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We have such big expectations in the Church. Since it is the majestic place of God, we expect everything to be in it's a glorious and holy place. But trials and temptations within the Church are inevitable. There are times when people surrounding us will test us, and it is up to us what to do when we face this adversity. Do we rise from it or do we fall with it?

For over ten years as an ordained pastor, Kristina Lee Jensen, has helped dozens of people rebuild their relationship and faith in God. .She leads with compassion and hope. However, she has also personally experienced the heartbreak and confusion that results after experiencing deep hurt within the church. In this podcast let's listen to how Kristina dealt with the trials that she encountered. How she became successful and more faithful despite the temptations set upon her.

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Here are so follow up questions I got to ask! 

How/why did you start your business? 
I started my business because I was concerned about people who were hurt by the church and wanted to continue their spiritual journey with God and Jesus but didn't feel comfortable stepping foot in the door of a church or talking about faith with "churchy" people. I wanted there to be a way that people who were more interested in faith could get access to the help they needed without the trappings and triggers of baggage that they associate with it.
What makes your business unique? 
Oftentimes there is a stigma that if felt within groups of empaths and intuitive or Christians that you can be in one group but not the other. It's hard to know where one can truly be safe with sharing ALL of one's views. My business and online spaces are creating a place where it is okay to be BOTH and explore all of who one is at the same time so that one can truly explore one's FULL spiritual and religious identity in a safe place.
What impact do you want to have in the world or change you want to see or make happen? 
Religious and spiritual identity forms a core part of who we are and forms the basic principles of so much that governs what we tell ourselves is okay and is not okay to do in our lives. So much of the permissions that we give ourselves to "Go For It" and take big risks or to lose ourselves in a greater cause because of what we believe in is linked to our religious and spiritual views. When these views are healthy, they can be very positive forces in our lives that can help us to be bold and take positive risks. When we are held back by limiting views in this area we can feel like it's 'groundhog day' in our personal and professional lives because we find that we are learning the same lesson over and over again. I want to see the freedom that can come for and through every person when they discover how much God loves them just as they are. I want to see the amazing transformation that occurs in every person's life when they fully embrace that God is not sitting up in the sky with a big chalkboard to keep track of how many times we get it wrong but rather waiting with open arms for us to come into an embrace of continuous love. God is waiting with eagerness to see how much we delight in who God created us to be.
Are You Happy with your business, What makes you happy, And What Would You Change? 
I am very excited with the community that has formed and is continuing to form, engage more deeply with one another, and support one another more deeply. I'm learning to simply lean into being vulnerable each day and really going for it - on a daily basis because that is what leads to a fulfilled life. I'm starting to really focus more intentionally on where I need to spend my time too - and that how I do something is just as important as doing it at all. I'm no longer willing to sacrifice family time for business time. My business is important, but it will have to grow at the rate which I can fit it around my family time rather than the other way around. When I allow myself to spend the time doing the things that are really important to me rather than spending 100% of the time on my business, the time I spend in and on my business is of so much better quality - it's night and day.
Did You Experience Failures? If So, What Did You Learn From Them 
I experience failure every day. I'm learning that the risk of showing up and being imperfect is the most necessary business skill there is because without it there is no way to move forward at all. One must be ready to move forward at any and all times BEFORE the final project is ready, before the final presentation is finished, before the final thoughts come together. We are creatures of process and things come together as we are moving through them and as we are in the motion of doing them. When we have the courage to start before we are ready we have a stack of products and facebook lives and messages and emails and courses that are 'done' and being 'revised' instead of a bunch of dreams still waiting to be realized. The only real failure is not to try. Every day is a failure of some sort - meaning that things didn't go as planned or expected. I'm learning that it's about showing up as best I can today. I can do that 365 times in one year to move the needle. I can do that.
How Did You Handle Adversity And Doubt? 
I handled adversity and doubt in my marriage, in some friend groups, and in many places, but the hardest place to handle adversity and doubt was in myself. It's easy to walk away from others but you can't walk away from your own thoughts. They are still with you when you go to sneak ice cream out of the fridge or take a walk or slam the computer shut. Your own thoughts are still with you when you toss and turn at night or when your account is in the negative and you still don't know if your business is going to be a success or what the next move is to make. So the way I handled it was to feel every feeling and to dig in even deeper. I felt it all - but I connected myself even more to the pain and need that my clients were feeling and used it as fuel for evidence of all the more reason that I was needed without delay. I'm sure that adversity and doubt set me back at times, but they didn't make me quit. I'm still going. Whenever I felt it the best thing was to take an action step - remind myself what I could do. Feel the fear but take action from your vision of what you are working towards rather than your fear. When you are afraid, take a deep breath, remember your vision, and take a simple action step like messaging someone in your Facebook group. I handled the adversity and doubt by taking small steps to take my power back when it hit and I continue to do so. Adversity and doubt will always be with us, but so will grit and courage. With those, we are armed and dangerous!
Do You Plan On Growing Your Business? How? 
I'm launching a course in July called "Faith Alchemy: Transforming Your Life through the Power of Love". It's a three-month course that I'll repeat each quarter, growing and scaling it each time I do so. I plan on adding a mastermind in 2021 and then seeing where the spirit leads me. I'm excited! This journey is just taking off!
Do you think self-love and trust are important in running a successful business? Why? 
There has to be self-love and trust because each of us as entrepreneurs is THE constant fuel in running our own business. Our thoughts become feelings and our feelings become actions that become our results. When we start everything on a foundation - and pull it back to a foundation - of self-love and trust EVERYTHING goes so much easier!
What advice would you give someone who is interested in starting their own business? 
Take DAILY ACTIONS that add up to big goals. Remember that you just need to focus on today. Chunk out your big plans into 90-day goals and reverse engineer everything so that you can see the actions you need to take TODAY to get to where you want to be tomorrow. Don't let the dream of 'tomorrow' steal your future - build it one day at a time. And always know that everything you do - and every small and big way - you show up matters. It all adds up! You've got this!
If you would rather read the interview, feel free to check out the full transcription below!
Welcome back to the intuitive light podcast and Shel, thank you so much for being here. I am very excited for our guests today. I have Christina Johnson and she has been over the past 10 years and is an ordained pastor, and she has been helping dozens of people rebuild their relationships, uh, and faith in God. So they're able to experience God's love,
peace, and freedom. Sometimes for the first time in their lives. She leads with compassion hope and has a gift for bringing healing and rediscovering to individuals who deserve desire, a renewed relationship with God. We have been able to know each other for a while, and I'm just so excited to have her on the show and really talk about, um, everything that she's been doing.
So without further ado here is Christina. Hi. Hi. How are you doing today? I am fabulous. Welcome. And thank you so much for being here. Thanks. It's great to be here. Thank you so much for having me. Yes. This has been, we've been talking for a while about this and it's just so exciting to be able to really bridge this gap.
Um, we've had conversations before about, you know, intuition and God and faith, and I am very excited to see, you know, your thoughts and how you bridge everything. So before we get into all of that, would you tell us all about you and what you've been up to? Yeah, so I've been a pastor for gosh, um,
over 10 years, just about 15 years now. And I really felt a strong relationship with God early on. One of my earliest memories is just being outside as a three-year-old, just swinging and making up songs about God and nature and just being so happy and feeling at one with everything. And I was, I grew up the church was a place for me where I felt this really strong sense of love and connection.
And when I got to seminary and started seeing some of the inner workings of the church, I realized that the people of God aren't always so gracious and weren't always so gracious to me was always so gracious to people I loved. And it could be a really hurtful place, a really judgmental place, a place that was full of uncaring. And I realized that,
um, that not everybody felt the way I did growing up and I wanted to do something to change that. And then when I was, um, in my second major call, um, there was a group of just, I just need to say really, really grouchy people. Um, and everything that I loved about myself, they basically tore me down for,
and I went into a deep depression and was unemployed sponsor disability for a couple of years. And it was during that time in that depression, God taught me on the shoulder after I had basically given up on not God, but God's people and was questioning whether I've ever stepped foot in the church again. And God said, I've, I've chosen you. I have called you.
I've called you to make a difference in the world. What are you going to do about it? Um, and through at first direct sales and then coaching started to rebuild who I was, um, through changing negative beliefs about myself. They're healing doing a lot of inner work. I began to see, um, that God wanted a blessing for me, but I had to go outside of the realm of how God was talked about in church and the language that was used
because that was so painful for me. I still went to the Bible. Um, but the community that was really a blessing to me at that time was the community that talked about manifesting and intuition and angels and all of that. That's really where I found healing. And so, because I started out as a pastor with the church, and then I found myself in a manifesting community,
um, I've really learned to love both. And so I feel in some senses, I've had a cross-cultural experience and what I know now, um, I'm now a pastor again, but what I know now is that God loves both groups. So, so, so much, and we're all talking about the same thing. We're just using different words to describe it.
And there are so many people who have such deep conflicts about their spiritual life, but it's got okay with us or people who have questions about who is Jesus and what does all the hurt that's the church doing about any way that I really feel a deep call to have a conversation about all of this on a deeper level because I think God is really calling us to do and to be the same things,
but oftentimes the experiences that we have with the people that are in our life, determine what conversation we have first, which determines what language we're most comfortable, which then shapes what we view as right or wrong, or what we're comfortable with. So if we can look at some of the language behind the comfortable, um, nature of, of, of,
of what we talk about and our comfort and think about, you know, why we use the language that we use and expand our scope, wherever we start so that we can use, um, techniques and methods from groups that we're not as familiar with. What I find is that God uses all of that for healing and amazing ways. And so that's really what I'm about is using my community,
which is for Christ as a place where you can come, you can be more Christian or more intuitive, and you can learn about whatever side of you is unfamiliar and asked all the questions that you want because I wouldn't be healed if I didn't have the Christian and the intuitive side in me, I wouldn't be able to be healing and youthful to either people who are intuitive or to Christians in general.
Um, and so I'm so thankful that God is in all of the worlds and God doesn't limit grace to one type of belief or one type of language or one type of experiencing the world because let's face it as entrepreneurs, especially as a woman entrepreneurs in this world today, we all need as much grace as we can get. So that's what I'm about.
And I think that's what we're all about. And I thank you so much for being here to be able to open up that communication and, and really take a look at the language and how we are using it, what we say and how we really can come together to support each other. Cause that's what my community is all about. I want to support and lift women entrepreneurs up because we need to have grace,
not only for ourselves but for each other and start lifting each other up versus always looking at the different languages that we use and how do we, how are we different instead? I think we need to look at how much we are so alike, everybody. And we all have maybe different ways of showing it different ways of showing up in the world,
different languages that we use, but at the core, at the very, very core, it all starts with love, loving ourselves, our worthiness, loving each other, loving God, loving spirit, loving the world. Love is the absolute center of it all. And if we can come back to that center and realize that no matter what language we're using,
if it's all rooted in the love that that just, it brings us all together. So, um, I think this is a beautiful conversation and, you know, women entrepreneurs, we do have so many struggles and we have so many things that we have to face and we have to conquer to be successful. How do we start opening up those conversations? Like what do you suggest?
Yeah. So open to start. So, so the first, the first place I think to start is to look at how do you, how do you describe an inspired thought that you receive that isn't normally in your own head? What do you call it? Do you call it right? And for me, I call it the Holy Spirit.
Um, that's from the Holy Spirit. And I think, I think that there's a basic truth and that's the, that we care about labels way more than God does. What God cares about is that we have the thought That we feel cared for, that we get what we need to move to the next level. That's first and foremost, what God cares about.
We can call it whatever we want to. I just got full-on chills because this is so A parent in the world that we do care too much about labels and about the words and the languages of what we're using. When, as we said before, it is all based back on the same thing. But as long as we're following that path and we get Those,
Those hits, whether it's intuition, Holy Spirit, whatever it is that we're, we're listening to those. And then we learn how to, And then forward with action. Absolutely. And I think that that, it's important to remember that, we care much more about labels. Thank God does it. And two let's look at the reason that we're using the labels that we are using,
not make it about a value judgment, just understand where it came from. Like for me, I used the Holy Spirit, but I also now interchange that with intuition because of what I've learned in the time I've spent in the community. And, and to me, you know, sometimes it's, it's a thought that has been rising up from, within me for a long time.
And, and I'll just have a sense of knowing, and yet there's a divine spark in that, right. I think intuition is that place within us where we're the divine part of ourselves and, and, and the Holy Trinity meet and they dance together. Right? I mean, it's, it says in the Bible that we're created in God's image and,
and in many different religions and, and, and even humanistic thought it's a, there's a divine part of us living a human experience. And, and what if intuition is, is that divine part of ourselves that dances with the divine and the universe and they talk together and then they bring down to us that higher sense of information. And what if it's okay if we don't know how it all works?
What if it's okay if we just receive the information and say, thank you, you know, and let go of the control. What if we just rejoice in the knowledge and share in that experience together of the fact that it happens, and we can say, thank you, and we can go forward and make things happen with it. Um, but if we were able to do that,
I think that that would be a beautiful thing. Um, and I know with a lot of the entrepreneurs, I work with one of the biggest things that we've worked through and the perception of what's going on around us is the sense of control Knowing, and having that control of where everything comes from. Um, and we know, we know deep down that we don't really have control,
right? We don't have any of the control and that's the same with having control over how it all works. We don't really know who needs to know how it works. We just need to accept it. I think being super aligned and knowing when you are getting those downloads, no matter where they come from, how it all works, just knowing that that's the path and it feels good,
like when you are tapped in and you're aligned, you know, you know, so it's peeling back the layers of being able to understand not how it all works, but what does that feel like? So that, you know, whether you're aligned, whether it is, you know, from the Holy Spirit or from intuition or from whatever you want to call it,
you know, when those, those pieces come in, that you, that's what you're supposed to do, because it fully aligns with your passions, your loves with who you are at the core. And that's the entire reason for those downloads. Wouldn't you say Exactly? And, and whether you call it downloads or whether you call it, you know, I received so much insight from God the other day,
or God gave me so much wisdom or God spoke to me and I really heard God's voice. And just a sense of knowing, you know, I think that it's, it's interesting to look at the ways in which the prophets heard God's voice to see the similarities and the differences between that and what we call his intuition and for, um, for so many of them,
it, in that still small voice, you know, what should we call that sense of knowing? Um, and if you look at how people today hear God's voice, it's, it's often seen as interpreted in you, you hear God's voice in a sense of knowing, um, it's not this voice like Charlton Heston or Morgan Freeman, that's audibly outside your head.
It's termed as your own thoughts in a gentle quiet mode. And it's something to lean into because the voice is often your own voice because God speaks to you oftentimes through what's familiar to you and through where you find the most joy or through you find whatever you find is the most meaningful. And so, you know, when I was younger, I thought,
well, the only way that God is going to speak to me as if I get up and read the Bible every morning at five, and I felt so bad about myself, because I just, wasn't a morning person. And the older I get, the more I realized, yeah, if I get up at five and now I actually like to get up early,
the more I'll learn about God, the more I'll learn to recognize God's voice. And it just augments everything else that I do. And everywhere else I hear, and yet those downloads are going to come to us. It's just how tuned in are we to be able to recognize them. And so when we cut ourselves in places and do practices that make us more familiar with the voice that comes from God,
or if you're more familiar with the language from your intuition, you know, whatever language you're comfortable with, that's how God is going to come and speak to you or source or universe because you are loved. It's just because you are loved and you are worthy. And one of the reasons that I believe in God is, is cause I, I,
I see evidence around me all the time of, of the goodness that's there. And, and also I've been saying so many times from like ended up negative thoughts that try to assail me. I just see so much evidence of love and goodness in the midst of the pain and the struggle and the trial. Um, and, and that wasn't always the case.
There was a time when I, when I doubt it, when I, I couldn't say Jesus was the son of God because I saw evidence to the other. There was just, there was too much bleakness in the world. I was a volunteer working at a, at a homeless daycare and, um, in Seattle and those kids were just in turmoil and,
and trial. And, and I think sometimes we all lose our faith. When all we see around us is bleakness and hate and, um, dissatisfaction with the world and struggle. And, and I want to say if you're in that place right now that, um, I wanna say, find people who listen to you and who honor your questions, because it doesn't help to have people just tell you what to believe.
It helps to have people who honor your journey because that's what God does. He, he holds us wherever we are. He holds us and he honors and, and, and God listens to us and holds us in the pain. And that's the biggest gift is, is his presence. And that's one of the gifts for one another is that same gift of presence,
a God who doesn't simply stay away, but one that comes close and one that hears us and listens and responds. And, and that's why, you know, Christians believe that God just couldn't stand it anymore and came down. And finally, as, as one of us, so that you could finally understand and really be present and take on all that pain and suffering.
And I know there's a lot in the world right now. And is there any other answer and response than to take it on together and stand side by side and do something because we are going to say things that are wrong and we are going to do things that are not the right thing, and yet presence that's embodiment. We just need each other right now that I know for sure,
I know A hundred percent behind you, and it is its awareness. And it's, um, also bridging the gap of language and communication, and again, supporting one another and holding that space for anyone who needs it the most right now, because I believe that's what we're supposed to be doing. We're supposed to come together and no matter what your background,
you know, religion, or is it across the board, it's the people who need it the most right now, that's who we should be holding space for and reaching out and creating communities and safe spaces to lift each other up, um, And, and be present in the moment and recognize that we, it has to be action as well. Um,
and that's so much of the intuitive hits that we get, or, you know, the voices that we hear our own voices, our own, um, since that comes through, being able to peel back the layers and hear them is one thing, cause not everybody can, not, everybody has been able to be in tune with that, or they get very much mixed up in the eco that,
you know, your ego of. Cause we all have our egos as well. And we have the things that are going to hold us back. Those other voices that tell us that we're not good enough that we're not worthy enough, bridging that and bringing that together, being able to hear our intuition and pushing the ego aside to really start helping heal the whole world Well And,
and standing together. And the more we can push that ego aside and here and learn how to hear that smaller voice because you said it earlier, it was very, it's a soft voice. We don't always hear it. We usually are hearing that loud one. That's telling us that we're not good enough and that we're not doing enough or that we don't know what we're talking about.
Like we all have had those and that's easy to hear, but what we want to encourage people to do is to start listening to the softer voice and figuring out how to, to hear that better. Absolutely. And, and the soft voice is a loving voice and it's not willing to push through and be louder and drawn out everything else. It's willing to stand firm and to be heard.
And that's the shouting that's going on and to not have to raise its voice because it's willing to wait until you're ready to listen. And it's amazing to think that it's, it's that competent. And I think it's a show of confidence in all of us that there's going to a time where we are able and willing and ready to silence the shouting that's going on inside to want to listen to what that voice has to say,
but all of us have the capability, the resolve, the strength, the determination, and the desire to do that, that God can recognize that each one of us is a built-in with that internal desire and capability and ability to listen that's trust And trusting ourselves is a huge step in being able to hear that. Um, because we typically, I know that my journey before I really got clear on what that voice was,
uh, the other voice was much louder and I didn't trust it. I thought that that was, you know, really not the word. Like I thought the loud shouting one was the one that was true. Um, and that, that was the truth of my being, which is not, I mean, we all have that and it's not, it's not the truth of who we are and,
the softer one and the one that truly feels like we are aligned. And that brings us that joy, that sparked that love from within, um, can be hard to hear, but every single one of us, no matter who we are has it, it's not something that we have to learn or like that we're getting taught. We all have it.
It's just learning how to hear it.<inaudible> Right. Um, and I think that it is so important to trust it because it isn't natural in our society to take steps, according to our vision, rather than our fear. We're taught that to be realistic, to be smart, you take steps based on your circumstances rather than the vision you create for the world.
Um, Sophia, I'm on a podcast. I know you're hungry and I'll get you something to eat out there. Okay. Thanks. Okay. Um, so, you know, we're, we're given, we're given a set of expectations for ourselves based on what we think we can do based instead of what we can really accomplish. Um, and it's hard to rise above that because we have to stretch ourselves,
but that's the goal. And that's the responsibility that each of us has is, is to do it anyway, you know, to feel the fear, but take steps from our vision, because we know that there's something greater, that's Pauling us towards. What's better for all of us. Um, I'm from the sample. I am creating a course to take and pass through the Bible,
um, to, to help people rewrite their beliefs, to help people rewrite their vision, to help people rewrite how they want to connect, um, to each other and to God. And, and the thoughts that are coming up are insane about, I can't do this. I don't have any value to bring to the world. I can't teach the course.
People are just going to hate me. They're going to hate it. They're not going to be any value in anything I do. And it took me the entire morning to go through and see where those thoughts come from and see what the truth really is. Um, and also just as a mom, you know, how can I be a responsible mom and an entrepreneur?
How can I be a pastor and an entrepreneur? How can I be a wife and an entrepreneur? How can all those titles fit? There's no way they can possibly fit. And, you know, I've worked myself up sometimes so badly that I, I get anxiety and I get heart palpitations. And so I, I need to, to do the work,
you know, every time to calm that down, Sophia, I'll be with you in a little bit. Samuel can get you some grapes or an Apple, okay. You're not alone in all of that. Right? Exactly. Sophia, I'm on a broadcast right now in Sandhill can get you some breaks. So, we all have whatever comes up at the moment to try to dissuade us and distract us.
And sometimes they're very valid things. And I think that's the hardest part to figure out and recognize that sometimes what is coming up is a valid thing, but it can wait. Like my daughter is going to start right now. She can wait, you know, and, and it's OK to, to work through our feelings because God doesn't agree with the thoughts that we have in our head.
God pulls us towards something greater and is always calling us to grow and to change. Um, and, and it helps me to read the truths about, you know, who God says we are, because I can't refute that. Right. But that's also why I think sometimes it's so damaging, especially in religious circles. Why people, when people use the Bible to say you are this,
or you are that in a negative way, and people believe that it just reinforces and gives evidence to, yeah. You know, you, you really are that thing that the belief in your head says you are. And when we find validation for what we are more deeply afraid of than anything else in the world that we're too ashamed of or afraid to even speak it.
I mean, that's really our worst nightmare because how are we going to refute that? And, and it's the same process. You just write it out, speak it aloud, imagine yourself saying it to your child, then watch your mother bear come out. Oh no, you doubt. And then write the truth, just write the truth and then write a series of affirmations.
And if you can record them and play them every day, so that you're, you hear the truth about yourself. So you hear the truth about the one who created you, believes you to be, and, and soak yourself in that, remind yourself about the truth. Because, you know, we, we are who, who we tell ourselves we are and who we remind ourselves we are.
Um, and we need to come from that place when we create what we are making for the world because we want there to be the energy of our vision, rather than the energy of our fear behind that, which we put out. So we can invite other people into something welcoming and supportive and positive. So, Jacqueline, I think what you talk about with self-love and trust is so important because we want to invite people into a place with that.
I, and it's so, so important to be able to see that and, and change the perception and write those affirmations. I really start changing the stories of who we are. Um, and the baseline for me is having, I can do that easier with the self-love and trust that I have built it wasn't easy. And this does, it's not always easy.
And we know that as entrepreneurs, right? We know that we have obstacles and things are not going to always be so cut and dry and just easy. We're going to have to push ourselves. But in that, um, in that pushing, and when we come up with those obstacles and when we have those thoughts, pop in, it's on that verge of our intuition,
God, whatever we want to call it is pushing us to be greater. It's on a verge of a breakthrough. It's on a verge of you becoming a stepping into this new power. That's going to help you, your children, your everyone around you. Right. And it's being to be okay with being uncomfortable, changing the way we look at those,
you know, those things going in our heads, like the negative change, the perception of it and the real truth, look at it. And if you can't do that alone, cause it's hard to do it alone at first, find a community, be there with others who lift you up no matter where that's at, but find only the community that's going to lift you up and not further put you down or,
or solidify those bad, negative truths that we have in our heads. So I encourage everyone to really find that amazing community that will lift you up and helps you see the true beauty within you and hold that container of self-love and trust for you until you can accept it into your own heart. And so you can see it and step into that power.
I think that's so important for people to know that this entrepreneurial experience does not have to be lonely. And I know so many women who are there at this alone and they don't, they don't have that community. We're out here. We're here willing to be that community for you and to support it's stepping out of those boundaries and being okay to ask for the support and being okay to be in those communities.
That is incredibly important because that's where the base is. And that's where we find the stepping stones For me. Exactly. And the truth is that you know, in the past, um, up until now, and in some communities, people went somewhere religious and all that they heard was who they weren't or what they had done wrong. And I think that that was really damaging.
And I think that's why some people for good reason wanted nothing to do with the church because they recognized it was, it was bad for their mental health. And I'll be bolded. I'll say that you know, it wasn't good for them. Um, it just crushed their spirit. And it's because people didn't know how to go about that in a,
in a helpful or, or, or meaningful way. I'm hoping that as we learn more about personal development, about how the brain works, that we who are in the church can work for positive change so that when you leave a church service, which you feel is that you are a new creation. What you hold onto is the truth of who you are rather than who you aren't.
Because if you look at the heart of what the message is supposed to be, it's supposed to be about love and peace and joy and what you're made of rather than what you're not made of, right. It's supposed to be about the truth of who you are that lets you be who you are in all the fullness and in what God wrote for you since the beginning of time.
And the constant work is batting back. Those, those negative fears and emotions. And, and when you say, you know, this really got in my way this week, that that recognizes not who you are at your core level of identity, but things that have come up along the way that God can help you to counteract and get rid of.
Um, and I, and I think that we in the church have been mistaking identity as sinful with identity as, as new creations in Christ. And we even mixing the two up, which has left people very confused with who am I, am I a sinful being? Or am I a new creation? And people have been left with this feeling for centuries of,
of I'm sinful. And, and I, I don't deserve anything good, which is the opposite of God's intention. And so I think all of us need to help those in religious communities think through what God's intent is. Again, I think it's time for another revolution like we had with Martin Luther who, um, was disk communicated from the Catholic church,
um, for, for saying lots of things, but it's, it's time for a new identity of the body of Christ, which challenges, how the language we use to talk about sin about grace, about gospel about good news is really being communicated because just as important as the language that we use is how people are hearing the message. And I think there's a huge disconnect between the language that people in religious communities and the churches using and what is actually being communicated to people.
Now, some of it is, is going across in a healthy way, but there are so many people who have been hurt by how people talk about what they've learned in the Bible that we have got to do some work around this. And, and, and I guess that's what I'm committed to, at least in my community is, is, is saying so let's look at all of the ways that you have been taught to talk about God,
that you have been taught to believe about who you are, based on what you've learned or something that you've seen or something that you've felt. And let's look at this. This is, is this actually true because it's a time in our society when we need to question everything that we've assumed to be true about what we've learned because what we're seeing is that language can be so harmful and what we've learned to just take as fact route,
rather than taking a really close look at it in society and institutions is incredibly harmful to people. So what if we all started using our ability to rewrite the stories that we have about ourselves and take that same compassion and apply it to the greater whole as a society and in all of the circles that we're called and to ask that basic question, is this actually true?
And to look at the deeper truth behind what does this language mean? What is it saying about what I understand to be true? And what is it actually communicating about me and my neighbor? I think that I think that, um, we go a long way towards social change and a multitude of ways, because the ultimate thing that God wants is not just an absence of war or the absence of strife,
but there's a word called Shalom in Hebrew, which means peace, but it's not just peace being an emptiness, a feeling of warmth that you have inside. It's the fulfillment of justice. It's the wholeness of, of creation. Um, it means, hello, goodbye. And here we are. And, and God will not rest in any of us until God's vision where everybody is treated with justice and dignity is fulfilled.
And I think that's the bigger picture of what's going on here is why we keep struggling with the ego. Um, and with this version of our higher selves is because God is calling us all of the tasks and Hey, I've called you to a greater vision. I've called the world to a greater vision and we're not there yet get to work. Um,
and so it's not just for a selfish purpose of making income for your family, or, you know, having a better life for yourself. It's how are you being called to contribute to, um, God's vision of a more equitable, a more, um, justice filled, more loving humanity? I mean, I bet many of you listening,
that's really why you're on this entrepreneurial journey, and that's why your voice is so critical. It's about what you bring to the table as a whole. And so you better believe that it's important that we stick together and that we support each other. Um, there's so much at stake. Um, and there's so much joy when we are able to point out the truth in each other and celebrate that and watch glimpses of what God has envisioned come to life around us.
Um, so I'll keep doing that inner work. I mean, it really is not pleasant sometimes, but, you know, I mean, what, what other choice do we have? You know, because the vision that we're called to is so amazing. I mean, that's really what life is, is letting that come into play and letting that have the last voice,
um, because all of us are given that voice and that calling by God and that expectation and the grace that God is going to be with us over and over and over and over and over again, um, until the vision that he put in us or she put in us is in full blossom. And I'm so grateful that really God doesn't care about the labels that just says,
you know what? This is my beloved son, my beloved daughter, I'm going to give them a vision so big, it's going to knock their socks off. It's going to drive them crazy as they go out and try, but I'm going to be with them every step of the way beyond how they can ever imagine. And they're going to do amazing things in this world that are going to make a real difference.
And that, that vision is just so beautiful. And that's where we do have to focus. And in those times of struggle and those times of uncertainty, that's where it goes all back to that self-love and trust to know that that bigger vision is what is going to make you be able to get through those hard and that together, it's not just a bigger vision for you.
It is for the world in general and spreading love and compassion and caring and action into the world. We do have a voice for a reason that is why I've stood behind women entrepreneurs because my voice is here to make sure that every woman entrepreneur knows that they are worthy and that they are loved and that they don't have to do it alone. And all of these,
all of the languages, the labels that we put on everything, they all blend together. And it, we don't have to separate and look at each other differently, no matter what, we can all do this together and lift each other up and, and all go towards this bigger vision that is there for us. Um, and it is just an absolute,
beautiful thing. And I know that we could just, we could talk for hours on this. I think I say that every episode, because we have just such amazing conversations, um, around this, but I like to respect the time and I know everybody, you know, we try to keep it under 50 minutes. And, uh, what are some last things that you want to say to kind of wrap this up and where can we find you?
Yeah. So I think throughout that app, if, if you are having an all down panic moment about, about who you are and the vision you take, just take a deep breath, remember your vision and reach out to somebody who loves you and ask them to remind you what they see in you, or reach out to somebody who you are serving and simply send a message,
do a Facebook post, take one step of action that shows that you are committed because it's sending a signal to your brain that you're committed to this no matter what. Um, and it quiets those voices of fear, um, and it puts you back in control. So, so that's just one practical tip that I want to give you. Um, you can find me on,
um, on Facebook, just go to modern mystics with Christina Lee Jensen. K R I S T I N a L E E Johnson. Um, I have some freebies there that you can give and then that, yes, the modern mystics page, that's up on the screen. So, um, some freebies are that you can take away. So how to connect to God in under a minute through breathwork,
um, in a really easy way that can also kind of calm you down. And just as a way, if the kids are screaming in the background or, you know, whatever is going on, or you just want to get an intuitive hit, um, For whatever reason, or you just, you just need some calm. Um, and then I just,
I have some upcoming challenges and, and things in the near future. That'll, that'll be fun connecting to your energetic gifts, spiritual gifts, and things like that. That's coming in July. So, um, look forward to connecting with you there. And Jacqueline, I'm so grateful for the work that you do and everybody on the podcast, thank you for serving with your gifts and stepping out into that fear because it takes courage,
but it's going to take courage to move this world ahead. It does, and it takes courage and it takes compassion and love, and it also takes a community step into the community. And I am going to make it really easy for everyone to find you because all of your information will be right on the blog, easy for them to find you and to get your download and to connect with you.
So I like to make things super easy there. So if you're listening on the podcast, just head over to the blog and everything will be there. Um, thank you. Thank you so much for bringing this conversation to us and for just holding that space for everyone. And I really want everyone listening to you to know how much that this really means to us in opening up those Gates of,
um, seeing how everyone is so connected. Even if we don't see it, even if the labels don't show it if the language doesn't show it, um, we are extremely connected and we can, we can come together as a unit and really support one another. This is just been a beautiful conversation. Um, again, I will have everything posted down below and we'll,
we'll also get to hear all the questions that I asked, because I always ask everyone a bunch of questions before we get on, so we can have a great conversation. So there's so much more about Christina that you really can go and read on the blog. So don't miss out on that and I'm sure we'll have you back on the show sometime soon.
Sounds good. Thank you so much. Thank you everyone for listening and we'll catch you on the next one. Bye.