If your ready to gain clarity and confidence

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Let me be your

compass and guide

you through

creating your

dream life 


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Are You Tired Of:

  • Being overwhelmed
  • Feeling lost 
  • Never feeling like you know what the next step in your life/business should be
  • Not achieving your goals
  • Not being able to quiet your mind
  • Talking poorly about yourself
  • Constant stress in your life/business
  • Losing sleep over anxiety
  • Not having a real plan to achive your goals
  • Hitting a plateau   


I've been there.  I felt the same way and sessions in the Akashic Records were my saving grace. 

I have learned a lot along the way. From being a multi business owner, mother, and wife, the feeling of being alone and lacking the confidence you need to find success is one I know very well.

The Akashic Records give you the answers and provide clarity. I have served as a compass behind the chair in my salon to many of my clients and to my family. I can guide you through those limiting beliefs and energy blocks. There is no more guessing if you are on the right path. We can ask your guides for the answers to your most important life and business questions. 

You can have clarity, confidence, more clients, and all the abundance you need.

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"“Going into my Akashic Records with Jacquelyn really allowed me to see an area I didn’t even know was a blockage for me. That area was trusting, most of all trusting myself. After our session Opportunities for trust started appearing and that same day I was able to watch a beautiful sunset with an amazing person in the middle of a lake on a huge rock I climbed up on, that never would’ve happened without trust! Other validations started popping up for me as well!! This was an amazing experience and I can’t wait to keep continuing sessions with her!”"


"I just had the most awesome Akashic Records reading with Jacquelyn Rodriguez. We asked questions about healing my physical body, so now I know exactly what MY body needs instead of guessing based on general wisdom. Plus we did some energy healing so I already feel a million times clearer in my solar plexus. Thank you, Jacquelyn! 💜 "


Let me be your compass

So that you can 

Find clarity in your life/business

Find your passion

Achieve your goals

Have a clear plan so that you can  take actionable and aligned steps 

Reduce your stress and anxiety 


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