There was a need and no solution so I created it with Nicole Naples

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God gives us blessings called Daughters so we could have a best friend and a life long friend. We cherish the moment by teaching them the ABCs in their younger years and talk about the girly stuff in their teenage life. With them, we want it to be sprinkles and rainbows all the time, but we know that is not always the case. There would be times when you won't see eye to eye, but whatever happens, we know we love them and would do anything for them no matter what.

Nicole Naples has experienced all this stuff with her daughter. She wanted you to know that you're not alone, and has provided the extra mile to do so. She started the website called "The Girl Link", to create a support group to talk about all the challenges and a space to discuss periods, and boy, and everything under the sun.

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Here are so follow up questions I got to ask!

 How/why did you start your business? 

It was not on purpose! Started with a Q & A on FB with my daughter online about health and fitness which backfired! Then evolved into a real-life support community turned memberships for moms and daughters. 

What makes your business unique? 
We make it easy for moms to address topics with their girls. We are the "sounding board." This is a mom AND daughter approach to learning and growing! One of a kind! It's fun!
What impact do you want to have in the world or change you want to see or make happen? 
That the teen years are not the worst as others tell us, yet they are THE BEST! That we moms can learn not only about this beautiful child we brought into the world but we can learn about ourselves too! It's ok to be vulnerable, it's ok to say I need a little guidance, it's ok to say let's do this together and I am not perfect! By allowing my daughter to "out " me openly, I hope that it breaks down barriers for others and can open up doors of communication in their homes!
Are You Happy with your business, What makes you happy, And What Would You Change? 
YES! YES! YES! I LOVE IT! I would not change anything yet. It is still revealing itself. The Girl Link has a lot more to share! I am enjoying the process!
Did You Experience Failures? If So, What Did You Learn From Them 
Every single day! Bring them on! I learned that I NOW love them. They are leading me to success. Fail Forward. I think of them as a guiding light gently nudging me saying....."No Nicole, not that way, go the other way!"
How Did You Handle Adversity And Doubt? 
At first, I would cry and it would "paralyze" me as they say in this industry. I now give myself about 30-60 minutes to allow that doubt and then I move on.
Do You Plan On Growing Your Business? How? 
YES! I keep following the open doors. We are testing a lot right now. Lead generators, membership models, ads, etc... Evaluating numbers.
Do you think self-love and trust are important in running a successful business? Why? 
Yes! I feel self-love sometimes is learned though running a business. I love myself more and more as this grows. In The Girl Link, I must earn the trust of all the members. It is extremely important to me that our entire community is trustworthy! It is most important that I am trusted!
What advice would you give someone interested in starting their own business? 
Just start!
If you would rather read the interview, feel free to check out the full transcription below!
Hello everyone. And welcome back to the intuitive light podcast. I'm your host, Jacqueline Rodriguez. And I am so excited to have Nicole today. She is the owner of the girl link and it is been really enlightening to get to know her because I have a teenage daughter and you know, I'm a mom, I'm an entrepreneur, a wife, and all of these things mixed.
And I know the struggle of having teenagers in the house and trying to be, um, you know, connect it with my daughter and having that connection. And she has this amazing membership, which I will let her tell you all about it, but I'm so excited to have Nicole on the show today. So without further ado, here's Nicole. Well,
thank you for having me. I'm so excited to have you here. And, you know, we just got to know each other not too long ago, and I joined your membership. Yes, I'm just in the beginning and everything, but I want to hear all about it. And I want you to tell our viewers because this is really important.
I find it really important as a mother and as an entrepreneur to really have that balance with our teenage girls at home. So tell me about you and how you got started in all of this. Okay. My name is Nicole Naples. I'm originally from Northeastern, Pennsylvania, and we traveled down here years ago when my husband was out of school. We're both from,
um, Pennsylvania. We went to Penn state graduates from there and traveled down here, started raising a family. Um, I'm in the health and fitness industry business. My degrees in kinesiology from Penn State. I love it. I'm a lover of health and fitness. Um, I'm a personal trainer, um, nutrition, um, consultant. And what happened was I started as my children were being raised as I was raising my kiddos.
Um, I had a personal training business in my home and over the years, I would love getting involved with the kids with nutrition and fitness. Um, and I started bringing my daughter on, in the fitness, it's part of the business and bringing on some of the questions that we have for our children and nutrition. And how do we incorporate health and fitness?
Well, long story short, one of them went sour and one of the backfire. Yes. And that's where the girl links started to evolve and manifest. So what happened was people were sending in questions for my daughter to answer, and we have a live video it's on Facebook. Many, many, many viewers have seen it. Um, she's now known as the cosmic brownie girl,
because she would answer these questions and not knowing what they would say on them. Um, and I didn't know what she would say. It was like, no filter. Just, this is how it is. It's real. It's raw, no white picket fence in this house. Um, she would, Oh, she answered the question too. Um,
what's your favorite snack, your healthiest snack. And she answered cosmic brownies and it's something that I never buy. And I looked at her and I was saying, what are you talking about? And she said I can go get them. And she had them hidden in the dining room for, I don't know, six, seven months. And it was like a value pack that a friend had given her.
And she had them hidden because we don't travel to our dining room ever. But what twice a year, right? Thanksgiving, Christmas, possibly Easter. So she pulled them out. I have the chills now, as I'm telling you this, because I was embarrassed and I was outed, I thought she was going to say applesauce or Pirate's booty, or,
and she's like cosmic brownies. And she opens it and shares online, live these brownies and she opens it and she starts eating it. And I am literally worried if I'm betting and mortified. And what happened was after that, you can go back and see it. After that people wanted more of that. They wanted the realness, she was stopped in Wagman's and our local sporting goods store.
People were like, you're the girl, you're the girl who hit the Brownings. So, and then it was like a week later, the doorbell rings and ups drop off from a family member. Oh my God. As an of cosmic brownies. So we were handing them out left and right. It was hysterical. Um, and then over time, what happened was we would keep getting questions and they wanted the realness.
They wanted more. So we talked about it, started getting into, um, more about the school, about life. And, and then I said, we got to do more. And it just kept growing and growing and growing. And here we are today, a year and a couple of months later. That's awesome. I love that story because that is classic kids,
right. How they are. And there, there's no filter, none. It's always going to be embarrassing for the mother. You know, I taught you all of these healthy things and you're sharing. I was so proud. I was like, what's she going to say? And I leave them on the cooktop. And so that they can eat more veggies during the day when they pass by.
And I'm thinking, she's going to say something like that. And she's like cosmic brownies. And I was literally sweating online. And Oh, you saw me get mad. I mean, it was a pure, raw, real moment. Okay. I have to say that scares the bejesus out. Cause I don't care about being open. I'm an open book.
Like I will Talk. It's fine. But I, it scares me to even think about having my daughter on it because the realness that comes out of her, I know, I know. I just wouldn't even know what to do. Well, when I was younger, my mother used to say, um, she used to always say, you know,
wait, you're going to get payback, you know? But she used to describe me as I'm subtle as a train wreck and I'm thinking, Oh my God, I got one subtle as a train wreck, plant potatoes, get potatoes. That's hilarious. My mom always said that to me too. You just wait, it's going to come back to you 10 times worse.
I'm like, yeah, mom, why wouldn't you like, you know, why would you say that first off? I'm a perfect angel. So I'm going to get a perfect, she just rolls her eyes. And now with this platform and the girl link, we've given my girl and other girls voices and how to communicate. So now it's kind of like,
Whoa, what did, what did we do here? Created a monster. My daughter's dream has been, she wants a whole YouTube channel on what she wants to do, but she wants a platform to talk on. Right. Um, and her mom looks at her mom. Yeah. Yeah. And I can't say much. And she's really excited that I started the podcast.
And because my, my husband always says, you know, like when she's getting into drama and everything, he's like, this is not the Naima show. Yeah. Calm down. You're not on a show right now. I told them, I'm like, yeah. So I'm going to start my own show. Jason's like, Oh Lord, you're stealing her dream.
I know. I know. And she so badly wants to do it. And I was actually following, this is totally going off subject. But I was following a few people in the podcast world. And like we were talking back and forth and there's this teenage girl, who's an entrepreneur. And she started a podcast and I'm like, Oh my gosh,
I've got to get my daughter to hear her. And you know, cause I'm always encouraging my kids to be entrepreneurs. Not that they have to choose that. But right now it's, they're so creative. And I want them to at least learn the steps. Cause if they grow up and they don't want to be an entrepreneur, cool. No pressure,
but I want them to think outside of the box. Um, so I have been like, I've put them in the young entrepreneurship classes and they started the bit that I just think it's so important. What do they start? My daughter started a dog cooking business. So she made cupcakes and little breath mints for the dogs. I all that info for The girl link.
I need to put that in my email. Yeah. Well, she's done that to me. I will send you some other information. Cause she stopped that. Cause this was last year and they did this whole fair and my son was making, um, dog toys. So he would take them and braid them and made these really awesome dog toys. So it was like a duo dog.
I love how they've started other things and thinking about different things. My son has been actually it's really cool because he's helping me produce and edit everything for the podcast. Oh wow. 14. Oh, wow. Yup. He's 14. And my daughter's 12 that's um, yeah. It's I love it. And his eyes light up and he knew so much about the potty.
Yeah, they do. I mean, even, you know, like when I was setting up stuff here in the, you know, for today, you know, my son's in here telling me which way to go or which, you know, close the blinds, do this, do that. I mean, they're, they're the creative ones. They're the creative ones.
Yeah. And now I'm starting to see that maybe I need to open that door for my daughter to have a platform. Absolutely. That's why she doesn't know. I don't know where she's at. If she can hear me or not on the DL. Um, I want to start talking to her about, you know, coming up with something like,
I, I want it to be a safe platform. Right. But I want her to be creative and have, you know, something to do. Cause my son has found a lot of joy out of editing and videos and um, doing the podcast. So now I've got to find something for her to do that is appropriate for her age. Yeah.
I agree. That's what we've been doing here at home. Like doing, trying to find different ways to be creative, that things that you're not going to learn in school and we've done some of the masterclasses. Have you seen that online masterclass I'm there or there it's all the celebrities and all the, uh, they're all they're teaching you something, but not just celebrities like,
um, scientists? And it's just, you know, it's just, um, one of my mentors said to me, she says to me all the time you want to open their eyes, just want to open their eyes so that they can see what's out there. You know, it's, it's very, and that's why this was created. It's just open your eyes.
It's not to tell you what to do or where to go. But I live with your eyes wide open like exposure is just key. It's huge. It's huge. And I wholeheartedly believe in all of that while we've got homework and stuff that they've kind of been working on FOC year has not gotten really clear on everything that we're supposed to. Like they're not doing zoom calls and all of that.
Um, but I have been getting the, I got the skill. What was it, Skillshare or something where they can go on and learn, um, Adobe. And I got them the whole package and like letting them learn different things. And I even grabbed a mannequin from the salon and she's been playing with hair and she's done my makeup. And I just want them to be open to different things that,
as you said, you don't learn in school. And it's so important for me to facilitate that, that space for them to be open. Right. And have fun with it and find something that they're passionate about. And you know, on top of all of that, like if they do start some sort of business, then it teaches them so much.
Oh yeah. Yeah. I agree. That's been kind of my thing, trying to get them to be involved in things with the business, but that's why I love your platform. Even though I, like I said, I just am getting into it, but I love your prep form because I want to bring her on into more things and allow her to have that voice and allow her to step up and see that it's not because I don't know about you as a mom.
Sometimes I'm like, I just need to get work done. Like please go away and let me do my work. But I really would love for her to be involved and learn that kind of balance, um, where we can really come together. Right. So like I know that your, your platform with your membership, like, do you want to tell us a little bit more about that?
Yeah. So first what we started as, cause this is fairly new and we just kind of, um, I, it's kind of like a puzzle, like a 5,000 piece puzzle and you keep putting a piece in you're like that doesn't work. That doesn't work. Oh, that one fits. So we're still evolving and peeling back those layers and figuring out,
you know when she wrote she's kept the girl and keeps revealing herself at what this is. Um, we just created the pillars of the girl link, which spells links, L I N K S um, and these links are, um, they just kind of help the girls. What we figured out over the past year, help the girls to,
you know, create more confidence.
A lot of times when I asked the moms when you put your head down at night, what do you want for your girl? Right. Cause I'm doing research. What do you want? Because I'm not a doctor, I'm not a physician. I can not diagnose, but I can create a community where we can help our girls and help ourselves together to grow and help them grow into leaders and better communicators.
I'll say communication. I will say that over and over again because it's, it's huge in life. Um, as we all know, so yeah. Um, what has evolved is are these pillars, right? And if we go after these chunks of pillars and teach these young girls, these young adults, these pillars, they're going to be unstoppable in terms of,
you know, when they go out for interviews or when they, um, they want to start their own business, they're going to have that confidence. And the way that we get confidence is through education, communication, and exposure, which is what we're talking about. Right? Cause your son now is going to have confidence in sharing that information with his friends and your daughter's going to say,
Oh, well, I can help you make, you know, healthier food for your dog. Right. She's going to be able to speak eloquently and confidently on that subject because you've exposed her to that. So exposure, I feel sometimes is such a crazy maybe negative word. I think it's a positive word. I think it's green. Yeah. It's such a positive word.
So the L in links, one of our pillars is to learn effective communication. And what we do is we take a chunk, right? And we take a chunk of weeks and we're teaching the girls, the basics, the foundation of learning effective communication. And they're simple statements. How many times are you in a conversation? And you don't have the words.
Right. And you don't, and you can't, you can't pull that feeling out. Or if it looks like blaming,
we brought in experts to teach us simple things. Like I stated, um, diagrams with feeling words in it. And you can create these words and phrases so that you can effectively communicate. Cause when you can effectively communicate, you get, you can get what you want. Right. You know, when you're assertive yet respectful. Um, I think that's huge. I think it's huge
. That is the epitome of stepping into your strength because what I absolutely love about this and what I've been trying to do with my daughter is, I mean, I teach grown women how to love themselves and know their worth so that they can step out and communicate what they need and what they want.
And, you know, have all of these different things. But trying, you know, trying to teach women who already have a pattern is one thing coming in early and starting with these very emotional teenagers, like these young ladies that are just learning how to step into that role. This is so important because then you don't have to reteach them later, allow them to learn this now.
And Well, I think, And we were talking about this before. I don't know if you're recording then, but I was talking about in a community that I'm in and I'm watching these parents navigate the teenhood and we usually hear, Oh, you've got teenagers. Oh, you'll get it back. You'll get her back at 18. And what I found through this accidentally,
right? Cause this wasn't, this is just Created accidentally because I needed help with my daughter. Um, is that this is our time to teach them that. Right. So we're almost blaming that. Um, when in reality, we've got us to take a step back and say, okay, I struggle with obviously learning how to rise.
So I need to learn to help her. So there's no such thing as I don't agree with. Oh, you have teens. Oh, So you're in a couple of years, I make sense. Totally makes sense. And I actually love that you brought this up and this is one of the things that I really had to work on because,
um, I do a lot of energy work. I do a lot of taking the beliefs and the stories that I'm telling myself and clearing them and rewiring them to be a different perspective. Right. And I'll say my energy healer that I was working with for a while, I had this conversation and I mean, this is real. I went to her and I'm like,
she never does what she's supposed to. And she does all these things and she had to be real with me and was like, look at how you're right. Acting. Yeah. Like, look at the energy you're putting into it. I wouldn't want to do any of those things either. We're bringing that energy. And I was like, no. So really it does start and is painful.
Is that is to, to say out loud to, you know, another person, but yeah. Community's real guys. We have to start and look within ourselves so that we can come from a different perspective to teach them. And I, I agree with you now, looking from a different perspective, it's not, Oh, I'll get her back.
We've got, I've got my moments where sometimes I'm like, Ooh, teenage girls. Right. But I have to look at how I am bringing on the energy and how I react. Like you're yelling at your daughter and then you get mad that she yelled back at you. Well, right. What are you teaching her? Right. So it's a hard truth.
And it's not all Teddy bears and cupcakes. I mean, I lose me, you know what weekly, I mean, it's not all Teddy bears and cupcakes, but if you can go back and say, okay, didn't work. I got to try something else. And then when I didn't know how to do it, and the way it started was when John was in sixth grade,
now she's in seventh. Cause this is new obviously. Um, and she was struggling like with some friendship things and you know, it's, I didn't like the standard. Oh, you're making a big deal about it. Oh, this and that. I wanted her to be able to take ownership if she was being wrong in anything. Um, and learn how to communicate effectively,
which I didn't know how to do it. I'm learning too. So the girl isn't only for the teens, I'm learning too. I'm going to be 47 in a couple of weeks. And um, I'm still learning alongside her. I'm humbled. Every time we have a phone call with an expert that we bring in, um, and I'm learning. So what happened was last over a year ago,
she was struggling with some, some things and didn't know how to communicate. And it was taking it all in. And another mentor told me if they act bad, when they feel bad, right. You're not going to act badly when you feel great. You're if they're acting badly, they're feeling bad. And I'm like, Oh my God, light bulb moment.
So, right. So when she was having these struggles, it's really funny. I was on a walk yesterday and I kept on saying, all the people close to me are counselors, psychiatrists. So I would tell her, call this one, call your aunt, call, text this one, get this. And I would, I couldn't help her.
So I would say, reach out to this person. Well then when she had a breakthrough, she got in the car when they, and she's like, so and so, and I talked it out and she said, um, I told her that before you say anything, I need to take, I want to tell you that. I'm sorry for a,
B and C and literally I'm white knuckle driving. I'm going, Oh my God. Right? So at that moment, driving home, I realized, okay, I can't keep this all to myself. We have to create more. And then that's when we started bringing other people in and creating the membership and sharing because what good is it? As if we only have,
if I keep it for myself. Right. So we've got to share the love. Yeah. I love it. Yeah. And I think that it's so powerful because we tend to think that we're the only ones going through this. Even though we know, we know everybody said, Oh, I have a teenager, like we're going through. I'm like,
eh, it's not the same, but it is. We're all going the same. We're all going through the same thing. Yeah. We're all trying to learn how to be because that's the one thing is as women and mothers and entrepreneurs, or if you're working all the time like we're trying to learn how to be all the things we're trying to be.
So superwoman, you need support, you need community. I mean, that's what I teach people for entrepreneurship. It's the same thing for your family. You need support because they're not going to listen to you the same way that they do somebody else. And that's just facts. Well, that's what I realized is that she's not going to listen to me.
Well, why would she, because I don't communicate well. So let me get her to the person who can teach her. Right. And this isn't a feminist act. This isn't, um, just all women, Giana has a very strong, you know, male dad, you know, a role model. She has a very, um, strong brotherly connection as well.
And they need all of that as well. Do you know? So of course it is a familiar family community, but it all starts with us taking one step forward. Did you watch the video that I had created? I watched a few videos. Okay. So when you get a chance and, um, there is a video that I had created like a promo video,
basically that my videographer did it literally, he was like, Nicole, just talk. So I went to the office and he gave me a microphone and I just started talking. And literally, that was all-natural. That was like one take. And it was basically saying, we have to look at ourselves moms. If we want them to change,
then we have to change. And that's, that's I think going to be a struggle for some moms coming into this space because you have to look at yourself and say, Oh, I'm not perfect. And I have to make some changes as well, but the ones that can look and say, okay, let's do this together. It's been unbelievable.
I mean, literally, it's been unbelievable. Well, that was my experience. That lady, my energy healer, who called me out on it and said, well, look at how you're being. I honestly got off the phone call with her that day. And I was like, I cannot believe she said that too. How rude? Yeah. Does she not see all the things that I'm doing?
And I started going and then I sat with it and I meditated and I really got centered because I do have those tools. I can be very open. It caught me off guard. I'm not going to lie when we got on the next call, I started talking to her and she was like, yeah, I was one. I could tell that you didn't exactly like that.
And yeah, no, but I was able to sit with it and I saw it opened my eyes to the things that I need it to change and shift. And from that moment, our relationship, my daughter, and I, his relationship has been so much better. We go through you're going. Yeah. But it does start with us. And it starts with being open and honest with our own selves because sometimes we do,
I know that for myself, I really looked at it as more of blaming. She won't do what I ask her to do. I'm the mother, why won't she listen to me? But I wasn't really giving her the respect either. So I really came from that eye-opening experience. So I'm sure people coming into your group are going to feel some of that resistance.
Cause it's a hard thing to look at yourself and be like, oh, I'm to blame too. Right? Yeah. And it's just growth. I mean, you're just elevating to a better version. I mean, it's just, it's just saying, Oh, I need some help. That doesn't work. So let's figure it out, you know?
Um, and, and it does, you, you are humbled. I mean, on the one called the managing stress call, I was literally tearing up because I was thinking that I was coming from a place of, of, um, helping her. And she would look at me and say, you're causing me stress. And then, you know,
and then you got to look and go, Whoa. So here I am again, live saying, Oh, what are the things in school that caused you to stress? And she's like, well, it's when I walk in the door and you start asking me a million questions and I was like, Oh, Oh, Oh. And that's a part of this too,
where we'll go live with John now and then, or, um, one time we bring our friend in, um, so that they can see that it's not scripted and that you know that other kids are going through it too. So if I can sit there with Giana, unscripted, unfiltered, it'll open the doors for the other person on the other side saying,
Oh, are you look what Jonah's mom does to her? Do I do that to you? You know, I'm going to have a lot of conversations, stress, and anxiety. I mean, that brings you to your next pillar. Yes, Lowe's Lowe's. Yeah. So it identifies and manages stress and anxiety because it's everywhere. Obviously what we're going through right now.
Um, we cause a lot of it parents we do because especially Northern Virginia, you know, what classes are you taking? Are you taking AP classes? What's your GPA? Or did you see your teacher before and after school? Did you contact them? Did you go to your sports? Did you eat your vegetables? And, and so when we take a step back,
it helps, but then bringing in, we brought in an expert to help them identify it. And then what we did at the end of it, I love this is at the end of our calls. We always have a worksheet and that worksheet, which is in there, if you need help with that, I'll help you find it. Um, it Jianna,
you know, your daughter will fill out one part and you fill out the other part. And basically, it's like, what's the phrase that when I need to back off as a mob, what's the phrase that you're going to say. So like, yeah. So then if she says that, then that's your, your, you know, your key to say,
okay, I need to take a step back. I need to say, I need to say, take a step back. But the identifying and stress management still goes back to that foundation of communication. Cause when you do that, boom, you got that. Then you can start to manage it with different tools. I I'm almost tearing up because Oh no.
In a good, good way, because I can feel what amazing results and eye-opening experiences going through your program is going to cause for people. Yes, it can be a little stressful and hard, but imagine that, that unity, when you create that with your daughter and you can see maybe I'm causing her, I need to back off or vice versa,
you know, where we can communicate, look, it's not the right time. Let's, let's move forward differently. And that is so powerful and amazing. Well, the last call we had was coping with Corona and I brought in one of my very good friends and um, I just lost my train of thought, but when she was going,
I know I just lost my chair. What did you just say last time? Um, that, that it's powerful to have that communication and know when you need to And vice versa. Yeah. I forgot. I forgot what I was going to say. Cause I get so excited. I get so excited and I want to share it. I'll come back to you.
I know. I know. I know. Okay. Go ahead. Go ahead. I'm sorry. No, no, I was done, but I think that it's super important for stress and anxiety. Yeah. So this was a great story. So
after the managing stress and anxiety call, right, they were teaching us,
uh, I'll give you a sneak peek into it. They were teaching us that, um, when your daughter repeats herself, like if, if she comes home and she's like, Oh your son and tells you a story and you immediately want to go in, you stop. You don't go for the first time. So you never go for the first time when they go,
when they, when you find them repeating themselves, then you can start to go in.
So we were at a restaurant a couple of months ago, so long ago, right? We're now at a restaurant and I'm, you know, it's the four of us. We're a family of four husbands, sons, and daughters. My son is older. He's 15.
My daughter is 13. And my son sitting next to me and he proceeds to tell us something that bothered me, that I wanted to go in and solve. And we were just coming off of the call. So I turned to my son. I said, well, and my daughter reaches over, grabs my hand, and said, mom, it's not your turn to go in.
He did not repeat himself. And I went, you called me out. And she said, yes. So I had to sit back and say, you know, it's just, when you notice those moments you're growing and you, and then you have like this little giggle moment, you know, this little connection moment, like, okay. Yeah. Gotcha.
I gotcha. Gotcha. So wonderful. Because it shows that it's working. It shows that there's communication and they are listening because as teenagers, sometimes I'm like, are you, do you even hear me? And they are, they're paying attention. They just don't communicate it the way that we do as mothers. I mean, I want to jump in and solve and write it all down.
And I'm sure for my kids, they're going to be like, yeah, you always told me to meditate. And that's your way, you know, with, with the last call we gave them the strategies, um, and their strategies for every person. And one of them was, um, the tapping, the<inaudible> and the other one was exercise.
So, you know, it's teaching them that there are different tools, you know? And I mean, it's just so much fun. It's just so much fun. Well, I'm excited. Let's, let's go for the viewers. Let's go to navigating self-care. So now
navigating self-care is going to look different for every single person. And we're just going to bring in, this is where I get to share a part of, you know, a part of, of my expertise and my knowledge in food and nutrition and things like that, and feeling good about yourself and being confident, you know, comes from, as we know, you know, health, nutrition, um, you know, whether it's taking care of your hair properly or just overall self-care,
there are, um, the K and the, at the end of the K the know the, how-tos, they kind of gel together, navigate self-care and then know the how-tos, because in knowing the how-tos we're doing stuff that you're not gonna learn in school. So two of my favorite ones that we're doing right now, and they kind of gel together,
um, we are having a financial expert come in, um, and teaching the girls how to be financially secure, what, how to look at money. Do you have a scarcity mindset? And that one of the things that she said was, um, money doesn't care who uses it, right? You just have to be smart on how to use it.
So let's teach them how to use it, how to use it properly, and how to get to the goals that they want to. Right. Um, another of the how-tos, which I'm very excited about is we're bringing in, um, a physician to teach the girls how to do self-breast exams. Usually, these are done too late. So if we can teach them things like that,
it's going to be huge. Now over the next couple of years, we're going to learn tons of how-tos you're going to give me ideas. Other people are going to give me ideas, and they're going to say, well, I want my daughter to know how to do this. And I'll say, no problem. We got ya and we're going to do that.
Right. So, um, it's just, it's just really great. And then the ass is once you have all of the L I N K, you have that link building, you can then stock up on healthy relationships and healthy relationships are so huge. They're going to be able to identify them, right? Because they can learn effective communication. They're going to know,
Oh, you don't communicate well. So that's not a healthy relationship, right. Or you don't know how to do this. So I don't know that that will be healthy for me. So when you have, I get the chills, I get the chills. I literally have launched. When we teach them these building blocks, you can then stock up on all these healthy relationships and just identify and manage and elevate and rise and grow.
And out of all, that comes confidence because they're going to be able to confidently speak on anything that we just talked about in the past 35 minutes. Right. It's brilliant. I get so excited. I'm sweating again, Full on chills for you because this is brilliant. And like I said, we just got to know each other and not too long ago,
but immediately when we called and connect it, I felt the connection. And I also see the brilliance of what you're doing. Thank you. It means so much. It really does because I'm, I mean, my whole business is around elevated and like, this is how it's been for years. And I didn't even know as working behind the chair with my clients and then moving into the coaching.
It's been helping women break through those limiting beliefs and having that self-confidence and the self-love and worth to be able to, to communicate effectively, to set those boundaries, to be able to reduce the stress in their lives, to have self-care, and know that it is okay, that it's selfish. Right. Um, and to also do the how-to is like how to manage the stress,
how to take care of yourself, and then being able to see a building that communication. I mean, the community, building the community of these people who are around you who think and act the same way. So having all of these tools, because again, I know all of these, and I do a lot of these for myself. This is what I've built my whole business and my entire reason for having a business and the podcast and all of this is to put these together.
But I'm putting it together for women entrepreneurs, because the first step of owning a successful business, you've got to learn all of these. Then you can start putting the tactics together and you can put these strategies into your business. But my daughter isn't going to listen to it from me. So they're not, Well, I had a, I had a moment when you were talking,
you were, you know, cause you know, you feed off of one another. And as a mom, what we want to do is protect them. Right? We want to protect them. But if we protect them without exposing and educating, we're not, it's not the right type of protection. This is protection. We're. If you want to protect your girls,
then you've got to give them these links, the missing links, right? And then that's going to open up doors to communication. You're going to feel connected. You're going to fill in the gaps and the possibilities are endless for these girls. It is because all I've ever wanted is for my daughter to be strong, confident, and love herself. And you don't get it by putting on a tee shirt and you don't get it by drinking out of a cup that says confidence,
you get it by exposure. Yeah. And you have to have more exposure than just yourself. Obviously, it starts, you know, with yourself. And that's where a lot of the realization for mothers is going to come out of this membership. Being able to realize that they too need the self-confidence and have to learn how to communicate and manage stress and everything.
So it's that two-parts. But when you have that and you, you have it for both of you, Oh gosh, that like the possibility it's like, I am full-on excited. Oh, I know. I kept for everyone. You know, last year, you know, I was, we talk a lot about different masterminds and you know,
experts. And I was at a mastermind a year or two ago. And he said if you're not thinking that your dream is going to take 10 years and you're not dreaming big enough. So I was coming in on a, on a run yesterday and I'm thinking, okay, where am I going to be 10 years from now? Like, where is this going to be?
Like, I envision, you know, you there and these big workshops around the United States and bringing in these moms and these daughters, and I'm this big, fabulous fun weekend. I mean, I could see it and we were a retreat. Well, that's what I want. I mean, that's what I want. I mean, I envision these big,
you know, like how Rachel Hollis does these big ones and why not bring your girl? I mean, why are they out? I you're so right. So much of what I've been doing because I go on these retreats too. Well, not retreats Really, but conferences, are geared toward business. Like, it wouldn't be fun for her. Like some of it she might enjoy,
but the other, it's not really for a 12-year-old having a platform that would be teaching them, all of those things that happen. Let's do fun. I'm down. Yeah. Just let me know when I'm down. I know. I mean, who doesn't want to do a mother-daughter weekend? I mean, yeah. Oh, that's so awesome.
Nicole. I could just literally talk to you for hours and hours. This has been so amazing. And I have your link on the blog. You can find everything about Nicole. We've got all the links, everything you're going to be able to watch the video. You're going to be able to listen to the audio depending on, you know if you can watch or listen at the time.
But I highly encourage all of our viewers. If you have kids, they don't even have to be teenagers yet learn about this. Now learn what you should do when they do get to those stages. Um, cause I have, you know, friends and family who have younger ones, but they're going to be in this position. So knowing that this is there for them to support them so powerful.
If you do have teenagers go sign up right now and we will go and we'll go through it all together. Cause I like it that I signed up and it hasn't been that long. So I'm getting my bearings on getting everything together, but I am so pumped to get into the group and really get active with everything. Especially after our call, this is better.
And it's very important to me that all of our members have my number. So it's like, Nicole, where's the, where can I get access to the managing stress or whatever? You know, it's not like this is we're friends. You know this is a family. This isn't just a business. It's not just a business. It's a supportive community.
You want to see each other grow and lift just to help grow the mothers and daughters and the entire community. Because the more we do that, the more this entire world, cause I'm all about energy. And when we put this energy out, it not only lifts and me and our daughters, but it lifts the entire vibration of the planet, the entire world
because it's, the energy is everywhere. And when we shift our own energy and lift ourselves and put ourselves in these communities, it will transfer to everyone around us. It is, it's a ripple effect. So I agree having all of this is amazing and all of our viewers are going to be able to find Nicole and the girl link super easy.
Um, I cannot wait. Cause I see this going more places that we can have more conversations and dive in deep. So if you enjoyed this conversation and you need more of it, let me know where do you need us to go deeper? We'll do another one. Let us know. We'll have to share it with your friends, share it with your family.
Um, and leave us a review so that we can continue to bring things like this. This has just been so much fun. Thank you for having me. This was fun. Yes. Thank you. Thank you. And thank you viewer viewers for being here for watching us, for listening to us and um, we'll see you on the next show.