Living a Life of Miracles With Christina Ammerman

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What are your fears? What are the things stopping you from achieving your dreams? What hinders you from your desires? Are you waiting for the right moment? For things to be perfect? Because it might never be. There will always be struggles and obstacles around us. The question is, how do we move around those hurdles?

Christina Ammerman already heard her calling. She has a calling to be a massage therapist, reiki healer, and transform the thing she loves into a business. Her mission life is to achieve world peace, and she does that by helping people conquer their fears so they can achieve their dreams and desires in life.
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Here are so many follow up questions I got to ask!

How/why did you start your business? 
After eight years as an IT programmer analyst, Spirit led me in a new direction through a moment of divine intervention when I felt the desire to go to massage therapy school. I became a massage therapist and Reiki healer, and in 2006 I opened Zenquility in my home. In all the time since, I have cultivated my energy healing skills as well as my understanding of the subconscious mind, helping people uncover and release the hidden patterns that sabotage their desires and dreams.
What makes your business unique? 
There's no one else who understands energy, Spirit, and the mind like I do.
What impact do you want to have in the world or change you want to see or make happen? 
My ultimate goal is world peace. Not that I'll achieve it single-handedly, but that I'm one of many people making it happen by releasing the grip that fear has on humanity.
Are You Happy with your business, What makes you happy, And What Would You Change? 
Absolutely! I love all the puzzles it gives me to solve. I love figuring out how to do things in MY way.
Did You Experience Failures? If So, What Did You Learn From Them 
I hit my Terror Barrier at least a dozen times. The tricky thing is, it never clearly looked like a failure because I always justified the slow-down or detour as necessary. What I learned was, we can sabotage ourselves with positive thinking if it keeps us from facing reality.
How Did You Handle Adversity And Doubt? 
I always kept moving, always trying to solve the problem. I think this is why I was born a Taurus, so I would have the stubbornness (or as I prefer to call it, tenacity) to keep going and never accept failure as the end. My biggest weapon was to keep asking, "What is this showing me about myself?" with the willingness to hear the answer, even when it wasn't pretty. I also hired coaches and healers to support me at different points of my process, when my heart told me it was the right thing to do.
Do You Plan On Growing Your Business? How? 
Absolutely! There are thousands of people I need to reach. My focus right now is using webinars to promote my signature program, Fearless Freedom. Exploring my gift for writing will soon be a part of my ministry/marketing as well.
Do you think self-love and trust are important in running a successful business? Why? 
Absolutely. They are key because there is no one else telling you what to do, so the only motivation comes from within. But that doesn't mean you have to HAVE self-love and trust already figured out to start. The way I see it is, people whose souls are calling them to greater self-love and trust get guided into starting their own business, and the process of building the business becomes the "school" where they learn self-love and trust.
What advice would you give someone interested in starting their own business? 
Only do it if you can't imagine life any other way. It needs to be a calling coming from within - from your heart or gut - because you will need that calling to keep you moving through the hard times. And there WILL be hard times.


If you would rather read the interview, feel free to check out the full transcription below!
 Trusting your intuition will lead you to create a passionate and joy-filled life. Are you ready to get turned on to a new way of thinking? Are you ready to meet people who have conversations that speak to the things that truly light you up? What if you had access to a podcast that featured women, just like you, who shared stories that empowered you to let go of a lifetime,

to other's expectations and to start living in the now with passion and joy, I'm Jacqueline Rodriguez, founder of your intuitive light coaching owner of enlightened styles, holistic salon, and your host of the intuitive light podcast for the enlightened entrepreneur. My goal is to help women recognize how tightly they are tied to negative thoughts and other people's expectations so that they can fully embrace and become the untethered CEO.

They've always wanted it to be. You're about to meet some amazing women who will inspire you to untether yourself from any fears, the negativity that you carry, and become the untethered CEO of your life. This podcast is for you woman champion, warrior, entrepreneur, mother phenomenon. Hello, and welcome to the intuitive light podcast and show. I am your host, Jacqueline Rodriguez.

And I say this every time, but I'm super excited for our guests today. Christina has been an amazing friend of mine for years, coach and mentor, and it is so exciting to see everything that she's been doing. And then to be able to bring this to you guys with the viewers and just everything that we kind of connect with. I think that you're gonna really enjoy the show.

We're going to be talking all about living a life of miracles and what that looks like to both of us, especially being more on the woo side if you will. So without further ado here is Christina. Hey, Jacquelyn thank you for that very warm introduction. I always love hearing people, you know, just say in your words, you know what,

it's what it's like to know me, I guess. Okay. That's a weird way to start. I'm so happy that you're on. We have known each other for quite some time, and we've really gotten to know each other over the last few years, and I've worked with you and you've mentored me and helped me break that, that barrier, the terror barrier for myself and heal my core wounds.

And I just, I love everything that you do. And then our synergy together is like, this is going to be awesome. So tell me, tell the viewers everything all about you All about me. Well, let's see, I was born on it too. Although my brother's been here a while. My birthday is coming up next, next Thursday.

So, you know, send chocolate, please. So I am the core wound healer, which means I work. I use energy healing to work with the subconscious mind, too, to what, to help, you know, to help people along their spiritual path, to help them conquer fear, to help everyone manifest what they want to manifest in their lives.

Cause all of that is it's supposed to be natural to us. You know, the law of attraction is real and it's supposed to work with ease. So the question is why isn't it easy for people? And, and the answer is because we've got all this garbage in our subconscious minds. So what I do is help people get rid of the garbage Yeah.

Effective, super effective. And it is one of those things that should be really easy. And I know there's a lot of us out there who think we're doing it the right way when we are, but we've got some blockage like walls. That's what I had. I had these walls and lo and behold, it was me. The wall was me,

but it's so important to talk about this and to really break things down in such a different way and talk about miracles and how life can truly be a miracle. And we can really structure the way we want it and do some amazing stuff. Yeah. Yeah. And you know, I love, I love the topic we ended up with today. Cause as you know,

we were going to talk about something totally different. And I basically experienced a miracle today that, you know, like a download from the spirit that said, you need to change the topic because there are so many people who, you know, they're trying to live. This idea of thoughts, become things. It's like, well, that sounds great on paper,

but it one, it's not what we're taught. Like what we were brought up believing. And two, there are so many people trying to make it work and not feeling like it's working. And so, you know, I got this, this new message that, Hey Christina, you and Jacquelyn are making this stuff work. So like people need to see that the stuff is real so we can inspire and prove to people that yeah,

like this isn't just wooed BS stuff. It's like, it's, it's real. It's how life can really be manifesting with ease and trust and fun. Let's have some freaking fun, right. And be so fun. And it's like, once you hit that, that amount of freedom and you do start creating these miracles in your life. And it just happens.

Like we are living proof. It really happens. Like this is how I live my daily life. And people need to see that because it is very an abstract thing that people think, Oh, you know, Oh, I thought of it. Like, I'm just thinking so hard on something that I want and they think it's just supposed to come to fruition,

but really there's such a different way of doing it. That allows it to be easier where we don't have to play it like a broken record in our minds. And I think that that's where we get stuck a lot of the time. Yeah. Yeah. And you know, if there was one thing like one if there was one thing that I could hope that people take away from our conversation,

it's that it really comes down to the choices that we make. And you know, what I'm thinking about right now is the timing of you and I talking today, you know, the world is still in quarantine. There are so many people, you know, feeling down, feeling restricted right now. And also, you know, I don't wanna at all dismiss that the real experience is some people are having,

a lot of people are having right now are restriction. You know, people are getting sick. People are, have lost jobs or been furloughed. And so I don't want to dismiss how real that is for a lot of people, but it's not everyone's experience. Not everyone is struggling. You and I are examples of people who have actually done more during this time,

you've launched this podcast, I've launched a webinar and did all the work that it took, the launch of that webinar. And, and it's our ability to do those things started with the choices that we made on inside the choice to be able to the choice, to look at what's going on in the world and say, you know what, I'm not going to let that in.

I honor the experiences other people are having, but I'm not like I'm going to find my way to tell a different story of my life. That's how I see it is that w you know, is that how you would describe your experience Exactly that way because it really is down to our choices, but the beautiful thing about us being able to make these choices is that crucial step of all the work we did before this,

we set ourselves up to be very open and aligned with what we needed to make those choices now. And I think that is really what has been very eye-opening for me is all the work that I've done on myself and the meditating and the hours of really centering and getting rid of those blocks have prepared me for this shutdown and for things that happen because let's face it.

I mean, my salon was closed. I could be telling you a very different story. Do I feel terrible that my salon is closed? Yes. Do I feel terrible for my team? Yeah. But I've chosen to make the best of this and to lift my team so that they don't feel lost or down in these times. And I honor everybody's feelings and you know,

that people are really going through a really rough time. And so that's not dismissing any of it, but there are different ways of looking and perspective that we can start bringing in that would help you get through these times. Yeah. Yeah. And there's so many, there's so much in what you said that I want, you know, kind of a couple talking points in there.

You know, probably the first, the first point being that there are people who are having a rough time right now, where they're in the rough time, they're there, you know, whatever's going on in their mind and their heart and their experiences. All they're able to perceive is the rough time. And, and, you know, for those people,

I do, I do my inner work. You could say my, my prayers and my sending light, like I'm doing a lot here in the quiet of my apartment to, to support those people in whatever way I can. Cause, you know, cause they can't see any other option. And so all we can do is send love and support in whatever way we can,

but there are other people. And I think these are the ones that you and I are hoping to talk to. Other people recognize, okay, this is a rough time, but I want to know, is there another way I can be going about this? You know, that there are people who are feeling that nudge from within that says,

Hey, maybe there's a different way to experience this. Maybe there is a way to find the gift in this, find the miracle in this. And, and I feel like these are the people that I want to be talking to with you as we're talking. And, and there was something you said the, you know, like this, this word miracle,

this idea of a miracle it's it really is tied into this whole conversation about choice. I've been for a couple of years now, I've been studying a very well known textbook called a course in miracles. It is, it is said to be the words of Jesus, whether you believe that or not, whether that turns you on or turns you off to the book,

the content of it is really powerful. And the way that this book defines miracle, it's not about the outer circumstance that a true miracle isn't about the sudden healing or winning the lottery or getting the money to show up right at, you know, at the moment your bill is due. The real definition of a miracle is that moment when on the inside a person chooses love over fear.

And I know for me, that's what I'm hoping you and I can somehow demonstrate and inspire people to, as we're talking is like help them find the reason to, or, and the way to, you know, even in current circumstances where fear is staring people in the face to find that glimmer of hope, inspiration, love, you know, whatever you want to call it.

That's the miracle is the moment you say stuff is scary, but I'm going to choose to see it differently. Anyway, It's all about perception, the perception that we have on the outside circumstances that we let's face it. We can't control. We can control how we perceive things. And real things are happening where you can't hide if you're sick or if somebody else is sick,

but we can flip it away and look at a perspective differently from these things that seem really hard in the moment, but we can move forward. And that is even if it is just that one step of I'm going to enjoy a book today and relax and not allow all those fears to step in. Like there are so many different ways that we can look at it that it doesn't have to be.

I mean, I know you and I have been incredibly proactive and been able to really get things done, but even the people who are just not able maybe to get everything done, but they're starting to think differently and not allowing them to say in that low, low vibration. Yeah. So, you know, we're talking about choice in choosing love or inspiration over fear.

And I feel inspired right now to ask you a question if that's okay. Kind of, I feel like it's like on behalf of the audience, you talked about, you know, having to close the salon because of the quarantine and you know, how you were able to not be defeated about that. Can you say more like, can you share what that experience was like for you?

Like, like what goes on in your head and, and is it sort of an ongoing thing that you have to do to stay in a positive mindset? Like what, what, what's the, what was going on in here with that? Well, I, you know, I have to say that because of all the work I've done up until now,

it really helped me not even go into that fear mode. I think for the salon, I didn't go into that crazy fear mode. Yes. My doors are closed. Yes. We have no income coming in, but I knew that just by me taking this time and encouraging my, my stylists and, you know, reaching out to our clients as best as we could through email,

through calling, through, being present on social media, through sending out messages, and letting them know that we're there for them being able to send products, you know, to their house or have them come to pick it up. I just went automatically to what can I do to serve my clients now that things look different. And I didn't let myself get into that fear because I knew if I could just keep that momentum,

we were going to be fine. It doesn't matter, you know, that we are closed and that there's no income. Like we are going to be fine. And because I have the ability to meditate and manifest, I was able to manifest the proper loans coming into the business to keep us afloat. And even before I was able to get the loans,

I was able to talk to like my renters or the people that we own. And I worked out a plan and I was proactive on it. I didn't get scared and shut myself down. And then the other big part of it was helping my team not feel like they were going to lose their jobs or, you know, the worst of the worst happening.

I want it to be there and be a solid rock for them. So I wasn't, I didn't go into that fear mode. I think the fear mode came more from the outside world. Like seeing people hurt because I am in the path, you know, I take that on, but I just learned how to kind of give light and do, as you said,

send out as much light and healing that I can to be able to be that rock for all the others around me. Yeah. So, okay. So I have a follow-up question and I, you know, again, I feel like this is like, you know, what listeners would, would want to be able to ask you. So when you say you didn't go into fear mode,

do you mean that fear started to creep up and you didn't let your thoughts go there or stay there? Or do you mean like you didn't even have any fearful thoughts? Like which one is closer to you, like how you actually experience life? Luckily, I didn't even have that many fearful thoughts come up. I would, I'm not lying. Like I did have one or two like,

Oh crap. Like, how are we going to pay the bills if everything's like no money coming in? But I also have the ability and the tools in my toolbox because of all the work to say, Nope, I'm not going down that path. If there's a problem and something is happening, then I automatically go to what's the solution. What can I do about it right now?

So it's kind of a little bit of both where I would have maybe a thought or two creep in, but not that often, but I also had the tools to be able to know, not to continue to follow it down those rabbit holes. Yes. Okay. Awesome. That is really, that is really powerful. I think for people to hear because,

well, first of all, it sounds very much like, like my experience and the thought I've been having for the last, what is this been six weeks? How many weeks we've been in this? I keep coming back to the thought that there is a difference between fear and awareness. So what you and I both experienced is awareness. You had an awareness that yes,

the money is going to stop flowing in the usual way. If you have to close the salon, but because you didn't experience the fear that went, that would often go with that awareness, you were able to sort of objective, really see it as this is a problem to be solved. And now what's the solution a hundred percent. Yeah. And that's where the miracles come from is when we can not get sucked into fear and just see life as a problem to be solved,

you know, or, or a string of problems to be solved or questions to be answered and, and then ask. So what's the answer, what's the solution. And, and I know without even turning this a question for you, I, I know that you attribute your ability to objectively see things as problems to be solved. You attribute that to all of the inner work that you do,

right. A hundred percent. And that is kind of the entire process of having that inner work and the starting off because the inner work that I do and I teach my clients to do as well, is that whole inner love and trust in themselves. And when we have that, we're able to, I love the way you put it. It's awareness,

not fear because we have things that we have to be aware of. Like we're not just walking around blissfully, like, Oh, nothing's going to happen all day. Like things happen and you're aware of it. But I think that that's exactly why I'm able to, you know, not go down that fear. And I feel like that that's the same for you through this time.

Yeah, absolutely. And there's such a, you know, not only do you and I approach our lives in such similar ways, but there's such a synergy in what you offer your clients and what I offer mine, the way that I, that I see it is, it's all about the question of if we can describe the difference. So clearly fear versus awareness,

then why is it so hard to look at things objectively without getting into fear? And it really, what I see is it's really about what relationship we have with fear and all the rest of the emotions. And so what you do like with meditation and, and, you know, and all the coaching and the healing that you do, you're helping people know what it feels like to have moments that of living without fear.

And whether those moments are like, you know, it's a few minutes or a few days, or a few weeks, you're helping people get up out of fear, except that there's always going to be these core things that pull us back down into fear. And so where my work comes in, it's when there's somebody who's already experienced the difference between living fearless and living in fear,

and they're tired of going back and forth. And they're like, I just want to be, you know, get fearless and stay there. That's where my work comes in. And I have to tell you, the reason I have those I'm able to stay out of that fear is that I did the work with you. We healed those core winds,

so that I'm not a yo-yo. Cause when I came to you, I was very aware and I had been doing a lot of healing on my own and different things. But I was that yo-yo because there were so much of the core wounds that was bringing me right back your work allowed me to stop the up and down and be able to stay out of fear and be able to co-create a life that,

you know, I've manifest things now that I wouldn't have been able to before because it was this constant up and down. So your work is really that base, a beautiful mixture of getting rid of that and allowing people to step out of their own way. Thank you. And it's, it's so gratifying to hear you describe what, what my, what my support did for you and,

you know, your, your definitely of all the clients that I've worked with. You're definitely someone that I will immediately always say to people. Yes, Jacquelyn was my client. She was a bad-ass to start with, I am not claiming any credit for, for Jacqueline's badassery, you know, I'm just, I'm, you know, I just helped you shine more of that or shine that light more often,

you know, by, yeah. As you talked about the core wounds, that, that stuff that's deepest in the subconscious mind, that's that, that's what I'm here to help people with, but it's, and I've recognized recently that it's not the starting point for people, you know, like what, and, and I'll just say as a business person who wants to support people like you,

but I had these questions, like, okay, but how do we fit in together? And, and what's the difference between what Jacquelyn does and what I do. And, and that's the answer that I got to was people need to first have experiences of creating miracles in their life, having stuff magically show up, and you know, maybe you and I should talk more about like what magically shows up for us.

But then once people have felt that and experienced it, it's like, okay, now I want to have it all the time. So let me get Christina's help. Yeah. And I do. I think that that's so important that people know we all need help. So I'm, I'm not gonna lie. Like I am a very highly motivated person.

I, I think of something I run with it. This is just how I run my life. But when I didn't have those tools, it was a very rollercoaster of a life. I would have my high highs and woe I'd have my lows. So being able not to have that rollercoaster anymore is so satisfying to know that you don't have to go up and down and you know,

With all of these different things, you can really live a nice steady life, no matter what the outside circumstances are telling you. Yeah. And you're, you're proving it right now. Yes. It's awesome. I had a mother, I had another past client send me an email at the end of March. The gist of it was she quit her job.

It was like when the quarantine started, she had some stuff happen that like her job just was not, you know, some stuff hit the fan and her email to me like she wanted to let me know that it was a crazy time for anyone to be quitting their job, but she felt so calm and peaceful doing it. And not only that,

but she even had new opportunities come up again in the middle of the quarantine where people are losing their jobs, she was getting job offers kind of out of nowhere. So when we talk about living a life of miracles, that's, you know, that's the insert in terms of outward. Results, that's the sort of thing that can happen when, you know,

too, you can become a person who even when the rest of the world hasn't found their miracle mindset yet. Like you can be attracting some really good shit. I'm sorry. Some really good stuff. I have to add a sensor that No, that's okay. We just put it on as a, there are a few curse words on YouTube. I got explicit.

That's what I love. It's my own show. I can say. And we can say whatever we want. Yeah. So That's what the miracles are. I mean, you talked about miracles being just that step too, but when you have that, that's when you start seeing the external miracles happening. Yeah. And that's pretty cool because that's when we see it,

right. If we need that validation that it's working and when we start seeing things like with your client, having that external miracle happen, that is so powerful because you only need a few of those to see that, Holy crap, I can do this and I can do it all the time. Yeah. Yeah. And you know, what I'm prompted to point out right now is like,

those are the big miracles that make us want to like, you know, jump onto Facebook and celebrate, or, or send emails to people to say, look what happened. But it really starts with bold little stuff. All of the smallest ways that we've got a conversation going on in our head, like, you know, one,

we've got our, our great idea, our moment of inspiration. And then all of the the the ways that all of the other voices that are saying, no, don't do that right now. And it's every big miracle that happens, starts with little choices that we make. For example, the webinar that I just finished, that I was able to create and complete during quarantine started with me getting an email,

some point in February, from a webinar platform that I had forgotten. I paid for a lifetime membership like two years ago. And out of nowhere, I got this email from this company and they were selling like an automated webinar challenge. So it wasn't a free challenge. You had to pay $99 for it. And it would take you step-by-step through how to create and plan and execute a webinar.

And there was a feeling in my gut that said, do this. And even, yeah. Oh, there were the voices in my head that said, well, you know, So actually for me, it's never, it's not usually about the money. It's about, I already know how to do this. I don't need to pay somebody to tell me how.

And, and so I had to choose between those two voices and I chose the one that said, do it every time you have trusted your instincts, it's worked out. It is only $99, which relative to the tens of thousand dollars, I've invested in programs. That is nothing, just do it. And so I bought the program and I made sure I actually followed through on using it,

you know, not just wasting the money and having no idea that a few weeks later, the Coronavirus stuff would start happening. And I would be given this opportunity not only to the kind of be sequestered and really work on the webinar but also the idea that I got for the webinar actually came from how people were reacting at the beginning of all the,

the pandemic and the quarantine and all of that and, and getting the message that, okay, this, this pandemic is all about how we relate to our own fears. And it was literally a conversation I had with somebody about quarantining that gave me the topic for the webinar that has turned into the most powerful webinar I have ever created. And so The miracle I see in all of this yeah.

Is because I said yes, back in February, I was perfectly positioned and guided to a series of experiences that has positioned me to help people even better and, and in a grander way, and with a greater reach to more people than I ever have, literally in, in the whole time of my business, since 2006, That is phenomenal. And that is that's the inspiration people need to hear and they need to see because the beauty of all of that is it started working before you even knew that you would need all of that just by making that one decision.

And that's how these miracles work. That's how the universe, and this is how I look at it is the universe does set things up for us before we even know that we really need it. So we get these little clues dropped and hints dropped and these little nudges and ideas, but it's really that taking that one step, being super clear on what you want and taking that one step to say,

I don't know what this will turn into, but I feel like this is what I'm supposed to do. It will set you up before you even know that all of those other things are gonna happen for you. That is the beauty of a miracle. And that is, what's so inspiring with your story and how people can actually do this. This is all real,

this isn't like, you know, just things that we're making up. This is how all of the manifesting, all of the meditation, all of the work really provides you the structure to start living that more often. Yeah, absolutely. And, and, you know, the icing on the icing on the cake of my story with the webinar is the content of the,

of the webinar actually started calling it a masterclass and evolutionary masterclass, because now what I'm sharing with people through the webinar is the stuff that can, but in a very tangible way, help them choose love or inspiration or guidance over fear. So it's like because I did that now I get to help other people do that. And so maybe we should tell people about the webinars.

Is it okay if we do that? Please do. Yes. Yeah. So thank you. Thank you, for letting me share that, on your platform. So cause, cause this is your deal and you don't have to let me do that. But so the title of the webinar is your five core fears and how to conquer them. And thank you for putting up that's the URL where people can sign up.

It's a, it's a free online masterclass. I am repeating it every couple of days, for the foreseeable future. So if you go to sign up and, and you can't be like not available on the day that it's being offered and you really want to be able to sit down and see it live, just come back a few days later, the next day we'll be up to their registration for the next one will be up.

And there was something, I was just, Oh, that what, as I was saying, the title, what pinged for me, I've been there. There's a question that I've been feeling like I need to get my voice out there answering this question differently. The question of can we conquer fear? Cause they like, even today, I got another email from some coaches,

mailing lists that I'm on. That insists you, can't conquer fear. Fear is always going to be there. And I have a different answer to that. I think it's important to get the message out there. That fear is going to continue to exist within us until we do something about it that you can't sit and wait for fear to go away on its own.

That's definitely not going to happen, but that's different than saying it can't be conquered. It can't go away. I think you and I are living proof that even the biggest fears can be released from our subconscious mind. And we can, as you said with, you know, talking about your salon and, and closing the salon, you literally went through that experience without feeling fear.

And to me, that is tangible proof that that fear can be conquered. And so in this, in this masterclass, I share with people w what I describe as there some do it yourself, weapons that you can use to battle fear when it comes up so that you can have those experiences of, of conquering fear, at least temporarily and feeling fearless.

And then if someone wants to go deeper into the work and conquer them permanently conquer fears, you know, we can talk about ways to do that at a deeper level, but it just helps to know what the fears are that we're battling in the first place. And so the five core fears are the ones that are deepest in the subconscious mind.

Cause I'm all about let's get to the root cause. So that's why we want the deepest ones. We want them, I go straight. You know, if life were a video game, I would S I would say, I go straight to fighting the big bosses. You know, I don't deal with the little, little enemies I go right to the boss.

And I think it's brilliant that you do that because, and that's why I love that you're sharing this here because we need to have people showing this. And that's so important for people to start breaking out of those fears. Cause that's the only way I am a hundred percent behind you. When you say that we can conquer fear. I don't think fear has to stay there.

We were living proof. I don't have to have fears. Do they creep up? Sure. But we have choices and we don't have to allow that to stay there. We can choose a different path. And that doesn't mean that fears won't pop up because we all know things do pop up. And especially as we're growing, we hit, you know,

new, new levels of not fear, but things that we have to work through and be aware of so that we can go around it. And I highly recommend hopping on her webinar, checking out these things, because she does know, I mean, Christina, you know what you're talking about when it comes to these things and when it comes to really getting to the root of things,

that's the core wounds, the fears, the root of the fears, being able to eliminate those. So you can conquer it and have different awareness and perceptions around fears that are going to pop up. It's just, I mean, that's life, right? Yeah. But we don't have to be scared of it. No. Yeah. And I know,

you know, I've when I was putting together the webinar, I realized there's sort of two camps when it comes to fear. They're the people who because it's what they've been taught to do. They try to ignore that fear exists. Oh, I don't feel afraid. Or, you know, well, that's not fear, that's worry or whatever. Well,

everything that's worry and frustration. And all of that is really just variations of fear. But some people try to deny fear. And then some people are overwhelmed by fear and perhaps so overwhelmed that it's like paralyzing. And they don't even realize that they're, that they're experiencing fear. I mean, I was definitely in that camp for so many years of my life.

And you know, the, probably the first 10 years of my business, I didn't, I was so over overwhelmed by fear. I didn't realize that that's what I was feeling. Cause I was feeling it every day. And so I never noticed the difference, like fear was my default setting. So the idea of the webinar is it can help either group of people by bringing awareness to fear.

And, and I know that's so much of what you do too, is helping people kind of make friends with the fear or at least know that it's there. So then you can say, Oh, I'm feeling this. Let me go use one of the tools that Jacquelyn me. And I love that you classify it like that because I was in that paralyzed fear too.

And that's, I mean, you don't really want to be on one or the other, but paralyzed. It's when we really, that's why I had that wall. Cause I was so paralyzed by the fear and those lower vibrations of worry. Mine was worried. I worried about everything, worried about, you know, all the little details once I let go of that,

Oh my gosh, the power that takes over and just the freedom of being able to make choices. And I, I do teach people to step into that power and step into that freedom. But it's all because I've been able to let go of those walls. And I trust my, my inner knowing my inner intuition, my higher self, to be able to get through those little things that don't take me to the paralyzed or to just ignore it or down the rabbit hole of craziness,

that fear and worry can take you down. I mean, we've all been there. One thought turns into some weird stuff that we can get out of that. And that's, I love that you've been on here because this is so important for people to see that it can happen and it's not hard. We don't have to make this hard. It can actually be very pleasant,

enjoyable ride. And especially when you have people to support you, like everybody needs somebody to support them. And what better than to start breaking down those fears so that you can raise and start doing these really want to do isn't that what we're all here for. Yeah, absolutely. And I love that you said it can be pleasant and enjoyable because what I actually thought in response to that is if it's not pleasant and enjoyable,

you're doing it wrong because you're in too low of a vibration emotionally and energetically speaking to actually have any success with it. If you're not having fun, you're miserable. And so you're not going to be able to hear guidance and get those insights and those, you know, synchronicities happening in your life. So it needs to be a fun process. It needs,

I mean, not fun as in frivolous, but fun as in enjoyable and high vibrating and, and so different from most of the drudgery of therapy and things that, you know, people have used before now. So fun and enjoyable. Yes, Totally. And then you get to see those miracles. You get to make webinars or, I mean, you took and made this entire webinar.

I took my guidance. That was like, Hey, remember that podcast you wanted to do guess what? You got time now. So I took from start to launch 10 episodes and this has been the most fun. But then when I get to do guys, come on, I get to sit and talk to amazing women all day and support our viewers,

support the people around us because the most important thing to me is a community and lifting each other. We've got to do that. We got to stick together, Christina and I do a lot of things similar in the same realm. Doesn't matter we support and we lift each other because we each have these wonderful, like special gifts that I can't have.

She can't have, nobody else can have what you have. And that is why we do this. And this is the fun and supportive excitement that you get when you just let go of fear, start bringing in that awareness and stepping into who you're supposed to be, have fun. I love having fun. So that's just so exciting how it comes off the full circle when you do have those tools.

And I am just so pleasantly excited to have you, that's not the right wording, but, but I'm so happy to have had you on the show for all of our viewers, I'm going to have all the links and everything for you to be able to find Christina super easy. It'll all be on the blog. We also are going to have more information about Christina,

that some, some wonderful questions that we don't always get a chance to hit on the calls because we could be here forever, but we got some wonderful stuff that you can go on the blog, read all about it, and then all the easy links to be able to follow and connect with Christina. So thank you. Do you have any last things that you want to say Just really,

truly from my heart. Thank you, for having me on your podcast. I'm thrilled to be one of the first people that, that you featured and just really I'm touched that you asked and I'm grateful for this opportunity to share whatever I've been able to share today. That's hopefully been of value to the people who are watching or listening. So just thank you very much.

Oh, you're so welcome. And it's definitely been valuable for everyone listening, and I'm just so happy to have people like you in my circle, my community. That's honestly why I started the podcast. I have amazing people in my community that need to get the word out and that I am just so blessed to have on my team that why not share it with everyone.

So again, thank you so much. Thank you to the listeners and the people watching us. Please come back. I know what we have so much to talk about. We can easily have another show and I will see everyone at the next show. Thank you. Bye, everyone. Thank you so much for listening today. Please make sure that you go over to the blog and follow all the links for our guests and get the downloads that we talked about.

I would also really love and appreciate it if you would share this podcast with your friends and family. And if you wouldn't mind taking just a minute to leave a review, that would mean the world to me. Thank you again so much from the bottom of my heart for listening and staying tuned. Can't wait to see you next week on the shelf.