Human Design with Kelsey Abbott

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What made you smile lately? What made you jump for joy? What made you cry happy tears? Being happy is vital to our life as it helps us build relationships, live a longer life, and succeed in our goals! So we hope that you always choose happiness, and take life slowly and easily. Choosing to be happy is also choosing to be kind to ourselves.

For this episode, we have an awesome human being named Kelsey Abbott. Kelsey is an intuitive Human Design Reader, a Certified Professional Coach, Instigator of Joy, and the host of the Find Your Awesome podcast. She helps spiritual adventurers remember who they are and why they’re here so they can experience more ease, joy, flow, magic, and miracles. She believes that the universe wants us to be sparklyAF and that joy is our natural state.


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Here are so follow-up questions I got to ask!

How/why did you start your business? 
This is a big question. I could write pages about this. Here's the short answer: I earned a degree in psychology in college, but wasn't interested in becoming a therapist. Instead, I went on to study animal behavior, became a marine biologist, then a science writer...I'd been coaching swimming on the side the whole time and eventually started personal training, teaching group fitness, and coaching triathlon. That's when I discovered professional coaching. I became a certified professional coach in 2014. I'm passionate about helping people get off the struggle bus and remember who they are so they can be the sparkliest self and change the world.
What makes your business unique? 
I'm not just a certified Professional Coach or a Human Design reader. When I coach clients, I also bring my knowledge of health and nutrition, my love of food, and over 30 years of experience as a competitive athlete.
What impact do you want to have in the world or change you want to see or make happen? 
I want to make ripples. I want every human on this planet to recognize that they are unique and to give each human the courage and permission to own their uniqueness and share their gifts. We need everybody to share their gifts. We need all the puzzle pieces to be sparkly so we can come together and rise
Are You Happy with your business, What makes you happy, And What Would You Change? 
Yes! I love my business. I get to connect with amazing humans every day. I get to change lives. My business feels like play. And I want my business to grow. I want to make more ripples in the world, change more lives and receive abundance for my work in the world.
Did You Experience Failures? If So, What Did You Learn From Them 
I learn from everything. I recorded an entire podcast episode about how I learn through my body. Everything my body teaches me (through injuries and illness) pushes me towards alignment, integration, and ascension.
How Did You Handle Adversity And Doubt? 
I bounce like a champ. From a very young age, I've been resilient AF, doing things others thought were impossible. It's a practice. And I've been practicing for a long time. AND it's hard!
Do You Plan On Growing Your Business? How? 
My business is always growing and always evolving. I trust that the universe will show me what's next. It always has.
Do you think self-love and trust are important in running a successful business? Why? 
I think self-love is important in being a human and I think that, once we're aware and willing, we're all enrolled in Trust class here in Earth School. It's a really long class.
What advice would you give someone interested in starting their own business? 
Know your Human Design first and then follow it! This will save you a whole lot of pain, frustration, and burnout.
If you would rather read the interview, feel free to check out the full transcription below!

Trusting your intuition will lead you to create a passionate and joy-filled life. Are you ready to get turned on to a new way of thinking? Are you ready to meet people who have conversations that speak to the things that truly light you up? What if you had access to a podcast that featured women, just like you, who shared stories that empowered you to let go of a lifetime,

to other's expectations, and to start living in the now with passion and joy, I'm Jacqueline Rodriguez, founder of your intuitive light coaching owner of enlightened styles, holistic salon, and your host of the intuitive light podcast for the enlightened entrepreneur. My goal is to help women recognize how tightly they are tied to negative thoughts and other people's expectations so that they can fully embrace and become untethered CEO.

They've always wanted to be. You're about to meet some amazing women who will inspire you to untether yourself from any fears, the negativity that you carry, and become the untethered CEO of your life. This podcast is for you woman champion, warrior, entrepreneur, mother, phenomenal. Hello, and welcome back to the intuitive light podcast and show I'm your host, Jacqueline Rodriguez.

And I have an amazing entrepreneur that is on here with us today. And her name is we're going to bring up all her info, Kelsey Abbott, and she is an intuitive human design reader, a certified professional coach investigator of joy, and the host of finding your awesome podcast. So we can see she has many talents and I am actually getting to know her for the first time today as well.

So we're going to just have some really great conversation and talk deeper about all the amazing things she's got going on. So without further ado, hello, Kelsey, let's bring you up so much. Of course, I love, love having the podcast because I have been able to meet some amazing women throughout this journey. And one of the things I love doing,

I think I was telling you this before is I love talking to women and finding out all of the things that they're doing because we're supposed to be here to support each other and lift each other. So that's a part of this podcast. So I am dying to know, tell me all about you and how you got into this. Cause I love the human design aspect.

I've had it done a few times and it's very, very interesting to me. So what's your type. I knew you were going to ask me and now I can't remember, Well, we'll go over the different types and you'll remember, okay, that'll jog your memory. I want to say, I am a manifesting generator. That's what I am. I'm Almost positive.

It's either manifesto or manifesting generator. And if Christina is listening to this, she's going to be like, Jacquelyn, you should know this because she did. And we've been friends and she's been on the show a few times. So yes, let's, let's dive in. How did you get into all of this? Tell me a little bit about you.

So I let's see where to begin. Let's begin with just a quick snippet about manifesting generators. We're here to bounce. We're the multi-hyphenated people. And so now that you know that I'm going to tell you my, my short shortish background, starting from like I studied psychology and biology in college, then went on to study Marine mammals and got my master's in Marine mammals and Marine mammal conservation.

I studied killer whales, and then I will see, so it worked for the federal government for a while. Then I got offered a huge promotion and I said, no, thanks. And I got out of there. And then I became a science writer where I wrote about, I wrote about science, like new scientific research, and I made it fun and funny and accessible.

It's just loved the way people would light up as they learn something about science. And on the side, I was always, I grew up as a swimmer and then the side, I was always coaching something. So I was still coaching something throughout that time. And it fell into personal training and teaching group fitness and then started coaching triathletes. And I'm still science writing this whole time.

And then I learned about life coaching and it was through a Facebook post. Someone was saying that she just has to do a few more client calls to finish her certification. And I reached out to her right away and I was like, where are you? Like, I didn't even know that life coaching was a real thing. And I was like, where are you learning this?

Tell me more talk to her. I think the next day and the day after that I was enrolled in AIPAC, which is where I went to coaching school. So I became a certified coach in 2014, I believe. And then I started the finder awesome podcast in 2017 in between like, my focus was really on helping people remember who they are, helping them a step into their power,

know that they're worthy, clear out all their inner critic stuff and learn how to just like all the mindset stuff. So then started my podcast and somewhere along the way, I honestly can't remember when somebody said to me during an interview, have you ever heard of human design? And I was like, no, it's like where my head went was like,

what is this Like skeptical, which is funny Open to everything. But this term human design, I was like, Hmm, what are you talking about? Yeah. So of course I Googled and found out all I needed to find out my human design was my birthday and time and place. And I knew that. So I put that in up, comes this chart that I have no idea what to do with and chart.

One of my friends has it. It's like alien speak. And I agree. It's a picture. It's like a, if you haven't seen a human design chart yet, it's like a profile of a human head wearing a tent. And then inside that tent and the head, and there's a whole lot of different shapes in different colors. And then there were some stripes somewhere and on the sides,

there's a whole lot of, a bunch of numbers and colors and symbols, like what are you supposed to do with this? And that's a good question. Men Dala, it's all sorts of crazy all around it. Yeah. So Anyway, eventually I learned as a manifesting generator, and through the help of the internet, I eventually, this was like weeks later I found someone describing manifesting generators as warrior Buddhas.

And I was like, Oh, okay, wait, this is interesting because that resonates deeply. And that was like, that was the red crumb I needed at that time. And then a couple of months later, I met someone at a conference who was like, Oh, if you're into human design, you must know this person who, of course, I'd never heard of.

But then I dove into everything she'd ever done. And essentially created my own training, listened to every single podcast you'd ever been on, read everything. She put out a ton of content on Instagram, read all of that. And then as soon as she offered a training course, I was in, and now here I am, I'm a certified professional coach.

And I use human design as a way to help people remember who they are. Because as I said, when I first started coaching, I was helping people to remember who they are, but something was missing. And it's that I can now point people and say like, stop trying to do it that way. That is not for you. You have a choice to get off the struggle bus.

So your, your soul already chose a way for you to do it with ease and flow and joy and light and love and magic here. It is just made need to make the choice. It is such a beautiful thing. And I think what's interesting is a lot of people don't realize that it is a choice, right. We see, Oh, what is the name of that?

You know, everybody has those tests and they're like, okay, who are, what, what is your type? What is this? Or whatever. And you get your time back. And then you think that you're stuck to that and you don't have to be. And what I loved about human design is that there are so many like you said,

there are so many different ways. It's not just finding your type. And then that's just who you are. It shows you so many different pieces and how to make your life easier and how you know, which ways you're supposed to go through. Right. And I don't know a ton about human society, so correct me if I'm wrong, but I felt like that was the difference between your type,

you know, find out your type quizzes to this. So there are a couple of differences. There are a few things I want to say, like, first of all, human design is based on your birthday. Totally crazy. Right? Like how can it so bang on? And so when, as I was learning human design, I did a ton of free readings for people because I had learned how to read my own chart.

And it was just in awe of how accurate it was. So then I start reading other people's charts and everyone says the same thing. This is perfect. This permits me to be who I, I know I truly am. And that's the point here? So those are the other assessments, like Myers-Briggs, which Myers-Briggs is what was a catalyst for me quitting my job for the federal government.

It was me. Yeah. I learned the Myers-Briggs. I bought myself a book learning. Myers-Briggs learned I'm an NFP on every single test I ever take and loved being an EFE and read about what's best for me read about the other types. And I was sitting in a staff meeting once and I'm looking around and I was like, Oh, they're made for this.

They don't feel like they're trapped in cages. I do. I, I gotta get outta here. And then it was so easy for me just to get out of there. The other thing I want to say is if in learning your human design, so human design, you've got your energy type. You've got your profile, the, all the centers,

all the Gates, all the channels, you've got the variables, which are the arrows. There are so many layers to human design and a lot of people will just stop with the types. And I love that it's so accessible in that way. So everyone can learn everything about the types. That information is. I try and put a bunch of it out for free.

I've done a whole podcast episode on my podcast. I want people to understand that. And then when you want to go deeper than that and get a full reading, because like I'm a manifesting generator, maybe you're a manifesting generator and I'm sure there are so many ways we're the same in so many ways that we're different. Yes. Yeah. I do remember my friend,

Christina, Ammerman she on the podcast? Like, it's been a few years now. She did run it and she did read it for me. But what, what, this is all bringing up again for me is to go back and take a look at it. So that's how I want to know how, how do you work with that? Like how do you take the information?

Read it, use it, but then how do you continue to use it throughout your business and to your advantage? Because I think that's where, you know, I was not wrong cause nothing's wrong, but I didn't go down deeper and like continue to use that information. Yeah. So human design, it's called the human design experiment. So we all get to experiment all day every day with like,

Oh, how am I out of alignment? If you're a generator or a manifesting generator, when you feel frustrated, that means you're out of alignment with your energy type. So if you are a generator that typically means what needs to go? Like what are you saying yes to that's really a no, let it go? That can be the same for manifesting generators as well.

Also, manifesting generators, go play. Like if you feel frustrated, how could you play in? And there are so many people, so many very qualified human design readers in the world right now, human design has gotten big for everyone. If you learn something about your human design, that makes you feel trapped, it makes you feel like there's anything that you can't do.

Please either ask that person to clarify it. At least if it's me, please ask me to clarify or switch to a different person, find a different source to learn from because there's a lot of old stuff. It feels really icky around human design. But the truth of human design right now is it is here to light you up. You should learn when you learn your design,

you should be like, Oh yes, I've been waiting for this moment. This just finally gives me the freedom and permission to be me. Oh my goodness. I didn't realize that I had all of these gifts. This is incorrect. Yeah. And I do want to say, I, I felt that, and it was a huge awakening when I read that.

And just like, I mean, I do a lot of intuitive stuff. I do a lot of energy work and the cash, it records. And I have like frequency devices. I'm always in all of how the point on it is and how much like, it's scary. Kind of like how, just from my birthday, how do we know all of that?

But I don't know if you can hear my dog. I apologize everyone. But of course they, you know, somebody walked out of the door. So bringing these things on, it's amazing how accurate they are and you're right. Just like anything else that we're doing if you're not connecting because we're not all meant to work with each other. I know it was funny.

Cause I had a Facebook live this morning about that. Okay. We're back. Hopefully the dogs. Oh, I, I was doing a podcast or Facebook live this morning about that. We're not all meant to work with each other. So like finding the right person that will help you and show you the way that feels good to you. Right. Especially,

I mean for anything, but with the human design, it's all the same idea of finding the right person. Then, I recorded an episode for my podcast yesterday, it's going to air next week. And what she, Amy White was the person I was talking to. And the quote she shared with me is when the student is ready, the teacher will appear.

And when the student is really ready, the teacher will disappear. Hmm. I don't know if you Jacquelyn, but I've had that experience so many times, I feel like where I wanted to work with you. I wanted to work with someone, what am I supposed to do? And that is the university. And like, go on, you got this,

got this all by yourself. Yes. It's. Amazingly, you go there because we have all and I, this is, I preach it all the time, but we have all of the answers within us, just like, so does that, it shows you, but this is who you actually are. You already have all the knowledge, but I guess streamlining it.

And when we're, when we're in that learning phase and then we're ready to go and just be the teacher and go out there and do the things that we're supposed to do, that it is funny how that manifests itself. Yes. To go back to your question about how we'll use human design. Like once we learn our design and learn as much as we can about it,

how do we use it in our businesses? How do we use it in everyday life? We are constantly if we're trapped in, we're constantly pulled to explore various parts of our design. And you know, I have, I only have two open centers, my Asana, and crown that's like the mind and the head and or the top of the head.

And I know very clearly, especially last year when I was in Adina school, when it felt like, so with an open Adina, I feel an amplify other people's mental energy. So like the cool side. Yeah. I can hear your thoughts. The not-so-cool side. Somebody else's belief goes in my head and I don't know what to do with it.

And it just like swirls around and the thing now I know, because I was in Austin school that we've, it's true. It falls into my body. If it's not true, I just need to find somebody with a defined autonomy because they have trash cans in their auto. And I just keep saying, will you throw this away from me? Will you throw this away for me?

Because one of the defined arginines just knows like, well, that's not for you or that's not true. Someone would've been OpenEdge now. It's like a tornado in here. Wow. Okay. So, so many questions, because like I said, I, I don't know. And these terms, I'm in a lot of things, but these terms are totally new to me.

And this is so fascinating. So explain Archna school and what, what that means. And like, are there other things that we should be aware of Start of the pandemic when it was like, where I'm asked, don't wear a mask as social distance. No, don't social distance. Wash your hands, no wash. Everything that comes in your house.

No, actually it's just passed through the year. It was like all of this information, all of this conflicting information, people made some really funny videos about it and I could laugh at it. And at the same time, I'm also hearing all of this stuff and it's going into my mind, it's going into my head and those of us with open asanas.

So how do you know if you have an open Audra, when you look at your human design chart, which you can pull up, you can go get it for free on my site. And you'll see it in the show notes. So you'll see, there are two triangles at the top of the head and they don't look like this cause they don't have my face on them,

but there's a bottom triangle that points down. That's your Adina. This one is the crown. So your odd, not if it's white, it's open any center. Any of the shapes, if the shape is white, it's open. If it's colored and it doesn't matter the color, then it's defined, it's defined. It means you have your own energy.

If it's open, it means you feel an amplify, other people's energy, so many more nuances to it, but let's just dive into the vagina for a second. Yeah. So people with an open Adina, as I said, we feel and amplify other people's mental energy is so depending on the way your chart is laid out, you're probably a little bit psychic.

And our natural state is like a wide-open Montana sky. Like that's how we want our head to feel people within their natural state is all full library with this whole filing system. And people would define vaginas that I know in love have a really hard time with names because they don't already have a file for that name or for that person. And so it's like names don't mean anything to them.

I'm good with names. , those are fine. And there's room for that in my sky. That's so interesting. I'm terrible with names a face. I never forget names though. I try, my husband drives it, drives my husband crazy. Cause he's, my memory is not the best. Like I just lose a lot of stuff that, you know,

if it's not current and like right now I forget a lot of things. And my husband basically is my memory. So when I'm asking that he gets so frustrated, it's like, how do you not remember this? Or how do you not know? Like, repeat their name? I'm like, it just doesn't work for me. So I think I might have defined,

We go with divine origins are here to hone their perspective, to really hone their point of view. People with open oddness opinions flow through us. So if you have an open Audrina, no, you can absolutely listen to something. You don't agree with. Read something you don't agree with. Watch something you don't agree with. And it'll just, yeah,

I don't agree with it. So I'm one of the divine Nagina who often can't handle listening to something they don't agree with. I think I've learned that over the years. So I can, I don't know if that I've just defined or I have to do my chart now again, because I have to look at it. I think that I, over the years,

I've learned how to, and I can let a lot of stuff go, but that also came a lot with me being centered, really honing in on connecting with my higher self. A lot of things don't bother me like that anymore. Absolutely. And sometimes people that define<inaudible>, they really love to discuss things from my perspective, that's from the perspective of an open audience,

it feels like people with a defined autonomy, they say so many words. Sometimes it's just exhausting. So I have learned now that I'm just like, I'm out. Like I can't handle just talking if for me it just feels like we're just like beating those con this topic to death. Can't I'm out? It makes me, I started making me really physically tired.

Yeah. That's so interesting. So with all of these, because obviously everybody's going to have to go and get their human design chart off your site and really take a look at what they're saying, get the reading, learn how to use this. But for cause, a lot of entrepreneurs are on here. A lot of CEOs where we're trying to hone in on how can we utilize these tools for our business?

How do we manifest more? How do we get out there and put our business-like, and get really clear? How would we use our design to do that? So before I get into the energy types, there's one piece of your design. That's, you're either here to be strategic or you're not here to be strategic. And I think this is so important for us to know as businesses,

business owners, you know, we hear all the time, you got to get super specific, you know, have a very specific business plan. What's your strategy for this? And on the specificity, it's like, get super clear on your ideal client. What like, what gender are they? What, what do they eat for breakfast? What are their hobbies?

How many kids do they have all of that? How much money do you want to make this week? All of that, that is amazing for you. If you are here to be strategic and specific, if you are not here to be strategic and specific, doing those things is not, not only not going to be true for you, it's going to block your flow.

And you'll, I've felt it. Cause I'm not here to be specific. And I tried to be specific because that's what everyone kept telling me, Kelsey, you need to be specific. So I tried it on and it was horrible. It was like, I felt the brakes squeeze. It was. And I was like, I don't understand. It's just like,

I no longer have connected. That's huge. So big, so much permission. Yeah. And I'm now I'm curious, like how do you see that on the chart? Because I don't know if I am here to be specific or not. I feel like I'm not. And it's funny. Cause I have like my course and everything is to allow you to like expand a,

not like break the traditional barriers of what everybody else tells you to do and really align with what you want to do in your business and obviously in your life. But I I'm curious. How do you see that on your chart? So on the chart, up by the head, there's going to be four arrows and on the right side, I know I'm not going to use my hands cause it's mirrored on the right side,

the bottom right arrow. If the bottom right arrow points to the left, Like if it points towards the head, okay, Then you are here to be specific and strategic. If it points to the right, you are not here to be specific or strategic. So if it points to the left and I ask you where you want to be in a year,

you will speak that into existence. If it points to the right and asks you where you want to be in a year, you can tell me a beautiful story, but it doesn't mean anything to you and you probably won't remember it tomorrow. You're basically telling me what you think I want To hear. Okay. So repeat that. Like if you are specific,

then you speak it into existence and if you're not okay, And if you're not, the universe knows so much better than you. So if you are specific, then you get what you want. If you're nonspecific, the universe says, no, you do your thing. You BU I'll take care of the Results. That's so interesting. So interesting.

I got to go back to mind. So I was the bottom right arrow. If it points to the left, you specific, if it points to the right, you're not specific. Okay. All right. So everybody goes, go get it, go get it and get the readings so that you can see, because this is super important for exactly what I'm telling people to do.

Like do what works best for you and break a lot of the barriers of what everybody else is telling you how to run your business. What to do that for me, the way I found it was getting very, very clear on who I was aligning with me and doing what I want it. Even if everybody else thought I was crazy. So that's what I teach too.

I haven't used the tool of human design to see what I just got, took me a long time to get real quiet. And this is the thing human does. You know, everything that's in your chart because you were born knowing that your soul picked it up before you were born on day one, you know, all of this stuff on day two,

you start forgetting. So I'm assuming most people watching and listening right now is wave has stayed too. And so they've probably forgotten a lot, but there's still something in you that remembers. So when you get human design reading, Yes, yes. I knew it. Yeah. That's how it should feel. That's awesome. And it's just such a nice reminder that we have these tools and it is who you are.

And there are always so many ways to change and to adapt that into your business. And there are tools that we get a chance to use, to learn more about ourselves, to help us grow. And I, I want to, I want to preface that with, if it is something that like, feels like it's holding you back, like you still get a choice to change and to,

to tap into things that feel much better for you. Cause I that's one thing with some like I was saying with the other tests, like people get so into their heads about, okay, well this is how I am in the makeup. More excuses as to why they can't do this. Or I can't tell you how many times I, you know,

talk to people who they're like, yeah, I want to make extra money. I want to, I like to start a business, but I'm not, I'm not salesy or I'm not a talker or I don't know how to market or I don't know like we have all of these and there is a way that you can do it no matter what you think.

And those are all stories, by the way, there, you know, stories that you have created in your own head from thought and emotion, repeat it over and over again that created that belief for you. We can break those and we can start using tools like this to help us move out of our own way. Exactly. That's what this is.

It can be like a big shove for you. A big friendly shove. I love it. I've heard people Even think like, Oh, I have an open route. I'm not meant to move my body. Whoa. You have this gift of a human body. Yes. It's on loan is the only one you get for this life though. So you might want to take really good care of it.

So it can last as long, As soon as possible. A little bit. You're still human. Yeah. So then tell us a little bit about the other energy type. Is it time to get into the energy? Yeah, I think it's time. All right. There are five energy types generators. Manifestors manifesting generators, projectors, and reflectors. Let's start,

let's start from the back with the reflectors. Reflectors are supposedly super rare. And yet I know a bunch of them. They are here to reflect our own energy to us. Reflectors are just disco balls of awesomeness. They go ideally in the center of the TRIBE. And if you, if you want to feel really good about yourself, how about some one-on-one time with a reflector and you're going to come away being like,

Oh, they are so brilliant. Oh my God, we're aligned. Yeah, because they're just reflecting. They're like amplifying and reflecting your own wisdom and your own energy. You're going to feel really good. And at the same time, it reflects you can be a great intuitive reader because if you're blocking your own intuition, there's just gonna, you know,

show it to you. We're reflectors. They are so great at reflecting our own energy to them. But what about them? How do they know who they are? Reflectors need to be at peace with the fact that every moment is a random moment and therefore they are a brand new person. Every moment, every day is different for them. So for a Flector,

when that reflector is making a really big decision, a really big decision, give yourself a whole month. These reflectors are connected with the moon and the moon is totally different every single day. Right? To see where that decision falls for you in every phase of the moon. And if you don't have all month, the very least get in your own energy,

get away from all other beings and your environment matters too. Like your natural environment. So check that you are going to hear the Canary in the coal mine reflectors. You are, we get worried when our reflectors get sick because they are just picking up everything from their environment. Yeah. Yeah. And changing environments and being in the correct environment for a reflector.

I mean, it's so important for all of us because we pick up no matter who you are like we can pick up, but it sounds like for the reflectors, like this is a huge, like, look at your environment who you're around, especially making big decisions. So in your business, if you are starting a business, changing pivoting, doing a big,

you know, bringing on a new product, whatever it is that you're doing, like Kelsey saying, you know, get away from people really get in touch with you. And that gets away from people includes also sleep alone, not every night, but if you're trying to make a big decision, unless you've got another reflector next to you, sleep alone,

because you're going to pick up their energy in your sleep. Yeah. And we all know during our sleep with the dream state and the things that come to us as we hold on a lot to those. Yeah. During our sleep is when we're sometimes our craziest. Hmm Hmm. Yeah. Oh my goodness. Okay. Well, I did not know that about the reflectors.

Yeah. So let's move on to projectors. Projectors are here to guide us and projectors are like a bird sitting on a branch in a forest while the rest of us scurry around the forest floor and projectors can see everything. They just, this penetrating energy. They can see it all. So imagine then that a squirrel is scurrying around the floor, forest floor looking for his nuts.

He hit his nuts and he's trying to find him now the projector is watching all of this and imagine the projector just says yo squirrel, they're over here. And the squirrel looks up and is like, who are you? What are, you know, just mind your own business. And that didn't go so well now imagine the squirrel is running around and looks up and sees this protector in the tree and says,

Hey, projector, you really seem to be able to see everything. Do you know where I left my nuts? And the projector's like, yeah, it's curl over here. And then this girl was like, Oh man, you are the best. Thank you so much. So projectors have so much wisdom to share with us, but they want to wait until we have this space to receive that wisdom.

So they want to create invitations. They want to be invited. Just share that wisdom. When the projector doesn't have, an invitation to share the wisdom, the receiver of the wisdom can't receive it and tends to think the projector's a jerk. And then the projector thinks the other person's a jerk and the projector will feel bitter. Yeah. It's just like,

no, one's happy in that situation. So if someone's a projector in their business, I'm always going to bring them back to business. Like what do you do in that space? Especially like the first thing that comes to mind is like marketing and you know, trying to get people into your business, like how do you create those invitations so that people don't think you're a jerk.

So first of all, everybody that follows you has already invited you. So go ahead and tell them all about everything that you've created. Your, you don't need an invitation to create your thing. You just need an invitation before you guide. So people are following you on social media. If they're subscribed to your email list, wherever you're putting stuff out.

If people are following you, if they're there for it, speak, share. If you're in a one-on-one conversation, how about saying something like, can I share an observation with you? Or can I share an idea with you? And then the person will most likely say yes, but just that question, it's like, it allows the recipient to clear the space like,

Oh, some wisdom is about to be applied to my, to my brain. I'm just going to clear out a little area for it. And now there's a spot for it to drop in. Mm, that's a really good way of it, I like that. You put it into terms, especially like, if they're already following you, they've permitted you.

They want to hear and they already want to hear the wisdom that you have and the direction. Yeah. And then your one-on-one, some people learn just a little bit about human design and their projectors. And they come away saying, I'm a projector. I have to wait for the invitation. I'm not allowed to do anything. And they think they just need to sit on their couch and do nothing.

No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. Create, create, create, create, create, like do your thing, put your work into the world. And then when you want to guide somebody, you simply create an invitation for them to ask you. That's awesome. It makes it a very easy way so that we get out again,

this is all about getting out of our own way. So we're not using this to stop us from doing things or using it. So we're out there in the very best way using our gifts. Yes. That's awesome. All right. Manifestors Yeah, let's do it. Okay. Manifestors are a really big deal. Manifestors have a really big aura. Like your energy is really big.

If you're a manifesto meaning you can't hide. People are going to feel it. When you walk into a room, a manifesto is here to own their power and a manifesto, when they're first born, is the energetic leader of their family, because their energy is so big. So the baby manifesto is often told like you're too much. You're too big.

You're too loud. You're just too, whatever. Its manifestors typically try and hide. They'll try to play small manifestors who are listening own your power, please. We need you to own your power because by owning your power, you inspire the rest of us to do the same though. If you're a manifesto owning a business own your power,

which means don't go asking other people for their opinions or permission, you do what you want and tell people what you're doing. That's not so much like in like, things will still work out for you. Even if you don't tell people what you're doing, but manifestors are the ones that tend to like, you're standing, having a conversation with them. And then they just walk away because they got an urge.

They want to go do something that your friends want to know where you're going. They want to know they'll be like, Oh my God, where did she go? What happened? She was here. And then like, not scatterbrained, but like sparkly. Yes. Yes. I get sparkle syndrome. So manifesting generators off, off. So get this because manifesting generators are hybrids of manifestos and generators.

So let's do the generator next and then we'll do it, okay. Save images for the last perfect generators are here to be sparkly. An F I mean, all beings are, but generators really are here to follow what lights them up. The universe is constantly going to show them things. Whether it's a color, a shape, a smell, an idea, a person.

And if a generator is going to feel it in their gut, like it's either going to be a Holy hell. Yes. And it's going to be a whole-body like, yes. And if that's the response, you get, go that way. If you don't get that response, don't go that way. Who generators are really just supposed to listen to their guts for everything.

This means if anything isn't lighting you up and giving you a Holy hell. Yes, your job is to be brave enough to let go of it. Yeah. And in the realm of business, sometimes that can be hard. Yes. All right. So generators, baby generators are, then they're born knowing they're here to lift the world.

They Don't know how well as little kids they get praised for doing things they don't want to do for, you know, going and sharing their favorite toy or hugging aunt Sally when they don't really want to, or, you know, eating their broccoli. So they start to believe. I love broccoli, by the way, I'm going to stand up for Brad.

I do too. Broccoli is amazing, especially big. I love baked broccoli, Dang, appraised for sacrificing themselves. So They think that they're here to sacrifice themselves. But really, if you sacrifice yourself, I'm sure you might make somebody feel a little better, but energetically, they're not going to feel better. It's just like, their ego feels a little better.

If you follow what lights you up, then you become so insanely sparkly that your energy is so magnetic and juicy and irresistible that people don't care what you're talking about. They just want that. They just want to be in your energy. And that generator is how you elevate the world. So generators in business, stop sacrificing yourself, please. And instead of all,

at what lights you up and elevates the world with their sparkle. Yeah. I feel that one where a lot, and I know a lot of business owners are who wants to start a business who they don't, they sacrifice for their kids or their spouses or someone else because they don't feel like, well, they feel like that's there. And let's get in the nitty-gritty of business ownership,

please. Like so many people will schedule a call for a time that they don't want to do it, but they believe that it's more convenient for everyone they think is going to come. Please don't schedule the time for when you are going to beat your sparkliest. I know we've been so trained against that, make it convenient for everyone. But know if people signed up to be with you because they want to be in that juicy energy.

To create, put it at a time when you are going to be juicy. Don't like to sacrifice yourself just because you're on the other side of the world. End up having a call at like 1:00 AM, unless you're a vampire. In which case go for it. Yes. Unless you're a vampire, I am definitely a night owl. Are you? I am definitely not a night owl.

Huh? I try, I try to be a morning person. I am I'm so not a morning person. Yeah. I, I would be interested to find out that is in my design or if it's because I've tried so many times to switch it and it just doesn't matter what I do. I'm even putting it into my brain priming. Oh,

I love getting up at 6:00 AM and working out. I, when it gets dark, go to sleep. Yeah, Absolutely. I usually get up before the sun comes up At 10:00 PM. I'm not really functional. Yeah. See that's where I get my lights. That's where I'm like, Oh. And I had this idea and I had that idea in the morning.

It takes me like two, maybe three hours to like wake up. Yeah. I wonder if you have indirect light digestion, which would mean that this is just another piece of the human design puzzle. It would mean that you ideally eat when it's dark out. So like you'd still eat a little bit during the day, but your main meal meals happen in the dark.

And like, you're, you're really going to digest life more in the dark. My family always said that I am a vampire. After all, I actually am allergic to the sun because I have the LIGO. So that's also why I'm very, very fair because it's all that Allego. And I have some spots left, but so I couldn't go out in the sun.

I'm allergic to, and I'm a night owl. So my family literally makes fun of me because I am of the empire. I will tell you it is not Rio. Yeah. Yeah. Although I love it. I love the sunlight. Just not early morning. It was magical sunlight, but for you, it's definitely not. Yeah. And I'd be interested to see if that is in my design so I can finally just give it up,

trying to get up early. Although how do you do that? When you have to get up early? Like I got to get the kids out. So that's where we get into the tricky stuff. Tricky stuff. Because do you want to sacrifice yourself to help your kids? Probably. Yeah. Yeah. So we have to find a way where it's a Holy hell.

Yes. To get yourself up, to get your kids up. Yeah. Yeah. And I'd be interested to see if my kids are because I don't know if they just learned it from my husband and me. After all, my husband's a night out as well. So my God, they just got bad habits from us, but maybe it's in their design too.

We don't know I'm going to have to run there to sign. Yeah. There's another piece in our design too, which says all this stuff that we hear about circadian rhythms is not if you have this one gift, it's all about creating your body has its own natural rhythms and you need to follow those instead of everything that you've been told. Yeah.

And I like going against what I've been told, that's like, Oh, you say I have to do it. None of that. You're sounding like a manifesting generator. So let's Talk about MTS. Let's do Manifest generators are hybrids of manifestos and generators, which means we're here to be sparkly, AAF and to own our power. And we can, as kids experienced the same,

like a pickup, the same messages, which are, we need to sacrifice ourselves and we needed to play small. So mgs, one of those is probably going to resonate with you a little more than the other. And so you know where to do the work, whether it's on owning your power or owning your sparkle, it's probably both. All right. So manifesting generators.

We are the multihyphenate. We are, we bounce from thing to thing, to thing to thing. Well, the world tells us we're supposed to go from a to B to C mgs. We go like two petunias to see or Jones to read. And that is our natural path. And the reason we take a bouncy windy path like that is everything is actually,

it's all the dots lining up. We learn what we need to learn. We pick up the information we need from each thing. So remember my path, I started as a Marine biologist. How does that have to do with being a coach? Actually, biology is all based on curiosity. And what does a coach? I'm just curious because everyone already has the answers within them.

And I just ask the questions to bring out their own brilliance. And then I went through this time as a personal trainer and group fitness instructor. Well, guess what? That's another unique piece that I bring to my clients is I have a whole lot of knowledge about the physical body and how to move it. It's all, all of these pieces in us,

they come forward for us to be fully integrated because mgs are here to be, to do something that has never been done before. We're here to carve our own path, which can feel so hard sometimes because no one has done it before. And we're here to do what other people think is impossible. And to do it with so much joy, we are here to follow the joy and play.

Okay. Yeah. I don't think I have to look at my, I don't have to look at it anymore. That is definitely me. And like, when you were saying your path like you were a scientist in about like all of that, that was, and I'm still like, I bounce all around and people always told me, pick one thing,

you gotta do one thing. And like, no, I don't want to. And, and it's okay if everybody thinks I'm crazy, but I see it. I see the big vision. That's all that matters. Exactly. And I CA I actually had a recent, Gately a friend of mine, who's a generator said to me, and Kelsey's a manifesting generator.

So she's always changing. And I was like, she's just talking about the last six months. And I was like, what? I actually don't see that I'm changing in any way. I guess, like when I say, Oh, I'm creating a new YouTube channel, that's changing. I'm like, no, that's just part of the business. And then like,

yeah, I'm adding new bonus episodes on my podcast. That's just part of the business. Yeah. I'm going to make some t-shirts, that's just part of the business. Like it's all one. Yeah. I'm starting to talk more about the physical body and health and nutrition. That's just part of the package. Yup. That's I it's this, I am creating this empire,

like this branding where all of the pieces under it are if me and my vision for the entire world, like, I want to be a trailblazer. I want to help people. And that, so this is just so much fun. Like I get giddy because it permits us. And that is what I teach my clients as well, like break the rules,

do what you want. Be happy. Nobody has to tell you, and we don't have to live like everybody else. This world would be so boring. No. And we just, why mgs actually kind of triggered people a lot because, because we're doing so many different things because it looks to them like we're changing all the time. We're not, we also flow faster than other types.

And so people love to tell us to slow down, listen, humans, if you feel like you're going too fast for you, then please slow down. But if you don't, if you feel like you're, you're having fun and you're in flow, keep going, people will follow. You. Just, they need to rest. That's fine. That desire for slowing down is on them.

It has nothing to do with you. You stay in your flow. Very passionate about Yes I do too. I love it. We're allowed to be. And my entire life. That's what they said. You just, you put so much of this one yourself, because this is what I love is exciting to me. It may look like crazy chaotic stuff to you,

but it makes me very happy. Yeah. And remember, we're here to follow it. Just like generators. We're here to follow what lights us up. Yep. Ah, so anyone watching, like, who do you resonate with? What, what is your story? What are you here to do and go and make sure you get your download, talk to Kelsey,

find out like, how do you use this to your benefit? And I keep looking up because my camera used to be up there. It's here. So if I'm looking up, I just realized that I was doing that Someone the other day, who I sent him something to read and he starts looking at it. Do you have another screen on your,

yeah, I got this new camera because it looks better than the one on the computer, but I have always done it from the one on the computer. So I keep looking at so sorry. People watching me and listening to me babble about, but the point is, is use this stuff, you know, give yourself a stepping stone to figure out what makes you tick and how to use it in your business.

This is such golden stuff because when you figure it out, it will make sense. It will permit you to be you. And then you'll have some other ways too, you know, if, if you're finding things that you don't like, or that you want to change, that is not resonating with you in your world, in your outside circumstances,

you have control. You can do this. Yes. It's amazing. So I am so happy that you were here on the show and we got a chance to get to know each other more. They can find you on. We heard YouTube. I'm sure you have Facebook or what? I retired from Instagram and Facebook last year, it's been almost a year off of those platforms,

but come to my website, Kelsey You can connect with me from there. I'm not, you'll find my email address on there, but it's just easier. The contact form goes directly to me. I'm a real human and I love connecting with people. I'm not off social media connecting I'm off it. Cause it's just, didn't light me up anymore.

And you're a manifesting generator go by your own beats. See? And that's okay. She's living proof. Like you have a very successful business. You keep doing your thing and you don't have to be on Facebook or Instagram. I, you know, everybody is so different and you gotta do what lights you up. And they're going to go on and follow you and download the free human design chart.

And then Not even a download. What happens when you request your chart is I send you an email with your chart and I give you a little nugget of joy. Oh, well then go get the email, go get your human design chart, connect with her, find out what you need to do for your business. And then come back to me and I will help you do what you need.

Whatever you are meant to do in this world is exactly where you're supposed to be. And that's the beauty of being in this world. We get to be each other like whatever we're supposed to be, but lift each other and be here to support each other. And I just love this platform. I love being here. I love getting to connect with such amazing women like yourself.

And I know everybody has gotten so much from this. So get the show notes, connect with Kelsey and I will be, cause I want a new human design for Jacquelyn. This has been so fun. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. And I'm so glad we were able to connect and we will continue to Connect I'll follow you on YouTube and I will email you yes.

Easy way to do it. All right. So please make sure you connect with us. Come back next week to a new show. And this episode is sponsored by the moon meditations that I do on the new and full moon. And at the time of this recording, I am launching the creative CEO retreat. It is two days on the full moon weekend that you can come get really clear and aligned on what you need,

what you're looking to do with your business. Take time to actually work on your business and you know, rest retreats, virtual. Anybody can be there. We're going to do some amazing quantum abundance downloads, give you some frequencies. Like we've got a wonderful lineup set up for this. So if you want more information, please let me know and I will see you next week.

Thank you. Thank you so much for listening today. Please make sure that you go over to the blog and follow all the links for our guests and get the downloads that we talked about. I would also really love and appreciate it if you would share this podcast with your friends and family. And if you wouldn't mind taking just a minute to leave a review, that would mean the world to me. Thank you again so much from the bottom of my heart for listening and staying tuned. Can't wait to see you next week on the shelf.