How being activated in your power elevates you to the next level of your business with Margarita Alcantara

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What is our mission in life? Have we attained inner peace? Do we cultivate a life of abundance? If all your answers to these questions are not, that's okay, we are here to help you unlock the power within you. Unlocking the power within you would make you say yes to the questions above, it would make you feel lighter and energized so you can start on your purpose and help this world become a better place.

Margarita Alcantara is a unique woman! She has worn different hats, she is an acupuncturist, a reiki master a medicine woman, an author, a host of her show, and of course an activator of the new code of power. Let's get to know
her more with all her talents and watch as she tells us how can we unlock the power within us.


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Here are so follow-up questions I got to ask!

How/why did you start your business? 
My official private practice started 11 years ago as a Licensed Acupuncturist and Reiki Master/Teacher in the heart of New York City, so I could expand my healing abilities and be of service. In the past 3 years, after being awakened as a Starseed, I have since expanded into my greater Power Activation work, which is virtual.
What makes your business unique? 
I am also a Shamanista Medicine Woman and can help my clients time travel and heal blocks from their power from this and past lives, and then provide Divine Power Activation work, which accelerates my clients into their Divine Power Frequencies, so that they can make a greater impact in the world.
What impact do you want to have in the world or change you want to see or make happen? 
My mission is to activate 1 million Lightworkers into their Divine Power.
Are You Happy with your business,
What makes you happy And What Would You Change? 
I am aligned in my business and my mission in this world, which brings me great joy and peace. I look forward to growing and serving at higher levels.
Did You Experience Failures? If So, What Did You Learn From Them 
As an entrepreneur, you experience many disappointments. But, I wouldn't call them failures, since they're all Divinely led and just points for learning.
How Did You Handle Adversity And Doubt? 
I tap into the essence of what I am to learn from what I'm experiencing, usually, I do this through meditation. I quickly shift into how it's happening for me, instead of to me, and align myself with what I want out of it.
Do You Plan On Growing Your Business? How? 
Absolutely! I plan on growing my business through my existing high-end programs, such as my Conscious Power Mentorship Program, my Global Activations around the world, my membership portal, and other offerings.
Do you think self-love and trust are important in running a successful business? Why? 
Your business is 100% a reflection of your inner work. Successful business women have tapped into the wisdom of cultivating deep self-love and trust in themselves and their vision.
What advice would you give someone interested in starting their own business? 
Transcend your fears so you can show up in service. The world needs you, now!
If you would rather read the interview, feel free to check out the full transcription below!
Trusting your intuition will lead you to create a passionate and joy-filled life. Are you ready to get turned on to a new way of thinking? Are you ready to meet people who have conversations that speak to the things that truly light you up? What if you had access to a podcast that featured women, just like you, who shared stories that empowered you to let go of a lifetime,

to other's expectations and to start living in the now with passion and joy, I'm Jacqueline Rodriguez, founder of your intuitive light coaching owner of enlightened styles, holistic salon, and your host of the intuitive light podcast for the enlightened entrepreneur. My goal is to help women recognize how tightly they are tied to negative thoughts and other people's expectations so that they can fully embrace and become the untethered CEO.

They've always wanted it to be. You're about to meet some amazing women who will inspire you to untether yourself from any fears, the negativity that you carry, and become the untethered CEO of your life. This podcast is for you woman champion, warrior, entrepreneur, mother phenomenon. Hello, and welcome back to the intuitive light podcast. Thank you so much for being here today.

I am so excited. I think I probably say that every single episode, but I really am. I get such a, I guess, such pleasure of being able to talk to so many amazing women. And today I have got margarita here and she is a shamanistic medicine woman, a new coat of power, and a mentor to spiritual entrepreneurs. And that sounds so amazing and fascinating.

I cannot wait for you guys to hear all about her. So without further ado here is a margarita. Hey there. Hello. Hi. Thank you so much for being here today. I'm so glad to be here. Thanks for inviting me. Yes. I think that everyone is going to be so fascinated to hear all about what you do. I know a ton,

but tell us a little bit more about who you are and how you got into what you're doing. Yeah, so it really, you know, I've been doing a lot of my more power activation work in the past three years, but for about 11 years, I've actually been holding down a private practice as a healing practitioner in the heart of New York City.

So it really began where I was a licensed acupuncturist, Reiki master teacher. And I really began that around 2009 and that's kind of where my healing journey began. But then as things continued, I also became a medicine woman in the mine, Toltec tradition, and just really started doing that more in my intuitive work and my healing work, and my private practice.

But in the past three years, I did awaken as star seed. And that kind of catapulted me into this larger work that I'm doing, which is really these power activations, really showing up for those who are spiritually conscious entrepreneurs and really being of assistance on that planetary level. So that's really where, where I began and where I'm in now. That is,

there are so many things in that that I love that you started with acupuncture and now you're doing these power activations and we've talked a few times and you've said how you are helping activate the world. So for those people who don't really know what everything means, let us say alike what exactly all of that means and how it helps really set people and set yourself apart.

Well, I mean, really we're, you know, as you know, and as you can feel and see and experience we're in the middle of a planetary awakening right now. And so, I mean, and this actually began before, you know, all this stuff started happening. However, it's really my mission to activate 1 million lightworkers into their power so that they can really step forward and in the fully activated state and make a difference in the world.

Cause that's really what happens when you are activated in your power is that you are connected to your divine self in the fullest of terms. And then you are fulfilling your purpose on this planet and your, and your mission on this planet. And then your impact is tremendous, you know because when we're just kind of moving around in the dark and we're just trying our best and that kind of thing,

it can be a little disconcerting at times, you know, too, you know, just kind of wing it, you know, but then when you do have teachers and mentors and you're also receiving work and elevating your own vibration, you are up-leveling your vibration and your frequency to a point that it can really be implemented in your work and your purposeful work,

you know, such as you doing your intuitive work and providing services in the world, you know, it's that whole same thing of when you're activated on those divine levels. And what I do is that I activate those divine power codes on the DNA level, so that it becomes an embodiment versus, Oh, I'd like to feel that, or I'd like to feel powerful or I want to be powerful it's that they feel in their bones,

that their power is awake and they're operating through the world with that embodiment. And then it exudes in their essence through everything that they're touching and every life they're connecting with. So does that help? Oh yeah, I think that's beautiful. And so much of that is I know that I've told, you know, all the audience and my clients and everything,

it really is about connecting with your higher self and stepping into that power. You know, we, every, everybody has a different way of doing it and there are so many different ways. And I think that the activations are beautiful, but really it in layman's terms, there really is just stepping into your higher power, connecting with your higher self, and starting to take action and feel better about yourself so that you can start raising your vibration for the whole world,

because once we raise our vibration, it raises for everyone else. And that's really what is so important. And I, I'm a hundred percent behind that mission because I know that it's going to take so many people to start really raising the vibration of the planet and get through all these things that we're doing or that's happening right now. Absolutely. And the whole thing with the activation work that I do,

it's very much in alignment with that. And it actually accesses that new paradigm, frequency, and energy that's accelerated. So, and that's why I feel like this work started coming into my consciousness, like in the past three years, because it's time, for humanity to access that accelerated frequency. So, and, and that's something that, you know, my,

my clients tap into for sure. So it's, it's, it's something that I'm really grateful I get to do. No, it's such important work. So when we're talking about your clients and, you know, simple things that we can think of, like what are some steps for our people to hear today that really could help them on this journey and sort of awakening them a little bit.

Yeah, good question. So something that, some tangible steps, that they can apply in their lives so that they can start accessing their power is to, first of all, you know, clear out, do the work internally on that spiritual stuff, you know, whatever you're holding in your system that is aligned with, you know, some outdated beliefs.

So if there are any beliefs of you not being capable, you feeling disempowered, you giving your power away to others. You know, that happens a lot, especially with Lightworkers and spiritual people is that they give their power away, to others. So really noticing where we do that and to, first of all, to stop doing that, and then to also reclaim our power and really just recognize how capable we are.

So every single time we do that internal work, and it's not just simply, you know, let's eat better, feel better, get some healing sessions. I mean, all of that is helpful, but it's all as you know, this internal job where, you know, you get to do that internal work to clear out those old patterns, because if you don't and you're still operating from these old belief systems that don't serve you,

then you're going to go through life like that. And that's going to color how you show up in the world. And, you know, it shows up in how we make money. It shows up in how we love or don't love, you know, or how we feel fulfilled in our relationships or our careers. You know, it shows up in everything.

And so starting with doing that internal work, clearing out those old stories, inserting those higher vibrational primary timelines, you know, into our lives that are aligned with our truth versus aligned with our fears. Cause basically really getting clear on whatever is more aligned with fear, you know, which is basically anything we're afraid of anything that triggers us anything that makes us very reactive,

that is still tied somehow to pain, which is usually tied to fear. And so if there's something like that happening for you continue clearing that out so that you can really be in that higher vibrational state so that you can stay focused and really doing that internal work is number one. And then also being consistent with that internal work, you know, because sometimes what I see with a lot of Lightworkers and spiritual people is that they have this idea of,

okay, awesome. I'm feeling on fleek. I'm very, I'm feeling really spiritual and then they're done, right? And it's like, as you know, it's like a consistent practice where, you know, you know, as for me, one thing that is one of my non-negotiables is meditating first thing in the morning and, you know, that's, that sets my day.

And then I also tap into great spirit and, and just like, you know, do my work. And sometimes I do a little portal traveling and whatever, you know, I need to do, but having consistency with your practice is really important so that, you know, it's this ongoing mastery. And so you can kind of approach life from that space.

So I think those are some good, you know, beginning steps to open up into your power. Oh, most definitely. And I think that you know, for everyone watching, when she's talking about clearing out things like we've got these beliefs and these really deep-rooted and crazy beliefs that sometimes don't really have anything to do with anything that we're actually experiencing.

It's so far and, and in our energy. So I know that that is the moment that when I started my meditation practice and when I started really working on my energy and protecting my energy, you know, from not giving too much, that helped, but the real change happened when I started changing those deep-rooted beliefs, all around me not being worthy enough,

but it all stemmed from not thinking that I was worthy enough and not truly loving or trusting myself. And that's really what I teach my students. Like you've got to love and trust yourself and in your intuition so that you can start stepping into that power, but you got to switch some of those beliefs, not some, all of them, but it is an ongoing thing I've been,

you know, in this realm for a while now to does not mean that it's super easy. I, it, things still just come to you. You've got to continue the practice. You've got to continue to meditate and push yourself a little bit further. And outside of that comfort zone. And I think that really applies not only with what you're talking about,

but in, you know, world our world altogether, like, especially as entrepreneurs, when we start getting comfortable, that's when our numbers start to drop and things just feel uneasy. So when we continue to push outside of our comfort zone, because we elevate, right, and each time we elevate, we get comfortable, and then it's time to elevate again.

So just keeping that in mind, that it's always a process and it's always that consistency that will truly bring that, that transformation in your, your journey. And I love what you said about pushing beyond the comfort zone because that's huge for a lot of spiritual folks is that you know, they perceive that if it's not comfortable or if it feels strained on the slightest level,

then it's assigned from the universe. And then, you know, I got to stop what I'm doing, and this is not right for my, that's not aligned with my higher self and all that, you know, really honestly crap, you know, that, I mean, that's not true, right? I mean, sometimes we feel the resistance because that's our ego pushing up against our higher self saying,

you know, come forward, you know, step forward, it's your time. You, and then the ego's like, no, I need to be safe. Do you know? And, and so than that there's that internal battle. And, but that's part of what a lot of spiritually inclined folks and spiritual entrepreneurs, and even those in the spiritual community mistake,

they mistake the resistance as a sign that they need to stop. Or as a sign that, Oh, this is my intuition telling me that it's not right. Right. And it's like, no, that's not your intuition. That's your fear. And you get to bust through your fear and you get to transcend that so that you can show up in the world because that is a limiting belief,

whatever is, you know, part of that resistance, you know, so, and this often happens when spiritually conscious folks are being invited to get visible when they're being invited to do a higher level of service. And I mean, it's guaranteed that you're going to bump up against your ego and then you're going to be like, Oh my God, should I stop?

I mean, what should I do? What does this mean? And what that often means about 99.99, 9% of the time is to bust through that, that block, you know, and to transcend into your power because what you, what people are looking for, they're looking for that higher level, but they sometimes are not willing to do what it takes to get to that higher level,

which means getting uncomfortable, doing the harder work, showing up when it's better and easier and faster to just hang back and not doing, doing anything. So it's really about, you know, allowing yourself to have that courage to expand and go to the next level because if you don't, then you're going to stay where you are and spiritually conscious entrepreneurs,

get to understand that because that will impact your bottom line in the end, cause anywhere where you're holding back, that will also show up in your abundance. You know, it'll show up in the number of people you're working with, you know, so it's just a natural correlation. And that's one thing that entrepreneurs and businesswomen, you know, we tend to forget that when we're not doing that internal work that also shows up in our business,

Do you know? And so you do that internal work, especially if it's uncomfortable, especially if it's challenging or triggering for you. And then you actually see how that transcendence into that next level, that you're positively experiencing influences, your bottom line with your business as well, you know, meaning better impact, higher impact, and more abundance too. Yeah.

And I think it's so important for people to realize that, but I noticed as women entrepreneurs, and this is one thing that really, I love to dream big. I am a big dreamer. I love envisioning something so massive, but I noticed that we don't do that enough. Not a lot, especially women entrepreneurs. We, we do keep ourselves in a smaller bubble because we're always worried about what other people need from us,

but allowing ourselves to dream Baker and allowing that Ascension to happen, it does get uncomfortable. But one of the tools that I use is when I can really allow myself to dream that bigger dream, then it gives me motivation and helps push me through those hard times where I do want to have some of that resistance. Just having that bigger dream will help get you through that because if we don't have them,

then we do stay stuck because we only think we can get, you know, this far out of our comfort zone, when really we're meant to do so much more, but we don't allow ourselves to even think that we can do that much more. Absolutely. And I think that it's a really important thing to just keep that in mind that it's okay to grow and to,

to think these massive dreams and you don't have to know how to do it or anything like that. You just have to have the capability of being able to dream it up and allowing yourself the freedom that it could happen. And even, even the thought of it is stepping out of your comfort zone and that's okay too.<inaudible> well, the important thing about,

you know, having the dream is to allow yourself to open up to the possibilities, right? Because if you don't, then the dream dies, and then it's done. Right. And so that's what a lot of, you know, cause one thing that I've noticed with a lot of lightworkers and those in the spiritual community is that they, they have a dream for like a split second,

and then they kill it with, well, what's logical, what's possible, you know, like not, not what's possible. Cause, cause that's when you're really an expansive expansion, but they really start thinking, well, what's rational. What is logical for me to do? And what's interesting about that consideration is that, well, if you're truly a spiritual being and you're really truly cosmically inclined and tapped into the Gullah galaxy and all that stuff,

then you're not thinking logically, you know, it's, it's not about being logical. It's about, you know, trusting the flow of what is here for you. You know, because we are energetic beings and you know, everything is energy and everything resonates at the vibration of frequency, you know, and it's, it's something that has been measured. It's something that can be augmented and reduced.

It can be shifted and worked with. And the faster that we can get out of it to look logical and needs to be rational, it needs to be acceptable. Then we can really allow our dreams to breathe and to grow because, you know, interestingly enough, a lot of, you know, spiritual businesswomen, they, they have some dreams and then they kill it with,

you know, being rational and what's more logical to do or not. And, and then it's, it's not a fully actualized dream. However, when you get into the openness of the possibility of what you want, and then you're like, this can actually happen. I can make this happen. And then you just go out of the box and be like,

okay, I haven't done XYZ before, but let me check it out, let me just try it out and just expand. And then from there, it's, you know, really operating from that place of possibility rather than it needs to look a specific way, which can immediately constrain our dreams and what we manifest in the world. Oh, most definitely.

I was in a class quite a few years back and I remember there in the class and they were talking about, you know, how much money do you want to make? Like, if you can make anything like, no, no limitations, how much money would you want to make? And you look around the class and everybody's sitting there and we're like,

okay. And you see him like thinking and what almost everybody in the class did was think logically, okay. So I make this much this year and if I'm, Oh, I can double it or maybe triple it because I think they might've broken it down to like, okay, and a year, how much do you wanna make? And three years,

and then maybe like five, right. But any number. But we do, we kill all of the dreams because we think so logically about it. And I remember that moment because the teacher was going over that and seeing what everybody did and then, you know, explaining how we don't need to be logical about it. Like literally don't think about how that's going to happen.

Cause everybody was adding up what they made before and, you know, playing it very safe. But if we start really just diving into that big number or that big dream that we have and releasing it out into the universe, then things start to always like shift into it to make it happen for us. But we killed the dream. The second we start thinking logically,

and that is what we mostly do. Cause that's what we're really taught to do. This is not a, you know, training that we receive when we're younger, we're very logical, which does serve us. But being able to step kind of outside of that is what is really going to send you to the next level and manifest all the things that you want.

And I know it's happened for me multiple times, you know, not knowing how I'm going to get something or, you know, something that I wanted to do. Just being able to truly trust that it was going to happen, raise my vibration. And then like the pieces just kind of came together in front of me, like a puzzle, and made things easy because I didn't worry about how.

Absolutely. And so what other, like, what are the things to you walk your clients through? So what exactly do you mean? Like, do you have a system or we had talked before about a little bit of a system for your clients to help them kind of see what, what the possibilities are. So I do bring them through a process.

It's a three-part process. It's usually kind of a natural flow of things, but what tends to happen is this awaken activate, embody process that I implement with my clients. And so basically it's that initial stage of awakening into who they are and what they want to create in the world. And in this opening that they're having for themselves, they see themselves as a spiritual being,

they might feel or awaken into their higher purpose. They might have a deep desire to go for that, you know, and maybe for the first time in their lives entertain what you and I had been discussing about that dream opening into the dream, allowing it to breathe, allowing it to be created and just seeing like, Oh my God, this can actually be possible.

And one thing as you know, you know, when you first awaken, it's not all, you know, like butterflies and tulips, you know, like you start seeing that a lot of shit has hit the fan and you know, like all the stuff you thought was real is actually not or relationships that you thought were awesome are actually not supporting you.

I mean, it's like that whole like, Oh my God, what have I created in my life? Right. And then you just become mortified. And that's also part of the awakening process too, but it's also perfect, right? Like, I mean, it's that whole divine perfect process of ah, okay, I created this, I now get to shift this.

I get to create what I want. And so that's that whole awakening waking up to who you really are and what you really want. And then also, Oh my God, I've been creating all this in the meantime. Right. And shifting, and it's not, It's like, it's when I realized that and I went through a process to open everything up and then you get smacked with this.

Oh. So everything that you don't like in your life guesses what's been creating it. It's not to you it's, you're bringing that on. And that was a little bit of a rude awakening to figure out. But once I grasped that and I said, okay, so this is my doing thin the power in being able to change that and be the reason things change instead of just waiting for everybody else and everything else to figure itself out.

Right. That was true power. That was the beauty of being able to see that and finally take ownership of it because we don't know what we don't know. Right. Like I never knew that I really thought things just happen. I'm like, Ugh, this sucks. But I was bringing a lot of those things on. So it's an amazing thing to have that awakening to go through that process.

Even if it hurts a little bit at the beginning, you work through it so easily, once you accept and you own it. Yeah. And, you know, cause you can't change anything if you're not aware of what it is, you know? And so that's why the awakening stage is so important to, and we're, planetarily in that stage right now.

And that's why there's so much upheaval and discord because you know, you have folks who are doing that work. You know, like people who are probably checking out this podcast have probably been doing some internal work and spiritual work already. But you know, there's a vast majority in the collective, in our society that has not done that work, you know?

And so a lot of them are waking up into it for the first time and there, you know, realizing, Oh my God, you know, like either I've created my life, I'm not happy with my life or look at our world. I'm not happy with what we've created. And I've, I'm now realizing that I'm part of what created what's going on right now.

Right. And so it's that whole awakening stage. And so waking up into that part and then the second part that I bring my clients into is that activate stage where that's when I actually do these sessions with my clients, where I do tap into that newer frequency, that's very quick and accelerated and really activate their power on the DNA level. So I'll bring in like,

you know, these power codes that are really linked to their divine. I mean, that's what it comes down to. It's like an awakening they're divine codes in themselves because everyone has them. But for the majority of us, if not all of us, there's been programming, you know, with humanity, not only of light but also of negativity to keep us in this suppressed state in our power.

And so the activations serve to awaken those codes that we all inherently have that are usually latent and wake them up so that, you know, it's really us operating from that higher level frequency. So I'll, that's when I'll bring in those diamonds, sun codes, you know, bringing in those star frequencies, the galactic res you know, and, you know,

bringing in Gaia. Cause I, I also do a lot of work with Gaia. So, you know, I'll bring in all these different levels of power and, you know, activation to assist my clients into being activated into that accelerated field, that way they are awakened into that state. And then it segues into the third kind of level of my work with my clients,

which is the embodied state. And so that's when you just kind of enter into this, just being like, rather than it being a lovely concept of yeah, great. I feel powerful, you know, like, I mean, it's, it's more like on the visceral level of my being, I know that I'm powerful and I know that I'm here to make a difference and I'm ready to go to it.

Right. And having that level of frequency where you can access that regularly and just apply it. And then you make a deeper impact in the world, which we all want to make. Right. And we each have our very specific ways of doing it, which are very unique to ourselves. And so, you know, this process is what I share with my clients to really help them,

not only accelerate into that frequency but then to quickly apply an anchor into Gaia's frequency and make it happen. I love that process. I think it's so beautiful to be able to have the whole process going through from the beginning and then actually stepping in and feeling that power. Cause it feels amazing when you have that power. Like there's nothing else that really can explain it because you're so centered and confident in who you are.

And you finally can go and move through to the more important things that you've wanted to do that it's, it's a wonderful, beautiful thing, especially for entrepreneurs because that is what we're supposed to be. We're here to help so many other people so that they can move through to whatever it is, whether it is, you know, a salon or if you have a product you're meant to put your stuff out there and change people's lives and stepping into your power just helps so much more.

And it not only helps your business but it, every part of you every little bit makes such a huge impact on how you conduct your entire and the things you start manifesting. Absolutely. Because you know, it's in the beginning, most people get into activating their power and embodying the power because they're unhappy with something in their lives. Usually, it's because something like,

you know, whether it's their love life or they're in a day job that they hate, you know, I mean, I hear that from a lot of spiritual folks a lot is that I'm in this dead-end job. It's, you know, I hear them call it. It's very 3d, right. Like, and you know, and it may be,

you know, I mean, I was in that position as well. And then you realize that, Oh, I brought this into my life so that I could learn that this is not what I want to be doing. Sometimes, you know, you bring these things into your life so you can learn and move on from that. Right. And it,

and it really infiltrates every aspect of your life because, and that's one thing that I think women and businesswomen really kind of, don't always put two to two together when it comes to their business, is that it's not just about the bottom line and you know, let's, you know, let's make sure the numbers are all right, because you, of course, you want that.

Of course, you want to make sure that your numbers are on point and, and you know that you're doing what you want to be doing with your work, but what's often missing is this alignment piece. And it's, you know, like, how am I bringing that level of my higher self into this work so that it's all aligned. And, you know,

cause when you have that all together, then when you're showing up in the world, to make an impact with your business, everyone can feel it, right? Like everyone can feel your essence when you're talking or when you're providing an offer or when you're showing up for your client, like, it just shows up because it's oozing out of your system. Right.

And when it's aligned like that, then it makes a deeper impact, which is usually for most businesswomen, that's what, what they really want. You know, they want to make that difference in the world on a very deep level, you know, it's like on that heart level. And so, yeah, it's really having that alignment piece so that it's not just my business over here.

And then over here, I'll have some love, you know, and then over here I'll have whatever, right? It's all connected and anywhere that you, the way you show up in one thing is the way you show up in everything. Do you know? So I mean, if it's happening in love, then guess what, it's also happening in your business,

right? So it's like, everything is the reflection and you know, so it's not this airy-fairy concept of spirituality, right? It's like it actually shows up in every aspect of your life and the faster that businesswomen, you know, that we can tap into that and that knowledge, the faster we can get results for the people that we're serving. Yes,

yes. To all of that. I think it's so important for us to know that it doesn't stand alone. Like your business is not supposed to be separate from your personal life to your, you know, your kids. And, and as I'm a mother and a wife and me, you know, have lots of pieces moving in my life with my businesses and everything,

but literally, I am so incredibly blessed because I've been able to step into this power and I am aligned. I know exactly every single piece is I do everything out of love. Like that is my big impact is bringing more love to ourselves, to our lives, to our families, to the world, and then in our business because that's where the real big changes.

But that doesn't mean that I only do self-care for myself. My self-care completely directly impacts how I run my business and vice versa. Yeah. I'm in it to make money because I have to, but I know that I have to make money because it's going to push me further and be able to make a bigger impact. So that's where that shift of thinking is.

And when you were aligned with all of that, and you really are leading with your heart or with love the money, the bottom line, everything comes and it comes so much easier. I remember before I knew all of this, everything was a struggle. Everything was hard. Everything, you know, just to make $5 was hard. Now it's easy.

And I know the impact that's made in the world because of what I do and what I'm able to provide in the world. So I think it's just a very powerful thing. And I'm, I'm right there with you and your mission of, we need to raise the awareness for everyone so that all women entrepreneurs can feel that way and conduct their lives in such a manner that isn't hard anymore.

And it feels good and it feels easier doesn't mean that we won't have bumps along the road, but we know how to handle them at that point. And we can just continue. Right. And, you know, and that's part of that inner dialogue that we get to hone and cultivate, right? Because we get to, you know, clear, as we were saying earlier,

any of these old belief systems, especially around money, you know, even entrepreneurial women, we get to do that work, especially because there's so much like baggage around money for women, you know, and, and also where we've been and where we're heading into, there's a whole new consciousness around wealth and money, which is moving from the time dollar and all that stuff.

And focusing on, you know, basing the value on the transformation you're providing, right. Because that's really what businesswomen are. You know, I mean, we're really awesome at that, you know, like getting in touch with the intuition aspect, getting into the flow, you know, when we're really doing that internal work, we're able to like be in that flow.

And part of that flow is rather than being like, okay, X amount of dollars per hour equals, you know, whatever result we want, right? Like it's, it's not so much that rigid concept, which is part of the old paradigm, right? Because some businesswomen, if they're not making the kind of income that they want, it's usually because there's some kind of hidden beliefs around money.

And it's usually connected to the old paradigm and those old beliefs rather than what we're entering into now, which is this, you know, as we're seeing, there's this crumbling of the economic structure, even of the health structures and also all these old things and issues that have been a thing for humanity are now coming up for healing, including this piece around money.

And so until women entrepreneurs can get on board with it, doesn't have to be like time equals money, right. Or time per dollar. It's about what transformation can I provide for my people and how can I make it even bigger for them, right. Like, and that's really the focus. So it's, that's where we get to all kind of dip into so that we can make the bigger difference,

which is our ultimate goal. And, and also to be in that abundance and, and not to be in this whole spirit of, well, I need to make money because I need to feed my kids. Right. It's more of a, you know, we, our Lightworkers are actually transforming the energy of money into the light. And so it's really this new encodement that we're creating with even the money piece,

you know, and that's what, when we are aligned with our work, with our purpose, we're actually transforming the energy of money into the light. And so we're all being invited to do that on all those levels and is like one of those tools and, and areas of energy that gets to be transformed to. And that right there is so important for people to know that that is a part of it,

because I think that's the one huge thing that holds most of us back, whether it is from opening a business or pursuing your dreams, or taking a trip, buying that thing that you really want. We stifle what we want because of the money piece, because we don't have enough money or because we don't know where the money's gonna come from to do X,

Y, or Z, but we shift those beliefs. I promise like the money just shows up. It comes and it's there because we're meant to do these bigger things. And we're meant to think bigger and, and, you know, step out of our comfort zones. And the more that we can put those and remember that it comes, the more we stay aligned is incredibly powerful for people and women entrepreneurs to really see and feel that first so that they can get at least a little bit out of their fears,

knowing that that piece is in there. And then it will be taken care of. I love it. I mean, we could just talk forever and it is coming up on our time. So I want to know where can everyone find you? I know we have your website here. Yeah. So thank you for asking. And most folks can find me at my website yes.

At Alcantar And there are some resources there. You can also find me on Facebook and Instagram. I do have, a Monday weekly show called to rise with margarita, really, you know, inviting lightworkers to go into the next level of their power through that show, which is every Monday at 2:00 PM Eastern. And you can also find me on social media.

I'm often on Instagram, and I think my handles just Al Conterra acupuncture. And then on Facebook, the same thing, I'll contact you puncture. And that's my Facebook page. And that's where you can find me. Most often, I do have Twitter and LinkedIn and all that, but I'm not as active there. And I do also have a gift for your listeners where,

you know, it's, if you want to be in a fuller expression of yourself, you get to be activated in your throat chakra power. And so I have a little, I love that. You're just so prepared with all these titles. It's just amazing. So yeah, there's a throat chakra power activation video. And so that's a gift for those who are here for a Jacquelyn podcast,

so that you can open up into the power of your throat chakra. You can feel more in your fullest expression because that's really what you're here to do, right. You know, you're here to be in your fullest expression as this being the spiritual, being on earth, making an impact in the world. And, and sometimes we silence ourselves, you know,

especially women, you know, we, we silence ourselves a lot. That's what we were taught and, you know, you know, look cute and just be quiet, right? Like in the corner when you're like five. And, but now we get to shift that and we get to be heard and seen and visible so that we can help others.

And so this activation video is my gift so that you can start to really open up into that. And so that's where you can find me, mostly my website, social media, and also, you know, checking out this gift. And I so appreciate the gift. It's such a wonderful gift. I highly recommend everyone go in, listen,

get your throat chakra, power activation, and follow margarita. And I'm going to make it super easy because on the blog, all of the links, everything is going to be there super easy for you to click on, follow you and get the power activation. And I just want to thank you so much for being here today for giving us all this beautiful knowledge and really raising everyone's vibration on this podcast today.

I truly appreciate it. Yeah. Thank you so much. I'm just really honored that you invited me for this conversation and, you know, it's so important, the work that you're doing and really it's important to, you know, just really encourage, you know, when women, entrepreneurs, and businesswomen to just really show up and do their thing because the world needs us,

you know, in our power and they need us empowered so that we can make our difference in the world. And so thank you for having me here. Yes. I couldn't have said it better. And that's why I loved having you is because you are right there with raising women, you know, entrepreneurs and just bring in a new layer and helping them activate into their own power.

And I will continue to stand behind that mission. And I invite all of you to join us on that mission. Find out how you can activate your own power, find out how you can really start changing your life. And both of us are here to help you and, you know, make that journey easier for you. So make sure that you come back,

go to the website, you know, make sure you download everything of hers, follow her everywhere and come back for next. Week everywhere. Everywhere I follow you on Instagram. I love hearing from you, your stories. So in so much fun, you know, we, we get to have this beautiful community of women who are stepping up and we're here to support each other.

That's what this is all about. That's what the podcast is about because I want to showcase women doing their damn thing and feeling good about it and stepping up there because I am just so proud that I get to be a part of this, this movement and this activation of all of us, and I want to be here to support. So I'm super excited to have you today.

Thank you again. And this message or this podcast was sponsored by the untethered CEO membership coming up soon, which you can also find out information on the blog for. So make sure you come back next time and thank you so much for being here with us. Thank you so much. Thank you so much for listening today. Please make sure that you go over to the blog and follow all the links for our guests and get the downloads that we talked about.

I would also really love and appreciate it if you would share this podcast with your friends and family. And if you wouldn't mind taking just a minute to leave a review, that would mean the world to me. Thank you again so much from the bottom of my heart for listening and staying tuned. Can't wait to see you next week on the shelf.