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Money management is tricky but is a priority. We need to be smart about it, give consideration, and always think twice about using it. We may think about it as a single thing that makes our world go round, but incorporate it with other factors and you have a recipe to use for the greater good, like energy. Money and energy may be two different things, but watch as we give you tips on how to make it work, and it might change your life.

Heather Doran is a professional accountant with a passion for teaching. She has a unique intuitive talent that helps business owners understand how the energy of money works. As a business finance coach and consultant, Heather's passion is helping her clients change their relationship with money.

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Here are so many follow up questions I got to ask!

How/why did you start your business? 
I started my business about three years ago. I had moved up the corporate ladder, just to look back and ask myself "mark this is it?" I realized it was nothing like I had pictured in my mind. I was intelligent, educated, and a good person. Why was I so unhappy. Then I was introduced to intuition, meditation, Akashic record readings, cards, "magic" within us..... and I couldn’t get enough. I leaned into my intuition and never looked back. Now I run an accounting business where I use all my gifts (woo and logic) to support other business owners with their money.
What makes your business unique? 
I support owners with a money mindset, accounting, and I help them use their internal guidance to leave their business forward. I use the Luanne strategy to help support business owners.
What impact do you want to have in the world or change you want to see or make happen? 
I want people to be able to see the magic they have inside of them. I want to help people see how badass they really are so they can go out and live a third dream life. I want to help people see that they do have the power to change their stories with money so they can build a successful business.
Are You Happy with your business, What makes you happy, And What Would You Change? 
Overall, I am happy with my business. Currently, I am doing way too much myself. I am working on delegating and empowering my team to help support my vision for my business. I absolutely love connecting with my audience. I love chatting with them, doing training in my group, or on Zoom. I love being able to help them see their potential and make an impact on their business.
Did You Experience Failures? If So, What Did You Learn From Them 
Like so many, I feel like I am always learning new things in a new way of doing things. One of my biggest learning lessons has come very recently when my depression relapsed. In the past I’ve always overlooked my depression as something associated with life - I had a divorce, my son was a rebellious teen, my husband was deployed, etc. this time I had no "logic" reason to feel so bad. I had no reason ( I thought) to feel so unhappy. I had money, success, a career, a loving/supportive husband, son was successful, house, big truck..... but yet I found myself so unhappy still. And felt so unsatisfied with life and my business. By the time I had realized this was happening, I realized it was my depression. But the experience gave me such a new perspective. It really wasn’t the money that made me happy. It really wasn’t a career or growing business. Happiness comes from inside me. I choose happiness. I choose how I feel. This time was a huge learning lesson for me. but experiencing that gave me such a new perspective. It really wasn’t the money that made me happy. It really wasn’t a career or growing business. Happiness comes from inside me. I choose happiness. I choose how I feel. This time was a huge learning lesson for me
How Did You Handle Adversity And Doubt? 
When I see fear and doubt coming my way, I talk to it. I talk to the doctor and find out where it’s coming from. I asked the fear "if it happens, then what?" I keep asking my fear to show me what is the next worst-case scenario. At the end of it all, I can let my fear know that "I got this!" I can overcome any worst-case scenario. And the worst-case scenario it’s not always that bad. I have learned to identify and talk to fear. Then I can work to minimize its presence in my mind.
Do You Plan On Growing Your Business? How? 
Yes, my goal is to grow my business. I plan to do this by connecting with my audience and through training programs for my business owners to help them with their accounting mindset.
Do you think self-love and trust are important in running a successful business? Why?  
Yes for sure! What do you feel on the inside shows on the outside? When you fully love yourself you can love and feel immense gratitude to others, the universe, and your money
What advice would you give someone interested in starting their own business? 
mindset work is not one size fits all. Really nothing in life or businesses like that. Don’t look to others (coaches/mentors) to Tell you to want to do. take advice and listen to those who have come before you. But always tune in to your own intuition and guidance to see how that feels for you. This takes consistent mindset practice to do so. It’s like a muscle keep working on it and you’ll see it grow.


If you would rather read the interview, feel free to check out the full transcription below!
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welcome. Trusting your intuition leads you to create a passionate joy-filled life. I'm Jacqueline Rodriguez, founder of intuitive light coaching and host of the intuitive light podcast for the enlightened entrepreneur. My goal is to help women recognize how tightly they have tied to negative thoughts and other people's expectations so that they can fully embrace and become the untethered entrepreneur that they really have been wanting to be. Thank you so much for being on the show today. I have a wonderful friend of mine, Heather, who is an accountant and she does it a little bit differently. She is very logical like an accountant normally is, but she also has this wonderful side of woo to her where she's very intuitively connected to her money and to, um, the processes that she walks her clients through. So I'm excited to have Heather on the show today. And without further ado, here is Heather.

Speaker 3: (01:12)
Welcome. Whoa. Hey, thank you for having me on.

Speaker 2: (01:16)
Thank you so much for being here. I'm excited to talk about the subject because so many entrepreneurs and just people in general struggle with money. And I know for myself, I really had to take that piece of my intuition and think of money completely differently. And that's where the change in my business and my life truly happened. So I'm really excited to talk about the subject because I think more people need to know about this and who better than you to help them through some of this. So tell me a little bit about you and your background and how you got into all of this.

Speaker 3: (02:04)
So I, um, started in the finance field when I was about 21 or so, so it's been a little over 18 years. Um, I was a teen mom, so I had my son barely young. And, um, I was really just looking like, okay, well what can I do to just get a job, you know? But then like, what was I kind of good at? So, um, accounting just came really natural to me and that is my dog. I'm sorry. He's saying hello. It's the energy probably going to have to move. Um, so, you know, I was just, I was a teen mom and so I needed basically a job. And so, um, I started, uh, going to college for accounting and then as I started to like look at the job boards and stuff, I started to see like, okay, well what job could I do? And you know, it was a lot of like, you know, corporate type positions, you know. And um, pretty much like I worked myself up to the corporate ladder. Like I basically like technically you could say like, Oh, I arrived and um, I guess let me just go ahead and pause because I'm going to move to the other room. Hopefully, you guys can edit this out. So sorry.

Speaker 3: (03:25)
We'll try to edit this part. Animals, they, I know I had the dogs and everybody doing crazy stuff. That's why I've told everyone that they've got to go upstairs to their rooms. They're not allowed down here until I'm done recording. So here's the funny thing. They were fine until I started talking. Of course. That's how it always is. Yup. That's okay. Okay, I'll keep going and keep going. So I've pretty much worked myself up to the corporate ladder and I got to this place where I had pretty much arrived, I guess for the most part. And when I, you know, I got to that place, I was like, this is it. Like I'm here and you know, I like started making more money and I had like an office and I had a position and all this stuff and I wasn't like fully happy.

Speaker 3: (04:24)
And I really started to realize that, you know, they always say like, well, money doesn't make you happy. And that's when I like started to realize like, yeah, that's really true. And so, um, I started my own business because I was like, okay, well this isn't fulfilling me. So maybe helping other people will fulfill me. And as I did that, I moved into this entrepreneur space and I started to like, you know, hear other people talk about intuition and like money mindset and stuff like that. And I was like, well, what is that? I was like, what is intuition? And like when I realized what intuition really was, um, I realized that I have pretty much always had an inner knowing. Um, I've always had this like an inner voice that's always been there. I've, I've always been. So then I started to do these things that like tuned into my intuition and really started to listen and, and it's just become a super like, natural process to be able to combine my knowledge of, um, my accounting and my finance background with this intuitive side and this money mindset side.

Speaker 3: (05:34)
And really, you know, looking deeper at your, you know, if you're not making the money you want, there's likely a money mindset underneath there. The roots typically go down to like how you believe about yourself, how you believe about money and that type of thing. So I really feel like this concept of money goes so much deeper too, you know, then the surface of like, Oh, we don't have enough money. And so that's really where I help my clients explore, you know, the practical side of like, okay, let's look at your money and let's, you know, see what's happening with your money. But then like on a deeper level, let's look at why you don't have the money you want. Let's look at what are the beliefs you have around your money. Um, and that type of thing so that you can ultimately have the business you want. You can ultimately have the life that you want.

Speaker 2: (06:33)
And I think that is where people don't realize what the connection between being intuitive and your finances and your business really is. Because with me, I know that I really struggled. I had some stuff in my past and stuff that I wouldn't even know to think cause we can all kind of think of what our parents said as we were growing up. And those are the first things we go to start changing our mindset around money. But sometimes there's the stuff that you don't even know has made an impression on your energy. And that intuition and being able to change those stories is what truly made the difference in my life. And that's why I'm so happy that you're in a kid cause we don't encounter a whole lot of accountants that have that thought process. Usually. It's okay, you want more money than here's strategically, or you have to, what are we going to cut out? You know, let's talk everything out. And our only way of, you know, thinking when it comes to accounting or money usually is that either what, how much more can you save and cut everything out. But I know that there are other ways of digging deeper. And what would you say, like what are a few steps that you would recommend for people to start shifting their beliefs around this?

Speaker 2: (08:15)
I mean, I think

Speaker 3: (08:16)
I really like you have to start to look at the dialogue that you have around money. So, um, and that's really like where your intuition part comes from. So that's really like starting to listen to your, that inner voice. So when, you know, it comes up about like, Oh, I'd really like to get out of debt, um, you know, really look at, okay, well you know, do you feel like an immense amount of guilt around that? Um, you know, are you beating yourself up around that? I mean, those are the types of things too. So it's not even just like your like beliefs about like money doesn't grow on or whatever your parents taught you. But a lot of times like it comes from this place of like how you are treating yourself when it comes to money and how you're, you're making yourself feel. So like sometimes it's just like, you know how we always like seem to make ourselves wrong when it comes to money, like, or do anything.

Speaker 3: (09:12)
Like we just, we always want to find how we were wrong or how we did something wrong. And when it comes to like your money and your debt and stuff like that, you always, it's just like we want to automatically go to that place like, oh, I'm wrong. Like, I was wrong and, and I did such a bad thing. And you want to, and that's whereas a lot of like big money gurus that like teach you about budgets and stuff they don't like, they don't teach you this part of like, okay, you gotta actually like forgive yourself, love yourself, all that stuff. Um, because you're just, that's where the cycle of debt really comes from. In my opinion, um, is this place of like how do you feel about your money and that's really like where your intuition comes from and you know, kind of like what you were saying too about, um, like when it comes to like, Oh, well I want to make more money.

Speaker 3: (10:06)
Um, how do I do that? Well, yeah, I mean one way is to obviously look at your finances but when it comes to cutting expenses sometimes like that doesn't feel right. Like when it comes to cutting out a certain thing, there really isn't an intuitive process that I really feel is important. And even in the corporate space, I remember, um, telling people like, I'm not going to create your budget for you and your department because I don't know your needs and your department. And I think this goes even a little deeper. As a business owner, an intuitive business owner is really like, I don't really feel like it's right for me to like make this cut right now because, because the thing is is that there are things that can happen in our business at any time because we are doing this intuitive work, um, because we are trying to manifest our dreams because we are paying attention.

Speaker 3: (11:00)
And so sometimes we just have this like deep inner knowing that like, this isn't right to do this right now. Or sometimes like, you know, we have this deep inner knowing that we should make this expense or whatever we should buy this thing. Um, and I think that comes into play too when it comes to, um, taking on like certain clients or having certain products where the big gurus are like, Oh, well you should have a membership or you should have a group program or you should have this, or you should have that. But that's not always what's best for all of us. You know, like you have to like look inside. Again, this is where your intuition comes from is like what is ultimately best for you in your business? So I guess like yeah, that's like the big, like a long drawn out way to say like these are the ways that you can use your intuition when it comes to dealing with your money and like money stuff when it comes to your business.

Speaker 2: (12:04)
And I think that that's a big thing using your intuition in being able to figure out what your budget should be, um, where you need to put time and energy into your business. That is another thing. Like with niching down, figuring out what you actually connect with it. There's going to be 50 million people out there telling you to do 50 million different things and it's no different with your money. I mean, we all have seen 20 different ways at least to create a budget stick on a budget. Whether you should pay off all your debts and be completely debt-free or whether who cares, be in debt just, you know, keep doing the American dream. Like there are so many different things out there, right? But, and not everything is going to resonate with you. And that's where I think really diving in and finding out, getting quiet, seeing what really resonates with you, because there's going to be so many different ways to do it and you don't have to follow what every single accountant is saying. And that's where I like having your own opinion, trusting yourself. And that's what people don't, especially if they have those, those money blocks, having all those money blocks and having the stories behind them, they don't trust themselves until they can start breaking free from them. And I know like you do some things to help people break free of these money blocks and that's where you talk about, you know, going through the will and then doing. So tell me a little bit about that process, like how you help people with that.

Speaker 3: (13:57)
Yeah, so you know, I kind of touched on it a little bit, but here's the deal. So we can sit on like our Lotus pillow all day long and we can, um, sit in meditation and we can do all the things when it comes to manifesting. Right? But if you don't actually take the steps to do things like to actually like take action, then nothing's ever going to happen for you. And one of the biggest action pieces that I find that business owners are missing or just people, in general, are missing is this piece of looking at your money and like really looking at,

Speaker 2: (14:41)
you know, just

Speaker 3: (14:43)
open up your bank account. Like how hard is that for a lot of people, they have a hard time opening up that, you know, it's on the app or the computer or the bank statement. Like if you get a bank statement in the mail, how many times it doesn't even get open and you don't know. Like you, you have an idea but you don't really know what's coming and going. And um, you know, this is, this is important and, and it's, and it's really hard for people, and this is not a judgment thing like this is not at all a judgment thing, but then, here, it goes back to what I was saying is that we want to make ourselves wrong. We want to judge ourselves for it. But here's the idea is that you can't like to move forward if you don't really know what you're dealing with. So you know, it's, you know, however you're spending your money, however, but um, it really starts in my opinion, it starts with this act of looking at your finances. Um, so for those of you who you know is really looking and it doesn't even sound like it were just like, Oh, a budget, I need to make a budget. And it's like, well how often do you, like do you know what's happening? And that's really where you have to start is like you have to start looking at what's coming and going, which is going to obviously to the next point. And I won't get there yet, but um,

Speaker 3: (16:09)
that's where your intuition will come in. Like when you can see it on the screen or the paper that like I spent this much money on eating out, I spent this much money on gas, my car payments combined are this much my insurance for my car and everything else is this much. When you can actually see it like that, there is a difference like a frame that you're able to go into and this is really when your intuition can kind of come in and start to help guide you in these areas of like, well maybe we can make these changes or maybe we can do this or maybe we can do that. Um, and this is where like, you know, the Wu comes in and then like the practical. So that's kind of just one example that I use to kind of say like,

Speaker 2: (17:00)
this is where we start. And I do agree people are scared. I know I used to be scared. I was scared to not look at all. And then on the other opposite end, I started becoming obsessive, like checking and it would gauge how my day was going to go. I would check it in the morning like, do I have enough? Do I not have enough? You're judging yourself. Correct. And I didn't trust myself that I had things in order. And thank goodness I have been able to completely eradicate that. I do not have those judgments. Um, I have done a lot of deep energy work on myself and hiring a coach to get rid of those stories. Um, and, the blocks that I had, not only with my money but with trusting my own intuition, with trusting that I knew what was best for me regardless of what other people were saying, but being able to take that step and then start making actionable steps.

Speaker 3: (18:07)

Speaker 2: (18:08)
And that's where, when I think about things in my business, so what I want to bring on, it's not always just around the money. It's really what makes me happy. Because when we are happy, Oh my gosh, money flows, energy flows. And that kind of brings me into the next step is this is a concept most people don't understand. Money has energy, money is energy. Everything in the world is energy. But what, like what things do you want to tell people? Like how do we explain this so that they understand where we're coming from?

Speaker 3: (18:49)
Yeah. So, um, I just talked to a lady about this in my group and, you know, I don't know, I can't remember who it is that that says it. I think it's Jensen. Shero, she talks about it in her book, but about like, we don't go outside and like, we don't talk about the sky and like, Oh my gosh, you know, the sky and just like, we don't, we don't like worry whether the sky's like, just going to be there tomorrow and, and you know, so it's like, it's, we give it a meaning basically. And so when it comes to our money, that's really the same concept is like, we give it the meaning that it has. So if we're getting our money, the meaning that, that means that I'm like, I have to beat myself up because I have credit card debt. So let's just kind of go into the credit card debt to think for a second.

Speaker 3: (19:41)
Because, you know, credit card debt is our money. So if we are giving the credit card debt, the meaning that I did something wrong, um, I'm a bad person because I have credit card debt. Um, you know, whatever it is, those stories that we tell ourselves around the credit card debt, that's the meaning that we're giving it. But if we just became neutral about like, well I have the credit card debt, what's the steps that we're going to take to, you know, get the credit card debt down. We make the plan and then we move, we move through it. And it's really bringing yourself to that place of being neutral because the money ultimately is not good or bad. It's just neutral. And so being able to move into that space of just being neutral about it because sometimes we can't go to that place of being excited about our money because we have all of these, like these actions we've already taken as far as like, you know, we're scared about it and that type of thing.

Speaker 3: (20:52)
So we can't become excited about it. And so sometimes we just have to come to that place of being neutral. Like, okay, well this is how much money's in the bank account today. And it's not good or bad. This is just what we have. So we have this many bills, we have this much money. This is what it is. And so really just stepping into that place of being neutral, because again, it's about the energy that you are giving to it. I mean, just like you think about, um, how you feel about your loved ones or how you feel about your dogs or how you feel about, you know, your children. Um, it starts with a neutral place and then you give it the meaning and the love and the attention that it happens ultimately.

Speaker 2: (21:40)
Yeah. And I think everything,

Speaker 1: (21:43)

Speaker 2: (21:44)
we give everything so much meaning and we give it such negative meaning, especially around money, we don't realize that the more negative energy we're putting into it, that's the energy we're sending out into the universe too. So yeah, we, it's, and the universe takes our energy and it's like a boomerang and it gives it right back to you. Whether that's good, bad, indifferent, I mean, whatever you're sending out there, that's what's coming back to you. And when we can shift our, our energy around money, whether it is neutral or I had to shift my perspective of like, okay, so I have this, but it allowed me to do X, Y, and Z and I'm grateful for that. So now I have a plan to pay that down because I, you know, whatever the case may be like you, you just want to not have debt or you know that you have some other things that you want to put money towards. Like you sh you change the perspective around why you have that and that, I mean, it's always going to go back to trusting yourself and loving yourself. But when you can do that and stay neutral or even lift your vibration, that's what you're putting out into the universe. And it truly is amazing. When you flip that little switch for me, all of it changed a little bit.

Speaker 3: (23:13)
Yeah. And that's when you can step into this place of like, of like helping other people. You can, you know, be supportive of him. Cause the reality is, is that when you're stuck in your, like basically your own shit. Um, you can't move past that. I mean, that's just the reality. Like when you're stuck in your little circle and you're like, Oh my God, that's like, all you can see is your little circle of crap that you've got going on in your day. You can't see anybody else around you and you can't see like, Hey, that person, you know, you might need support or whatever. Like you can't see that, Oh yeah, this would be great to do this in my business. Or you know, you, you can't see the opportunities that are out there when you're just stuck in this place of worry, lack, just frustration. You can't create from that space. That's just, that's just a reality

Speaker 2: (24:06)
and it's huge to be able to be in that space so that you can create whether we're creating, um, peace in our life, or, um, you know, we're creating businesses or we're creating just a family environment. Creativity is what's going to bring more. And especially when we're talking about money, if you can get clear and creative, all of a sudden these things start coming up and ideas and opportunities show up to give you more money to give you more peace and enjoyment in your life.

Speaker 3: (24:43)
Yeah. And that's where we really excited and like, you know what I mean? Again, that's why we started our business. Do you know? Like I said like I was in the corporate space and I was like, this is it. You know, like it wasn't exciting to me. So like I started a business and I was like, okay, so like where's the excitement? And that's sort of like we start these businesses and then we forget why we started the businesses. Like I think we talked about at one time, it's like we started our business to have more time with our family, but then we don't spend any time with our family. So it's like, okay. So it's really just like, you know, getting out of our own way so that we can like have the dream life that we really want to be able to see the opportunity that's out there for us. And that comes back to that energy that you're giving the attention to that you know, what exactly are you putting out into the universe?

Speaker 2: (25:38)
And we have to be very mindful about what we're putting out into the universe because of all of those negative things that we're saying like, oh, I don't trust me to manage my money or I don't trust me to do the right thing in my business. Like I need outside validation to make sure I'm doing everything right. Um, and then we start listening to what everybody else is doing and then we go, Oh, well she's doing a great job so I can do that. I'm going to add that on. But then it doesn't feel right. And when we start putting that out into the universe, like it comes back tenfold to us and then we wonder why we're in these icky, yucky feeling when it comes around our business. Like, I love what I get to do. I absolutely, it brings me joy every single day.

Speaker 2: (26:28)
I mean I probably set it on every single podcast episode. I could sit here for hours talking and just enjoying other people's success and what they have and learning and sharing that with, you know, the viewers and my tribe. I think it's so important. So that fills me up and I'm able to stay in this high vibration and it's amazing the opportunities that start just literally falling in my lap where I'm like, well heck, I wouldn't even think of this but this is exactly where I need to be. And it allows you to start changing your perspective around your outside circumstances. Yes. It doesn't have to control you.

Speaker 3: (27:14)
Yeah. And one thing that I thought of too, boy you are talking is this how we get into this place of like, I can't afford that. Like what is the instant thing that we always say? Like I've been saying it for years. Like I, I had to change my dialogue to, I can't afford that. It's just like, it's like the whole concept of like I don't have time. Well, you have time for what you want to do. Ultimately you put the shit in your calendar that you know you want it to be in there. So at some point, you decided that you wanted to do that and so that's really the same thing when it comes to your money is that I can't afford that. Well, yeah, I mean you can afford what you choose to afford. I mean ultimately like you decided to buy the big house that you have, you decided to buy the big car that you know the big car payments that you have or whatever it is. So you know, a lot of times like it's changing that dialogue from I can't afford that so how can I afford that? How can I make that possible? How can I, like what can I do to buy that thing that I want to buy? Like if I want to invest in this course or I want to invest in this programmer as the coach or whatever, how can I make that possible and turn that dialogue around and again, this is, this is about the energy of going from, I can't to how can I,

Speaker 2: (28:38)
I love that you just said that and brought that up because that was a very hard thing for me to learn. I didn't understand that concept because in my head, and I'm sure some of our viewers are going to feel the same way, I don't have the money in the account. I can't afford this period. No correlation like this or all the correlation of its truth, right? Like literally the money is not there. How do I say that

Speaker 3: (29:10)
in my place? That's, I can't do it. Well, I don't. I don't have the money. Obviously, I can't do it and you cannot create something from, I can't. But then when you open up the dialogue too, well, how can I make this possible? That's where you open up the space to create opportunities. How many times, like I don't know how many times I've been like, you know, I really want to do this thing. How can I make this happen? Like somebody like emails me and they're like, Hey, so I wanted you to do this service for me or whatever. Like how many times does that happen to us? Oh so

Speaker 2: (29:42)
many times. And I can think of, and I want to share one story in particular because it was a big deal for me. I wanted to go, um, our mutual coach and friend Emily is doing the Sedona trip and wanting to hear about your story about that by the way. Cause I remember you mentioning it. So yeah, tell us the story. Cause I want to know, it gives me goosebumps because I was, I really wanted to go on this um, retreat with Emily errands and Tracy, could I always say the last name goody. Okay. It doesn't read like that. So, um, anyway, I wanted to go on this really spiritual retreat with them, but it was a big investment and I was like, well, I'm not sure how I'm going to make this happen. And my, I'll be honest, my mind started going into, well I don't have the money and I have other things that I need to pay and blah, blah blah.

Speaker 2: (30:42)
And then finally I sat there and that only came in for a few minutes because now I know how to control that and I don't allow myself to go down that rabbit hole because I now have the tools to be able to control it. So few minutes go and I'm like, no, I really want to do this. So I literally said to myself, no, this is happening. I will figure out a way and, and if this is meant to happen, because there are things that I think, Oh I really want to do this, but then it's not really meant to happen. So I put out into the energy, into the universe like, okay, I've made up my mind. This is what I want to do. Now if it's meant to happen, it'll figure itself out and the money will appear. I know it sounds weird to some of your viewers, but I am not even joking with you.

Speaker 2: (31:37)
The very next day I get a phone call from a client who we had been talking, I'm talking about like six, eight, nine months of I wanna, you know, be in your coaching one-to-one program. But I just, I don't know. And like going back and forth and then like crickets. The very next day I get a call, I want to do this and can you put up the contract? By that weekend I had the money exactly the amount that I needed for Sedona out of the blue. Nothing that I had already said. Yes, it was. It was so powerful. So, but that's, that is the power of money, has energy is energy. And instead of holding myself back and saying, well, I can't, or blah blah blah, I just said that this is, I made a decision, and then I allowed myself to let it go and just trust that it was going to work out. And that has happened on many occasions. That was just a really big one where I was like, yes,

Speaker 3: (32:47)
that's amazing. You guys are going, it's going to be next month, right? Or, I mean like a couple of months now. They had to change it.

Speaker 2: (32:55)
Yeah. Because of COBIT 19 we had to um, take it, it was supposed to be in March and it got moved from March to now. November.

Speaker 3: (33:05)
Okay. Okay. Well that'll, it'll still be really nice there. Walnut. I like the weather. Okay. I think that's so exciting.

Speaker 2: (33:14)
And I also, because I have the tools and I have worked on all of those stories, like I didn't allow that to, to hold me back. But one point I do want to make it, and I probably, I said it a little bit ago, but I have a lot of tools. I've worked heavily on myself. I am still human. Those, those thoughts still creep up. They will creep up really quickly. But now I know how to change my perspective and not allow myself to go down that hole because I know a lot of people who have started, you know, getting into their intuition and you know, feeling the energy, they're hard on themselves going, well, no, I had the tools, so why would I even think that we're human? We're not meant to stop you from thinking that way. It's meant for you not to go down the rabbit hole of continuing and that whole spiral down. You think you change your perspective and you're able to deal with it. I just wanted to put that out there so people can be graceful with themselves because we all have those thoughts. No matter how long you've been meditating or you know, position.

Speaker 3: (34:26)
I mean, I've judged myself all the time. I have to watch it myself because it's, you know, again, you're human, you know, you, we all want to like find something wrong with ourselves or wrong with the situation or whatever. Like that's just, I think, I feel like that's almost like human behavior. Um, but you have to really like, you know, reframe and go like, wait a second. No, I'm not going to do that. I'm not going to go that way. I love your story. That's amazing. I'm so excited for you.

Speaker 2: (34:57)
So excited to go in November and you know, it's, but this is, we can all do this. It is possible and things do work out. Um, especially when you're able to change your perspective and you're able to change your stories behind money behind life in general and your outside circumstances do not define you. Yeah. So I think it's very powerful. And then, you know, I love the next twin that you had down was money is like your partner. Tell us what are you, what do you mean by that?

Speaker 3: (35:38)
Yes. So this is actually something that I learned from a different coach. Um, but I've really like taken this on, but really like I look at your money, like it's almost like your spouse, like it's your partner, you know, your spouse. And um, if you think about it this way, you, you think about like every day, you know, your, your spouse or your partner, they come home from work and your money is the same way. Like your money comes into your bank account. And if you don't give your partner any attention when they come home and say, Hey honey, how was your day? Do you know? Um, if you do that enough times, it's kind of the same thing as not looking at your money. Like you just, you don't really give it much attention. I mean, that's really like, if you think about it that same way, then you know and you're not grateful.

Speaker 3: (36:31)
Hi, I'm so excited you're here. And then you know, you think about it like the next day they have to leave and they have to go to work. Your money is the same way. Your money has to leave your bank account so that it can go work for you because ultimately that's really what your money is doing. It's leaving so that it can go to work. It could go do things and then it can come back. But oftentimes we get really frustrated when our partner, you know, like think about it, like if you're a partner like left to go to work and you just got like really mad and like, Oh my God, I don't think you're going to come back and why do you get to leave? And you just get really mad and pissy about it. How many times, like you keep doing that, how many times is your partner or your spouse, whatever, they're going to come back.

Speaker 3: (37:16)
You're going to have some issues and your money is the same way. If you are constantly worried about it, like, Oh my God, you're like, you know, you're going to be out there cheating on me and where are you going and all this and that. That's the same thing with their money. Like if you're just like, Oh my God, I don't want my money to leave. And you heard it and you hold onto it, it can't go out there and like create more for you. I can't go out there and like to do more stuff for you. And um, that's how I look at it. And in the sense of like, your money really is like your partner. It is your life partner. And if you can give it the love and attention and you know, you just, it comes in and goes, you know, and then you, you give it that love and attention, it will come back to you. It will treat you well, it will bring you a process, you know, it will do those things for you that you really want. Um, just like your partner. So that's really kind of like how I like to describe how you should be trading your money.

Speaker 2: (38:19)
Oh my gosh, I love that. I really, really do because it's so true. We tend to hold on tight and we tend to not be appreciative like, Oh, I have to pay this bill. I don't want my money. Like I'd rather keep that money for me. But that money has to go out and work for you because if you don't pay that house bill, then you really are going to be in trouble. After all, you're not going to have a house anywhere to run your business. Nowhere to do different things and or, or even fun things. Like you don't want to spend this money on going on a trip because you'd rather pay something else or save it. That money is working for you and you wouldn't believe the surprises that if you just let it go, then it will bring back as you said, roses or extra money Rose bundles of money. It can bring back so much more if you allow it to work through you and to you. I love that. And that's something that we just don't think about.

Speaker 3: (39:27)
And we don't do it often. We don't do it often enough. And, and really just, again, it goes back to this thing of like, are you gonna, do you know what's happening? Like, do you, your money comes in, and then it's like, Oh yeah, it's there. And then it goes out and it comes in and it goes, you know, and it's like we don't really give it a lot of thought, but if you don't really like giving it a lot of thought, I mean it's, you know, it's the same thing. Like if you're your spouse, you know, whether your spouse is kind of like, you know, not as emotional as you or whatever. If you don't pay any attention to yourself, eventually they're going to just, it's going to cause issues. And so, um, I feel like that is just really the same way when it comes to your finances. Because again, it goes back to this piece of energy. Because if you're not giving it the energy and you're not giving it the attention, then it can't give you the attention back. I can't love you too.

Speaker 2: (40:23)
And I think that those are amazing steps. Just to kind of reiterate, you know, we're talking about using your intuition when you're dealing with your money, overcoming money blocks through using your intuition, your woo side, and very strategic doing everything has energy but money also has energy. And then treating your money as your partner, love, affection, caring and it will love and affectionately give you back more money. So I know that we're going to wrap up so that we can keep under a good amount of time cause we can always talk longer or have you back on the show. I totally appreciate you being here. Um, every, all of your information so that you can all follow Heather, go on her website is all going to be linked underneath in the blog and then her Facebook group, she's got a great Facebook group and then her website. So any last words that you, people to know, or to follow you?

Speaker 3: (41:37)
Um, yeah, so I mostly hang out in my Facebook group that you had. Um, right now we're doing like interview series with different other business owners. Um, and really the group that I started, you know, it really combined this whole idea of like woo and money and that's where like I came up with the concept of like, moon, you always think of an accountant, what do you think of? Oh, an accountant does my taxes. And so I was like, no, I do more than just taxes. And so it was like, Oh my God, that's a perfect name. So yeah, I didn't even look at more than just taxes. And um, that's exactly what we talk about is like this like, you know, this woo side of money. And then this likes actually like doing side of the bunny. Like what, what exactly are you doing? Um, I have different pieces of training on like QuickBooks and um, you know, like obviously the practical side, but then also, you know, like this, this wounds the spiritual side. So, um, it's my jam.

Speaker 2: (42:34)
I love it. And I love that you combine the two. It is so important. And that's where really the magic habits are when you start creating that bond between the wound, the intuition, and the practical side. It's beautiful. So everyone please go follow Heather, follow everything that she's doing, hop in her group. And um, thank you so much for being on the show. I truly am

Speaker 3: (43:02)
sure inviting me. Yeah, this has been fun.

Speaker 2: (43:05)
It's, I love talking. Well, I can talk, this is why I started the podcast. Let's be real. But I love talking to women who have so much to give to my viewers because this is how we learn. This is how we support each other. This is how we grow and we learn from others. And that's truly why the podcast is here. I want to help everyone get out of their own way, start, you know, really loving and trusting themselves and get rid of those stories. Let's get rid of the stories and let's do it together. So thank you all my viewers for being here today and for just hopping on, please like share, review. If you got something from this, please share it because that's the whole point. We can share and get more people to understand that money doesn't have to be scary. It can be amazing, and we just have to change our look at it. So again, thank you, Heather. We'll catch up and maybe we'll have them at another time. So

Speaker 3: (44:13)
I love it. Thank you. Have a great day. Everyone.