Sustainable Marketing Practices When Scaling Back is Not Ideal With Kate Sprague

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Starting out a business is never easy, we can always see the limitations and insecurities that come with it. But we must never forget that this has always been a dream, and finally you're in the first step of it. It doesn't matter if your resources are limited, you just have to be resourceful and creative to make it work. Remember there is nothing impossible for big dreamers. So go for it!

Please meet Kate Sprague! She is a phenomenal human. She has a way with words and thinking outside of the box when it comes to business. Kate really wanted to start focusing on creating surprising strategies for the small business owner that felt natural. Her mission is to let small business owners know that they are entitled to the same ideas and strategies that million-dollar campaigns are using even on a small budget!


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Here are so follow up questions I got to ask Kate!

How/why did you start your business? 
I realized that I had experience with corporate marketing budgets and strategies and that, with a little creativity, they could be scaled to the budgets and objectives of smaller businesses and non-profits.
What makes your business unique? 
When I'm being cocky, I say that it is Me who makes the business unique. When I'm trying to be polite (but still sincere) I say that it's my ability to take your thoughts and words and package them into ideas and statements that feel natural to you and sound like something you would actually say.
What impact do you want to have in the world or change you want to see or make happen? 
Honestly, I want small business owners to know that they are entitled to the same ideas and strategies that million-dollar campaigns are using. The entrepreneurial business owners are more deserving of having an advocate to help them elevate their messaging and visibility.
Are You Happy with your business, What makes you happy And What Would You Change? 
I am so much happier in my own business on a bad day than I ever have been in someone else's business on the best day! When my clients take risks that pay off, when they trust me to fully support them and help them move forward in business, when someone who has been told that their budget isn't big enough and I show them how much their budget can do for them...holy wow. Those are my best days. That is my best life.
Did You Experience Failures? If So, What Did You Learn From Them 
Working for other people for 30 years? Yes, almost every job ended in an absolute explosion of failure. The important thing that I finally took away from those experiences is that I was doing it to myself. If I wanted to live up to my higher purpose, I had to stop asking other people what that purpose was.
How Did You Handle Adversity And Doubt? 
Sometimes, I cry a little. Then I swallow my pride and realize that there is no sitting still. I failed a compliance exam in the financial industry once. It was devastating; four months of studying, working full time all day, commuting a total of 3 hours each day, then staying up all night to study-raising my girls as a single mom. I sobbed and hated myself. The next day, I started studying again and the process repeated. The Will Smith movie Being Happy (?) has a scene where he takes that same exam and has no idea what will happen after it ends. He gets the job offer and that vignette became my inspiration. I could do this, I would do this. You can't let a silly thing like a failed attempt to define the next chapter for you. YOU define that chapter.
Do You Plan On Growing Your Business? How? 
I plan to grow my business sustainably. I plan to let this be a journey as I explore things that really make me happy. Writing content and copy has become something that I always knew I wanted to do, but never understood how valuable it is for people. So, that is taking me in a new direction right now-one that I really like. The business is a year old, so I'm sort of growing in my business at this point!
Do you think self-love and trust are important in running a successful business? Why? 
Self Love and Self Trust are critical pieces. Not everyone is in the front row of your show to see you succeed, so you better believe in yourself enough for all of them! A dream doesn't come to life if you don't believe in first planting your own seed of faith.
What advice would you give someone interested in starting their own business? 
You will absolutely make mistakes. Go ahead and make them. You will piss people off. Go ahead and do that. You can not keep looking back, so the sooner you start walking forward with your head held high, the sooner you can see what's waiting for you down the path!
If you would rather read the interview, feel free to check out the full transcription below!
Jacquelyn: (00:02)
Hi, good morning everyone. Thank you so much for being here today. And this is your intuitive light show and podcast for the enlightened entrepreneur. And my name is Jacqueline Rodriguez and I am your intuitive healing business coach and owner of enlightened styles, a holistic hair and makeup salon located in more into Virginia. I am so excited to announce that we are going live with a podcast and a show that will be in on YouTube and I'm on all the podcast streams. We are getting all the stuff together and if you would like more information as to when we go live with this and where our, um, where the shows will actually be, let me know and we can drop a link in the comments and have you sign up for all the updates and everything. But I am really excited because this podcast has meant so much to me. After all, my sole purpose of coaching and being an entrepreneur is to help other women step out of fear and into love and trust for themselves so that they can co-create business and a life that they absolutely love and that they deserve. And the way I want to do this is by highlighting some of the amazing, amazing people that I get a chance to know because of my business. And today we've got Kate on and I'm so excited for her to be here. She is a phenomenal person and just there's so much to learn from her. So without further ado, here is Kate

kate: (01:46)
and a bonus. You get mochi too because it's easier not to fight. Um, my name is Kate. I have been, uh, in marketing, business development, and advertising for about 35 years and recently in the last 18 months, decided that I wanted to take some of my corporate experience and bring it back to what I love most, which is the main street, small business, and nonprofits. So, um, the last year or so has been about focusing on my business community and the people in it. And uh, and having some fun as an entrepreneur for the first time in my life. And finally,

Jacquelyn: (02:28)
that is so exciting. I know that we've known each other for quite a while. I don't even know how many years, but for somewhere, yeah, he's even been longer than that because it was before I moved the salon early 2016 maybe. Wow. It's been a long time, right. And the trip always. It's always a strange trip.

Jacquelyn: (03:00)
That's just life.

Jacquelyn: (03:02)
Um, but I love what you've been doing and I know I was so excited when you decided to do your own ad agency and, and I love, you know, that it's flourishing. Um, I love the name. It so fits you. And then I love the funky little ad agency, but you have always been so knowledgeable about small businesses and how to get out in front of their clients and stand out, um, and really think a different way. And I think that that's been really amazing to watch, um, how you work. And I'm happy that you're on my team. I absolutely love having you as a part of it because you bring such an amazing different dynamic and thought process to it. So I'd love to, you know, go into what you know, cause right now when we're recording, it's that COVID19 outbreak and we're all stuck at home and business and life is really changing for all of us. And I would love to hear your thoughts on how we can continue to sustain and change the way we're thinking about marketing. Um, in this day and age,

kate: (04:19)
one of the most important things that I learned from working with a, uh, an international corporation in their marketing department is that it was really nice to have the $10 million marketing budget. It was really nice to be able to go out there and say, Oh, you saw us in the wall street journal or you saw us in a multitude of financial magazines or publications. But what I also learned is that the book of business didn't get done because people were seeing in print or online, the bulk of business got done because of the relationships that people were developing. So my job with our team and we were the number one team nationwide in sales and I'm talking a $250 million gross annual sales with a team of five. Uh, that's a lot of handholding. That's a lot of relationships, but it was always relationships. And what I did realize is that I didn't want to keep working for someone else. I did want to become sort of my own, um, my own entity if you will.

kate: (05:37)
But I saw that there was a need for the main street. There are, I think small business owners, medium-size business owners are more entitled to the tools and the strategies that are so accessible to the big-budget marketing departments. We need it more. We need our voices to be, um, clearer and, and we need to focus on the actual relationships more than we need to focus on. How many people can, can see us in a given publication from week to week. Um, so I decided that what I really wanted to do was start focusing on creating surprising strategies for the small business owner that felt natural. Um, how many times have you seen yourself conveyed to the public and thought, that's not me. That's not how I would say that. That doesn't really talk to the person I'm trying to address. Um, and I think that is one of the things that I, that I do particularly well if I, you know, if you don't mind me saying so, um, I think that it's so easy for someone to package you and then present their version of you as opposed to helping you deliver your message.

kate: (06:53)
And that's, I think this is the time, especially right now when we're doing so much soul searching and we're really focusing on the relationships that helped us get to this place, whether we're just starting as business owners, whether we've been entrepreneurs or solopreneurs for a long time. Um, or even for those of you who are on, you know, on this podcast or watching this, this now who are contemplating your next steps, this is a perfect time for you to really dig deep and think about how your message needs to sound to your owners, um, before you ask someone to, to package it up for you.

Jacquelyn: (07:36)
I agree. It is because I know a lot of people and I have a lot of business owner friends or people that are in the network who you've got one person who's, you know, really kind of just stalled out and they're scared and they don't really know where to go from here, right? Because we've got to think outside of the box and then we have other people who are taking the time to, you know, change and adjust to things. But I think right now we've been given such, such a gift of time to really dive in deep and center yourself in what, what it is you want to do next. Because we might have been on, a journey that isn't suiting us. And right now is the time to think about outside of the box and what really brings you joy in your business. Because we've been gifted that time to really reflect and we don't have to do everything right. We can choose and we can see what we want to do that brings us more joy and gets us out in front of our clients in a better, unique way.

kate: (08:51)
I think. I think that's exactly it right now is, is the perfect time to say, this hasn't been working for me in the past. What can I do to change this? How should I change it or am I not focused on the right objectives? And I think, um, you know, when we get scared, it's the best time to reevaluate who and what we are in our businesses, in our lives, all of that stuff. But if we focus, you know, one of the things that I've been telling my clients over the last couple of weeks is what's your mission statement? What does that sound like? What has, why, what is it that you said when you started writing the business plan that got you excited about your life and about being a business owner or an entrepreneur? So if you get back to your business mission and then look forward to your objectives yet maybe the objective right now during this pandemic and social distancing and not being able to go to your brick and mortar if you have one, um, maybe your objective right now is just to get through it, just to maintain those relationships.

kate: (10:05)
And if that's your only priority, my God, that's the most important priority you can have. So come from the space of your mission statement with your forward-looking objective and know that your objective is going to change day to day. As we hear from the federal government about their guidelines. The CDC is constantly changing things up. Uh, the government changes the rules on us from day to day. So you must have a couple of things that are, you know, the root of who you are and then where you're trying to be as we come to the end of this thing. Um, and honestly that's going to focus primarily, on the relationships that you have. Sorry. Mochi had to move. It's all good. Normally I would have Nala with me too, but I told the kids and all the dogs to go upstairs. Um, I have done that. It's okay. I had to kick them out of the house yesterday so I could have a full day of recording.

kate: (11:11)
You just gotta you know, do what we can. Um, but I think that now I went totally off track to get him off the dog. Sorry. Well, and that's, and that's one of the beautiful parts about where we are right now. Um, having the dogs and the kids in the mix is sort of the trade-off for not having a commute. And that's, that's kinda how I look at it. Everybody knows, you know, everybody knows that you've got a dog. In fact, I think mochi is intentionally throwing her bowl around right now just to make sure you guys know she's here. Um, but we all, we're all trying to adjust. And so, you know, to kind of pivot back to the marketing conversation and doing sustainable things, um, you know, now is a perfect time for you to rethink the messaging, repackage the messaging, and get back into a groove that makes you feel good.

kate: (12:12)
Um, you know, if you've always, let's take it out to life. If you've always wanted to figure out how to incorporate exercise at the beginning of your day before you start it, now's that time. If you've always been afraid to use social media because it just didn't feel natural or it's not your thing, you know, now's a good time for you to start scheduling those things out and, and beta testing, you've got nothing but time. It's also the right time to say honestly with yourself, I don't have the energy or the interest in maintaining and sustaining. Now we're getting into sustainability, a social media presence. That's not me.

kate: (12:57)
And that's okay. As long as you have a plan that moves you in the right direction. Jacqueline, you decided that a podcast was something that really incorporated a number of the things that you wanted to do. It was a little more three-dimensional than a social media post. Um, and you've got some very complex, interesting strategies behind what you do, but this was more robust, more full-bodied, and integrated more of the things that, and the conversations you want to have. So this feels very natural. It doesn't feel like a chore for someone else. This is probably horrifying. The idea of committing to something like this. Right?

Jacquelyn: (13:42)
Yeah. And truly I, cause I think I, I don't know if I messaged you, I think I messaged Trish yesterday. Um, I had a full day recording now. I had been talking about this podcast and really planning for it for a while, like before the new year. Um, but again, our lives are crazy busy life, right? I didn't have the time to get everything together, but because of this pandemic, it really gave from that time that I had been meeting and I decided that this is something that brought me joy. I absolutely thrive on talking to women, finding out their stories. And it's that piece that connects how I want to help my clients and my tribe. And the people around me are getting connected with other women who are doing amazing things and for them to hear other women's stories and for them to, you know, really be able to see that they can do it.

Jacquelyn: (14:49)
To start stepping out of that fear. I did a full day of recording yesterday and I got off and I was on like cloud nine so I made sure that like, cause I hate blogging. It was, I would go in between blogging and um, you know, the podcast. Now I can do both because I can use my podcast to put on the blog and I don't have to write a bunch of stuff and it feels very easy. So I think right now taking that time to really center yourself and find out what it is that brings you that much joy in your business. How do you do that? If it's podcasting, blogging, emails, um, social media, LinkedIn, Pinterest. I mean there are so many different ways, but does it bring joy right now is the time that you get to actually choose. You don't have to follow everybody else. And that's why I jumped into this and I am so excited

kate: (15:53)
if this suits you. Um, you know, I had a client tell me the other day that he needed me to write some information and content for his website. Well, he's it, guy. He did not want me to use it jargon at all. He wants to create custom or he wants to customize, um, client relationship management software. But he didn't want to use those words and still and still be able to relate to the people he wanted. Um,

Jacquelyn: (16:29)

kate: (16:30)
What I ended up doing is it took me three different interviews with him to find out what his goal was because he couldn't articulate it. And that's, you know, that's part of what I do is help people really figure out what they're trying to accomplish. And until someone asked him, he wasn't, he wasn't even sure of it. Um, ultimately what he was trying to do is speak to nonprofits and small business owners in a meaningful way, like a team player rather than as it support guy. Once he was clear on that, it was very easy for me to sit down and organize his thoughts. Um, pepper it with the kind of SEO and you know, keyword tags that he's going to need in there. But he didn't use a website the same way you and I use a website. He wasn't using it, as a lead magnet.

kate: (17:26)
He's using it as a leave behind. So when he meets somebody at a conference and expo or on a cold call, that's where he sends them so that they can see his accomplishments and he's extraordinarily accomplished. So, you know, if you can say that you designed it system for the IRS, you're probably going to be pretty confident about this guy's to work with you. If you've designed, if he's designed something for Johns Hopkins, you're probably very confident in his ability. So he didn't want it to sell so much as he wanted to show that he was a human being that cared about his community. Um, so once we got clear, we were done in two days. He's got a beautiful website. He's got things going on that he's excited about. Um,

kate: (18:16)
he does not want to blog. He doesn't want any social strategy at all. He wants it all to be, you know, eyeball the eyeball. I have other people who, you know, that is not in their comfort zone. They want to strictly do relationship marketing. And you know, as far as sustainable marketing goes, I would recommend that if you don't have any idea about how to do good relationship marketing or strong relationship marketing, now's a good time for you to figure out what your comfort zone is. I have one client who says, Oh, you know, asking your client to go to lunch with me and spending time with them through that feels icky and disingenuine I don't want to do it. He's the same guy who will secretly go and pay for their advertising and put them on as a sponsor for a little league team or something. I mean, it's just everybody's got to find their own unique way to relate to their ideal client. And that's, you know, you and I have talked a lot about that over the last month. I would say if you're not, if you don't know who it is you're looking for, it doesn't matter what you say, you're not going to find your clients.

Speaker 4: (19:34)

Jacquelyn: (19:35)
And you do have to know who your ideal, it might not be the clients that you've had. Even the ones that you really love might not be your ideal client. And being able to kind of switch that and flip that around because we do have right now the flexibility to be able to think outside of the box and, and think, well who is that client and what, what is it that I want them to know? I had to go through a process of who my client is, what my passion. Cause you say, you know, mission statement. For me what feels, um, more like me is what am I passionate about? What change do I want to create and bring in this world? That's the thing that I had to go through. And that's why we have the podcast. Um, you know, and some of the other things coming out, but it all ties back to that same thing.

Jacquelyn: (20:36)
And we're able to really look at things a little differently and separate our day to day stuff and kind of backtrack, think differently about it. But I think the main thing is knowing who you're talking to so that you can even have a discussion. Cause even on the website and on social media, everywhere you're talking, it should be talking to that one ideal client and you can't do the other stuff without knowing who that is. And then what change you want to bring from your business to other people? What is that one thing that you want to see change and help and you know, make a difference?

kate: (21:26)
I think, um, I think it's the make a difference part that people forget. You know we get, we get so caught up in the working in our business, we don't work on our business, right? We don't pay attention to it. Um, one of the things that's coming up right now, and honestly, this is not something that generally strays into the zone of marketing, but there are so many people out there that don't have a contingency or crisis plan for their business.

Jacquelyn: (21:55)

kate: (21:57)
They don't have something that they can kickstart that, you know, that just sort of goes on autopilot. Um, when things get catastrophic or, or really, really tricky. So the visibility piece is, it's easy to want to hide when there's bad news. When you, when the markets are falling, when people aren't buying, it's easy to want to hide.

Jacquelyn: (22:19)

kate: (22:20)
If you're working true to heart, there's no reason to hide. There isn't any reason whatsoever for you to be hiding because, um, you will find what you're looking for. It will come to you. And part of, part of making that easier is being visible. And, and I would, I would challenge anybody who watches this to make three phone calls, excuse me, three phone calls, or send out three or four emails every single day to just check in on your clients. Don't ask them for anything. Don't expect anything from them. Um, don't,

kate: (23:01)
don't give them a project, just ask them, you know, and the more they talk, the more you will identify those people who are meant to be in your circle, who are building you up. And you'll hear when you start to hear the same things from different people about, Oh, you know, thank you so much for calling. You know, it made me feel so much stronger, better, faster, more amazing. Um, having, having been able to have soundboard off of you, that's when you know, you're kind of, you really do have a, a type like, you know, they say you have a, a type of guy or a type of partner, you have a type of client. Um, so focusing on them, and then reflect you, gives you the language that you should be using to get more of those people. When this is all said and done.

kate: (23:53)
I have a friend who, um, has been doing a lot of really beautiful writing. It's about grief now is really not the time to say, Ooh, Hey, in this environment, let's focus on your grief, you know? Um, but at the end of this, it will be a very powerful tool for her to put out there the, to the universe if you will. And it will be very attractive to people who are really on the front lines of what's going on right now. So sometimes the best thing you can do is just sit back, listen, you know, reach out. But then be patient calm. Some of the best marketing is in holding the cards, staying quiet, staying still, and figuring out what it is people are looking for. Um, you know, and that's speaking to the sustainability piece of it. You know, if your competition has been eating your lunch for the last six months, 12 months, 18 months, now is a really good time to dig in and start looking at what do they do that you like, what do they do that you don't like? And what are the things that you know, you do better. Focus on the things that you do better so that you can, um, be prepared to be visible in those spaces immediately when the doors open again.

Jacquelyn: (25:17)
And I want to add to what you just said. Not only what you do better, but what is unique about you. What can you bring on that nobody else is offering that comes easy to you? Like, don't try to make this hard. I'm not asking you to go crazy and find something different. Um, that puts stress on you. But what do you already do? And it's a hard thing to ask yourself because a lot of the times what we do so well and unique about us is something that comes so easily to us we don't even see. So sometimes what I would recommend is reach out to your closest friends, your family. We have the time now where we can reach out to people around us who really know us and we can ask, okay, so what is it? What is it you think I do differently or that you know, just seems to come so easy to me? Put out a questionnaire right now is a great time for that to find out what is it that you so unique? Then you can start seeing your competition what are they doing good. And just like you said, you know, bringing that in, but you need that trifecta of not only you do better and you're doing different but unique. What can you that

kate: (26:44)
no one else can bring because only you can add your story behind it. Right? Absolutely. Um, I'm trying to think of a, of an example that doesn't, um, put any of my, my, uh, my friends and business partners on the spot. But you know, let's take, um, let's take real estate agents.

kate: (27:10)
This is a tricky time. You don't really want to be spending time with people, you know, and taking them to different houses with, you know, indoor spaces with other people you don't know. But the agents who are rethinking their model, doing video tours, doing um, all of the safety things, Hey, we're not going to drive in one car. We're going to take separate vehicles. I'm going to get there a half-hour early, open all the doors and windows to keep air circulating. You know, those people who are looking to be solution finders and fixers are going to have a leg up. Um, and it's not just real estate agents. There are a lot of, you know, I've seen phenomenal ideas coming out of small, small restaurants and, and especially the mom and pops, right? Like they're doing cool stuff. You go to pick up your go order and they've got farm fresh eggs.

kate: (28:08)
I haven't been able to get farm fresh eggs for a month. Um, but they're, they are right there on the patio. Um, Joe's pizza, and Marshall had a tailgate party, you know, they marked off every other parking space. It was limited, but, um, it was such a neat way for people to be able to at least wave to their neighbors. Um, so you know, that that quick thinking, there are things that people do. Um, I think all, all of us are going to see more of the ingenious, unique, um, problem-solver strategies. And those are the folks that, you know, those are your peer leaders. You want to be one of those people. You want to be a peer leader. Um, not just in your own field, but you want to, um, be that person that your colleagues, your networking partners, your wholesalers, and your clients come to and say, wow, that was a really good idea. Helped me. You know, it may not translate to a sale today, but you can't be focused on the sale. We've got to be focused on getting through this and sustaining one another and helping each other be successful as we raise and protect our families. Right? Yes. And I think that that is a great point is, and I, even though right now in this time, like it's unprecedented time, like you just, you don't

Jacquelyn: (29:42)
know where it's going. It's so much unknown. But what I would say is taking, um, taking a different approach, like you said, with not looking for the sale, just doing something different and trying to help. Like, I try everything that I do in my business as tried to do it from my heart in just caring about cause it, it is all about energy and you know how much I'm into energy and the universe and um, what we put out into the universe. Especially right now it will come back and it is a circle. It's like a boomerang. You send it out there. So just it, it always applies in life, but right now people need more support. So anything you can do to just show support, care, everything that you're putting out there with your heart is going to be seen. And it will be reciprocated. Maybe not right now, maybe down the road. But it's so important to keep that in mind when you're doing things and when you're, you're becoming that leader. Right?

kate: (31:01)
So you mentioned earlier that you like the name of my business and um, and I named it to flourish mostly because I love to garden and I love to grow flowers. This year I'll be growing a lot of vegetables and herbs because I, I personally had a freakout moment when I walked into my local grocery store and there were, there wasn't a produce section at all. It was naked. Um, but you know, flourish was kind of my, um, it was kind of me being flipped because there are so many business coaches and marketing folks out there that say, I'm going to help you grow your business. I'm going to help you grow your business. You know, when people are flourishing in their own business, they're creating opportunities for others. It's not always about what's in bloom. It's about what's happening to nourish all the different things that have to happen.

kate: (31:54)
That's really what inspired me to use that name. Um, you know, at first it was flourish because your business can do more than grow and it can. Um, but it is about sustainable practices, whether it's farming, whether it's relationships, whether it's, um, the restaurant industry and the food's a table. It's about supporting the community. And here's the big takeaway from having worked incorporate. They just did their research a little differently. At the main street level, like forget wall street, come back down to the main street. It is the main street that is going to lead the way the small business owner and the nonprofit working hand in hand will lead the way out of this economic pain. So when you dig down and you think about the people that you want to be spending your time with and you want to be doing business with, you also want to be thinking about what, what opportunities can I also be creating with and for them, you know, can we do a buy a podcast together?

kate: (33:00)
Can we write a blog post together? Can we do a live video? Um, you know, should a yoga instructor partner with a marketing person? I don't know. I could probably find out, find a way to market that. Um, but just drilling down to, um, to make things work for you, um, I think really is about the partnerships that you develop and about how you nourish and nurture one another. Um, and I do see a question over there. I don't know if Jacqueline wants to speak to that. Let's see. Oh, do you see a question or a comment? I see it is Marsha. Marsha Goodman said that, um, that as a realtor, that's exactly what she's doing. The out of the box thinking and you know, I'm going to speak to Marsha really quickly because I watched her take her, um, her social media presence in a really positive direction over the last year.

kate: (34:03)
Um, she started focusing on things in the space that she really wants to represent and it has turned into such cool things for her. Now she's representing kind of a, a consortium of Goodwill for the town, you know, for old town Manassas. And she has been doing some of these things, focusing on a front door, focusing on the types of homes that are, you know, historically found in the old town. That's, that's the stuff people want to see right now. I mean, on my personal account, I put up a video of a drive-by Easter bunny on Saturday night and over 50 people have looked at it and gotten into it. Like, I thought, I thought the bunny was kind of creepy looking, but I had to admire that these people were just like, they were gloved up as they were driving through the neighborhood. There's an Easter bunny.

kate: (34:59)
They had a truck following in case the Easter bunny fell off, I guess. Um, but we need, we need that kind of ingenuity, you know. Um, I talk about Nike now. Some people love Nike, some people don't love Nike. This isn't that conversation. The important thing about Nike is that they have a message and it's three words, just do it. And you know, I think you should take risks with your marketing. I think it's the one place where you should be having fun. And right now, nobody, nobody is doing anything outside the box at CocaCola to be kind of fun and cute. It didn't fly. So now they've changed their messaging. Um, they put up a very expensive time square billboard

kate: (35:50)
and they separated their letters so that they could socially distance it did not go over well. What they started doing in a more meaningful way is giving their social media accounts to people on the front line, physicians, first responders, firefighters, um, essential workers. And that's the stuff you need to be doing. You need to be thinking about what's going on beyond where you are. Um, and it doesn't have to, it doesn't require $1,100 video cameras. It doesn't require a $10,000 ad spend. It, it requires you being real and going out there and, and having the guts and the heart to put behind what you want to say.

Jacquelyn: (36:38)
I love that. And that is what this whole podcast is about is helping. Like if you're on here now or if you're listening to it later, this is the, okay, this is your, you know,

Jacquelyn: (36:54)

Jacquelyn: (36:56)
Like we're permitting you. Go out there and do something different. Don't hold yourself back because you're scared. Don't hold yourself back because what will people think of me? You know what? The people who aren't going to follow you and fall in love with what you're doing, those are your people and we don't care about who else. Right. We don't care about the other people who are going to judge us. This is your permission to go outside. Think outside the box, do something different, and give yourself some grace. I'm on all of the podcasts that I've been recording. I feel like grace has come up so much because we tend to be so hard on ourselves and we hear so many different ways of what we should be doing and what we shouldn't be doing. Center yourself and what do you want to do? Cause if you send her and you figure out what it is you want to do, and like I said before, you talk about your mission, you talk about what change you want. Before you know it, you're going to already have the answer. It's already within you. So just hold onto that. And that's what we're here for. Like, here's your permission. Do it. Reach out to us. I mean, I want to be there to support you. That's my entire mission. I want everyone to step out of that fear, have the permission to start loving and trusting what they want to do. And as soon as you start loving and trusting what you want

jacquelyn: (38:26)

Jacquelyn: (38:27)
there's your unique thing. There's what is going to bring everybody else to follow you into love your message just as much as you.

kate: (38:37)
I could not agree more.

Jacquelyn: (38:41)
And I mean, you know, we've been working a lot together and you've heard me go through my mission and what I want to bring, and I just, I stopped trying to analyze it and I just said, this is it. This is what I want. And it feels good and it feels, it fills me up with joy. And that's the kind of difference that we can make. That's what makes me unique. That's what you can do to make yourself unique and finding those little pieces and cause I want to, you know, kind of bring it full circle and wrap things back up. We talked about, um, finding your target market, your mission or your, your passion statement, whatever feels good to you. Centering yourself, finding that joy within,

Speaker 5: (39:32)
um, what was that?

kate: (39:35)
Using the relationships creatively and, and helps you in them grow their businesses.

Jacquelyn: (39:44)
Yeah. Supporting each other. Help others. I know, I'm Trisha with Kao marketing. She's been talking about like posting about if you're picking up food from the local, uh, restaurants or you're doing like start creating those partnerships. That's what we're doing here on the podcast. We're creating partnerships, we're helping each other to help all of our clients and our viewers. Start thinking outside of the box of who you can partner with and what that looks like. Even if you are just a consumer and you are buying something from the local restaurant post about it, help them, you know, it just, it goes full circle. Do everything from your heart and it truly will come right back to you. Do you have any other like final things? 

kate: (40:43)
I would recommend that you all look for something positive in your day. You know, some people aren't going to be able to pay their invoices in the next month or so. If it hasn't already happened to you, they're going to be things that are not, not going to plan. Um, you're not going to hit your revenue objectives this year, um, but find the good in what's happening. Reward yourself for it. And, um,

kate: (41:11)
if you are struggling to find three things that make you stand out from your competitors or your colleagues, um, because some of you are, are, uh, probably in sales, so your competition is really inside your own company, then talk to somebody. It doesn't have to be me or Jacqueline, it should be just saying. Um, but if you're having a hard time figuring that out, get someone immediately. Don't let yourself wallow in that fear, in that low thing. It's not productive. Um, it's so easy to say, but it's so much harder to ask for someone to give you a hand. Now's the time. Now's the time to really make sure that you've got a network of people that, that you believe in, uh, who believe in you.

Jacquelyn: (42:00)
Okay. I, yes, it's so important and for the people, like we're all gonna have bad days. I, you know, I'm pretty much, I've been able to stay positive through this, but I've had my bad days and those are the days we reach out to somebody. We give ourselves grace. Unload yourself to feel that because you can't just push it away. You got to feel into what's happening and then, um, really think about is that your grief or is it somebody else's? Like this gets into whole energy, um, like feeling into your own energy and seeing, because there's so much negativity out there and if you're on Facebook all the time and you're seeing a lot of negative things, sometimes we absorb that, right? So you want to see like isn't even your own energy that's bringing you down. And if it is, how can we change the perspective on that no matter what's going on?

Jacquelyn: (42:57)
How can you look at it a completely different way, way to look at the silver lining and maybe there's not a whole lot of silver lining, but maybe you can find one little thing that, that stands out that you can say, okay, it's going to be all right and you feel into it. And then you change your perspective and reach out to somebody. Find those people that can lift you and lean on them. That's what we're all here for. And that's what everybody needs to be thinking about right now. How can you help someone lift their day and when you need it, who can be there to lift your day?

kate: (43:40)
Yeah. I want to thank you for having me on. I appreciate you going through this experiment with me. Um, and, and I hope that other people will jump in and, and check out your podcast cause I happen to know who some of the guests are coming up. Um, there are some really neat people out there from a variety of backgrounds and entrepreneurial, uh, experiences. So I appreciate this unique opportunity to be one of the first and few to do it live and thank you to those who joined in and, um, deal with the chaos that was happening underneath the table as my dogs got into a fight.

Jacquelyn: (44:25)
Well, I am so appreciative of everything that you've done to help me and being on the podcast and being, you know, a part of it. I admire you and everything you've done and I hope you all go and check Kate out. I will have all of the show notes on my blog. I am getting everything together and it won't be that long before I start pushing out the podcast and I've got some amazing, amazing guests and I have just as I said at the beginning of this, I really have had fun. I love these women. I could sit and talk to everyone for so long and I'm just appreciative to have you in my life and to have all the viewers there. Thank you for coming on life and if you have questions, follow up questions, even if you're just watching the replay, pop it into the comments, we'll answer it and if you have any, anything that you need help with right now or someone you want to come on the podcast or a question that you have that I can find someone to answer that and get them on the podcast, please post it. Let me know because I'm doing this for you guys. I want it to be beneficial and I want it to help you where you are right now at what struggles you're going through. I will find someone or I will do it on my own and I'll figure it out.

Jacquelyn: (45:54)
We will get to the bottom of it. I want to be here to support every business, every woman out there that I can help and start getting them out of the fear, stepping into love and trust. So again, thank you all so much and I'm going to post where you can go and sign up so you can get all the updates for the upcoming podcast. Awesome. We'll have a fabulous rest of your day and again, from the bottom of my heart. Thank you. Thank you.