Welcome to the Creative CEO Retreat!

The retreat that was made for entrepreneurs like us

March 27-28, 2021

9-12 pm both days

Learn the fastest way to create the holistic business you want and start living the life

you want TODAY!


This is where you belong if you are an

Unfulfilled Entrepreneur:


🌿 You feel exhausted and overwhelmed

🌱🌱 You know there's more, but you do not know how to start

🌿 You want Change but you fear Change


It is so frustrating!

You have brilliant ideas.

You are passion-driven.

You deserve more.

How would it feel...


🌿 To Follow Your Heart

🌱🌱 To be a Trailblazer

🌿 To stop second-guessing yourself


...and become an Enlightened CEO

The Creative CEO Retreat is a virtual retreat for women in business who are ready to really GO FOR IT this year. That means shedding those limiting beliefs and habits that are holding you back. It means stopping the negative things we tell ourselves and start speaking to our most powerful selves.

This sacred space is being reserved for women who are ready to be mentored, uplifted, and become better aligned with their personal values. Together, we will discover how to create the passion-filled lives we have dreamed of, but this time?
This time, we are DREAMING BIGGER!

You are so ready for this, aren't you?

2 Day Retreat

We will explore so many things together with mentors and with guided exercises so that we are getting real work done on our business plans!

• Using Meditation as a Business Tool
• Goal Setting & Accountability
• Trusting Your Intuition
• The Science Behind Manifesting
• Personal and Business Financial Goals
• Business Marketing: Budgets and Creative Strategies
• Energy Work
• Creating Community Beyond the Retreat
• Celebrating the Wins

Together, we will discover how to create the passion filled lives we have dreamed of, but this time?

This time, we are DREAMING BIGGER, so sign up today!

I'm In
I'm In

Your work is just beginning when the retreat is over, we will spend time over these two days together to build community and support structures that help you long after March. We are doing real work here and having resources and relationships to encourage you after the Creative CEO Retreat will be important.

Get to know your retreat host, Jacquelyn 

Hi! 👋🏻


I am Jacquelyn a passion-driven, earth-loving, master intuitive neuro-coach, and holistic salon owner.

I help unfulfilled entrepreneurs who are lost, overwhelmed, and feel like they are made for so much more but don't know where to start, get aligned, and become an Enlightened CEO. I combine Energy healing, Neuroscience to help them get rid of their limiting beliefs and get super aligned with their higher self, and create a life and business of abundance.