Jacquelyn Rodriguez
Start Co-Creating a Life & Business You LOVE


  • Trust there is a better way to do business that truly impacts the world around you?

  • Put work into creating a lasting transformation in your life and business?

  • Put limiting thoughts behind you and rewire your brain for success?

  • End those negative, self-limiting thoughts?

  • Create a holistic approach to your business?

If that is why you are here, then LET'S DO IT!

I'm Jacquelyn, a Holistic Hair Salon Owner, and Certified Neuro-Coach who works with professionals in the Beauty Industry to help them find the clarity and purpose they need to create a more successful business model.


For many years, I was on a wash-rinse-repeat cycle that always had me running in circles with my business. I knew I could create a wildly successful business, but I just couldn’t get there. I kept hitting roadblocks whenever I put my thoughts into action and it was so frustrating!


What changed? ME! It was the change in the way I thought about things that changed. And it was so much EASIER!


Once I learned how Neuro-Science teaches your brain how to make huge shifts with ease, my Salon business came together quickly and lit a passion for this industry that I thought I had lost.


Now, I’m on a mission to help thousands of women change the industry standards and co-create successful and sustainable business models that empower them. Are you ready to make changes?

Let’s do it!

People used to tell me that a Holistic Hair Salon was impossible. No one was there to show me how to do it, AND I STRUGGLED. A LOT! I don't want you to struggle like I did so I created the Enlightened Stylist Method to show people how to quickly change their business model and become MORE SUCCESSFUL by making it LESS STRESSFUL!

Learning how to rewire my brain so that it is geared for success and abundance has given me FREEDOM to create a business I truly LOVE. And I want to help you do it, too!

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Hiring Jacquelyn Rodriguez has been one of the best investments in myself and for my business. Her use of the Akashic Records and intuitiveness has been amazing for my personal and professional growth. She truly cares and is passionate about her work. I cannot recommend her enough! 



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Jacquelyn is so amazing. Working with her has been so enlightening, with understanding the direction of my life, and with the understanding she has given me through my reading. She is wonderful to talk to and so knowledgeable! She also always checks in to see how things are going, I just love giving her updates! I can’t wait to continue to work with Jacquelyn on my journey. I am so grateful to have her!



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