How to live Holistically Well with Natasha Frisk

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Sometimes we go through all the fads and diets just so we could lose some pounds. No matter what the necessary steps are, may it be though fasting for days, or eating only what is required and drinking condiments in the kitchen. Yes, we've all been through that phase. There's never anything wrong with wanting to feel and look beautiful, but before anything else, we must always keep in mind our health. We must be able to do everything beneficial to us, that way we'd feel good inside and out!

Herewith I am Natasha, she has a mission of wanting women to feel wonderful about their bodies as they are and be healthy and well. She helps women create wellness in their lives that helps you and your family be happy and healthier For people to be Fit, Well, and Mindful of the space they live in and to create a space they love. Today we are going to be talking all about the steps on how to start a Holistic approach to your business and life.


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Here are so many follow up questions I got to ask Natasha!

How/why did you start your business? 
I started my business because I wanted women to feel wonderful about their bodies as they are and be healthy and well. I help women create wellness in their lives that if your a mom this helps you and your family. For people to be Fit, Well, and Mindful of the space they live in and to create a space they love.
What makes your business unique? 
My business is unique because it will always flourish and grow while helping to educate and guide people on how to live life holistically well.
What impact do you want to have in the world or change you want to see or make happen? 
I want to help people feel good internally and out. I want to help people have a positive mind shift by nourishing their bodies with food. I want us all to live in environments of better health in the Body and Mind and to love themself enough to take care of themselves and to know it's not hard but it's a gift. For people to have holistic life skills and love themselves.
Are You Happy with your business, What makes you happy, And What Would You Change? 
I am very happy with my business. I love that my business keeps me grounded and keeps me learning.
Did You Experience Failures? If So, What Did You Learn From Them 
Not that I can say.
How Did You Handle Adversity And Doubt? 
By tuning into it. If I have a doubt and stop and ask myself why? What is the hesitation? That is one thing that I have been working on for the past couple of years. To not sell me short and that I am worthy in my business and to claim it.
Do You Plan On Growing Your Business? How? 
Yes. I want to turn my business into a Wellness Practice Online. I plan to create an online wellness website. A wellness website for learning about nutrition with courses. Fitness online coaching and classes and adding in other mentor programs.
Do you think self-love and trust are important in running a successful business? Why? 
Yes with my whole being. I believe that if you do not take care of yourself and respect yourself first you can get lost in between. With success comes heart, strength, and love of self. Especially with myself and my business. I am related to what I do and that is related to how I am with myself. With my business, I practice what I guide and coach.
What advice would you give someone interested in starting their own business? 
To always stay true to themselves and to always do what is best for them.
If you would rather read the interview, feel free to check out the full transcription below!
Hi, and welcome to the intuitive light podcast and show. Thank you so much for being here today. My name is Jacqueline Rodriguez and I'm your intuitive healing business coach. Sorry. And I am so passionate about these podcasts and these shows because I have amazing women, entrepreneurs, friends, and I want to showcase them and help you get unstuck in your business. Start living a healthier,

a more balanced lifestyle. And I brought this podcast on because I want to help women get out of the fear step into loving and trusting themselves, and really start co-creating a business and a life that you really want and deserve. So today my beautiful friend, Natasha frisk is on and she is a nutrition coach and I've known her for a long time. And I absolutely love her.

She's got so much energy and she's just so much fun and very knowledgeable. So without further ado here is Natasha. Hi. Hi. Thanks for having me. Thank you for coming on. I am so excited to have you here because we've known each other. What for, I don't even know The, the kids. Yeah. The boys are both the same age.

So we've known them since they were in second grade now. Oh my God. Yeah. So like, they're both like seven years. I want to say a Long time. So excited for your journey and just seeing everything that you've been doing. And I want you to tell everyone, like, what is it that you do and how did you get into it?

Okay. So hello everyone. I am personal holistically. Her sister Natasha and I have been, let's see, I came to Warrington about nine years ago and fuck your County. I'm usually, I'm a resident of Loudon County and I've lived in DC and Alexandria and all over. We've been here for nine years. And I, my background is basically living in Virginia,

all over, growing up near farms and stuff and watching how the farms turned into big cities and stuff. I love that. Very athletic. So I love running. I recently just got into half marathons. I've always been an active child, either track or basketball, played football or something like that. So I've always had that gene of just busy,

busy, like Jacqueline, said energy. I just need to burn it, but I love to eat. I love to eat well. I love my plant foods. I love my seafood. I love all of that. And then I'm into gardening a lot and we also have some chickens. So I'm into knowing where the food comes and growing our food, as well as trying to provide a learning aspect of it with my kids,

as Jacqueline said, we have sons that are 15 and then I have a daughter the same age. That's about to be 12 if that's ever, but that's my background. Like just, I've been in Virginia all my life. I grew up, I grew up poor. I didn't have a lot of money. I grew up working I'm from a working family.

So my first job was at McDonald's. And then from there, I didn't really care too much about school. As I was driven to work, I've always been, I guess they I've always been a server. I've always wanted to help. I've always wanted to just that's my, just do something of that. So I've been working since I was 14, started the paper out,

then went to McDonald's and so I've always worked for someone, but now that I'm working for myself, it's been a little bit challenging. It's been a little bit different too because when I first started getting into business for myself, I had a lot of different fields I was attracted to. So I started with the MLM. I had an, our bond business.

I loved the Arbor business because it took me to where I am now with my nutrition and everything. And then from that of my athletic ability and how I love to move and dance and all that stuff, I became a group fitness instructor. So with the group fitness, I started teaching Zuma classes and I went to what I started teaching water aerobics classes.

And then I really started getting into more strength and more stretch. Cause you can do cardio all day. You can lose weight, easily, have cardio all day, but for us women, we don't have muscles. So we need to, you know, build muscle. So I really got into learning how to build muscle, but not be, not be as they in muscular,

but to have the muscle for strength, have the muscle for simple everyday functional tasks. And through my learning of that, I also wanted to teach women that as well, and to have a positive outlook on that, to say that you don't have to be a bodybuilder, you don't have to have a six-pack or anything like that. You should feel strong in the skin that you're in,

but you also need to take care of your body too. Because as you get older things start to deteriorate. You're going to start feeling muscles and start feeling aches and pains and stuff. But you want to live a long life and you want to be strong in that life. So I really niched down and really started thinking of how can I help other women feel strong inside and out as well.

So I created different platforms of working outstretching, strength, body, and balance and stuff like that. And then from there, I would always have people come up to me and say, what do I eat? Because I look this the way I look, it has to be, you don't eat right. Something. You know, they always have questioned that.

I don't know why we do that to each other, but we do. So I went ahead and before I wanted to give any advice on nutrition, I wanted to make sure that I knew what I was getting out first. So I study for about a year and I received my exercise, nutrition certification through precision nutrition. And I liked that. It's good because it shows you how to,

it breaks down all the muscle groups. It breaks down, you know, what you eat before you work out, which eat after you workout glucose and all that. It has a scientist, the aspect of it, which I like trying to explain that to someone it's a little bit hard because it's like, it's impossible to do. I, it just got me so frustrated because I learned all these things and I'm trying to explain it.

And then, you know, someone who would always go online and be like, well, this says this or that says that. And it's like, okay, I'm just done with that. So from there I just dug deeper and I was like, you know, what is holistic? What does that mean? So I fell into that. And with that,

I noticed that I had already started doing stuff like that. I've been doing stuff like that for a while since I've been here in Fauquier County. So I went ahead and took a nap. Oh, your audio went out. So until she comes back, hopefully, she'll come back soon. I'm here. Oh, there we go. Wonderful. Yes,

today's a day for it. But I took that and I learned all the ways of the holistic foundation in holism. There it is great too because I think with that, it provided me a sense of security, but I also have a lot of friends like Jacquelyn and I've been in the energy that I give out. As you know, like Jacquelyn always says the energy you give out,

you receive. And I have received so many new positive friends because of the path that I've taken. And it just it's opened my mind. Like I've been introduced to you, energy healing. I've been introduced to Reiki. I've been introduced. I've been, I've been meditating and practicing yoga for over a decade now, but I never, I took into it as I took it into.

I just need to stretch. I took it into it that way, but now I've been really learning the philosophy of it and learning more of it. And that's because of like the path I've been following and the people that I've been introduced to and in that path, and I've never, and like my whole, I want to say one of my challenges,

cause this was one of your questions I've been thinking about it. One of the challenges I overcome was to stop. I would say stop being jealous of other people that I would see that I was following. I should follow like Instagram. I shouldn't follow anyone that makes me irritated or makes me feel jealous that I'm not there where they are, because that's where they need to be.

That's not where I need to be. So, and that's, and that's from the knowledge and me taking more of my yoga and meditation and to, and been very, very centered inward, especially with what's been going on today. I've been more inward, more working inward towards that and listening to myself and balancing out the negative and putting in a positive.

But at the end of the day, Real quick, because, with everything that you've gone through and you started, you know, be in this newfound entrepreneur, trying to find your way and seeing all the steps that you have taken. How long have you been an entrepreneur than working for yourself? Now? I have been, Oh my gosh,

it's going to be 10 years. And still I actually, I have been doing it. Yeah. And that's where that's kind of the point I want to bring up here is 10 years in the making of being an entrepreneur. That's you grow and you continue to move forward. And we're never exactly like at the end, right. We never find things.

And your path, your path of having an MLN, right? Yeah. And then growing into like different aspects of it, you start to piece together what truly makes you happy, right? Yes. And what I want to bring up with that is it doesn't happen overnight. And like when we see all of these accounts, the Instagram accounts, and we're seeing other people in our fields that we're like,

well, why can't I be there? We don't know their past. They might have been in business for themselves entrepreneurs for 20 years. We don't know how long they only see the, Oh, this is me now. It's kind of the same thing. Like where I bring up, you know, I'm putting this contest together and it is coming together quickly,

but I've been working on it for a while and I've been in business for even longer. So like all of these pieces start to come together, in the bigger picture of the puzzle. Right. And having to just step back and use that clarity and that centering in yourself to be able to look and see, well, this is where I'm supposed to be.

And how can I improve on what I'm doing and what brings me into the way? And that's what I've seen that you've been doing because I've been right there, maybe not the whole 10 years, but for quite a while. And I'm seeing kind of grow and do something that brings you so much joy. That's why I'm so excited for you and where you're at right now and how much you do care.

And you want to help people. And your whole message is just beautiful. And you see that light from within you now that it's starting to piece that together with that, not what other people want or are doing, but what actually brings you joy. Yes, yes, exactly. Like it has been a journey and it's going to be it's, it's still a journey.

Like I'm still, I made a list the other day of what I like in my business and what I don't like in my business. And that helped me clarify a lot of things. Like, as I said, I started with group fitness and then I became a personal trainer and I love group fitness. I like personal training, but I love group fitness.

And I started with exercise nutrition, but I love the holistic aspect of it. Because with exercise, nutrition is just showing you your food balance, your timing on growing muscles, on being leaner, being, you know, losing weight. But with the holistic side is its part of everything. It's not just your diet, it's your lifestyle. It's connecting back to nature.

It's providing information through the whole system of your body because we have four different systems. And you know, this being a Reiki, healer, all the different systems that we need to connect with our body and stuff. And that's what for me, I know that my business is always going to keep growing and keep changing because my interests will too and stuff.

And I'm going to always grow and learn. You're learning. And you're bringing that on into your business because what we're supposed to do as entrepreneurs is learn the steps so that we can bring others with us and show them, make things easier, right. For riots. And I would love to go into this holistic lifestyle because I'm, I'm very much, you know,

me, I absolutely love a holistic lifestyle and bringing on different things, but I'm always learning too. Like we all are. Could you tell us, as you know, our viewers are mostly entrepreneurs or they're in, they're in higher up like they're trying to take care of business. They've got a family they're trying to balance all of that. What are some tips that you have to help us start being more conscious about what we're doing in a day to day life and bring in more of that holistic wellness into our day-to-day life?

Perfect. So let me tell you a little bit about how you can like Jacqueline said how you can live holistically. Well, so you want to start with knowing who you are. First. You have to know yourself first before you try to implement anything big, bigger than that. Because if you argue with yourself, then things won't work. If you don't know yourself,

then things won't work. If you have doubts and you have still concerned things won't work. So you need to make sure your self is perfectly fine. First. The next thing is what is holistic? Oh yeah. Before you go to the next one for our listeners, how well I have a few ideas of how you can start to learn yourself. Do you have any ideas?

So my idea is titling yourself is to take moments out of your day and just be quiet and then have a journal. So what I do for my clients is I, they have a stress journal or a journal that's, you know, a weary journal or emotional journal. So in your quiet space, if you had a day where it's rough and stressed out,

I suggest you write out that scenario. What happened at that stressful moment? And don't think about what you should have done or what could have been done right about why it made you feel that way, why you had that emotion. And then that way it'll connect you to yourself to make sure that if that situation happens again, at least you will be prepared for it.

You won't walk around being angry or being upset because what happens is it messes with you internally and physically, you do have physical reactions to stressful situations. So for the body system, you can start to be bloated for no reason at all. You'd be like, oh, I ate something wrong, but you have to go back and think, did you have a stressful situation?

You could have neck pains. You could have shoulder pains because of your emotional side. So get to know yourself there, get to know what makes you upset, get to know what makes you happy, and then have that journal. So you can go back and read those to be like, why was I feeling this way? And then you can go back and read and be like,

Oh, this is what sets me off. No, what sets you off? And then know how to, and make a plan to make sure that if it does sense, you walk and you do have that plan and tap that if you have a system you're building a system of making, you know, creating breath, work or meditation, that's something that I know Jacquelyn,

you can give us a lot of information on to, for our stress and everything. Yeah. And definitely, meditation centering yourself, knowing your energy is huge for getting to know yourself. But I, I really focus on loving yourself and starting to trust yourself because once we start to love and trust ourselves, and that's why, I mean, I have a program that goes through all those steps of learning,

who you are, but to love yourself, holds who you are, no matter what other people think, and to trust your own intuition and what things that you want out of life and out of, you know, everything in that that can truly make a difference. But you know, that's how you start to learn to know yourself so that you can go on to step two.

Yes. So another thing too is I'm still getting to learn and love and appreciate myself. I am almost 38 years old, and it's still a work in progress. You always have to remember that you are always a work in progress and there is no, you should. I don't, I didn't believe in putting a time limit on ourselves. And I don't think we should.

I think we should just work through it all. And then another thing is, yeah, that's sort of like throw yourself for step one, I guess. And you are, we're all a work in progress and it says, do you feel like you've worked through something because I've had certain blocks where, you know, I had to learn how to trust myself on this particular thing,

but then I feel like I conquer that. I feel good, but then because I'm growing, I come up to the next wall and I'm like, dang it. I thought I loved myself. I thought I missed, you know, and just read every level that you are ascending to, who you're supposed to be. So it's okay to be graceful with yourself and allow yourself to learn the steps.

And you're going to have to keep going through them. It's just at different levels in your life. And it doesn't mean that you failed or that you didn't. Oh my gosh, I failed at loving myself. No, no. We just have to keep reminding ourselves of that. So it's that constant inner work that is okay to be able to do so what would you say is next what's step two,

Step two, I would say is you're going to go right into creating a plan of nourishment. So building a better body. So knowing when I say nourishment, knowing foods that you love and knowing foods that you, that you don't like. But also if that you're going to have to decide the foods and don't have, don't give yourself treats, don't use those kinds of words.

If you want to eat food, eat a fit. And that goes into more of your intuitive eating in your mindful eating. So what I mean by intuitive in mindful eating is if I want a donut, I'm going to have a donut. And not because I feel that I should have this done, or I feel that I did something great today.

So I'm treating myself, I'm going to have that done it because I want that day on it. After all, I liked donuts. You know, I'm not going to feel any shame. I'm not going to feel any negative response to it. It's something that I wanted. I craved and I had. And, and then move on from that we shouldn't put, we should never tie our emotions into food.

And I know that's going to be hard because I know a lot of people do that. You're going to have days where you just don't feel like moving. You're just, you're just not right. You just, you're going to want comfort food and that's fine. And you can have these have those days, don't feel ashamed that those days, those are your feelings,

but don't put feeling and food together and self-kindness. Try to separate that. If you do feel like you're going to eat that whole box, maybe take a moment and walk outside. That's your moment to connect to nature. That's your moment to go outside and breathe in and breathe out and walk around, move, get physical. And then maybe if you go back inside,

after you've done something physical after you've done some deep breathing and meditation, you thought about it, you still want it, then go for it. And then also when I say create a planet of mindful eating, you want to nourish your body with whole foods and plenty of grains, plenty of fruits, plenty of vegetables, plenty of colors. You want to do that because our bodies need fuel and food is fuel,

but you want to make sure you're eating food. And if you can, as much food in its whole process. So try to eliminate some of the packaged foods, try to eliminate some of the box foods, you know, have those on hand because they're quick and easy, especially if you have a busy day, but if you do have those foods go for the healthier options.

So one of the things that I do here is we have, what do we like? We love like these frozen mushroom things. There are mushroom pops. So there are mushrooms with bread and cheese. So instead of having just that and stuff, I also add vegetables like carrots, or baby tomatoes to it as well. That's how I'm held defying it.

I'm also adding a whole food element to it. Yeah. You can have that set, but try to have it, try to limit it. And you always have to have that mindset out of sight, out of mind. So if you don't have it in your house, then you can't eat it. No, one's going to go to the store at 12 o'clock at night and go get some chips or some cookies.

Maybe if you're pregnant. I don't know. But, but that's the thing too. So, my, nourish your body with more whole foods, more color, more water foods from the ground. And that's another way to connect with nature too. And that's energy because you have to remember that food starts in the ground and the energy rises because of the sun and we're all energy.

So we're eating, we're putting that energy right back into balance, right back into our body. And that's going to help you connect and have a better mindful body flow of eating correctly. I love that I'm so into energy and putting that connection of the foods that we grow and then the sun because we are connected to the earth, energy,

Gaia energy, and then solar energy is so powerful. It helps keep all of our chakras aligned and opened and our energy moving and being able to nourish your body with those foods that help sustain the energy that you need, not only physical energy but your actual energy all around you. I really love that connection for me. It makes a big difference.

And it's so true now because I know a lot of people are cooking more. And that's like, that's one of them, one of the blessings out of this whole thing right now that we're going through. There's. I mean, there's not a lot of people want to restaurants. Unfortunately, there's a lot of people doing pickup, for that product.

But out of this, we are learning how to cook more. You are learning how, what you are learning more, what you like, you are learning more about what you don't like. You are learning more about what your body needs and what your body doesn't need or necessarily want. And I think a lot of people who, who were eating out who were eating different types of like pick up food and stuff like that,

and the reverse is your home-cooked meals. Your body might start rejecting that because it didn't want that in the first place. You got to remember that too. So that's something positive to look at, just get in that kitchen and just go for it, spice it up. Well, I, well, cause right now we're going through the COVID 19 lockdown and the world has just,

it's completely changed the way we're doing things and our lives, right? I, I'm always a very busy entrepreneur I'm running, you know, because I have kids who are in sports I'm I run two, three businesses. So my days were always really, really busy. Right? We didn't get a chance to cook at home and eat at home. Now I'm not gonna lie to you.

I'm still not cooking as much. I mean, Jason is, the kids are because I'm still working. Like even though we're all on lockdown, I still have a busy schedule to keep things going, but we have eaten at home so much more and actually enjoy it. As we made, we love General Tso's chicken, but it's always so sugary and gross from the place.

So we did it at home without fried, you know, chicken and all of these things and added a lot of vegetables into it. And it's just been a really nice change of pace. And this is one of the silver linings that I really want us to keep this type of new schedule. When we go back to a more normal lifestyle, right?

This is where you can start putting those habits into place. Cause you've got step one right now is a great time to learn how to love and trust yourself, get those foundations in there because we all are gifted with time. It's also a great time to start doing that mindful eating because you get a chance to have the time to even learn how to cook them,

do the things that you wanted to. And then that brings us into step three. What is yours, So my step three would be your lifestyle? So, Oh, I think we lost you again While she, Soon as I go and Say, why she's coming back on, that's what I'm coming back on. Third, you to love it. So I'm going to say your lifestyle.

So when I say your lifestyle, look at your lifestyle as a whole. So your, all of your environments, so your work environment, your home space, your outside environment, if you go out and you hang out with people, check in on that. So what I mean is for your work environment, you kind of have no control over that.

The only thing you have control over in that area is your work, how your attitude is what you bring in to eat. And that's pretty much it. You can't tell anybody else what to do. You just, you're in control of yourself there. So if there's a big party that day, and there's a whole bunch of sweets and all these other little nibbles and stuff like that,

if you want to have it, have it, but if you've already brought something in, bring something in. So what I tell my clients to do too, whenever they go to parties or big events, bring something. Even if the person didn't ask for it, bring it for yourself. Because if you're in a situation where you know that you have no self-control at that moment,

but you're practicing, keep practicing. And by bringing something with you, bring whatever food that you're having at that time. And then another one is for your other environment is your home environment. That is your controlled space. That is the space where you can bring stuff in and you can bring stuff out. That is your space where nothing else can be affected unless you want it to.

And like I said, the whole, if it's out of sight, out of mind thing with the food again. So again, if there's something that you know, that will trigger, you don't keep it there. And this is the time where you can declutter your space too. This is the perfect time to do that. So if you have a cluttered space,

de-clutter it because there's been research and studies that show that having a cluttered space, especially at home, does bring out in society, does bring out stress. Does it bring out worry so declutter that it makes sure you have a safe space in your house, meaning a space where you can have time to practice your mindfulness of deep breathing of your meditation or whatever it is,

your quiet time. Make sure you have that space right there. And then go ahead. I was going to say, the other environment is your social environment. So this is a heavy one. So say you're in the transition, of living all holistically wildlife. But the people that you're surrounded with, maybe don't understand it. Maybe they don't like it.

They don't agree with it. But again, that's out of your control. You're not in control of what they say. You're not in control of how they feel. You're only in control of how you feel. And if they don't agree with that, it's sometimes you just have to walk away from that because this is your life. And this is what you're,

you're trying to achieve better skills in a better life and a long-lasting life. So making sure that you have that social support in your home, you have social support throughout your friends and your family. And if you don't have that support, then you might have to cut them off. You know, that's just something that you have to decide. But you also,

if you're going through transitions of treating your lifestyle a little bit better, you can't, you can't, and I stress this alone. You can not push your transition onto somebody else. That means your husband needs your kids. That means your family and your friends because that's something that you want to do. If they see the things that you're doing and they start to like the things you're doing,

let them come to you. Don't go to them because that's not, that's, that's gonna worry you. And that's gonna stress you out even more. And that might make you take a step back in the transition of your program or whatever it else is doing and stuff. So that's pretty much set there. No, I, I completely agree with everything that you've said,

and I want to touch on just a few of them with your work, bringing in different foods and stuff like that. But here, a lot of our viewers are entrepreneurs. So the other thing you can do is especially right now because we have been gifted with that time. Just like you mentioned before your brain dump, like what is bringing you joy in your business?

If you're getting ready to start a business, or you've been wanting to start a business brain dump, what is it that you absolutely love that whenever you do it, you don't even feel like you're working, right? So right now it's a great time that you can start structuring your lifestyle. You have you're in control and you can make changes. Maybe you can't go out tomorrow and change everything,

but you can at least get a plan together of no, a lot of us don't need to give ourselves the time to dream of what would make us happy. So take that time now to see what brings you joy. What can you provide to this world to make a difference? I am from home. As you said, don't bring it in the house.

And the first thing I did when we got locked down was me and the kids were going through everything and cleaning and decluttering because I'm time before now I have time. And before I could even dive into work or, or even relaxing, I needed to have a nice clean, clear space. And I took little spaces at a time and just made them feel joyful again and clean.

It doesn't mean that you have to go buy a bunch of like, I didn't buy anything. I just redecorated what I already have, except, I did paint. I paint it. Nice. You're social. We were talking earlier before we got on the call is it's okay to change the people. Like a lot of people right now I've heard Facebook is too negative.

And you know, we are in control of what we're taking in, right? So Facebook account, I'm not, We're going to cut it off because everything on my Facebook account is bringing me joy. The negative people, there's a little button on there that you can hide them. Maybe it's a family member and you don't want to unfriend them,

but you don't want to see all their negativity. Hi, it's okay. They don't even know that you're, they're hidden and it's perfectly fine. It's you know, I don't know if they're hitting it to you until they ask you, did you see something you like, Oh yeah, I saw that on her account. You're like all that stuff. Everybody posts you don't see it anyway.

So if you don't see something, sometimes you really want to see what people are and you still don't see it just because of the algorithms. So you take control of who you're around. And when we're talking about now, Natasha and I both, we know our families very well, so I know her husband and kids, and she knows mine. We have both lived very different lifestyles from our husbands.

Right. Right. Okay. I mean, you know, Jason, my husband, Jason has grown up completely different and it's just, that's not the way he thinks. So he has really had to kind of just stay along. Like I, I bring in the things to the house and he just kind of has to go with it over a year.

He has seen what I'm doing and he'll, he'll add a few things or he'll say something and I'm like, Oh, so you're listening and you, yeah, but I don't have to push him because I love and trust myself to know that this is what's important to me. So that's where I do it or not is not mine. It's not up to him.

I mean, it's not going to change who I am and what I want to do, but then I'm able to show them, look at how peaceful I can be. Look at the person in my life that will actually, it's just like taking a rock In a pond and You be that rock. And then it ripples effects all the way out to everyone around you.

You start seeing a change in people where they're not bringing negativity to you, even if they are super negative people, they're not bringing it to you because they know that you don't really play that game, you know, and the same with your family and then your kids notice everything. So just taking control, like we don't have to be victims of our outside circumstance,

then take control and just continue on the path that brings us joy and start surrounding ourselves with people. I that's. One of the reasons I brought the podcast on is because I have such amazing friends and I want to share them with my viewers. I want to share them with the world because they deserve to be able to have the same type of people in their lives.

So you can, you can change those. And it takes just those baby steps, but this is a really wonderful way of starting to get more holistic practices in your day to day life. That's right. I agree. Yes. And that's for the next, Oh, you went out again today. It has been technology crazy. I'm not really sure what's going on,

but Okay. There it is. Well, I was going to say, I'm going to say that too. So with me and my kids and you know, Danny seeing all the stuff that I'm doing, like eating or working out or whatever, I'm number one. I cook the majority of the meals in the house, so they have to eat them. And so,

but then they started to cook now too. And Danny cooks out too. But on top of that, with all the fitness I'm involved in and all the different things, like, you know, Jake, Joe's running now for cross-country and spring track, Danny starting to run now too. And even Kay's interested in it as well. And that's all because they want to do it.

I didn't push them to do that. You know, I will say, Hey, you know, once in a while you want to go for a run and then they come, they come, if they don't, they don't. But it was, it was never a push. It was, they saw it and they liked it. And they have seen how I enjoyed it.

They see like you said, how peaceful I am and how satellite. And after I get my workout in, and after I do my meditation and stuff, then they see that and they're like, Oh, okay, well then yeah. Cause he on it, somebody she says, she called me the stress queen the other day. Cause I started,

I, what I've been doing is I have all these great ideas, all these great ideas I want to do in my business and implement in my business. But then what I did was I put pressure and a timeline on myself. And then I started overthinking things. And I think sometimes as entrepreneurs we get in that trap, we don't mean to,

but we do. And so for me, I was just very, and they know I'm stressed because I don't talk. I go inside. I don't, I tune everything out. And so they were like, what's wrong, you know? And they noticed that. And it's so funny because they, they all say if I'm not smiling or walking around singing,

or if I'm not doing something, then they know something's wrong with it. They're like, wow, I never, it's so funny because when you hear somebody else say that about how you are, and you've never, I've never known that about me. You know, I've never known that I was that like that. I, people always said it, but I still didn't see it.

And for my daughter to say that to me was like, Oh, I guess I need to straighten up then, you know, and stop overstressing and stuff, overthinking. It just it'll all happen when it needs to happen. And then that's what I, then that's my mantra right now. Like it'll all happen when it needs to happen. No more pressure,

no more stress. And I think that's, what's happening a lot now, too. Like as women, we have a lot to carry, you know? And I think that's why we break down more physically and more easily than men do. You know, we have the highest rate of heart disease versus a man. We, a lot of our, our life expectancy is shortened because of stress because we are stressed because we have such a big load,

like were moms, we're wives, we're teachers now, you know, it's so much. And then like for step four, this is my favorite step I say, go back. And Connect nature. There's this thing right now. It's been, it's hundreds of years old, but it's called forest walking. And so what that means is it's practiced in ancient Chinese culture is practicing Indian culture.

What you do is you, whether or not if you're around the woods or not, if you have, you know, the guards, Gardner whatever, go back and connect to nature. Just step outside. You know, I see a lot of people, a bike, riding, and hiking. Now they're connecting to nature that way. Just step outside, regardless of where you are.

If you're on a patio, if you have a balcony, you just step outside and just breathe and just listen and just look at everything. Cause like Jacqueline said, we are energy and energy is out there and we need to connect back to that because if we don't connect back to the real source of the energy, the outside world, then we start to,

I want to say triple up a little bit and we start to get a little passive-aggressive. We start to let all these, we start, our light starts to Dem, you know, but if you go outside and you just listened to those birds, you see that sunshine. Even if it's a cloudy day, you just take a deep breath in and you take a deep breath out.

You are connecting back to that energy right there, take a nice little walk and you notice different things. Like we, I'm fortunate because we have land. So the kids and I have been walking in the woods and we've been noticing a lot of different things like different streams, different types of weeds, different types of herbs that are growing out there, and stuff too different types of birds and stuff.

But it's good because as a kid, I grew up in the woods like I love being in the woods and seeing all this stuff and playing in the mud and the streets and stuff like that. So it kind of brings you back to that too, if you were a kid and you did all that stuff and that just talking about that just makes me feel so happy because I know that I am an outside person,

not everybody, unfortunately I know I have allergies and stuff, so you can't be out there all the time. So maybe do it at nighttime too, either way, because nature is still in the nighttime, you know? So just go back out there, having, take your shoes off, just walk in the grass, just stand there and just open up your arms,

take a deep inhale and just w just feel, and you will start to feel all of it, riding through your bones, riding through your muscles all the way through all your chakras, all the way out to your crown. And it is such a beautiful, easy, holistic way to connect. I love, love that because I do have allergies and I go for walks with the kids and I do all of that,

but it does make me suffer sometimes later, but we don't have the yard that you guys do, but I still get out and I go for walks and we have to remember that just like a plant, the sun, the earth is nourishment to us being able to connect. And when you walk outside, you can do a quick little meditation or just ask for anything that is not serving you to be released into there and just let that energy over you.

It's incredibly powerful. And I have a few grounding meditations that work so much better when you're outside. Even though, as you said, if you're on a patio like I don't have a big yard. So I just walk out to the front stoop and I let the dogs run, but I'm I, the grass is there. The sun is beaming or it's cloudy,

whatever it is, fresh air just helps you reconnect and change the perception that we have for that second, whether you're angry or you're sad, or you're, even if you're excited, you're happy, but your dad is I get to the point where sometimes I'm so excited and I'm like, you know, around center myself so that I can focus on one thing.

And I think that's really, really powerful and something that literally everyone can do even, you know, with this coronavirus. And we've seen, I don't know if you saw Italy, like people weren't even allowed to leave their homes. They, they were apartments. They have a little balcony. You can still walk outside that still connects you, that can still help you.

And you saw people out there singing and just connecting with nature the, anyway that they could. So there's absolutely no reason why you cannot go and connect with nature and bring that clarity and that centering into your lives to help clear out the junk. That's right. And like, if you can, especially if you're at a work environment where you're in an office all day,

or you're at a cube local or whatever like that, you're going to have to, you need to get out, especially if you're typing, I find a lot of stress and a lot of wear and tear comes into here. So if you can, if you have moments throughout the day where you can just go with, out of your office space and just take a nice walk,

even if it's just for a couple of minutes, you know, if you are spending your lunch break out there, if you can, to, you know, just, if you can find a nice bench, if you can find something, you can stay in my Jacquelyn set, or you can, you can take a walk or if you can sit in a bench,

just that way, this is bringing that connection back and just sitting in the quiet and the outside is so it's just, it's just a very rewarding experience because like, Jacquelyn, you just said, you will clear out the junk, you will just, everything will just right out. And then you can go back in with a more clear mind and more focused and be so attentive that you can finish out your day.

Just have little pauses in between. Yeah, well, you can set, like I will set a timer and work for 90 minutes, and then I forced myself to get up, go get a glass of water, step outside the bathroom. Cause I'm a workaholic and not because I'm Oh, you know, my boss is terrible and I ha she makes me work so hard.

It's okay. No, I know her boss. She can be a little crazy, but truly because I am so passionate and my job, I don't ever feel like I work. I love so much of what I do and what I get to share and give back. It's easy for me to sit here for hours and hours. So I put a timer on,

stand up, go outside, just open the window. I mean anything but taking that little bit of time to set the timer reset because then I can come back and I actually can get, like, if I'm getting tired or I, my brain can't really start picking up where I'm at. I just walk away for 10 minutes and come back. And then all of a sudden it all comes back together.

So it's a great way to reset and bring it in. Yeah. Well, I think that this has been amazing a lot. We've got four wonderful steps for anyone who can just, they're very simple. You also have a lot of information on your website that can go on and follow you and get more information, close those all in the show notes, all the links will be there.

Nice and easy. I know that your website is fitness and energy for We have some freebies for them. That is what I do. I'm so excited. Yes, Yes. And all of those will be right there on the website. And I'm going to get some links to put in the show notes as well. Do you have anything that you want to close out?

This wonderful podcast with? I wanna say that it's, it's gonna, you're on a journey right now. And with these tips implement these tips that I've given you, cause they're super easy, and just know that your journey is still incomplete. You are still finding yourself, loving yourself, and completing yourself. And remember that before you give out any kind of love or any kind of coaching or anything at first,

you have to make sure that you're you love yourself and you respect yourself first before you give yourself to anyone else. And then with being holistic, it's all going to take time and practice little things every day. So practice your healing, practice, your loving practice, your listening, practice, your mindful, eating, eating more whole foods, practice eating less junk food practice,

listening to your body for your hunger cues and not out of boredom, but out of the actual hunger, keep hydrating. And in most, most importantly, keep because smiles can just help in so many different ways. Yes, that's wonderful. I all of those steps and making sure that you keep putting these things into practice, but being graceful with yourself and don't be so hard on yourself.

It is all a journey. It's not a magic pill. It is not a magic pill. That's right. That's right. No, those magic pills don't work. They, they cause so many other crazy effects. These steps and living holistically is going to take time. But there are no side effects except for pure joy and you're feeling better and you being clear.

So we don't have to worry about those crazy magic pills. This will take time, but surround yourself with people who you can lean on. That is another key point because you need support, right? And that's why we're here, right? Reach out to us. We're here to help you. We want to see you succeed. And we want to spread more of the holistic wellness lifestyle to everyone because we can all do it.

And one last thing is every one of us that starts meditating and starts being centered. It really raises the vibration of the entire planet. It does. It does with this COVID-19 A lot of places have been shut down and we've actually seen the effects of our lifestyle that now LA like they've got cleaner air that they said the same thing about China,

like cleaner air and people are starting to come together differently. I want us all to start on that journey and realize that that doesn't have to stop. Once we go back, bring practices, and just support each other. And I am so grateful for you being on the show. I loved having you here, but I love having you in my life.

And as a friend and I cannot wait to, you know, just continue this journey with all of you. So yes, show notes, we'll have everything. You'll be able to get the downloads and make sure that if you liked this episode, please share it with all your friends, let everyone, you know, help get into that wellness lifestyle, help them spread that love and that joy.

So thank you so much, Natasha. You're welcome. Thanks for having me. Jacquelyn Right. And we will catch you in the next episode. All right. Bye guys. Take care.