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Jacquelyn Rodriguez

As a Salon or Spa Owner in the Beauty Industry, what do you want most?

🌱 More Success?
🌿 Less Stress?
🍀 Living More Intentionally?

I bet you also want more clarity in your business and personal life so you can live the passion-filled life you want as an entrepreneur. How do I know? Because I've been in the industry for over 20 years, and I wanted all of these things, too!
Start Co-Creating a Life & Business You LOVE

What if I told you that YOU are all you need? What if I showed you how to quickly and easily learn how to trust yourself and your intuition, to create the business and life you truly want?

If that is why you are here, then LET'S DO IT!

My dream is to really support and energize entrepreneurial women. I want to empower you in your personal desire to align with your higher self, inspire you to really get passionate about what you want to accomplish, and support you as you move forward into exciting new dimensions!

I'm Jacquelyn


I'm passionate about supporting beauty professionals create a profitable, joyful and passionate business. All while freeing you from limiting beliefs that hold you back, create non-toxic environments, and being earth conscious.


Are you ready for your breakthrough?

People used to tell me that a Holistic Hair Salon was impossible. No one was there to show me how to do it, AND I STRUGGLED. A LOT! I don't want you to struggle like I did so I created the Enlightened Stylist Method to show people how to quickly change their business model and become MORE SUCCESSFUL by making it LESS STRESSFUL!

Learning how to rewire my brain so that it is geared for success and abundance has given me FREEDOM to create a business I truly LOVE. And I want to help you do it, too!

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Hiring Jacquelyn Rodriguez has been one of the best investments in myself and for my business. Her use of the Akashic Records and intuitiveness has been amazing for my personal and professional growth. She truly cares and is passionate about her work. I cannot recommend her enough! 



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Jacquelyn is so amazing. Working with her has been so enlightening, with understanding the direction of my life, and with the understanding she has given me through my reading. She is wonderful to talk to and so knowledgeable! She also always checks in to see how things are going, I just love giving her updates! I can’t wait to continue to work with Jacquelyn on my journey. I am so grateful to have her!



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