Most sustainable way to grow your own produce with Kiley Doll and Monika Christian

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Gone are the days where we need to purchase land to get a farm,
to sweat it out and stoop down low to plant a seed, to spend an
entire day harvesting your crops after months worth of waiting. It is
the future! With the Tower Garden the only patented Farm In A Box system.

We would like to welcome Kiley and Monica, farm canoers from forties farm, and the great minds behind the Tower Garden! They are passionate gardeners with the mission of offering a sustainable and easy solution for everyone to grow their organic produce on any scale!

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Here are so follow up questions I got to ask!

How/why did you start your business? 
Our start was out of the love of growing.
What makes your business unique? 
Tower Garden is the only patented Farm In A Box system.
What impact do you want to have in the world or change you want to see or make happen? 
To offer a sustainable and easy solution for everyone to grow their own organic produce on any scale.
Are You Happy with your business, What makes you happy, And What Would You Change? 
We love to support the community and sharing our love for growing you're own better than organic produce.
Did You Experience Failures? If So, What Did You Learn From Them 
Yes, we had to pivot when COVID happened. You don't always know how and why but if you follow your passion it will follow you. Tow
How Did You Handle Adversity And Doubt? 
Kept pushing through and showing up. When you love what you do it's easier.
Do You Plan On Growing Your Business? How? 
One happy grower at a time
Do you think self-love and trust are important in running a successful business? Why? 
yes, the trust says it all
What advice would you give someone who is interested in starting their own business? 
Love what you do and be passionate about it.
If you would rather read the interview, feel free to check out the full transcription below!
Trusting your intuition will lead you to create a passionate and joy-filled life. Are you ready to get turned on to a new way of thinking? Are you ready to meet people who have conversations that speak to the things that truly light you up? What if you had access to a podcast that featured women, just like you, who shared stories that empowered you to let go of a lifetime,
to others' expectations and to start living in the now with passion and joy, I'm Jacqueline Rodriguez, founder of your intuitive life coaching owner of enlightened styles, holistic salon, and your host of the intuitive light podcast for the enlightened entrepreneur. My goal is to help women recognize how tightly they are tied to negative thoughts and other people's expectations so that they can fully embrace and become the untethered CEO.
They've always wanted to be. You're about to meet some amazing women who will inspire you to untether yourself from any fears, the negativity that you carry, and become the untethered CEO of your life. This podcast is for you woman champion, warrior, entrepreneur, mother phenomenon. Hello, and welcome back to your intuitive light podcast. I am your host Jacqueline Rodriguez. And thank you so much for being here again this week.
I am really excited about our talk today. I have got Kylie and Monica on, um, the interview and they are farm canoers with forties farms. And this is a really new, exciting thing that I brought on into the salon and into my coaching, really teaching sustainability and some really other amazing things. So without further ado, let's bring them on.
Hello and welcome ladies. Thank you so much for being here. Hi. Hi. So if you, I, I cannot wait to get to know both of you and hear your story as to why you got into these forties or start at forties farm because they are it's the tower garden it's being able to sustainably grow, produce all year round, even in places like I,
you know, a townhome or smaller spaces. Like I have one in my salon guys. It's so, so cute. So I think that this is amazing. And tell us how you got into all of this while I can take it away to the tower garden for about eight years, right? When it became available for the use, I started growing this way and it just became one of those things that I just love and my family loves it and it just became a passion of mine.
And then as my business grew, my passion grew more and more for the towers. And then we decided to kind of collaborate and go together. I Monica two or three years ago. And, um, I fell in love with the tower it's I went from like this teeny weeny raised bed, sort of funky garden in my front yard. Um, cause that's all the space I had.
And when I saw it, I'm like, Oh my gosh, I have to have one of those because it just fed my passion for gardening and see friends and instant cart C. And that, when you said that about the little garden and you know, your passion for gardening, like I, when I saw it, I have no green thumb, seriously guys,
I kill everything. I go to Home Depot or these places and I'm like, Oh, pretty flower. And my kids literally turned to me and say, mom, don't waste money. You're just going to kill it. Like, it's not cool, but you guys were telling me how easy this is. And it goes so well with my true passion and the impact that I want to make in my business,
which is teaching and educating people, sustainability, non-toxic, organic, all of these things that really played a huge part in the excitement of it. Then you get into all of the, you know, my kids getting to see and grow things and it's easy. Um, I just thought that it was really cool. So tell us a little bit more about what this garden is
so that if people have not seen it or don't know exactly what it is, you guys can explain that. Okay, so it's a vertical garden, so it's about five feet tall. We can go taller for the farm. We're about 11 feet tall. Um, it uses an aeroponic at a hydroponic system, so it just uses water and nutrients to grow super fast,
um, and super healthy. Cause there's no dirt involved. And, um, it's equal to erase that garden about a four by six production-wise and how big a four by six garden really is huge. Right. And you have like in your salon, you have the equivalent to a four by six garden. Can you, can you just fathom that?
No, because I have it in a tiny little corner of myself. I don't need a four by six. Right. It only takes up two feet of space. Yeah. Which I thought was really cool. Plus the fact that it is, um, a water feature, and a light feature. Cause one day I came in and I forgot that like we had it in the corner and it's like all lit up in the corner and it's just really pretty.
And I'm trying, so I apologize if the screen is going in and out only because I'm trying to get it focused on you so I can grab the picture, but if I can't put it up right now, we will have it on the blog later. But if the screen's going in and out, that's why, so, but, um, tell us a little bit more of like how easy it is to take care of and everything.
Super easy, super easy. I like, I, um, I, I ha I live in town. The farm is about 10 miles outside of town where we get that 10 indoor towers and 10 outdoor towers, but I've got a little tower, um, outside my front door, which I, in, in my guard, I call it the community garden as anybody could eat and that I liked and people hug and,
you know, I share, um, all of the produce that I get from there from various different members, but my little teeny mini garden is actually I share with my office. So super, super easy, um, to grow indoors outdoors, no thumb green thumb. Um, and it doesn't take much effort either scale because you either have your own,
you know, chef business, your own restaurant, um, your own catering business, or a business that you just want to be able to have your employees. We have a lot of small businesses that use tower gardens as an incentive to have their employees stay in their office, any healthier versus going out and spending 20 bucks on lunch every day and coming out with a pack of tuna and eat salad every day.
It's kind of really neat how that's kind of evolved in our little community. Well, and I love that you bring that up because I'm, I'm a hair salon. And I guess that was one of my concerns when we were talking like, does this really fit in? I mean, I believe in it, it creates the impact that I want.
It definitely spreads the exact message that I want, but I wasn't putting the two and two together, but that's where thinking outside of the box, which is my specialty, I will try anything. I will bring on all kinds of new, crazy things, but a garden. I was like one, I have a black thumb too. It's a hair salon,
like, is that okay? And I thought it was so cool how you guys really showed me that it would be fine. And then thinking outside of the box of what that means to our clients and, um, picking basal off of there and putting it in freshwater and picking strawberries and having a glass, you know, if we want to have champagne and fresh strawberries that I grew there,
it's just really, it's a great way to think outside of the box for entrepreneurs, you don't have to a restaurant or only, you know, have something related to food because I really think that you can incorporate it in so many different ways, especially if you, you know, if any of our listeners are more into organic and nontoxic and holistic, this is a beautiful addition to show their clients everything that they're doing for themselves,
for the environment and for their community, right. It's almost like that we go back to, um, you know, uh, do what you preach and preach what you do, you know, so this is clean living and this is what we are so like, okay, you are at a hair salon or an artist studio, or just so many different businesses.
I mean, we have one in an insurance agency, we have one in a coworker space. I mean, any small business, even bigger businesses, they can have them in their cafeteria. They can have them in their work environment, room churches is another one because I'm, you know, a lot of them have got, um, the, uh,
like the preschool and also just the community areas. So what about that? Like, okay, great. You can have, you can grow your squash, you can grow your melons, um, and you can do it all indoors or outdoors, but it's just, it just is so much part of the community food pantries, because a lot of times they just get canned food and box foods,
and this is a good way to get yeah. So much better for them and for the environment. I mean, and it's a cool looking thing. I really trying to get the picture to load. So I will, but if not, it'll be on, um, on the blog, but I really love the idea of adding it into your business or,
or even if it's not this like you guys were driven to this because it's your passion, it's something that makes a huge impact. And I would love to hear more about what that actually means to you and how that applies to the entrepreneurs that you're helping and you're providing for. I think, you know, what it is, is when you believe in something,
I can grow anything into a business. Like sometimes I'm like I started out with a teeny little thing. That's supposed to be a P and I'm completely making it into a Jack and the green being stopped, you know, but it's, it's important to think about what you believe in and then what can you do with it? Because, um, Monica, and I both are so passionate about how can we get this out to the community and how can we make it affordable for families to grow they're own better than organic food.
And that's what we believe in. And that's huge. And that takes you into a whole new direction when we're starting to think bigger in our businesses, we're dreaming bigger of not just, you know, what can we do to make money? What, you know, what kind of businesses can we, or should we, because a lot of the times we just go down,
there's a line of, okay, so step one, step two. And we never really think outside of those, those steps. And I think it's really important. And a lot of what I teach my students is to really trust in who they are and bring that out in your business. So when I was saying before that, I didn't think a garden,
you know, at first, thinking a garden in the salon, I was like, Hmm, but it works so well for the larger impact because my entire structure around my salon is completely being sustainable. What better way to show that type of growth and, and who I am to my clients, to my community, to my children. Um, I just think it's a really important step in any business that you're in to think outside of the box to dream a little and get creative on the way that you present things
because it shows a different experience to my clients and you're creating a ripple effect, what effect you're going to lead down the line. You know, people might take different ways and you never know where it's going to lead. It's also kind of interesting because I'm like, think about your, um, say, for example, you know, a stay at home mom or dad,
and they got a passion for, um, making, I'm going to say spaghetti. I have a friend that likes, she makes this boss sauce or sauce boss or something like that, that you called it. And, you know, she likes to be able to go to farmer's markets to get tomatoes and all of the ingredients. Well, what better way to showcase what you do?
So whether you are, um, we've got a gal that does, um, natural skincare and, and she just loves to show off her tower. Never want her little girls to love to be strawberries. And it just goes so much with her personality and her belief system and natural way. Yeah, yeah, yeah. And it shows so much, um,
that ripple effect. Cause every single thing, cause I know that I like to eat cleaner, but we all know how hard it is to one, make it to the markets because there are only certain times and they're not at like you're around this amazing thing you can do all year round. Like I am super excited to have watermelon all year round just saying,
I bet your kids are too. Oh yes. Yeah. And there are so many different things. Speaking of the kids, because we were talking about this earlier and especially right now with, we're still in COVID a lot of schools are a hundred percent virtual or people are homeschooling and you guys gave me like, just mind explosion, um, what this company does for children.
If you want to dive into that. Yeah. The tower guarding company is where the tower gardens come from. Right. And they want everybody to eat healthily and they know it's kind of hard and they want in a way that everybody can eat healthily. So they keep their, um, their gardens at a good price point and they want to offer everybody a way to learn easier.
So they have created this huge curriculum course K through 12 and it's accredited from the university. So it's a whole grade one that is so Monica, Monica swore Monica is a stay at home. Um, she is a, um, sorry, not just a stay at home. She has like the mom, mom, they, the homeschool mom, and she's always been a homeschool mom.
And so the curriculum, I mean, Monica, I think you should just like when sometimes of course now that the kids are back at school, but it's different, you kind of have to like re um, you have to re passion, like your passion was reignited because of now what you're teaching your, how, what grade? Oh, I have a junior in high school.
I have a freshman in high school and then I have a sixth-grader. And then I have a second grade why I'm using all the different levels of the curriculum. My junior in high school. He's the one that set up the whole farm. And then a friend helped us set up the whole bar. So he knows how the system is run. I tell him,
go fix it. He fixes it. Um, so he knows all the ins and outs. My second grader this week is learning what the parts of the CDR I would plant some cucumber melons. Um, so he's really involved in that, but he fills up the towers. Each, each kid has a heart in the tower garden. Um, but it's really a nice hands-on curriculum,
STEM vocabulary, English, science, everything you want to ask for right there. And curriculums are expensive. And this is great because by your tower, I know you said free. Like, I mean that I didn't even know I was getting that when I got the tower, just cause I thought the tower was first off. So cool. I get a bunch of produce it's um,
a centerpiece for the salon, like multiple reasons why it's amazing and truly this podcast is not to like totally sell on the tower because I think it's all about having the passion and reigniting that thinking outside of the box, but the things that you're, the company offers. And then especially right now with everyone being home, I didn't even know that I was getting that bonus,
which is amazing for my kids to be able to go to an accredited online school. And the coolest thing is with the tower, they let you pay monthly. So it breaks it down about 12 hours a week in groceries. So you're going to be eating off the tower. Your family is going to get healthier and be involved with cooking, you know,
'cause that's part of that homeschool curriculum too. You make your kids make your lunch, take it off the tower, and figure something out. You know, it really brings that creativity into your world or the family. Um, and who knows where it will take your kids. You know, for me, I like, I also, um, I have a global business and it's when I'm talking to some of my friends,
um, I'm serious. I'm like super passionate about, you know, less weight. I'm like a wasteland. I'm like a little bit weird about waste. And I'm like, wait for a second here. But you don't during COVID especially, you know, we don't want to go to the grocery stores, um, more than we have to. So you're like,
you can go pick off and eat your breakfast or your lunch or your kale smoothie, your salads. And it's not just Dallas, it's not just rabbit food, you know, you and your Herb's and your tomatoes and all of those things that like, I know so many different things. And I think that when you say waste like it's eight is less waste.
Yes. Because the other thing that I ran across, like I'm trying to be very clean eating, healthy, teach my kids. But when you go to the store, are you get broccoli or you get lettuce. And if I'm the only one eating it, I mean, two days later it's already gone bad and there was nothing I could do about it.
And I, you know, or if you get something and then you end up having to go out of the house for a day, literally, like it just goes bad so fast. I'm not going to be wasting that money anymore. I'm not going to be throwing it in the trash because it's just going to be live on my tower until I cut it off and eat it.
This also was another reason where I was like, yes, it's saving me money. And it's just, um, and it's super nutritious. You're eating ride nutrients, you cut it and you eat it. And it's not been sitting on a truck. It's not been sitting at the grocery store for days on end or picked up. Nobody's touched it. You know,
where it comes from is, yeah. There are so many benefits to this. And that's why I really wanted to have you guys on, is just to share the amazing things because this podcast is all about creating more of a holistic, right? It's all intuitive. It's all creating this amazing balance in our lives and having a tower. And I also, I don't know if you guys have this,
but I have a compost. I just got a Compost that It does its own thing. It's not the live one cause it's not outdoors and it's indoors. So I'm able to create this whole ecosystem in my house that is like super awesome and creating so much less waste and less of a footprint in the earth, Jacqueline, you know what you touched base on the footprints and stuff.
And if we all, it's almost like, you know, sometimes where you feel like, okay, well what could I do? What little thing could I do? Or my one little impact? How is it going to impact the world? But if everybody thought about that, how less waste, less of an imprint, less bags. If everybody thought that,
think what all of us could do together, it's that ripple effect exactly like that. And I truly teach that everyone at my salon and for my coaching, that it is only, I'm only one little salon in Warrington that does not use foils. We use so many biodegradable things. We recycled the color, the hair itself. I mean, there are so many things that we can do that.
I swear. I mean, I, um, multiple business owner, I have two children, three dogs, and a husband. I'm busy guys. And if all of this was really hard, I would not be able to do it. Correct. But it's changing our perception around what we're able to do and the impact that one thing makes in the world.
Exactly. You know what, and it's all about, yes. You know, it, um, we need to make it as effortless as possible, but it's also if it's important to you and if you're, you know, we spend extra money on organic, for example, but this is better than organic because there is no soil. This is something that you can teach your entire family,
which again, with that ripple effect, that's going to be generations from now. Um, Monica has children, my little grandchildren are going to be like, this is just the way it's supposed to be, you know, not this off. And she wraps it up and this is what it's supposed to be. Yeah. We don't, we don't go to the,
we don't stand in line or go to the dry food. Yes. And that is a huge thing that you've said is if it's important to you. And so many people when I do talk because I talk organic and I talk about sustainability, but not only that, the nontoxic, because even our organic in the stores are not a hundred percent organic,
but we're, you know, you gotta be very careful because it is, society has made it very easy to slap a label on it. And only a portion of something that's organic is actually organic. So knowing from seed to table, that it is truly clean. Non-toxic good for you. And I mean, that speaks volumes. It really, really does.
That's a good point. Um, I like, we've done a lot of, um, table two to like a tower to the table, but that's what I said to my kid. We took some box toys from a restaurant. I said, remember when we planted this three weeks ago, now it's going on somebody's dinner plate, you know? And we had a part of that.
Yeah. You know, that's also a good point too Monica, which is just talking a little bit about some of the farmers I'm out there and you know, a lot of people like to do, you know, we've got community farm, um, farmer's markets. And, um, there are so many business ideas that are created out of the self need,
you know, like, Oh, well this soap, I'm going to use this as an example, this soap makes me itchy. So I need to make my own soap. And then pretty soon you've got to show like I should sell this soap. So it's like, you know, um, juice bars. Now think about this. If you've got a juice bar or you've got a business that wants to be able to do their own juicy,
you know, there's just so many different business ideas that can STEM and come from what you can do with your passion. And, um, and just adjust another idea. Some idea out of the box thinking and speaking of the kids, again, that's part of the upper school curriculum, high school, they get to set a farmer's market. They get to create this whole vision of,
okay, I'm going to start a restaurant. This is what I need to do. This is how I'm going to sell it. This is my price point, the whole business model. They get to do it. Um, one of the boys and girls clubs in Memphis, Tennessee, they grow with the tower gardens, but then they make the salsas.
They make all the farmer's market ingredient type things to sell. And that's their business. That's how they create income. This is a high-level lemonade stand guys. I did it. And I am a huge advocate of teaching your children entrepreneurship, right? I mean, obviously I am because I am an entrepreneur and I know not everyone is, but this time that we've had at home through cobot,
through being home more, I have taken this time to truly teach my kids that they can be and do anything. They can start businesses from a young. I mean, my kids were in an entrepreneur, um, class and they both started a business. They put together a fair, they did this whole thing. And with, they learn so much from this and all of the little pieces are pieces that even if they don't want to be entrepreneurs
when they grow up, they learn these things and they can put it into play in so many different ways in our lives. So it really is kind of like this huge extension of, um, or it's the ripple effect again, it's what am I creating the impact that I'm creating down the road and all stemming from that one tiny little seed that I decided it would be so cute in my salon.
That's funny. And also, you know, um, during COVID I think we all learned a few things. Um, and for me, and for Monica and for, for people that already have the towers and, um, you know, you learn to get creative with what you got and if you don't want to have to then go again to the store,
because we know that the stores, um, were low on some of their produce, the quality was not as such. Um, you're not going to have any outbreaks. You're the only one touchiness. Yeah. So it's so important to know that you're in control of whatever it is, your family and you. Yes. And the other important part of that is to like,
I know a lot of people, especially around here have a lot of areas outside. Like they have land to be able to create, you know, gardens. I know one of my friends, Natasha shout out to Natasha, um, and my aunt, she, they have their own gardens, but they have to fight with the deer and the rabbits and everything else trying to take.
And it's, it's a lot. Well, to me, I was like, Nope, I'm out first off. I don't have the space second. I just know I'm not my, not my passion. Right. Uh, eating it. Yes. But not actually having a farm outdoors. But the cool part is that you can take this tower and you can put it outdoors or like me,
you can bring it indoors all year and then you don't have to fight the insects and this and that to each your own produce, which I thought was pretty cool. It's a funny story. So Monica and I also do, um, we took a plot this year, um, to the Remington, um, community garden. And, um, because,
and, but we also have a tower out there. So it's out it completely open area community garden with this tower. That's there along with our plot. And, um, we, uh, have a flat that's real guarded, like not real, but dirt garden, traditionally much work the weeds and the dirt and the wire. It's nothing, nothing works.
Why get the production that we were expecting at all? So now we ended up as nothing worked. So we still have the flower and it's growing fine out there, but everything else, we just needed it today, actually. And we're going to try again in the fall, but it's a lot of work and I think it's a habit. That's all because I love flexing with it.
I love fucking with the, like in the morning, it's part of my little ritual. I go to my plants in my town, in my indoors and I look at them and I spray them and, you know, we have like, um, like, I'm going to say homeopathic, you know, um, um, insect kind of repellent. It's not,
I'm not even gonna call homeopathy, but I spray it and I picked it up and I slept them up and it's, I love it. I love it, but it's not like, Oh my God, go and get your hands dirty. And like the hose and the jungles and all that. We've had trouble, our towers outside of the bar, they're working right up.
Yeah. Really. He controls his own environment. So it makes it easier for people to grow. And basically, yeah. And that was the one thing like I've said a few times I have a black thumb. So when you guys said that it is really easy and it's only been like, I don't know, a little while, and I have sprouts of things,
Molly and Leon and I were trying to figure out today, which one we planted. Cause I couldn't remember where we were. So we're going to have like, I don't know, kale and lettuce, all kinds of different things growing. And we're going to have to figure out what is, what but no effort. I mean, really self-sufficient and that,
to me, and to some other people, I'm sure speaks total volumes because I need something more self-sufficient. I fuss over it all the time. I just don't have the time. Right. Well, you know, with you, with your kids, that's a fun thing for them to do about being the labelers. Cause like I'm not, I'm not a label or I'm like,
yeah, but you know, your, your, your, your son, okay, great. Is this a bit lettuce or this is the spinach and they label it and then they take responsibility and ownership of it and it grows fast. You really do see the growth every single day. That's the first thing I do every morning. It's so refreshing to see it grow every day,
every day. Like there's good in the world and there's a bigger, you have a bigger picture, you know, it's not just all about you. Yep. Yeah. And it's much, I really am glad that you guys came on today. Cause it's spreading that impact of spreading the knowledge that we can take a stance for. What's important to us.
And also something that Kobe taught us. Like we can't just rely on outside stores now we can't grow everything. I get it like, you know, but if we just take a small portion and take responsibility for it and have options. Yeah. You know, it's all about having options and thinking outside of the box and starting to bring some true impact,
um, related things into your life with ease. So whether you believe that everything has to be organic or whether you believe that it's a huge, um, impact, and it gives you more than your picture, it gives you everything. Um, having that at home and just having something to eat that, you know, Oh, you can trust good Jacqueline.
That's really, really smart. I think, um, you know, I think that also, like for example, restaurants and, um, food trucks today, people are caring more about where their food comes from than ever before. And I know that some times I know that part of the curriculum also is, you know, teaching about, okay, how is it,
how is it grown organically, but sometimes organic food in the grocery? Well, most of the time it costs more. So families that are on a budget or a big family, um, you don't have to worry about that. Now we can show you where the tower will pay for itself, but your family is eating so much better, so much healthier,
the same thing with restaurants and the food supply chain. It's not what it was six months ago. And it's so more expensive to get simple ingredients, the tower, it makes it easy for restaurants to get a ruble up without having to wait. You know, that goes off really, really quick. You know, if you don't use the launch show in a couple of days,
it's gone. So now chop, chop you're done, and zero waste. And that's amazing that right there can help. So many businesses can help so many different entrepreneurs start putting back into their business. And it's not only about the passionate, but how are you standing out in this? It really is kind of a cutthroat environment right now, right?
Because everybody needs to step up their games because we're being pickier, we're being an educated consumer. And that's one of my goals is to educate consumers so that they know what they're out there getting and what they should be getting. So for entrepreneurs who want to step up their game in an easy, affordable way, this is a beautiful way to incorporate that.
But so much more. That's a good point. We've got a couple of restaurants that already have the towers. And we had a, um, just a few hours ago at Tom Greeley's this fabulous little Italian restaurant. And, um, we're doing a chef show on, Oh, so we've got about five different restaurants and one home chef and a private chef that are just doing some fun things and where the forties brings them motives.
It's just surprised. They don't always know what they're getting. Right. And being able to do like a fun showcase special. So we're having a lot of fun, um, by filming that the whole month of September is going to be doing that. But chefs are really, um, really skeptical what you say by stepping up your game that sets you apart,
that sets you apart. And I'm speaking of like what sets you apart? Greeley's put tower gardens in their patio when it happened. And they had a naked patio out of there. So, you know, not so pretty right. Well, they always out there. So now it's nice to out there and have a drink and have a nice meal and you've got a little water fountain is green and I love it.
I love it. See, this is, this is what gets me excited thinking of outside of the box when it comes to your business. And that's truly how from the ground up, I had no buddy telling me how to run a business, how to start a salon other than working in one and seeing. But I took all of the things that I was like,
Oh, I really don't like that. Like, this is not a good model. And it's missing certain things. And I bring one crazy out of the box ideas, but it works so well because it all goes towards that impact, that, that bigger vision that I have of being a what's that called you, shoot me a bigger vision than just being me,
but making a bigger impact in the world. I really believe with my heart that we can do some things that other people don't think of. And they don't want to take the time to think outside of the box and just be a little creative. So that's what I try to help my clients do. Think outside the box, be creative, have fun with it.
Basically. It's just an amazing opportunity. The big thing we always do is like, we don't know what we're going to come into, but we're using our intuition and everything's falling into place and it's kind of fun. Gotta use the intuition. I love it. I love it. That's like, you can't go wrong when you use your intuition. It will not lead you astray.
Correct. You never know what doors are going to open that morning, but um, if you walk through it, um, and you persevere, you, you're gonna, you're gonna, you're gonna survive and thrive. Thrive. Yes. Cause it's not just about surviving. We want people to thrive. I want it because the possibilities are endless. I want people to start businesses that light them up literally every single day.
Yeah. Right. And yeah, we have to do things that we don't really like. Like I was totally in the weeds of doing taxes earlier. No fun. But, but then I get to do this and I get to work one on one with my clients and show people different things. Like I am so lucky every day to get to do something that I love without a shadow of a doubt.
And I know that it's possible for other people to do it. Cause if I can do it starting from literally nothing, anybody else can or bootstrapping or knows how to do that's right. Yeah. Boot shopping until, and so we don't have to bootstrap it anymore. I totally advocate for like, not having a bootstrap for too long. And you know what though,
it's also like having that, um, again, we talked about passion, um, but you to be able to like something that you're proud of, whether it be a garden, whether it be a salon, whether it be, I mean, you make people, um, beautiful their hair, they come from you envy their confidence. So it's like every business should aspire to how
what am I doing to serve my fellow person? What little, what thing am I doing to have something be a better impact? And I don't care if you are, you know, a toll taker, I suppose, if you want to be great, but probably not. So aspire to be something that you're really passionate about. And it really can be anything like if you are passionate about just making one type of art on one piece,
like the thing that lights you up the most, it will also bring joy in somebody's life, correct anything and everything that we have to do, we can do with more care, more passion, more intuition, and be successful at it. And as long as we continue to think about who it serves and how we can serve them to the best of our ability,
the really the sky's the limit, that's a good point. Yep. Absolutely a hundred percent we believe in it. 100%. Uh, well,, I'm so grateful that you all were able to come on today, share your passions, and the amazing things that you're doing with the towers. The amazing, um, education that I'm super excited about does not know about,
uh, and so much more. And I really hope that the viewers that you really see that just reaching for your dreams, enjoy what you're doing. And if you don't know what that is, reach out, that's what we're here for. We're building beautiful communities to help support and lift each other up in fun, creative and unique ways. That's great.
You got it. Thank you so much for having us. This is Jacqueline. Thank you so much. I appreciate you both being here. And before we forget, where can they find you? Well, we have a website it's<inaudible> dot com and it we're on Instagram as well. And Facebook of course. Yeah. So follow us on Facebook.
They can see, um, some of our urban, um, road trips, journeys talking with farmers, um, like doing fun salon pictures, with a lot of different things and also applying our, um, our new chef challenge. Um, our chef shows off, I think we've decided to call it. So it was going to be some really fun recipes and good stuff.
I will have to make sure that I link, well, everything will be linked in the blog to make it super simple. But I'm really excited about your show. That's like that show, is it chopped? Yes. It's going to be chopped. All chefs have a passion. They're all creative geniuses, right? They're all. So getting them on camera.
It's been amazing. It's been so fun. They're like a bunch of Hangouts. Well, and my kids love that show chopped. Like my daughter loves watching it because it's creative. You have, you don't know what you're getting and you have to make something super creative out of it. Um, she also loves all the cupcake shows and everything. He ever comes up with the cupcakes she'll let me know and she'll want to be on perhaps whatever kind of fruit she'll take care of it.
That's fun. Well, thank you again. Sorry. What was, well, we said we can do savory cupcakes, but I don't think kids are going to be my cupcakes. That's okay. I'll back up. Thank you again. And to all of our viewers. Thank you so much. I really hope that you are pumped and excited to start chasing after your passions and make sure you come back next week to catch us on another show and check out the blog so you can follow all the farm pen,
your amazingness. Thank you. Happy. Rolling. Thank you so much for listening today. Please make sure that you go over to the blog and follow all the links for our guests and get the downloads that we talked about. I would also really love and appreciate if you would share this podcast with your friends and family. And if you wouldn't mind taking just a minute to leave a review,
that would mean the world to me. Thank you again so much from the bottom of my heart for listening and staying tuned. Can't wait to see you next week on the shelf.