Welcome to my movement

I am a wife, mother, entrepreneur, and multi business owner. After a decade, of owning a successful hair salon, creating my own customizable, non-toxic makeup line and learning a whole lot about life and the struggles that came with it all; I felt the pull to share how I made it all happen! I've spent 19 years behind the chair listening and serving as a compass to many of clients. I have spent a lot of time with a lot of amazing women, and kept hearing the same set of short-comings over and over. They wanted to start a business, but lacked confidence and support, had a business but were unbalanced and lost, or just simply did not know where to start or how to move forward. I too know how overwhelming this all can be and how hard it is to start a business, keep a business running, and juggle your family life.

I am dedicated to guiding you to become the business owner and girl boss you want to be. Allow me to support you through the process of untethering yourself from the fears and blocks that are keeping you from unlocking your full potential. I have lost and learned, and ultimately found joy in it all to be successful. I take all my past experiences, classes, self-education, and the knowledge I have learned from talking to so many amazing women over the years and I guide you through it! In addition to my many lessons learned from my clients over the years, I have invested into my own education. I hold certifications in Reiki, Akaschic records, I am an OWAY product trainer, and have held my Cosmetology license for 19 years. Whether you own your business already, or are just getting started, I will provide you the tools, encouragement, support, and education you need to find the success you're seeking. Are you ready to transform your business and your soul?