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We often hear the phrase "Dreams is nothing without action", and truthfully speaking it is. We spend days and days envisioning what we want to achieve, what we want to get, and what we want to have, but do we ask ourselves is our actions enough? Have we taken the necessary steps to achieve those dreams?

Here to inspire us in this podcast is Kiley Doll. She is a serial entrepreneur, self-proclaimed bootstrap queen, and CEO of Kylie co. Let's go and walk through her steps on how she got to think like an entrepreneur, and how she can help each and one of you achieve your dreams.




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Here are so follow up questions I got to ask!

How/why did you start your business? 
Its everything I'm passionate about. I knew I needed to make a difference for others.
What makes your business unique? 
As a serial entrepreneur and a bootstrapping queen, I'm passionate about helping others achieve and succeed. It's in my bones
What impact do you want to have in the world or change you want to see or make happen? 
I want to make sure that every small business owner or entrepreneur has the tools they need to succeed.
Are You Happy with your business, What makes you happy, And What Would You Change? 
I have preached my whole life do what you love or change it. I only work with people I believe in and love.
Did You Experience Failures? If So, What Did You Learn From Them 
Lots, I have found entrepreneurs and business owners who say every venture has been successful has not tried enough. I'm ok at something that didn't work it allows me growth in the what's next. Some will work and some will not try harder to try something new.
How Did You Handle Adversity And Doubt? 
Every morning I wake up with a positive plan of action. I see and believe
Do You Plan On Growing Your Business? How? 
I know if I want to be successful I can not do it on my own. I use a team to help excel me.
Do you think self-love and trust are important in running a successful business? Why? 
100% we need a plan every for self-improvement. Every morning I wake up with a positive plan of action.
What advice would you give someone interested in starting their own business? 
Have passion, do what you enjoy, and do not listen to the negative talk
If you would rather read the interview, feel free to check out the full transcription below!
Trusting your intuition will lead you to create a passionate and joy-filled life. Are you ready to get turned on to a new way of thinking? Are you ready to meet people who have conversations that speak to the things that truly light you up? What if you had access to a podcast that featured women, just like you, who shared stories that empowered you to let go of a lifetime,
to others' expectations and to start living in the now with passion and joy, I'm Jacqueline Rodriguez, founder of your intuitive life coaching owner of enlightened styles, holistic salon, and your host of the intuitive light podcast for the enlightened entrepreneur. My goal is to help women recognize how tightly they are tied to negative thoughts and other people's expectations so that they can fully embrace and become the untethered CEO.
They've always wanted to be. You're about to meet some amazing women who will inspire you to untether yourself from any fears, the negativity that you carry, and become the untethered CEO of your life. This podcast is for you woman champion, warrior, entrepreneur, mother, phenomenal. Well, everyone, and welcome to the intuitive light podcast and show I'm your host Jacqueline Rodriguez.
And thank you so much for being here today. Today, we have got a lovely guest Kylie doll. She is a serial entrepreneur, self-proclaimed bootstrap queen, and CEO of Kylie co. And without further ado, I'd love to bring her on welcome. Hey everyone. Hi, thank you so much for being here today. I'm super excited about our, um,
the way we cross paths was pretty cool and just everything that you've been doing and really excited to learn more and to show our guests. So tell us a little bit about you, first of all, Jacqueline, thank you so much. And it's like, we when we met, we were like, that was really what we did. We have so much in common.
This is just one of the things, but that's awesome. I am so thank you very much. And I hope that I'm, um, what I like to, to be able to do is just be a, an entrepreneurial resource to your listeners. And, um, that's kind of where I'm at, but it's kind of funny. I always say I'm a serial entrepreneur when a self-proclaimed bootstrapping plane,
because, um, I am, I'm passionate about small businesses and entrepreneurs, um, and we don't always have the opportunity be the corporate big box where if we want to start up, whether it be another division, a new product, or actually as a startup, you know, we don't always have the funds. So sometimes you just got to bootstrap it and do your best and hope to the rest.
Most definitely. And we definitely have the serial entrepreneur, um, in common. And I think that was one of the explosions when we got a chance to meet was because we both have been in so many things, sorry, I have a fly flying around me. Um, we've been into so many different things, but it all has a very unique purpose to it.
And bootstrapping it. I mean, when you get started, that's kind of what you have to do until you can come up with those resources and you start reaching out and getting more help. And that's kind of where my, I love to help women go through that process and actually start getting comfortable and visible and getting those resources. So I think that we have so much in common and I'd love to hear how you got started in all of that,
This wonderfulness. And this is a funny story. So I was a daddy's girl. Um, and my father was, um, a self-made, um, I don't know what you want to call it a millionaire back then, whatever it might be. But he, um, as a lot of the older gentlemen back in the day, uh, you know,
he did not have, um, with a GED, he joined the military. So I'm a man, I'm a military brat air force. And, um, throughout his whole, his whole career, and as I grew up, he was always doing something. I mean, everything from selling products to having a garden, to helping people. And then what he found is he found that he was really,
really good at being a home builder. So for the past, before he retired, I would say, Oh, I don't even know, 15, 20 years. Um, he was a home builder. And, um, I grew up that way. We were doing a, um, uh, old fashioned strip mall. We were doing some repairs and remodeling on it and Arizona and I was nine years old.
And I said to my father, I want to own one of these, one of these days. And he's like one of what, and I'm like, look at these buildings. I was fascinated by all the businesses because why do you want to do that? I'm like my daddy, then I can put all of my businesses in all of those little stores.
So I, and, and that now, of course, is that, you know, realistically you actually just want to own the building and rent out the stores, but what does a nine-year-old know? I like big dreams and, um, I never squashed him. Um, and I, I've, I've never had, like, I tell people a joke.
I've never had a real job. You know, like the first thing that closest to a real job was bartending and, and restaurant management. I have a little Cajun restaurant and then I bought the restaurant. So that actually didn't even last that long as far as, uh, as an actual employee. So that's just always been me. That is a great story.
I love that. Cause dreams and aspirations. I feel like we have these huge dreams when we're little, but as we grow up, they start to get, you know, we get a little jaded and we get a little, uh, you know, in the real world where people tell you can and can't do things. But the thing that is the most important is to really go back.
And what did you want to do as a nine-year-old and to step into some of that playful, more dream, full kind of energy that really helps push you forward now, because as you know, and you know, I'm hoping our viewers know that like you really can be anything you want and trying to keep those dreams alive is sometimes hard? And in these days,
because of what we're conditioned to hear over the years. So how did you keep your dream alive? You know, um, I think growing up in an entrepreneurial family was certainly helpful. Um, we were a chaotic family, six real brothers, and sisters, and T and four fosters. So, um, lots of chaos always going on, but, um,
as a military brat, you do, I found you either, you either love it or you don't and you, you hate it. So either you do really well at it or you don't. I did well because I was like, Oh, okay, new school, new friends, I get to recreate myself. Do you know? So I think that helps in the sense that you don't get your dreams squash.
Yeah, yeah. Being able to go with the flow of change and just constantly evolving and knowing that that doesn't mean that whatever you want to is stopped in a different place, you can still continue with all those streams. Um, I think we are, we are always evolving and we, you know, from where you were at with helping, um,
people, not just women, but with like stepping out of their comfort zones and we've been so conditioned to be those dreams, flashers that, um, it dolls us. I really think it dulls us. We'd better take off that dullness and put back on the sunshine. Yes. Yeah. I a hundred percent agree. We definitely need more sunshine. And that's why it's so important for us to show up,
um, and be that sunshine for others. That's at least one of us And my missions, like really Paving the way and showing that it is okay to change and to, To evolve and to dream and have these huge dreams, um, And be okay with being out there. Cause as you said, we're conditioned to be kind of dulled down and not be okay With having these wild Dreams.
Cause I've got huge dreams too. And I came from a very entrepreneurial family as well. We didn't move around. We were in the same spot, but we, it was always changing and evolving. So I think that that definitely helps, Um, pave that way. I think so as well, I think so. I don't know of course another way of it that it would be,
although I'm a funny little structure, um, person in a way as well, like, you know, I can be moved around and I can do whatever, but I'll still keep my structure. I'm old school in a sense I've loved notes. So I love notebooks. Um, and I like to have a notebook for each purpose or whether it be even out on my phone Evernote.
So I'm super structured in that way. And I do try to take my dreams and, and put them in some categories, put them in some columns. Sometimes I put them back on the shelf because it's just not time to play with that dream yet. Um, and then I'm like, I haven't played with that one for a while, so I'm going to put it back on it.
I put it at the front of the burners and, and I turn up the heat on it and see what I can do with it. I love that. Yeah, because it sometimes like I have also, um, I keep everything electronic cause I try to be as eco-friendly as possible. Um, so I do and I keep everything on my phone and I have this wonderful app.
Oh, shoot. Now I can't think of it, but it's wonderful because it allows you to put your dreams down. Yes. And you can structure them by like if it's personal or business or Growth and you can put your values to your dreams. I lavished, you're going to have now I won't let you down. You'll have to share it with us.
I'll actually pull it up because it really helps me get very organized and keep that structure. And it also allowed me to see where I was putting my time. Yes. If it was going with my values. So when I had dreams, because I can come up with the idea after idea. Yeah. They're all extremely amazing. And I, I want to do them all right.
Now I have To line them up with my values and then my larger goals. And if they align, then we put it on the front burner, like you said, right. And if not, we show right. You know, that very smart Jacqueline while you're, I'm looking for it because where I think the difference between like, say, for example,
a serial entrepreneur with some season. Okay. As opposed to, um, you know, let's call it a newbie. Right. And that's okay. That's okay to be a newbie. And I don't mean newbie as a just, you know, you never had the opportunity or you're shifting gears because you have possibly been corporate, but you really actually decided like,
I really hate this job. So I really dreamed that I could do X, Y, Z, that you have to align yourself with where your passion is. Because like part of my, um, my mentor programs, and the roadmap that I take him down is what are you passionate about? And then what are your values? And do they align? Are there,
is there alignment? Um, if not, yes. Put it back on the back burner. Maybe you weave it out a little bit because maybe you didn't sift through it enough to see, Hey, that part might not work. But then if I added this, I would be inline. Yes. And I think being, um, aligned with your passions,
I teach that same as you have to absolutely love what you are doing. Um, when you're, especially when you're in entrepreneurialship. I mean, like when you're, when we're incorporate, it can get muddled down because we're doing for others. But if you have the opportunity to be an entrepreneur, that is the perfect time to do what it is that you love.
And I think when we're aligned and when we're also, what I truly believe to get aligned is that we really have to start trusting in ourselves. We have to go inward to see what it is that we even want. Because so much of this time, when we're, when we're being dulled over the years, we don't even really know what it is that we want because we haven't played with our nine-year-old selves and not only lose the dreams and the hopes that we had.
And when we get super clear and we can go inward to find out, okay, what does light me up is that making candles is that, you know, helping other women making an impact, like I have a huge impact goal of helping millions get aligned and move towards their goals and create something that they love. It can be as little as, as I said,
you know, make it a lipstick. I love those kinds of things. Yeah. All of them really align and go with my values of the one bigger impact. And when we can do that, um, you know, the easiest way I did that to get really clear and structured was the Opus one. That's what it's called. Oh, U S yes.
That's awesome. You know, it's true where, um, sometimes, you know, you get conditioned, um, where let's just say whoever, the, whether it be your parents or whether it be other siblings or whether it be people that you've brought into your life, for whatever reason, you know, they have this idea because entrepreneurship perhaps scares them so vast in the day,
a lot of parents just like, no, you got to get a job. And you know, you stay with that job and you have a paycheck and you be happy with that. Um, I want my kids. I'm like, if you don't like it, change it. Life is too short. So there is no, um, I'm very,
very black and white about that, which is no, you don't have to change it tomorrow. I'm not saying don't quit your job and put your family in jeopardy or whatever it is, but plan it that way. Because if not, you will step, you will stay in that lens. You will, you will never be happy with what you're doing.
Yeah. Well, it's so easy to get stuck in a routine and get comfortable because our egos truly try to keep us in our comfort zone. And when we go to step out, especially if the people around us are not super supportive, because they're scared, like you said, they're either scared of it for themselves or whatever the case may be, or even society.
I mean, society has a lot of rules and things that are okay and not okay. And we take those all as truths, but when we are not, um, support it, it can get very easy to just stay in our comfort zone. Even though we have such dreams that would push us a little bit further. And when you get structured and you start really thinking about what makes you happy,
what, you know, aligns with your values, then you can start adding those pieces because I didn't just wake up one day and just quit my job and start a business. I was very Strategic, Did it on the side for a while, and built it that way. So there are so many different ways, but I also know, you know, entrepreneurs who have just said,
okay, I'm done and they quit. And the next day they take steps to create Something that they love. Right. But when you are aligned, like the fire that comes and I'm sure you feel that fire. Absolutely. One of the, um, part of my, like when I start working with somebody is I have to know that we are a good fit.
Um, because we know, uh, whether you're a hairdresser or whatever, whatever business, if you're not a good fit, then it doesn't work especially with me, which is like, I would rather help you find somebody that is a good fit, um, then waste your time or my time. So what, one of the things it is is I ask,
okay, what is it that you're passionate about? And do you, are you the sole breadwinner? Is this business going to be what, the only way that you're going to make money for now? Otherwise let's, let's step this out because a lot of people think, Oh, entrepreneurs, they're just like, they're there. You just throw it in the wind and see what happens.
They don't ever have like a real job or whatever it may be, but there's a very calculated weight calculated way of doing this, which is having somebody like yourself, having somebody like myself, that is a mentor that says, listen, let's walk this way. Let's create this roadmap so that you can be successful and I can help you bounce some things off and formulate a proper plan.
Definitely. I know for a fact that if I would not have had my mentors and my coaches and I still were I'm years in business, and I still have my coaches because every little turn I need support from somebody who's been there so that I don't have to, cause this is my soul. Like we've, I have things and dreams and I have numbers that I want to hit.
So I take it very seriously. But having that was truly the turning point in my business when I was able to really take it from just a hobby To an actual business. That's right. You know, um, one of them, that just kind of reminds me of something that, um, I mentioned a lot on as a mentor, a mentor or a coach will actually save you money and save you time because we've all made mistakes.
Um, like back in the real estate days, um, I spent 25 years as a commercial real estate agent and broker along with my father as a home builder, that's kind of what we did together. And it was like, okay, it's the price of going to school? It's the price. So when you made a mistake, it's, everybody's I guess the price of going to school,
but I can tell you by having that right mentor and that right coach will have saved you money and giving you that option to put that effort into something that you can save to, to your, to your mentee is I have been there, let me help them lose all of this frustration by bringing out all of the goodness that you bring to the table.
And how can we fix this before you do all of those things that are going to cost you a lot of money? Most definitely. I know my coaches have saved me times, um, over the years because if not, we're floundering. And, And the other thing with this, um, is time is money. Yeah, I know in the beginning,
because you talk about bootstraps, Right. Strap things together, that, because at that time I just couldn't afford or didn't think I could afford it. Cause sometimes we just have it in our heads that we can't afford until we really start breaking it down. And then we see the difference, But bootstrapping, it can take time if we don't, You know,
have all of those resources and mentors. And once we get that, then all of a sudden it starts becoming a lot more clear and an easier pathway versus just searching the world of Google for, you know, tens and you know, 20 hours a day, trying to find all the answers. That's right. That's right. And there are so many people out there.
I also think part of a mentor and a coach is to look, um, you know, they are there to look at the bigger picture because you're you got tunnel vision, right? You've got, you know, I went in order for somebody to work with me. I'm like part of the first question is, is a general outlook on their mindset.
And I'm like, pitch me your idea. I want to feel this. I want to feel your passion. I want to feel your fire come across these pages. So please sell me your idea. And even if you're a startup, great. Sell me on your idea. If not, if you're an existing business, sell me on your idea.
Remember that time when you first thought of it and your passion come and bring it out. And let's, let's, let's tackle that all together and really come full circle about, around that. Yeah. It's tapping back into that fire. The reason you get into it, or the reason whether you're just a startup or you're pivoting and like, why did you Do you get into it?
Right. And that feeds that fire, right? It's part of our, it's part of ours, why. Yeah. It's Huge. And whatever your, why is, is what will not the money, not, you know, the fans, not the, you know, tens of thousands of Instagram followers. It is our, that gets us continuing to move forward and to push ourselves to bring that success I'm looking for.
But I think if you follow your why, or perhaps if you, where you come in is sometimes people don't know what their, why is because it's, it's, it's there, but they just haven't really gone after it. They're a little bit afraid. And so you help them find that why, and then the money flows if you're doing what you love,
don't worry about the rest of the money is going to follow you. You're, you're going to be fine if you truly believe and work your plan. Um, and obviously put the effort into it and put the work into it. The money will flow. Definitely. And that's, the clarity part. So when someone comes to work with you, cause I know that like,
do you want to explain what your, um, mentorship is and what that looks like? Sure. Um, I usually, um, I've got a fun entrepreneur quiz. Um, that's, um, kind of fun. It's definitely not threatening. It's really? Um, there is a yes or no, but it doesn't mean yes you are, and no,
you aren't. So it's not like a black and white kind of thing, but, um, it helps me get a little bit into the psyche of like, Hey, where is your mindset apps? And, um, that's just free. It's on my website. It's just fun. But what I do then is I have, um, I do for a discovery call and I've got some key questions there that really helps me see if there's a good fit.
Um, I find that with those, the discovery call, I want to have my mentee do some work. I want to have her think, okay, wow. This is like, I've got to really think about this. Just even have a call with Kylie because it gets a little bit, you got to have some skin in the game. You gotta really want to do this.
Cause I don't, again, I don't want my time wasted, but I don't want their time wasted as well. So we do jump on a call today. Obviously it can be zoom and if you're around me, I like to have it in person, but, but the zoom is fine. And I take her through a mind map showing here, where is,
where is it that she'd like to be perhaps where some of the challenges have been, um, what kind of support she has in her life. Um, and so we, we really do a mind map. I take it and I break it down into three different sections for you. So you've got an assessment, you have a, um, a strategy roadmap,
and then you have an implementation. I'm here to help you the whole way. I have a problem. Walk, run idealization, which is, you know, not everybody's in that, not everybody's capable right now to run. For whatever reason, you haven't trained enough. You don't have the money. You're not ready yet. You are too. You've got two more months before your kids leave the nest or whatever the reasons are,
but I want it so that people go to my website and see my avatar and say, Oh my gosh, that's me. That is me. He gets me. And I don't know, I'm not ready yet, but I do know I need this baby step program, Kylie, what, what can you do? Cause I never, when they have that call to action,
when they have that recount call to me, I want to be able to be that support for them, even if they're not ready yet, that's okay. We can do this little baby step program. But funny enough as it is even in my, in my crawl program, it's like, I, I stay there, but I want it less than four months because I want you to aspire to go to the next level.
And that's very important to have that timeline because we know, you know, we have to give ourselves timelines or deadlines because if not, we are ego. Again, we go back to the energy because we keep ourselves very safe in our comfort zone. So growing outside of that, you got to give yourself a very hard time limit so that you can move on to the next stage.
What would you say? Like who is your absolute, um, avatar for who you can help? I, 99.9%. Um, I love working with women. Um, it just is, I'm super passionate about, um, women empowerment. And, um, I think that there are two different types, which is a startup. Okay. Doesn't matter.
What, what area am I in? Like you are so age has nothing to do with it. Or you are, um, a women-owned business entrepreneur that you've been doing something for a period of time, but it's just not working the way you wanted to either. It's dragging you down emotionally, spiritually, or you're not making the money that you wanted to.
So those are basically my two best cases, um, mentees that I work with. Okay. And when you are working with your mentees, like any advice, like the one thing right now that people can take and really start putting into action today, What would you say? I would say this, write down your plan and really, really, um,
really dive into that plan and, and again, find out you're why, because as part of what, um, my, um, my questionnaire, I say, I want this to be like a first date. Like, you know, that first date, you know, you're like, Oh my gosh, you're just so crazy about that person that you've eaten,
breathe. You know, you can't put them down and that's whole romantic dating part of that. Right? You're so hungry for it. I want that to be your, your idea because I will help you take it from idealization to realization. It was passionate enough and you are committed to doing that. Let's find out what the why is, and can you make money at it?
And if there's some massaging to be done, because perhaps maybe, you know, there's, there are different points of success I believe. And sometimes what I believe in what is successful. Maybe, maybe she can not, maybe he's fine with selling one tube of blood per month. I want her to identify what is successful to me and I want to help her get there.
And we each have such a different outlook on what success is. And if you really break down, when you ask people what their success looks like so many times, we're not even talking about money, it's the freedom. It's the freedom to do the things that we want. It's the freedom to spend time with our families or only work a three day week or work from the beach.
Like there are so many things that we can perceive as success. And being able to know what that is for each person is so valuable because if you want to work from the beach, you cannot be brick and mortar, right? So being able to see that and break that down helps you get closer to that goal. And when you say freedom, that is so true because I find that most of the time it is freedom.
It is freedom because then you've got time to, Oh, okay, great. Your partner travels. Oh, great. Well, you could go with that partner because I'll have you, I'm talking about me as well. Um, when my, um, my husband travels, I can go with them because all I need is the internet. All I need is the internet I've.
Um, I was super fortunate to have a, um, Safari tourism business in South Africa for 14 years. And I'm still dabbling in it, but I don't. I used to leave the US for five months out of the year and go over there. I started a mentoring program over there with the afterschool project, um, with some very, very unfortunate children that really needed a little Ray of hope.
And so I've been super fortunate to be able to really go and do the things that I'm passionate about. And, um, I just knew if I did that and I trusted in God, I was going to have my answers and he was going to clear that path because my thing is, is I want to, I am successful. I want to be able to be a blessing to others and help them be successful.
Yes, It's true. And freedom is all that I think most of us want, and that comes in different forms. And when we get really closed in on our way and what that success looks like to us, then all of a sudden the other pieces start kind of lining up. And that's very much in my wheelhouse of manifesting and bringing those pieces together so that you can manifest the freedom that you want.
Whether, you know, when we're talking about freedom, that does mean we need money because that's going to allow us our freedom. It's not us why the money is not our way, but it's our freedom that it helps support. And in our impact as well, like I know the more money I make, the more impact I can actually have on the world
because it allows me the freedom to get out there more and help more people. So just being very clear on that, I think is super important. And you know, that's a great takeaway today is if you're, if you're unsure or if you just have a lot of things going on, you know, write them down. And I always suggest meditating getting really clear,
going inwards and taking that time to, to just hash it out with yourself, see what it is that's important to you and then write them down and then, you know, start taking actionable steps towards them. I think that, um, you know, our, um, and I'm really looking forward to having you as a trusted partner. Um, because I think that you're the first step at you cannot be successful until you get your clear where your energy clears your mind clear,
and that takes some, um, that takes a special person like yourself to be able to get people there. Yeah. Well, and the support and that, thank you for saying that, because that, that is the that first step, because I truly did not have a successful business until I started completely and wholly loving and trusting in myself and knowing that the clarity I needed was there and each and every step I was supported,
um, you know, through different modalities. And that's what I love to teach and show people. And then you come in with showing them a process and then I can help with, um, showing them that, how to use that intuition and that meditation and that clarity, um, changing your actual mindset. And I know mindset is such a hot word right now,
but, but the actual subconscious thought That hold us back Changing those, right? Those are huge key pieces to start getting our success. And, you know, everybody, as you said, I think at the beginning where there's so many different mentees and coaches out there, it's truly finding the ones that resonate with you and can help you in that next step.
I know I've had so many and each and every steps because it is a process and we grow out of that comfort zone and you start working towards a new goal. Absolutely. You've got to have people that push you, you know, you, if you're, you're never stretched, you're never going to get to where you want to be. It's sometimes it's uncomfortable and that's okay.
So many sentences, it's uncomfortable. I've had a few coaches. I know I, you can see, I have a very intense personality. Right. Um, and I am high energy, but I have run across a few early on, um, mentees that I'm like, okay, you just got to tell me when to shut the lights off because you'll never know when I,
I will always see like, um, the goodness in what their vision is. Right. I can see their vision. Um, and they'll be open to some of the changes in the, and the journey and the roadmap. Then, then you're going to get there. You're going to cross that finish line. You're going to, you're going to have what you want,
but if you don't, I'm like, you got to just tell me when to shut the lights off because I just can't, I'll never do it. It's just so long sometimes. Yeah. Well, and we like to push and we, I have a very, uh, I'm very high energy and I'm very like big dream driven. So getting to that,
but sometimes I dream a little too big for people. I've got to scale it back and allow, but I know that I've had moments with my coaches where I'm like This, I, I get you're doing, But this is uncomfortable. And I really don't like it. And I've had to have a very, um, stern talking with myself, like,
why did that bother me so much? And why that, like, it's a peel, it's peeling back those layers and finding out the things that make us uncomfortable and starting to, that's kind of like, my specialty is, what is it that makes you uncomfortable? And how can we rewrite that in your energy and in your subconscious thoughts? Cause so many of that,
those things that make us uncomfortable come from deeper. Um, yeah. So peeling back those layers and being able to kind of just see what that is, that's bothering us. And, you know, having that coach that pushes you a little bit so that we can uncover those. Cause if we stay comfortable, then what's the point. It's just like staying in a relationship that you really are into,
but it's pretty comfy. And so then, you know, 20 years later, you're still in it. Yeah. Right, right. You gotta kick it up a bit to have what you want. Yes. And we want to live life. I really think that what we do is to push people, to live a life that they love and we can love it.
We don't have to stay stagnant. We don't have to do what everybody else tells us to do. We really can love every part of life, no matter what our outside situation looks like. True. You know, Jacqueline, I, um, I think also that people it's easy for people to say, yeah, you don't understand where I'm at. You don't understand what I went through.
You don't understand all the struggles you don't understand. Um, no, we do. We do understand that. Um, and that's okay, but you know, I'm like pull up your big girl panties and move on. You just gotta do it or don't, but only you can create this happiness. And so you've got to be able to put that effort into it and put the work into it,
and you're going to be able to accomplish anything you want to, and whether we're able to or not is all perception. We either perceive that we can, or we perceive that we can't. Um, so it's a lot of perception and being able to change the perception of even our very current circumstances. I mean, we got a lot of stuff happening right now and we're,
we're in 2020, um, which has been a very interesting year. We're still in some sort of locked down from COVID, uh, things have changed and think a lot of things are happening in the world, but as we are going through this, it doesn't change how we perceive it. We perceive it to be something negative. That's going to stop us in our tracks.
That is just the end of the world. Do you know? I mean, there's a lot of things out there right now, and that is our reality. But if we perceive it to be something that is going to help push us further and help change the way we do things for the better, then that can be our reality. And we can still stay in a very happy state vibration and lift each other up.
Even if our outside world is going mad. I agree. I agree. And we can't, um, you know, we it's, it's all in the matter of the mind and how you want to look at things. So perspective, perspective. Exactly. You're right. You hit the nail on the head on that. Yeah. And it's, you know,
the absolute best thing about all of this is we are in control. It's the only thing we're in control of where I'm in control of anything else except for how we perceive things. Correct. Correct. That's so true. That is so true. Yeah. But I think that we have, you know, we have so much that we could talk about and we really could just go on and on,
um, kind of like every episode. I absolutely love that I get to do this because you know, I get to have, and, and meet such amazing women as yourself and really just see that there's so much out there. And, and that's why I do this podcast. That's why we have these nice natural conversations. They're not scripted. They're not,
you know, just to get one point across, it's truly just having wonderful conversations with amazing women that hopefully helps all of our viewers tune in and feel like I'm not alone. You are not alone, no matter what you're going through, you are not alone. And somebody on this podcast, myself, or, you know, whoever is being interviewed has been there and we're there for you.
And we just, you know, that's what I absolutely love to, to just show how many wonderful women there are in this world that we all support each other, we all lift each other up and it doesn't matter what you're doing. We want to be there to support it truly is a sisterhood. And that's really the way it was meant to be is,
you know, um, is giving back to anybody who's hands are out there. It's like we have to be able to really just, um, try to all be beautiful with each other and our feelings and just really have that. I know that, um, you're out for my good, you want that? You want this amazing lesson for me.
You want this good for me. And that helps every day and every day it helps you believe it as internally as well. Yeah. Yep. And the more we can support each other, the more that we're going to raise the vibration of the entire world and just, you know, keep putting out those good energies. So I, again, thank you so much for being here.
Please let everyone know where we can find you. Um, you can go to Kylie I actually, Kylie Kodak, sorry about that. I'm also on Facebook from the Kylie doll. I've got the entrepreneur's hangout, which is a free resource. You can join it on Facebook and we meet on the third Wednesday of every month. Fabulous. And I will make everything super easy in the show notes,
right on my blog. All the links will be right there. So all you have to do is head over to the blog and just find the link and it'll take you right there. So I try to make everything easy. And then, you know, please, uh, keep in touch with us. Absolutely. Let us know what's going on. And for our subscribed to you some exciting.
Yeah, that's a good point. Like if you haven't subscribed to the podcast, make sure you, that you do each and every week, there is a new podcast. There's a new, amazing entrepreneur that I get a chance to talk to and have real conversations about her journey, where she's at and what's going on and you really can get a lot of good information and be a part of the sisterhood,
be a part of supporting each other. So subscribe if you haven't and make sure that you tune back in next week because we're going to have another amazing entrepreneur online, um, talking about her experience. So thank you so much for being here. Yes, Jasmine, thank you so much. I appreciate it. Thank you. Thank you. Catch you on the next.
So you got it. Thank you so much for listening today. Please make sure that you go over to the blog and follow all the links for our guests and get the downloads that we talked about. I would also really love and appreciate it if you would share this podcast with your friends and family. And if you wouldn't mind taking just a minute to leave a review,
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