Wardrobe Reset & Refresh with Eileen Carlucci

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"I have nothing to wear!" all women have said this in their life, even though we have a closet full of clothes that won't even fit in. But thinking about it maybe this is a call for help that we want a new style, and our current ones are just not us anymore. We could reinvent ourselves, but of course, that would cost us a fortune! But let me tell you that it doesn't have to be, we just have to dig deep and find the hidden gems. And where would we find it? In our closet of course!

Eileen is just not your life coach she incorporates style as part of her business. In this episode, we're gonna talk about the wardrobe reset. The Fabulous Eileen will share on how to uncover the rules we have around style and if they are serving us in the advancement of your goals. She will also touch on how we can go shopping in our closet and find those hidden gems, then pair and repurpose the things that we already have.


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Here are so follow up questions I got to ask Eileen! 

How/why did you start your business? 
I started my business after a mid-life divorce and my children were heading off to college and I was heading back into the workforce. I was trying to figure out who the new me was after being a wife, mom, and homemaker for so many years but I realized that the old me was in the past, and from that point on I get to create a new me and a new future. I signed myself up for personal and professional development classes which gave me the courage to do something that I always wanted and that was host empowering events for women. After my first event, I felt like I had found my true passion and I continued hosting events and redesigned my life. My own life transformation helped me realize that educating oneself is key and decided to start my own coaching business to offer support, guidance, and encouragement to women who are starting over just like I had.
What makes your business unique? 
That I am not just a "life coach", I've incorporated the styling part into my business. As clients are creating and transforming their lives most times their current wardrobes don't align with their current lifestyle, that's where I come in and offer my Wardrobe Refresh & Reset Service. We work with what the client already has and then repurpose, mix, and match their current wardrobe and make a wish list if needed to fill the gaps.
What impact do you want to have in the world or change you want to see or make happen? 
To show others that you can start from where you are right now and create anything you want for yourself and your life right now. After redesigning my own gave me the strength and confidence to get out of my own way and go after my dreams and I want to support others in doing the same in their lives.
Are You Happy with your business, What makes you happy, And What Would You Change? 
I am so happy with my business and love the difference I get to make in the lives of others. What makes me most happy is the styling part. I just love to see a woman light up when she has some beautiful looks that we create together and realizes that she has more clothes, shoes, jewelry, handbags then she thinks she does and feels great about herself. What I would change would be that I wish I would have started my business sooner.
Did You Experience Failures? If So, What Did You Learn From Them 
Not so sure if I would call them failures but when the end of my 25-year marriage happened I realize that I hadn't been investing in myself all these years, I had put all of my eggs in one basket. I learned and tell other women to know your finances, assets, and business dealings, don't be in the dark about things, and just think your partner is taking care of things.
How Did You Handle Adversity And Doubt? 
I realize that my identity is running the show and I need to create a possibility for myself, I say who am I being? Am I being strong, powerful, confident, etc...
Do You Plan On Growing Your Business? How? 
Yes, I am in the process of creating a Reset Your Life Private Paid FB Group, and more details to come. I am also in the process of starting a Youtube channel.
Do you think self-love and trust are important in running a successful business? Why? 
Yes, you have to love yourself, and when you totally love who you are and who you get to be it gives you the confidence to do anything you put your mind to.
What advice would you give someone interested in starting their own business? 
Believe in yourself, don't let what other people think stop you from fulfilling your goals and dreams. Listen to that inner voice and what you are passionate about, don't ignore it for it's what you meant to do and give on this earth.
If you would rather read the interview, feel free to check out the full transcription below!
Jacquelyn : (00:02)
Hello, welcome back. Thank you so much for tuning into the intuitive light podcast and show. And this show is for the enlightened entrepreneur. And my name is Jacqueline Rodriguez, and I am your intuitive healing business coach and owner of enlightened styles. Your holistic hair and makeup salon are located in Virginia, Warrenton, Virginia. And I am so excited and passionate about being able to come on this show and really highlight and showcase these amazing women entrepreneurs that I am lucky enough to be able to call my friends. And I've gotten to know so many wonderful people that I wanted to bring that to you and really show that entrepreneurship can be hard, but it doesn't have to be. You can surround yourself with amazing tribe members that will help support you and lift you. And the entire reason, my passion behind even bringing the podcast to you was to let you see how you can step out of fear and start stepping into love and trust for yourself and really start co-creating the business and the life that you deserve and that you've been wanting. So without further ado, I'm going to introduce Eileen Carlucci and she is redesigning your life coach and she's got an amazing story and style. I love this lady's style. She's going to talk all about style, about you know, stepping into your business, and what you can do to help change your style to bring confidence. So here is Eileen.

Eileen: (01:46)
Hi guys, I am so excited. Does my very first podcast interview. I'm so excited and thank you for the invite. I am honored to be here with your audience. So hi everyone.

Jacquelyn : (01:58)
I'm so happy that you're able to be here and I love having our conversations and we've gotten a chance to do a few interviews for different things, but I really think that what you do is so incredibly powerful for women entrepreneurs because it's the full package, right? With a lot of self-love and trust and stepping into your power and then creating like processes of how to get you, you know, get all of that into your business. But it's a huge piece that goes along with my beauty. You know the hair, I can talk to you all day about hair and I love fashion, but you really have so much experience. So please tell us how did you get into this and tell us a little bit about your backstory.

Eileen: (02:47)
Okay. So I guess it was about five years ago, four and a half years ago, I found myself suddenly separated heading for divorce. I was married for about 25 years. So it was a really hard time in my life. My dad, um, was terminally ill, um, and I had kids go off to college and, um, you know, I, I'll come up with going on, like fill my head, like, how am I getting into this whole new life that was in front of me. Um, and I think you're progressed. My dad passed away, I got divorced, you know, the kids eventually went to college and I lost my dog and I went back into the workforce. And I remember like coming home night after night thinking, well, who am I now? I was that now who is this woman? Like, I, I try to kind of discover the old me, but I realized I had to =create a new me.

Eileen: (03:37)
So I right then and there I signed myself up for personal growth and development courses, um, which really gave me a lot of confidence to create a life that I loved, um, and just go after my dreams. And I really start at first with um, events, and then eventually, which led to my coaching business. So it's been an amazing journey and that's why I called it to redesign your life coach. I really did redesign my life. I love that. That is so important to see that. I mean we all, we've all had that time in our lives that really can either break us or it can help us change our thoughts and start looking for it. Like this whole new life that we didn't even know was possible. So tell me, like taking the coaching. So you started in coaching so I did. Yeah. So I decided like I really need, cause I was just crying a lot and kind of grieving, trying to figure out who this new me was.

Eileen: (04:41)
And I'd been a stay at home mom. You know, you become single, you're trying to figure out your finances, you know, everything changes. You know, you're used to driving your kids around in a van. Now I'm at this working professional that was all very new for me. But I decided, you know, as I was going through personal growth and development and taking a lot of courses and training, you know, I realized I had a lot of self-limiting beliefs about myself, which weren't the truth. I made them up and I just got out of my own way. Like I'm just making this up and I could really do so much for other women who were going through the divorce process, who were become empty nesters who like really think am I too old to start a business? I had a lot of that conversations this too late for me to start and I just, you know, gave all that up.

Eileen: (05:24)
And at first, I hosted events cause I always loved to entertain. And I remember hosting my first event was actually a divorce event and I didn't feel confident being a speaker at that time. So I had four experts. I was the, um, you know, the hostess and um, and I kinda shared my story in the afterward I had many women come up to me and said, wow, that really made a difference. Like I have a tool now that I can go to. I was, I'm really scared to get divorced. And I was like, no, what I think I found my passion and I slowly started coach. It was first in the beginning, most divorced women, then kind of empty nesters and midlife women going through midlife transitions. And as I'm coaching, you know, and I, about a year and a half ago, I went, you know, I left my job and I started my business full time.

Eileen: (06:13)
And as I'm coaching women this past year and a half, I'm hearing this conversation about my clothes. Like, I want to start this business, but I've been a stay at home mom. They're not, they weren't reflective of their current lifestyle they were creating. So that's when I thought, how do we, cause I know we can't all afford to buy whole new wardrobes. What can we do here? Like to take what they have. Um, so I came up with a wardrobe reset and refreshed, which is where we go looking for the hidden gems in the closet, mix match and repurpose and create a whole bunch of great looks from the clothes that they already have. Um, you know, sometimes, then we have to sometimes create a wishlist for things that I think will really make a difference. Like a blazer or a great pair of skinny jeans or you know, a great pair of heels. Um, but it's, you know, and then, and as they, you know, you'll take their time with, you know, not having to buy it all at once just to kind of a wishlist whenever they can afford to do it. So it's been a really great part of my business. So I'm enjoying it.

Jacquelyn : (07:17)
And you can see the passion for what you do and our clothing. Cause you know, the same thing as being a hairstylist. I don't believe that our exterior should be the first thing to be judged. but were human. Right. And I don't worry so much about what others are looking at, but when I look in the mirror is the power of your hair, your makeup, your clothing, having that power to be able to look in the mirror and feel confident.

Eileen: (07:54)
Exactly. And like sometimes like I'm really just a tool to maybe see their clothing newly. Like you know, someone shows you. I sometimes I'll take a few pieces. Well, how about this top with this necklace? Not, no, we never thought of actually no. Sometimes we tend to wear the same things the same way and it just kind of opens up like, wow, I really can be creative and create, why don't I take out the scarves, the handbags, the shoes. I never wear them. And just look at them again. Maybe I can make some really fun, fun looks here and create something, you know, a whole new wardrobe really. So,

Jacquelyn : (08:31)
and that's a beautiful thing because every single woman I feel like goes through that rut because even I consider myself pretty into fashion. Thank you. Thank you. But I totally go through those times too, which I feel like I am in one right now, to be honest. Um, I have a ton of, clothing but I feel like I want to change my look. I want to update it. Not that you know, anything's wrong with what I do now, but I want a completely different look because I feel different. I feel like I've evolved into a different person and being able to step into that, I would love to look at my closet differently. And I know there are a few outfits in there that I always wear that shirt with that blazer, with those jeans and it looks the same and I don't really mix and match them or think outside of the box. So having someone like you is so powerful because it gives you this new sense of confidence that you don't have to, you know, go on this wild goose chase of like completely changing who you are or what your clothes say about you more so that you can, um, mix and match in different ways and open up that, you know, I,

Eileen: (10:01)
yeah. And, and how like sometimes women I've noticed they make up rules. Like, I don't wear that, I won't do that. And I said, well, how about I know maybe you don't wear heels. I get it if your feet, you know if they bother your feet, I get it. But maybe how about a wedge booty? Like why? And they're like, you know what, maybe I will try it. And I've actually found shoes, you know, little things like the kind of send me that, we'll try that. You know, why not. Or some people hate blazers. They have so many cool blazers out there in different colors. I'm a big shopper. I love the white house, black market. They always have amazing seasonal colors and they're so fun. I even have one. Can I show you a really quick, I'm gonna wear it, but it's a little hot, but this is a mall, which was, I'm trying to figure out back in the day, very kind of what 80s color, but this power like new again and look how cool? Look how cool this blazer, Salva velvet, it's a mole, Miller. I get so many compliments on the buttons and it's just fun. And it really put this on with a pair of jeans. Really just really, I can look at all the looks I can create with that, you know, with scarves and jewelry with that, with that, um, Blaser and like, someone may think, you know, I don't like what, you know, maybe I will try blaze or even just getting a classic black or a white. Um,

Jacquelyn : (11:19)
yeah, I think I have one just like that from the white house, but it's like a Navy.

Eileen: (11:25)
Oh, I love that blazer. That looks great on you too. Great. Yeah.

Jacquelyn : (11:35)
So I tend to get stuck with the same looks like I said, but the other thing I get stuck with is I, um, I forget to put like all my jewelry and like bring out a new fun and fresh jewelry. I have an entire jewelry box of it, but I don't always get a chance to bring it out. So what, what would you say like,

Eileen: (12:00)
well before, yes, before I come over I, I will, I say I hear my phone. Sorry. Sorry about that. I thought I had it. Um, so before I come over, um, I say take out your 10 core pieces, your favorite things. You were about six pairs of shoes and take out all the jewelry as much as you can. I've seen people be very hesitant where they've just put those few pieces out. Like, well, I just read this necklace and they just for some reason don't want to take it out. I'm like, how about just take out as a couple of those and then they'll take it out and they'll go. Then all of a sudden they start getting excited when they're seeing how an outfit can just come to life with a necklace they haven't worn in ages. And then they'll start taking more jewelry out.

Eileen: (12:42)
You know, like, you know what Lynn, let me get that jewelry bag out or you know, it's like ah, I don't want to bother with it. You know, it's almost like China that you leave in the China cabinet and then they do socialize. Well do have a lot of great, should we white? Don't I wear that? You know, it's, and I'm seeing it newly cause it's brand new to me. So I'm like wow. And then they kind of see it newly too, you know, just taking like turquoise and matching it with a red sweater or you can really just play around with it and scarves to the same thing. They really can make an outfit. I'm just mixing and matching colors

Jacquelyn : (13:14)
and belts. Well definitely I love so many belts that I don't even wear anymore and I've just, they've been hanging on the back of my door, to be honest.

Eileen: (13:24)
Yes, yes, yes I do. We take out the belts, we take out the scarfs, all the accessories. You know, I'm like first we start with the core and then, you know, we both start getting very excited. Well, let's take out, you know what, I just thought of this too. I forgot about the scarf. And sometimes we'll even go, look, let's do winter and spring. If we're kind of, you know, maybe in the fall, let's kind of get some outfits ahead of time or if we get into some summer, you know, I'm just, you know, I just really started this feature of the, of my business back in, what was it, October, November. And it's really taken off and now I can do it virtually, um, can go right into their closet and we can do this virtually now. So it's, it's really been a great, great thing to add to my business besides the coaching, feeling good on the inside and the outside. So I love to do that.

Jacquelyn : (14:12)
And during this recording, we are in the co-------vid19 pandemic. So we've really had to redesign the way we look at business and how we do things. Right. So a lot of things are going virtual so I mean that's perfect for right now because first off a lot of us are stuck at home and we have extra time. Yeah, we've been deep cleaning. We've been going through our wardrobes. I know a lot of people I've seen posted online, I'm going through the wardrobes, I'm getting rid of things I no longer like I would suggest or they go through and get rid of things you don't like.

Eileen: (14:53)
Reach out to Eileen and make sure that you can't repurpose that. Exactly. You might not like it the way you've been wearing it, the new fresh set of eyes and a new way to wear it. It might be a piece that you already and you didn't have to go spend more money on. Exactly. A top that you can really mix with a different color pair of pants and a different belts or wearing just with sandals or heels or like it maybe we used to wear these pants only with boots or you know, you can just do so much. You can do it. Yeah. That's what I usually do. That little pile. I have people just put that little pile of, I'm not sure. And then they really don't love it. It doesn't bring you joy then it's best to donate or um, you know, get rid of it.

Eileen: (15:38)
But um, yeah but no, it's a great idea. Definitely. I would love to support anyone who, you know, has those items and are not sure. So I think that that's a great time to do it because you know, like I said at this time, the time of this recording, we have extra time. We haven't given the gift. Yeah. So let's use it wisely and let's start creating more joy. Cause I know a lot of people have like kind of frozen up and know what to do cause they're worried. Yeah. The absolute best thing you can do at this time, anytime in life is stepping into that vibration and that energy of joy. Exactly. And yeah. Yeah exactly. And I even was thinking a few weeks back like how do I transition, cause I was taking this wardrobe reset. I did do a few online but I was mostly going into the home.

Eileen: (16:36)
Um, you know, cause mostly I do my coaching calls on zoom, so I was used to that. Um, but you know, I was speaking a lot on events. I'm like, how do I take my entire business online? I was a little disempowered and then I just got really busy and I decided, well, how can I best support people and a lot of people right now. So I created a really great, um, it's uh, it's called redesign your life cleanse clarity and create. It's cleansing old and not even just the close, the toxic thoughts, and self-limiting beliefs, you know, being very clear on what you want. And even with clothes like, okay, this is what I want. I want maybe to find a new job or a new career path or that promotion at work are, is my wardrobe serving the advancement of my goals.

Eileen: (17:21)
And then creating like, what are you going to create? Let's get it on the calendar, you know, make it a done deal. Like it's happened. So, um, but anyway, it's called, um, I am going to be put, be putting it out this weekend. It's called redesign your life and it cleanses clarity and creates a paid Facebook group at a low fee. Um, so I just figured I could serve a lot of people that way. And it's some coaching, a lot about wardrobe, a little bit even about like the decor in your house, how to change it up. I redesigned my whole house after I got divorced and a lot of stuff was repurposed items that I took from other rooms and just changed around. I've seen pictures of your house, it's a gorgeous house. And what I posted up here is yours, this is your free group here, but they couldn't find more information about the other program that you're launching right through that.

Eileen: (18:17)
And also on my website, I'm phone's just, yeah. So we'll have the link right there if they want to join, it's, it's going to be talking about relationships with people every week. It's going to be a different topic. We might even do it in two weeks, but a lot about the wardrobe. Um, you know, it, you know what you want in this next step of your life. What do you create? And it's going to be a really great group. I'm excited. Great group of women supporting each other and all of those um, posts, and everything will be in the show notes so you can easily go for anyone watching who wants to support Eileen go into her group and we'll be in the show notes to make it easy. And I really do think especially like with my tribe, like I coach women to self-love, self-trust, stepping into their power and they are redesigning their life cause we're going a different direction.

Eileen: (19:12)
Wow. Help to start, you know, going forward with the joy when you look in the mirror and do your hair and makeup. I can show you the nontoxic products but get all of the fashion, go shopping, brand new shopping in your wardrobe, take a look where you can start there and then we'll redesign a life cocreate a life that then you can afford to go shopping and buy whatever you want. I'd love to have you as a guest in the group for you to talk about. That is huge because sometimes again, like how to change up your hairstyles with your outfit is big. I was in show business for a very long time and I danced for many years. Mostly we would wear wigs and hats and whatever, but I just learned how to get really creative with hair and makeup, and honestly for you to share that with people, that would be so great, like some of the tips that you have because that really makes a difference when you have an outfit like just to do a fun, bun or whatever. You can color like the color and the great of organic products, which I know you're a big advocate of and I love that cause there's so much bad stuff in products, so, Oh yeah. It's so important to know what is in your products and keeping in mind that this industry, I've been in the industry for 20 some years. I know that there's a lot of stuff out there that you know, we're kind of brainwashed to be okay with that is okay

Jacquelyn : (20:48)
because they put it on TV. They wouldn't put something on TV that would harm us, but there are new ways of thinking of things, more sustainable, earth-friendly, and nontoxic. So we're not putting that stuff on our skin. But it's a whole new way of thinking, just like going into your closet and mixed matching things that you wouldn't think. It's a whole new way of thinking. Right? It's about creating and opening up our eyes and you know, just being okay to change things around and bring new thought patterns to. As you said, some women are like, oh, I don't wear these boots with this dress or I don't, you know, we have a bunch of limiting stories hold us back.

Eileen: (21:39)
Right. Right. Wear white pants. I don't wear this. Do you know? Like why not just try it? I mean, yeah, some colors. Yes. Do not work. I get it, you know? But kind of just being open like, okay, maybe I'll rethink that a little.

Jacquelyn : (21:56)
Hey, all we can do is try and if we don't love it, then we don't do it. We might absolutely love and find a whole new outfit that is our favorite in our own closet. Definitely for sure right in a row. Those hidden gems. Yes. I think I'm going to have to get you to help me because I want to new look, but I don't, well I love spending, I love shopping too.

Eileen: (22:28)
I'm not shopping any more than I, I still do, but

Jacquelyn : (22:32)
yeah. Well, is there anything else that you want to add that

Eileen: (22:38)
I don't think so. I just, I really appreciate you. I think you are absolutely amazing. I've, Oh, you've always inspired me, you know, especially during this time I was having a little bit of a day the other day and you kind of uplifted me out of my mood, you know, cause with all that's going on, um, and I just want to say to your, you know, everyone out there, you know, stay safe, stay home, hope you're healthy. Um, thank you for having me. I love talking about clothes. I could talk about it day and night, night, and day. It's something that gets me excited and I'm having to help anyone support you and you know, you know, revamping your look in your closet. So, uh, your wardrobe, hope you need reach out, you have the links and I'd be happy to support you.

Jacquelyn : (23:23)
I, I'm so excited that you were on the show because like I said when I started the show, this is so important for our confidence. Like you can go out there and have the best job, have the best you know, um, what you think is the best right now. But imagine the possibilities when you feel a hundred percent confident who you are, what you're wearing. Because sometimes I go out and just throwing on my favorite lipstick makes me feel even more confident throwing on that dress that I feel damn sexy in. I mean, you know, like you got that inner feeling, you just get that when you feel good, you just gives you that confidence. It really does. And it's all a part of creating and co-creating this life that I want to help women co-create. So again, appreciate your advice and telling us your story because it is a huge story and I know other people are going through that.

Jacquelyn : (24:34)
I know other people have felt that and you are definitely the one that can help them through that journey that I've done it. Yes. It's like when you kind of lose your identity, there's always the chance though, like really kind of, you know, I just felt like I kind of hit rock bottom but then when I really looked at him like the world is filled with possibilities even right now cause we're given this gift of time. There's so much to create right now and like take advantage of this time and everything after we have a greater appreciation for life and it's you only so make it a great one. I agree. Well, thank you so much again. Everything's going to be in the show notes and you know, we might have to have a part two and show some outfits who know possibilities.

Jacquelyn : (25:24)
Anytime. Congratulations on your podcast. You're a very hard worker level, the things you've created in your life, and your flipness ration to so many women. Thank you, Jacqueline. Thank you. That means so much to me. Well, thank you all for watching. Please follow Eileen catch up on all of the amazing things that she's doing. Message me if you have questions and I'm sure you can message her on Facebook and just reach out to us. We're here to support you and just like every episode, I say thank you from the bottom of my heart. This is, this is the passion that I absolutely am blessed to be able to do and have such amazing women in my life. Have a wonderful day and we will see you on the next one full day. All by. Thanks, Jacquelyn. Bye, everyone.