to have a discussion later about the new doors.

I know. I was like, ah, this is all great and awesome. Do you know? I mean, do you know that feeling where you're like, how am I going to do all this? But then you just do it and you go and you don't let it get to you. That's the worst don't get down. Don't let it get you down.

You look back at it and go, dang, how did I do that? I mean, I did it. I'm here. I'm living proof Crazy. Those are The ones where you go back and you just do it kind of like being a mom, you know what you're doing? None of us know what we're doing. I don't care how many blogs you read,

how many books you read. You don't know what you're doing until you just do it. And then you're like, okay, well we all have those where like, Oh, that one works. That one didn't I won't, I won't do that one again. Or I won't try something new. Yeah, yeah, no, you're absolute. And you're like,

I'm still here, you know, alive. Yeah, absolutely. Absolutely. That's true. And you know what? I, I feel like it's because I love doing this so much. It's my passion for the essential oils, aromatherapy CBD. And especially when I was at the store, just seeing people's smiles and coming back to the store and say,

thank you to me when they see their smile and how happy they are, this that's my happiness, you know? Yeah. I know. And if I can make a difference in one person's life or it's just priceless, it's what keeps me going, you know? Yeah. And it's what makes it easy to get through the hard times. Yes, absolutely.

Absolutely. You have to have that passion and, and a desire to serve and help. Yeah. And I think it's really important too, to recognize, like, have that centering ability to know what is it that you really love doing? What brings you joy, but then also what feels like it's not even working because yeah. That's the goal, right?

That's w you need your intuition. That's fire. I remember after working with you, I felt like it was much, much easier for me to kind of sort through, Oh yeah. I, I really didn't want to deal with this. I don't want to do this. You know, maybe an opportunity, even when opportunities come your way, it doesn't mean you should accept all of them,

because then you stretch yourself. Then, you start doing things that you really don't have a passion for. And that's not where you want to go. I learned that. And it's okay to say no. And let go of things that don't align with who you are and when you want to do and just pursue. Because maybe because that opportunity is not here today,

it doesn't mean it's not going to be tomorrow. So Thank you for saying that, because this is, and for all of our viewers, this is your permission to just say no to things. If it doesn't align with you, because I know as an entrepreneur, there are so many opportunities and those doors start flying open. And sometimes it may look very tempting because it worked so well for someone else.

Or look at this person, I love what they're doing. So I have to do everything they do, but I don't really like doing it, but I have to because that's what that person's doing. You know, we're always following what everybody else does, but the reason it works so well for someone else is that that is what aligns with them.

Exactly. And if it doesn't align with you, it is not going to work. Exactly. You're still going to end up. Yeah. You're still gonna end up waking in the morning with the sick feeling to your stomach, you know? Oh my gosh, I have to do this today. But you know, when, when it's truly your passion and it aligns with who you are and how you do things and just being yourself and following your intuition,

then it's so easy. It's easy. And even if it's something during the day that you really don't feel like doing, it's not hard. It doesn't, it's like, okay, I gotta do it. And you just got to, Well, then you get through the hard things because you know, that that hard thing allows you to move forward and do the thing that lights you up.

Yes. Because every business has stuff that we don't want to do. I mean, I don't ever want to sit and do my taxes, or I know an accountant calls me and says, Hey, I have a list of receipts that you need to put in there. I was like, I don't know, yesterday. I was like, Oh my God,

I've already had my accountant calling me like, Oh, you have time. I need these things. I'm like, Oh, but I wanted to podcast. I want to talk to people. I'm busy. I'm very, very busy. It's so amazing to have that clarity and to, you know, just permit yourself, not to take on everything.

Don't stretch yourself. I am a serial entrepreneur. I like a lot of different things. I like having my hands on a lot of different things, but I will tell you every single one of them lights me up. So I don't feel stretched. I don't feel overworked or overwhelmed because I so enjoy doing all of the different things. But there was a time where I had some things on my plate that didn't align with me and that was very heavy.

They felt heavy. So I had to make a hard decision sometimes and cut that from my, you know, from my business or my life, just depending on what you're looking at there, but it's okay. It doesn't mean that I failed at those things. It just means that they no longer aligned with me and brought me joy. I redirected and found something that did bring me joy.

Absolutely. Absolutely. And You know, it's just, I feel sometimes it's very difficult to admit that something doesn't align accept, because especially if you, if we work really hard on it in the past week, especially with putting money effort time, then it's very difficult to let it go. But, but you have to, if, if it doesn't align,

it's just gonna, I dunno, choke you or basically like, yeah. It's, it's definitely not something we want to do for sure. No. And what would you say, like if you've had to give up something that maybe you've put a lot of money in time and effort, do you agree that it still is not a failure or a waste of time because you,

you have to go through some of those things and you learn valuable lessons. So I, to what you're doing next, right? Absolutely. Absolutely. I mean, everything I did in my life, for example, I have my bachelor's in accounting. I never worked in accounting. I spent a lot of money to get that degree, but you know what,

today, if I need to do quick books on the figure it out, for example, it's a silly thing. But when it looks, yeah. But today I use it. I know how to do I go into QuickBooks. And I CA I don't have time for, to do that all the time. I have an accountant, but, you know,

I'm, I know what's going on. I can see, I can read reports. I can understand, I understand inventory. I understand creating a process. So everything that I did, all my education in the past that I might have used then, or all the online courses that I took, sometimes I was like, well, I didn't really use it,

but I learned something. And I realized as a moving forward, I implemented something. I, the knowledge I had from my past that I gained through many different things. I actually utilizing it daily today. So it's nothing. And, and even if it's just a, a business that fails, I would say, I mean, it's learning,

it's, it's an experience. You ha you, you learn something from, and, you know, so just get up and keep going. Yeah. And I feel like you either learn something that you continue and you take on with you to the new business, or you learn something that didn't quite work. And you now know in the new business that feels very aligned.

That may be the thing that just, you know, positively explodes your entire world. You learned not to do that thing in your new business to not cause you stress and pain then. So I feel like no matter what, we can't look at these things as failures, we just have to learn from them and know that the knowledge is what's serving us.

And that's where we had to be to learn that, that thing in our lives to become the person who can succeed with a CBD store and brick and mortar and those types of different things, you know? Absolutely. Absolutely. Berkeley said I love having this conversation. Can we forget to open again? Oh, I think she's doing curbside. I told her,

I was like, I think I need something sweet and yummy. I am actually funny. I was at home and I actually learned, taught myself. There's a master class. And I taught myself how to make chocolate mousse from scratch. So yeah. I know stress relief for me cooking and baking. I know my daughter every day is like, can we pay,

can we bake? I'm like, no, not unless you want me to be the size of the house. Like we bake every single day. Well, there's a danger that to Pick and choose our days of Baybayan. Oh my goodness. But I always love having that conversation with you. And again, I really am so excited for you. Do you have any last things that you want to say to our audience?

I just wanna kinda say what else already said, don't down to yourself and you can do this. Don't think you can't, everything is figurable right. There's there is this. I always say there's a solution to every problem. We might not know it right now, but there is one for each problem. And just, don't be scared. Don't be scared of new,

of change of like when you can. I think we are all perfectly capable of doing whatever we put, said my mind to just follow your intuition and your guide and you know, what you need to do, you know it, so, Okay, quiet so that you can hear your intuition and then you can actually follow it so much easier than our egos that try to pop up and it gets kind of crazy.

And I do have a really great meet your intuition and take, you know, tell your ego and inner critic to take a hike. I will include that download where you can go in and download that meditation for you in the show notes, just to give you help. And then I know where I'm going to post all of your, you know, how to find you,

how to follow you, how to keep up with your CBD store and your other, your pure, essential living. Anything else that our viewers need? I will be posting right there. You'll be able to watch all of this right on the blog. And I'm just so, so grateful to our viewers for being here. Make sure you go on and follow her,

make sure you download the meditation so that you can tell your ego to take a hike and start listening to your intuition. Absolutely, absolutely. That ego has got to go. Oh yeah, it does. That's no good. It's just holding you back and there's a great way, to start, you know, centering yourself so that you can hear your intuition more, and then that will lead you on the right path every single time.

Absolutely. Absolutely. Thank you for having me Jacquelyn Yes. Thank you. And we will see you in the next episode.